A Guide To Making Money Online

a guide to making money online
If you follow this guide you will learn to make money online. Let me break the news to you up front, there is no get money quick online process. I’m sorry that they lied to you. However if you really want to learn how to make money online, I can show you.

This is a guide that will set you up in a position to earn an income online. So if you have had a dream of making a living online, keep reading. This guide will show you how to create an online business that will generate income for years to come.

I don’t need to tell you that there are many gurus and sharks out there looking to scam you. They only want to steal your money and lie to you to collect your email address. You will learn how to avoid these scams and learn their common traits.


a guide to making money online


Wealthy Affiliate is an online university for students who want to learn how to make money online.  Established in 2005, WA has been teaching proven techniques and developing experts in online marketing. Famous today for its free membership and social network of 100s thousands of members. 

Making your online business will be just like any other business. It will take time to get established and begin earning a stream of income.  Looking forward, well established Internet Marketers are earning 10s thousands of dollars of month!


a guide to making money online

Choose an Interest

This can be anything you’re passionate about. It can be a hobby or extracurricular activity you enjoy. Any business or personal project you have. You can make money on LITERALLY just about anything.

Build a Website

Using a plug and play system the process has never been easier. With our step by step instructions you can design any type of website you would like. Filling in the content will be easy because you can write about what ever it is you’re passionate about.

Rankings and Visitors

Getting first page rankings in the search engines is very important for your success. Surprisingly, many accomplish this within their first month or two of training. You can expect, after establishing and having a trusted website, to get 10s thousands of visitors a month.

Earning Revenue

A Call to Action on your website will allow you to earn revenue on it. This can be done through ads, your own products, or affiliate programs. An affiliate program is a marketing program where you can receive commission for helping a parent company (such as Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy or Apple) generate sales.

Most affiliate programs are free to join, and pay up to 70% commission on sales. Amazon has one of the largest affiliate programs, and they pay their affiliates between 4%-10% on most sales. What you might like about Amazon is that they don’t just pay you on the product you advertise but almost everything the customer checks out with. 


Say you have a website about headphones. You write reviews and compare the different products. Let’s say you have specifically written a review on Dr Dre’s Beats Headphones. With proper training you have managed to get your page ranked on the first page of Google.

Practically every shopper who researches Dr Dre’s Beats Headphones using Google will see your review on the first page. Keep in mind, consumers are looking for the most informative review that which produces the most value for them to take action and purchase.

On your review you will have a call to action, or a link, that allows your visitor to purchase the item through Amazon. Once they’re done shopping on Amazon and check out you get commission on the sale. 

Currently there are 3.2 billion people online. You have access to the best storefront in the world!

What if you got a head start with 10 free lessons, 2 free websites, free hosting, and a free domain name? What if you received the exact training that generates over 10k a month for other members?

Start Your Free Membership at WA!

See my full review on Wealthy Affiliate.

How long have you been looking to make money online? How many legitimate opportunities have you found on your path? Please share in the comment section below.

Your friend,


a guide to making money online




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8 thoughts on “A Guide To Making Money Online”

  1. Hi, Jonathan.

    Excellent post, I enjoyed the read.

    There are a lot of guide on how to make money online. Some of them are just a waste of time, some can be leveraged to start seeing some results and a few are really helpful.

    In my opinion, the best guide to making money online is the one that is guiding us toward Wealthy Affiliate and its great benefits. It’s the best option and the best investment I know.

    I’ve been looking to make money online for about 3 months, that’s when I found Wealthy Affiliate and I feel very blessed and lucky since then.

    • Hello Imad, thank you for sharing your experience. You’re absolutely right, Wealthy Affiliate is the only community that offers everything that it does. All the others are full with upsells. I’m so glad that I too found Wealthy Affiliate. Me on the other hand, spent almost a year looking for somewhere valuable to learn how to make money online. I never thought I would find such a place, that over delivers on all its promises. Thanks again Imad.

  2. Hello Jonathan
    you are right to point out that there is no quick way to make money online or get rich scams. I have been working online for some time now and I believe that it is a process. There is no better way to go through that process than to start by learning what others who have succeeded have discovered. Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform and you can test drive for free. Thank you for this post.
    Bill 🙂

    • Bill, you’re welcome! It wasn’t until I finally realized that there are no quick ways to earn quick money on the internet. That you really have to follow the guidelines to make any significant amount of money. That I finally realized I was going to have to start with Wealthy Affiliate. After all, it is a University that is going to prepare you for massive success. It is with every trade that you have to study and get trained to be really good at it. I can’t imagine someone just waking up tomorrow and saying, “Hey, I’m going to make money fixing cars today!” and not knowing anything about cars. It’s just not going to happen. As matter of fact you can waste a lot of time and might lose money if you mess someone’s car up. This is the same with making money online. Only when someone really wants to learn and become successful will they realize that they need an online University like the one at Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Great, guiding tip here, Jonathan – on how to make money online through the comprehensive training programs available at Wealthy Affiliate! It’s quiet unfortunate that a lot of folks get really scammed online before winding up at Wealthy Affiliate. True – no one should expect a get-rich-quick ladder here! People have to learn and really ‘take action’ here to get the desired results. Great thanks.

    • Stephen you bring up a good point here, Action! Without it every business will fail. We have to constantly be taking action to be successful. Also, I’m glad you mentioned the comprehensive training at Wealthy Affiliate. This training is by far the best education I have ever received on any topic.

      I’ve went to Everest University Online for Computer Science. That was a great program. I learned a lot. They made everything hands on. Wealthy Affiliate supersedes this. We get an education from an Internet Entrepreneur who has been in the industry for 11 years. Their training is very hands on too.

      Talking about the get rich quick schemes. I have never seen a business that has produced massive results without a massive investment of money or time (It takes one of the two). People are being lied to and becoming victimized because of the vulnerabilities that exist. We all want money now. It’s common sense though that success comes from hard work.

      Thanks for writing,

      Good luck to you

  4. I really do appreciate your guide for making money on the web 🙂

    DOH!!!! I was hoping to make money fast 🙁 HA HA.

    However, from the 4 steps you’ve outlined, I really can’t believe just how easy it is to start up an online business. I do know it’s gonna take a lot of hard work because nothing’s ever easy.

    I’m definitely willing to give Wealthy Affiliate a blast!


    • Hello Neil,

      Yeah I hate to be the bearer of bad news but there is no such thing as making money online fast. I mean you could make a little money, but not enough to really change your life. In order to make this type of money you’ll need to follow the 4 steps I listed above. It really is as easy as these 4 steps. Once you get them down packed and get a steady and consistent flow going on you’ll begin to see the money start rolling in.

      I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for more than six months and have completed their training. Not only have I started making consistent money online but I have now what I need to make a steady and growing income for years to come. You have already done great by completing your first step by signing up to WA. You will love it there and will be making money in due time!

      Thanks for stopping by,



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