Where Have You Been?

I don’t think anyone even noticed I was gone, but I will write this blog post anyway. I have been gone for over 12 months! I feel like I had given up on my dreams. I started another business, offline. An auto repair shop. I actually love working on cars, and thought I should offer … Read more

How Long Does it Take to Make Money Blogging?

This is the million dollar question, is it not? How long does it take to make money blogging? I will tell you what, I have been blogging for a few years, and I have only made a supplemental income. A few hundred dollars at most per month.  A lot of this is due to the … Read more

How to Drive For Lyft

How to Drive For Lyft

So, you think you want to drive for Lyft? I will tell you everything you need to know, and how to prepare yourself for a lucrative and exciting experience. My experience with driving for lyft has been both easy and fun.  There really is nothing hard about it. Maybe your initial use of the application … Read more