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picture of myselfHi, my name is Jonathan Matos. I was born and raised in South Florida. I left home at young age, 16 years old, and learned I needed to work to survive. By 19 I was fed up with trading my time for money, and it just seemed like the money was never enough! This is when I began to look for my Get Rich Quick Scheme.

Back in 2004, the Real Estate market was BOOMING! I fed into an advertisement about a real estate convention that was going to reveal the secrets to flipping properties with no money. Towards the end of the convention it dawned on me that this was gimmick. They wanted me to spend $100s on their training program. Not to mention, their free gifts were a joke!

A year later, I started following a fellow name Dean Graziosi I found online, who also sold me the dream that he knew the secrets to making millions in real estate. I bought his book for $20, How to Become a Real Estate Millionaire. It was a good read, but without any money to invest, I was very limited on my options. I applied a couple techniques, but after 60 days or so I had gotten nowhere!

I Learned About the Internet

After giving up on real estate in 2008, I moved on to my next get rich quick scheme. I found information online about making $1000s a month posting links on the internet, but everywhere I turned they were asking for too much money to learn it. I gave up, because I did not want to risk losing any money.

After revisiting this idea again, I was able to find some free information. I got a whole packet of useless information. It was all outdated and worthless to me because it would not teach me how to take my first steps.

More Failures in the Years to Come

Throughout these failure years, I did have one success; I met my beautiful wife!

In 2009 I tried an MLM, Amway. I believed in the hype about how easy it is to become wealthy. I  failed though because I didn’t want to sell anymore and could not recruit if my life depended on it!

In 2010 I tried to build a website/social network (social networks were booming at this time), but I failed here because it seemed like everywhere I turned they were trying to get $1 out of me (website costs, domain names, hosting, design, and training)

Fast Forward to 2015

I was at my wits end with this 9 to 5 Rat Race. I searched diligently for weeks trying to find another business opportunity. By this time, I realized that it was going to take hard work and commitment to achieve my goals. Then I found Wealthy Affiliate. It was like a breath of fresh air. I had peace of mind because they were no upsells, and they were honest and transparent.

What I’ve accomplish since joining:

  • Built a profitable website
  • Manage my business with very low overhead costs
  • I have a network of Internet Entrepreneurs
  • Certification in Internet Marketing

This website is dedicated to helping people find the right home based business opportunity for them. For you that do their due diligence in researching business opportunities before joining; hats off to you! Here I dig deep beyond the surface, beyond the hype, to bring quality reviews. If there’s any way I can assist you,

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

For those who would like to know, I’m still an active member at WA. You can visit my profile page here.

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    • Hey Joe,

      You’re absolutely right. What a rookie mistake, and I apologize. I have been so busy creating content that I forgot to list my name, which is Jonathan. Lol I’m sorry for the frustration. It reminds of in grade school when you worked so diligently to get your work done and when you turn it in your teacher gives it back like “You forgot to put your name on it.” Thanks for the pointer buddy!

  1. Hi, Jonathan. I like the way your website has been set-up; but, more than that, are the contents and articles you have written. The fact is, I was a victim of Empower Network, Work At Home Institute, MOBE, and various MLM companies before I joined WA recently. It’s good that you have discussed this in your site so that people who read your articles would be forewarned of these scams.
    Keep up the great articles and contents coming, you are doing well.


    • Hi Ponce, thanks a lot for the complements. I work really hard on this site and I certainly enjoy when people appreciate it. I’m sorry to hear that you have taken a lot of losses on all those make money online platforms. It’s a shame that these people can do the things like they do. You know, I’ve always been taught to be honest and the rest will follow. The need to lie to people is so unethical. If you simply tell people the truth. For example like it will take you time to make money online. You have to build a business just like any other business. The benefits will be that you are able to work online. Which gives you the freedom to do it anywhere you want. Finally let people make the decision if they want to pursue it.
      This world offers you the finer things in life if you have the money, who wouldn’t reach for it if you told them you were going to give it for them. It like holding a dollar in someone’s face and pulling it away when they go to reach for it. Everyone wants to be richer, but no one will be stupid enough to keep on following the lies. The problem with these scams is they lie to you up front and then drag you around. Wealthy Affiliate is not like that. They are forth coming with you, and tell you that you’ll will need to put in the work. The wonderful thing is that they will also always be there to support you as well. Well thanks again Ponce and I wish you much success with your online business. I’ll see you around!

  2. Jonathan,
    I have a big question that concerns me the most before joining WA and hope you can answer it for me, honestly. Question: if for some reason i need to leave WA, am i able to take my domain and website to another hosting company? I have to protect my intellectual property and need to know first? Other than that one question, I think WA is going to be a wonderful company to get started of the ground. You can’t beat a domain and hosting for $375 a year compared to others. That is just capital costs! Thanks!

    • Hey Jimmie, thanks for stopping by Work Online USA! You posted a very valid question; what if I need to leave WA, am I able to take my domain and website to another hosting company? The answer is, yes! WA gives you a full 30 days to make the move. As a matter of fact some WA members do have their hosting elsewhere, for the main reason that their business outgrows the cloud shared hosting at WA. However, just starting out, I’ve found that the hosting provided at WA is efficient.

      Hey you’re absolutely right about the costs! The Yearly subscription comes out to like $29 a month. To run your business for that much is unheard of. Plus I found that their $14 a year for the domain name package poses the most value as oppose to other providers such as namecheap, or godaddy. I mean the unlimited email accounts and whois privacy protection was the kickoff for me. Also, now our websites come with the SSL security certificates for free! All around great deal.

      Looking forward to seeing you as a member inside WA,

      PS. You can join here.

    • Hola Francisco, hay una programa que yo recomiendo a todos, que es el Wealthy Affiliate. Registra con esa compania y vas a aprender todo lo que necesitas saber para ganar dinero en internet. Te digo ahora, no es facil. Toma mucha energia y tiempo. Pero si usted quisera un dia estar solomente ganando dinero en internet, y poder ganar dinero de su casa, tienes que empezar aqui.

      Se puede ganar dinero en internet. Ya cuando sabes como, puedes seguir trabajando en ella hasta el dia que no tienes que trabajar un trabajo regular jamas. Sera un buen dia. Yo creo en usted, y sabes que lo puedes hacer. Hay tanto opportunidad en internet. Si tienes mas preguntas, me dejas saber.

      Lo mejor,


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