Is the Power Lead System a Scam?

Power Lead System Review

what is the power lead system about

Name: Power Lead System
Website:, or
Price: Free to Join (first 7 days), then Starting at $30/month. (Plus Upsells)
Owners: Priceless Possiblities
CEO: Michael Price
Rating: what is the power lead system about is it a scamwhat is the power lead system about is it a scamwhat is the power lead system about is it a scamwhat is the power lead system about is it a scamwhat is the power lead system about is it a scam (3.25 / 5)

What is the Power Lead System About?

The Power Lead System is a program that gives you the ability to drive traffic to a current business, and also offers a business in a box. This means that if you don’t have a business of your own you can promote Power Lead System as an affiliate for what seems to be lucrative commissions. I’ll go over their compensation plan as well as all the neat features that will enable you grow your business on the internet. Features such as email campaigns, capture pages, and more.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – 7 Day Trial
PRO #2 – Affiliate Program
PRO #3 – Education on generating leads.

The Bad:

CON #1 – Too much hype
CON #2 – Expensive upsells
CON #3 – Needs improvement on beginner’s training.

Who is the Power Lead System For?

what is the power lead system aboutIf you currently own a business, especially an internet business, leads are extremely important. Power Lead Systems can assist you with how-to generate leads.

If you do not currently promote a business of your own, you can promote Power Lead System. So it is an opportunity to make money in itself.

Power Lead System’s Tools & Training

PLS offers a variety of tools for generating leads. Including website creation and tools, capture pages, and email campaigns.

They host a weekly training in Google Hangout for new members to view all the helpful features as well as a product/business overview on how you can make money with PLS.

Training and tools available at PLS:

  • Capture Leads – video training tutorial on how to use capture pages. Capture pages are an excellent tool for capturing the emails of your website visitors. This will lead to generating many contacts to help increase sales. Offers a variety of already designed capture pages. These pages also allow you to add your own personalization to the capture pages.
  • Email – already constructed, or add your own personalization follow up emails to send your contacts.
  • Websites – create your own and manage your websites.
  • Promote Your Business – training on how to promote your business online/offline, and on social media.
  • Contact Management system – view all your up to date contacts, manage your contacts, follow up with contacts. Also view who is opening your emails, and who is clicking on your links.
  • Training Videos – a vast amount of training tutorials and how-to’s.

Power Lead System Support

what is the power lead system aboutPLS has a very extensive and helpful FAQs page. Over 70 common questions to assist you if you’re stuck on something.

You can also submit a Contact Support form.

Many companies nowadays are using Facebook as a support and fan page. PLS has a FB page that you can interact with the trainers, or other members and gain support for many topics.

How to Earn With the Power Lead System? | The Compensation Plan

It goes without saying that you can earn with the system by generating leads for your own business/products that you’re promoting.

Affiliates must pay for the Gold Membership $53.97/monthly subscription, but have a lucrative compensation plan.

If anyone upgrades to the Premium Membership you receive $20/monthly commission for referrals. PLS operates on a roll up, or pass ups, compensation plan. So you’ll earn commission on all of your odd number of referrals, up to 10. The even numbered referrals you gain will roll up. This means that the person you sponsored you into the business will earn those $20 monthly. You must roll up at least 5 referrals before you can get each and every referrals for yourself.

  • Once you reach 5 roll ups, you still will earn 50% match on your roll ups earnings. So you don’t lose those 5 roll ups but you’ll get the 50% match.

what is the power lead system aboutUpdate: After you reach 5 roll ups, you will get the next 4 referrals and roll up the 5th. This goes on for an infinite number of referrals. (i.e. you get referrals 11-14, and roll up 15, you’ll get 16-19 and roll up number 20. To infinity.)

How Do You Earn From Upsells?

  • Diamond Package (includes Free Ad Secrets) – costs $147 (one time) / earn $100 commission

The pass up compensation plan applies to Diamond sales. Once you roll up 5 Diamond Sales, you’ll receive the next 4 and roll up the 5th. In addition, you’ll earn a 25% match on all your referrals’ Diamond sales.

  • Platinum Package (includes Social Profit Academy) – costs $497 (one time) / earn $400 commission

The Platinum Package is a facebook marketing course. Your earn commission on every Platinum sale (no pass ups). You can also earn $50 commission on all personal referrals’ Platinum sales.

** Must have purchased these packages yourself to earn commissions on them.

What is Lead Lightning?

what is the power lead system aboutThe Lead Lightning system is created by PLS. It is marketing system that offers a multitude of sales funnels to assist your lead generation. Lightning Lead is only $7 and offer a lifetime of free leads (using it’s tools). If you already have PLS, you do not need to purchase Lightning Lead, for all of it’s material is already included in the system.

How Can You Earn With Lead Lightning?

Any referrals you earn from Lightning you’ll receive $6 commission. There are also a couple upgrades that are quite lucrative for the member. If users purchase upgrade to the Gold Membership/ $53 monthly you will jump on Power Lead’s compensation plan (see above). There is also an option for the Silver Membership for $29.97/month. You can, or will also earn any upgrades referrals make at Power Lead.

How to Get Paid at Power Lead System and Lead Lightning?

what is the power lead system aboutThey pay through a system called eWallet which only charges $2 a month for any commissions earned. If no commissions earn, there is no fee. You may also choose to have your pay deposited onto a Prepaid Visa card. You pay an initial $3 fee for the card to be shipped to you and then it’s free for deposits. Power Lead pays every Wednesday.

Power Lead System and Lead Lightning Price

Free Lead Membership / $7 one time – Includes sales funnel system, and contact management tool.

Power Lead System Membership / $30/monthly 7 Day Free Trial – Include features from Free Lead Membership plus Google Hangout training, unlimited capture pages, unlimited sales pages, unlimited email campaigns, floating capture forms, ad tracking, automated marketing messages, and more.

Gold Membership (for affiliates) $53.97/monthly – includes everything in PLS Membership plus affiliate opportunity, and advanced affiliate training.

Silver Membership (for Lead Lightning) / $29.97 monthly – includes Endless Free Leads 10, Master Traffic Academy, and training.

My Final Opinion of Power Lead System

Power Lead System is a great program. I would recommend it if you already have a company you are promoting and need help with generating leads. I would not recommend it if you do not because even though it offers a business in box opportunity, I could not see myself being how to make money as a teenpassionate about solely promoting a lead generating product. I recommend building a sustaining internet business that you will be able to promote products/services that YOU are passionate about.

How do you do this you ask? Check out my #1 Recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate. WA is another legitimate product that offers assistance with building a website and promoting the products that you want/choose. An internet business should not be boring nor solely concentrate on making money. Although making money is an important factor, I believe you could make more of it by providing quality services and recommendations to people that you are knowledgeable about.

What Are You Passionate About? Start Building a Thriving Online Business About it Here!

Power Lead System at a Glance…

Name: Power Lead System
Owners: Priceless Possiblities
CEO: Michael Price
Price: Starting at $30/monthly (7 Day Free Trial)
Rating: what is the power lead system about is it a scamwhat is the power lead system about is it a scamwhat is the power lead system about is it a scamwhat is the power lead system about is it a scamwhat is the power lead system about is it a scam (3.25 / 5)


Do you have a personal experience with Power Lead System or Lead Lightning? If so, I would love to hear about your experience with their products or services. As always, I appreciate your feedback. It truly does help others! 🙂



8 thoughts on “Is the Power Lead System a Scam?”

  1. wow . I am happy your personal verdict about the product is LEGIT because I am planning of buying one for my self as I will soon go into email marketing and this will just be a good start for me. Another big pros about the product which you did mention is the fact that it is a business in box product which I will really prefer
    Great write up.
    much blessings


    • Thank you, and yes I do feel it is a good product. Not a scam at all, but a legitimate product for people to learn about email marketing. Wealthy Affiliate has some awesome training training on this too, but Power Lead System really focuses on it through its entire business.

      I plan on getting into email marketing as soon as my website starts getting consistent traffic. No use in putting in the work now with less traffic. I need to keep building my website and creating content until visitors start breaking the door down. 🙂 Then I will set up a great email campaign!

      As I mentioned earlier, WA has email marketing training too. Jay, who is an internet expert, in the field for over a decade hosts live video training on the topic, and Kyle, the owner, has written a 14 page tutorial on how to put it together. I’ll probably just get my training within Wealthy Affiliate, my #1 recommended product, because they’ve already brought me this far.

  2. wow . I am happy your personal verdict about the product is LEGIT because I am planning of buying one for my self as I will soon go into email marketing and this will just be a good start for me.
    Great write up.
    much blessings


  3. I enjoyed your website post. I like your straightforward approach, honesty and integrity. I was not sure about Power Lead System and wanted to see what it was all about. I don’t think I’d join an mlm just to get leads for my business, but I’ll check out your #1 recommendation to see if it can help me. I hope for success for you in your endeavors.


    • Hi there Patricia,

      Thank you for reading and I certainly appreciate your kind words. I strive my best at reviewing these products to provide thorough information for my readers. There are so many scams online, so I’ve created a business to build awareness for my fellow internet entrepreneurs.

      Power Lead System may be a good system to generate leads, but I’ll tell you what the lifeblood of an internet business is. The traffic! Without it, your business will go nowhere. Learn how to build a website, get keen on keyword research, and create quality content and you will succeed. You will learn all of this with my #1 recommended product.

      Good luck to you,

  4. Hi Johnathon,
    I am looking forward to creating email campaigns and this Power Lead System maybe something I will be interested in further down the line.
    The thing which puts me off is all the various up sells that are involved. All similar companies include so many upsells, I would prefer everything in one package really.
    I like the way they do a free 7 day trial, it gives you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself into the program at no cost to find out whether it will help your promotions in the future which is ideal.
    Sounds OK.
    Thanks for your article,

    • Hi Simon,

      Power Lead System is definitely worth a try, but before you do consider your situation and goals. A 7 day free trial is good only if the company has integrity and enables you to cancel on time and will not charge your account.

      This is the reason I tried Wealthy Affiliate. There was no credit card required which enabled me to start my business worry free. I think that’s what PLS is missing. People want to be certain when making their decisions.

      As you said, the time will come, and we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. For now, most importantly, we must focus on building our website, creating quality content, maximizing on keyword research, and working on seo. These things come before email marketing because without traffic you have nothing.

      How’s that famous saying go, “that’s like putting the horse before the carriage.”


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