Should I become a Shaklee Distributor?

Shaklee Review

Name: Shaklee
Price: $49 to Start
Founder: Dr. Forest C. Shaklee & Sons
Rating: 2 out of 5 star reviews for shaklee (2 / 5)

Is Shaklee a Scam?

Shaklee was created in 1956 by Dr. Forest and his two sons. Dr. Forest specialized in health and nutrition, and also had a childhood illness, tuberculosis, which encouraged him to invent Shaklee. I firmly believe Shaklee is not a scam. What it is, is an opportunity for people to build a business in the health and nutrition niche. It does have an mlm business model, so it does involve recruiting. Although the products are quite expensive, you can argue that they are high in potency, quality, and concentrated cleaning products.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – Start a business with $49
PRO #2 – Many bonuses to qualify for Fast Track Bonus.
PRO #3 – Car payment bonus and exotic vacations bonus

mlmThe Bad:

CON #1 – Specifically sell only health and nutritional products.
CON #2 – Have to concentrate on recruiting people.
CON #3 – Overpriced products (even though the products are concentrated)

More About Shaklee

Shaklee is for people who have an interest in the health and nutrition field. If you’re interested in health products and have a desire to build a multi level marketing business then Shaklee can be for you.

Shaklee provides you with a personalized website. They also provide you with training material. You main source of training and support should come from the person who helped you sign up.

What About Shaklee Products?

shaklee products and starter kitShaklee offers a wide variety of health and nutritional products. These products include lines in nutritional health, weight, beauty, and home. I think the home products are pretty neat. All the products from Shaklee claim to be green and non toxic. The cleaning products are expensive with their initial costs, but they say it’s because they are concentrated and you can save a lot of money in the long term.

Not exactly! For example the Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning is a multi purpose cleaner, and for a 16 oz bottle it costs $10.35 (member price). This small bottle makes a total of 48 gallons of multi purpose cleaner. Now a basic bottle of Pine Sol costs $3 for a 48 oz, which you would need to purchase 2 to equate the same amount. Because 2 bottles of 48 oz make 48 gallons of cleaner. So you’re really spending $4 extra for the Shaklee product (2 bottles of Pine Sol is $6). The difference is probably in the ingredients. Shaklee products are organic and non toxic. Let’s see how far that goes. 😐

Just want to highlight a list of the several products they sell at Shaklee:

  • shaklee products protein shakesMultivitamins and other essential vitamins
  • Protein shakes
  • Healthy Solutions targeting:
  1. Heart health
  2. Blood pressure
  3. Aging
  • Weight loss/ Burn Fat products
  • Skin Care products
  • Healthy Water
  • Cleaning Products

How Much Does Shaklee Cost and Can You Make Money?

Price to become a distributor starts at $49. It goes up from there depending how big of a business start up kit you’d like to purchase. The top of line business start up package includes a broad variety of products for $1,049 – Super GOLD PAK

It’s not simple trying to understand all the qualifications to earning the different percentages and bonuses within Shaklee. Basically, you can earn up to 15% commission or 25% commission (which includes 10% for auto ship) on all the products you sell at retail. You will also earn anywhere between 4%-20% commission on your team’s sales. This will depend on your rank and performance levels.

shaklee compensation plan example

There are many bonuses that you can earn for maintaining certain levels of performance and recruiting others to do the same. Many of these bonuses include $1000s for maintaining a rank for a few months. You can also earn $1000s in bonuses if people you recruit reach higher ranks. Shaklee has other bonuses which include the Car Payment Bonuses which they’ll pay a portion if not all of your car payment for reaching and maintaining certain levels in performance and rank. Other bonuses they have are exotic vacations which include Atlantis Bahamas stays, and Bora Bora stays for reaching higher performance levels.

My Final Opinion of Shaklee

I’ve done many reviews on mlm companies, this is just another one! I like the idea behind it all and all the potential money you can earn. However, I’m not a fan of Shaklee because frankly I’m not interested in their products. I must admit it tickles my fancy to consume organic products and build an organization, but ultimately you’ll just become a hustler for Shaklee. Then, I’m not certain on this but if you stop, your business stops, and then you stop earning money. Essentially you may never stop consuming the products, so you may maintain your performance, and if you really like your business you’ll continue to tell people about it. I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

I am Here to Help

jonathan I’m here to do product reviews on products like Shaklee. I’m after financial independence just like everyone else. I want to help people choose a product to build a business that will lead to the life they want to live. I’m an internet marketer.

I believe in internet marketing because it is a vehicle that you can use to create wealth and live the life of your dreams. In internet marketing, you are your own boss! You choose the products you want to sell. No need to become a hustler for products you don’t really believe in. You can make money doing something you have a passion for.

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Shaklee at a Glance…

Name: Shaklee
Founder: Dr. Forest & Sons
Price: $49 to Start
Rating: 2 out of 5 star reviews for shaklee (2 / 5)

VERDICT: LEGIT but not recommended

Do you have a personal experience with Shaklee? If so, I would love to hear your feedback on their products/services. As always, I appreciate your feedback. It truly does help others! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Should I become a Shaklee Distributor?”

  1. Hey there,

    I really like your honest review on Shaklee. In the end I agree with you that when it comes to MLMs, you have to at least like the product you’re promoting because it’s going to be quite an investment head on. That said, it will take time to build your whole MLM network. And it’s not my cup of tea either.

    You mentioned online marketing as a better way to live a life of freedom and do what you are passionate about, why so?

    Thanks for sharing!



    • Hey Anh,

      Shaklee was a pretty cool review that I did. There is actually a video on YouTube that Shaklee was presented on an Oprah Winfrey show. Pretty cool right? But you are completely right, you need to like the products. Most importantly you need to believe in their mission. Every mlm business I’ve seen there’s a mission statement, read it and see if you agree with it.

      You’ll need to make a committment to be the business. If you really want to succeed in business, this is the secret. The top earners are people who really believe in the mission, and love the products.

      To answer your questions, I could never get on board with mlm companies. I tried Primerica and Amway. They all have great products, but the most important part of the mlm structure is the team building. You’ll need to focus on recruiting and help your team succeed. Without that, you will not succeed.

      I choose online marketing because I can depend solely on myself in my line of work. Have you ever been on a team project and there was a weak link? I cannot stand that frustration. Therefore I enjoy online marketing more.

  2. LOL whenever I hear “MLM” I admit that my mind shuts down because it’s not really my style of business. Shaklee’s products sound great though, especially if they claim they’re organic, but the price is kind of on the high end. Thanks for the analysis on their pricing, that helps a lot. I think I can get organic stuff at lower prices, honestly lol.

    Just a curious question, have you been successful at MLM? How difficult would it be to find downlines?

    • Chiqui,

      I’m glad you found the opportunity at Shaklee amusing because I also find it amusing every time I find new mlm’s and read all about them. Their compensation plans are almost all similar. I just dislike the multiple levels and how you need to build them to succeed.

      It’s almost impossible to succeed in an mlm without team building. Recruiting was never my cup of tea either. I tried Amway and also Primerica. I did good in Amway by only selling their products. However, I failed because the real success comes from team building, and it was extremely difficult for me to do that.

      You can be successful by recruiting face to face. To do this it’s better to host parties or small conventions. Now with the internet it is much better. You can join a company such as My Lead System Pro to leverage the internet and generate leads. That is your best bet.

      You get to access billions of people online as opposed to face to face in your local market. Because of the reason that the internet is so large and that you have access to over 2 billion people I recommend internet marketing, and you can learn this at Wealthy Affiliate.

      It’s a different type of business. No direct selling, no recruiting. You simply build a website, monetize it, drive traffic, and generate revenue. It’s my #1 recommendation for finding something that’s easier which you can be successful at and passionate about at the same time.




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