The Best Wireless Mouse You Can Purchase in 2018

receipt for bluetooth wireless mouse

If you’re looking for a more pleasureable experience while using your computer or laptop you have to purchase a wireless mouse. There are so many mouses on the market, it can be really difficult to choose one. There are a few things you need to know about buying a mouse.

First, you want to keep it simple. You’reprobably not looking for a gaming mouse, so a plain ol mouse that has a right click and left click will be suffice. Another neat feature will be the forward and back buttons that control your browser pages. I didn’t think this feature was a big deal, until I started using it with my mouse. However, I would not base my purchasing decision solely on this.

Needless to say a corded mouse just don’t make any sense anymore. There are two types of wireless mice that you could purchase. Either a USB receiver or a bluetooth one. I currently own a USB receiver one, and it worked supremely when I first bought it. But I have changed laptops since then, and it is not compatible with the new operating system on my new chromebook.

operating systemWhich leads me to the most difficult part into your shopping experience. Finding a mouse that is compatible with your computer’s operating system. This is really important because the last thing you want to happen is to get your mouse and it does not work properly. Then suffer time lost of not having it while you return it and purchase a new one.

It can be quite overwhelming with so many options online. Believe me, I have cut out ALL OF THE LEGWORK FOR YOU! You can thank me later. Also, you should know this, I am a money saving MANIAC! If anyone can find you a cheap quality mouse, that is me. I save money with the dang near anything and everything!

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a mouse. I would recommend keeping it under $20. I have seen mice out there for $500! Trust me, you just need it to do one job and that is click on things. Hence the reason why I said earlier keep it simple.

I am an avid computer user. I have an online business that I run. So you can imagine I’m on my laptop A LOT! Nothing makes life easier than having a good wireless mouse. Without further adue, here are the best options to go with:

VicTsing 4.0 Bluetooth MouseVicTSing Bluetooth 4.0 Mouse 2.4G Wireless Portable Mouse

Best price is on eBay for $10.29 with free shipping.

If you’re shopping on Amazon it’s 13.99.

There are 88 customer reviews which give it an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Compatible with Windows above 7 (Windows 7 is not fully compatible), Mac OS, notebook, Android OS tablet and smart phone. Important: the side buttons are unavialbe on the Mac OS.

(Remember I said that it is not necessary to have these buttons available. Though they are nice, it won’t be a major loss, and it is not necessary to have a pleasure user experience. Plus, it takes a lot of getting used to.)

Pair it with a Bluetooth connection, or it comes with an optional USB receiver which is stored in the battery compartment.

Requires 1 AA battery (included)

Reviews are of the utmost importance. My main source for these reviews are on Amazon. These are from people who have purchased the item and leaving feedback. Reviews are everything. I would spend the extra money to avoid buying a product with really low review, or star ratings.

Tecknet bluetooth Wireless mouseTeckNet Bluetooth Wireless Mouse, Grey

$14.99 on Amazon. If you don’t plan on spending the minimum on Amazon for free shipping, it would be better to purchase on eBay.

Purchase on eBay for $16.86 with free shipping.

I’ve included this mouse for Windows 7 users. As you noticed above, the first option was not fully compatible with Windows 7.

2,589 Customer Reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, VISTA, 7, 8, 10.

TeckNet 2400 DPI Bluetooth Wireless Mouse

receipt for bluetooth wireless mouseI just bought this mouse at the time of writing this blog post. Goes to show you I don’t just write this information for reading material. I’ve put some really extensive research into finding the best mouse on the market for you the user.

The reason I bought it is because it was extremely difficult to find a mouse compatible with Chrome OS. I recently bought a chromebook and my old mouse does not work like I need it too.

You need to have a mouse that is compatible with your operating system, if you want to have a pleasurable experience. Also, it had a four star rating which is really important.

I bought it on eBay because it had free shipping. Though it costs $2 more from Amazon. Without spending the minimum purchase on Amazon of $25 it would have costs $8 for shipping.

tecknet 2400 bluetooth wireless mouse$14.99 on AmazonIf you don’t plan on spending the minimum on Amazon for free shipping, it would be better to purchase on eBay.

$17.09 on eBay with free shipping.

The average rating for this mouse is 4 out of 5 stars from 921 customers reviews.

Compatible with Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8, 10, and Chrome OS.

The reason why I chose this mouse was becaue no other mice show to be compatible with a chromebook.

Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).

Want to Save Some Money With a USB Receiver or Don’t Have Bluetooth on Your Computer?

Splaks 2.4 Ghz Wireless Mouse with USB Receiver

splaks wireless mouse$6.99 on AmazonIf you don’t plan on spending the minimum on Amazon for free shipping, it would be better to purchase on eBay.

$8.98 on eBay with free shipping.

This one has great reviews. Approximately 1,917 customer reviews and rating 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac OS, and Chrome OS.

Comes in black, black-white, or blue-white. They have other colors too (blue-black, red, and purple) but they cost a couple extra dollars.

Comes with a 12th month warranty and remember that you will need 1 AA battery which is not included.

These are it folks. I have put in some crazy long research to find you the cheapest and most quality mouses on the market in 2018. You can choose one and rest assure to have made a successful purchase.

writing a paperThe process I go through to review all of the mouses is pretty intensive. I brush through products with a fine tooth comb. Reading through customer reviews, questions and answers, and visiting other blog websites, to make sure that this will be a quality purchase for you.

Let’s face it, if you wanted to, you can go to your neighborhood walmart and find a cheap mouse or a higher priced mouse. But when you go into these things, you go into them blind. Without doing your online research, you don’t know what you’re buying.

Kudos to you for doing the research. I hope you enjoy your mouse!


My Experience With Chromebook vs Laptop

racing flags chromebook vs laptop

Wow, I am really glad to be here and going to be speaking about the wonders of the chromebook vs a regular laptop. I’m just a regular guy, but I also have an online business that I manage (here). So I need to have a laptop for my business.

My old laptop was old and raggedy. It was time that I purchase a new one. So I went shopping for one. It turned out for me that the acer chromebook was the best deal for me, and I purchased it.

I thought I got a great deal at the time, it was selling for like $197. I believe I bought the 14” inch one. When I got home and set it up, I was a little caught off guard. The name chromebook looked so cool to me, but I had no idea what it actually was.

time for changeIs this where you are? Not sure whether a chromebook will work for you? Unfamiliar with the benefits of it and maybe scared to let go of the ol’ familiar laptop. Which we have been working with for over a decade.

No worries, I was too. Shockingly, I was turned off by the idea of not being able to have Microsoft applications such as Word, Powerpoint, or Excel on my laptop. I was a bit irritated by the idea. To make matters worse, there was no Start menu!

At this point, I was really dissatisfied, I was set on taking it back. And I did. I put it back in its box, and went back to Walmart to return it. I continued to use my old raggedy laptop. I appreciated it more because it had Microsoft Word and a Start menu.

1.5 Years Later…

My laptop was going really slow. I would constantly need to restart it because it would freeze or just go entirely way to slow! I finally got fed up, and decided to look up laptops again. It was around Thanksgiving time last year in 2017.

acer chromebookThere were some reasonably priced laptops including a Samsung, HP, and this Acer Chromebook. I remembered the Chromebook I purchased previously. Then all of sudden, it hit me. I don’t even need those things that it didn’t have!

I stopped using Microsoft Word a long time ago. There is no reason why I would need an offline word processor. And the start menu was not that important. It was just a user friendly way to find a calculator and the control panel.

Plus, it was the most economically priced. I believe it was selling for $179. It was priced competitively across the market at places such as Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon. I’ll never forget what happened next.

I waited until the Black Friday sale. It dropped down to $159. Then it dawned on me, I should wait until Cyber Monday. And so I did. Sure and behold, it dropped down to $99 on Amazon! I jumped on that deal like white on rice.

Here I am today, happily typing this blog post on my white Acer Chromebook 11.6. I fell in love with this thing the moment I set eyes on it. I did some thorough reviews about what it would look like and feel like in my hands.

Above was the most helpful review I found on the Chromebook 11.6. And let me tell you, I was that much more satisfied with it in person. The look, the feel of it, it’s performance, and the simplicity of its navigation.

Do you Need a 4 GB or 2 GB?

While I was shopping for my new chromebook, I was concerned of which one to purchase. As there is a 2 GB one or a 4 GB, for just a little more money. I decided to make an informed decision and found this informational blog online here.

bar graphsIt does not make a world of difference. However, there is a 11% increase in performance for the 4 GB. During this time, the 4 GB was only like $30-$40 more. But I really didn’t feel like I needed it. I think you may need more memory or ram if you do more.

If you’re the type of person who has multiple applications open at a time, and use a lot of photoshop, then 4 GB is the way to go. That wasn’t me though. I just open 5-10 tabs on my we browser usually. And occasionally, have 1-2 more apps open on the laptop. It’s rare though.

I do a lot of graphic imaging, but not anything intense. I just create cool images, or find free images online to use on my website. That’s about it. If you’re like me, you will be completely fine with the 2 GB.

How do You Choose from All of The Different Varieties?

I’m all about saving money, and not compromising much on quality. Basically, I’m looking for the best bang for my buck! No doubt about it, the Acer Chromebook is a great deal. But if you’re looking for something different, here are a couple of things to go by.

user reviewsLook for reviews. Amazon is really good about this. Verified purchasers post their reviews on the platform after they purchase. Amazon is my go too, when I want to learn more about a product’s quality.

From there I check out places such as Walmart, Best Buy, and Ebay. There are a few variables that go into making the best purchasing decision, not just price. How much is the shipping? More importantly, how long will it take to reach me via shipping?

Are there savings if I choose a site to store pick up, at any one of the merchants? What happens if I need to make a return? Will it be easy to return? These are all important questions to ask when buying a product. Save yourself a headache later, and put some time into making the right decision.

My Personal Experience Since I Bought it.

Ultimately, I’m very satisfied with my Chromebook. And there is no need to ever go back to a regular laptop. Unless I get into a business that requires to be offline and the use of Microsoft applications. Seriously though, you can accomplish so much with Google apps.

Do yourself a favor, if you get stuck using your new chromebook at all, Google for information. Chromebooks are very different in their own little way. At one point, I did not know how to copy and paste. I just could not figure it out.

google result for copy and paste

I went on Google and found out, you just have to use two fingers on the right side of the clicker and press down with both. And up comes the menu. I was so amazed with this finding. It gets aggravating sometimes, because you have to do it a certain way, but not a real big deal.

The laptop is beautiful, it’s all white, with black keys. The whole laptop including the keyboard has a soft feel to it. The desktop is not the same as a regular laptop, but just a simple background with your apps at the bottom.

It starts off with just the four, Chrome, Gmail, Docs, and YouTube. If you click the little circle on the left of the toolbar, it opens a search field, where you can download apps. There are many different apps that you might want to choose from.

It’s pretty much like a Google Play type deal but for a laptop. I dig it. I downloaded a snipping type tool, and a notepad type app. The apps are a little annoying because they don’t come up in different windows but on separate tabs in your browser. Although, you can just pull out the tab into a separate browser and minimize it for the same effect.

google apps icons on chromebook desktopIt’s pretty awesome that you get to stay logged into your Google accounts. You can share your calendar on your laptop along with your android phone. I find it real user friendly that I can open up my Gmail, Docs, or YouTube right into my account. Saves the time from logging in.

Happy hunting,


Namecheap Reviews Are Not Helpful. Get The Full Scope Here!

namecheap website

Namecheap Review

Name: Namecheap
Price: Domain names as low as
$.88, Hosting as low as $9.88
Founder: Richard Kirkendall
Rating: three and a half star reviews out of five for namecheap (3.5 / 5)

Namecheap Reviews Are Not Helpful.

The majority of people who have reviewed Namecheap give it 4-5 stars. Out of nearly 1 million reviews, less than 1,000 people have given it 1-2 stars. All of the 1-2 star reviews were from 2014 and beyond, so it seems as all those issues have been resolved over the years. Kudos too Namecheap!

The 3 star reviews were much newer, starting from today. From what I read were issues ranging from slow website, payment process issues, complicated interface, too many clicks to the purchase, not enough information to buy add ons. Unsure of what each are. It makes sense if you’re not a techy. Finally, that the live chat support representatives are slow at getting back to you.

The vast majority were 4-5 stars and said very good things about the product. If you want to read the reviews, you can do so here.

What are Namecheap’s Domain Names Offers About?

be wary with namecheap's special promo pricingNamecheap offers the opportunity to get domain names for as low as .88 cents. They usually are ones that end in .site, .website, .space, .pw, .press, .host, .tech, .online, or .fun. Be careful, because that will be the promotion for the 1st year. Then it goes up from there. Be sure to get all of the information because you may want to keep the domain name for years to come. Their promotion right now include free WHOIS for 1 year, which is a privacy setting that hackers will not be able to get your personal information such as phone number or address. Again, you will want to take note what the additional charge is after the 1 year. Should you want to drop that feature, which I would advise against.

Other optional features for these .88 cent domains will be an add on for private email. This is a really neat feature to have. Watch out for what it costs after the first 2 months which are free. Then the popular SSL certificate which is a top tier add on to make your website more secure. I would recommend it to everyone. The first year is $1.99, then $9 after that. Watch out how these add ons can add up pretty quick!

As with most domain name providers, there is a domain search generator to help you find a good match for you and your website.

Most people, including myself preach that, domain names should represent your brand, be short and sweet, easy to spell and remember, and try not to infringe on someone else’s trademark.

top level domain namesYou should know that premium domain names will be the .com, .org, or .net. The other domain names are less popular and may be harder for people to remember. That is important because you don’t want to lose any traffic due to a not having a top level domain (tld).

Namecheap also offers a domain Marketplace where you can buy popular domain names or sell them. This is a business that some online marketers get into; flipping domains. The idea is that if you have snagged a popular domain name that is high in demand, you can sell it for a hefty price tag. A pretty neat domain name like goes for $80k.

What is Namecheap Hosting About?

Don’t know what is hosting? Hosting is how you keep your website online. Domain name is the name of your website. Hosting is your place online. Servers store the information from your website. Then when a user requests it, the server will provide it. It’s important to use a reliable server.

Shared Hosting Plans

namecheap's shared hosting packagesValue – $9.88 first year, then $38.88/yr after that. This plan will host up to 3 websites.

Professional – $19.88 first year, then $78.88 after that. Wider bandwidth. Will host up to 10 websites.

Ultimate – $29.88 first year, then $128.88 after that. Unmetered hosting for up to 50 websites.

Business SSD – $19.88 a month. 100% uptime guaranteed. That’s a big deal. Have you ever visited a website, and the server said that there was a problem. A business website can lose a lot of money for any time lost due to hosting problems. And website not being able to be visible to users. This plan hosts unlimited websites.

Features offered on their Shared Hosting:

    • Promotional rates
    • 100% uptime guarantee
    • Secured Servers
    • WordPress and other apps included
    • Dell Server technology
    • Offers free SSL certificate for one year
    • Offers 24/7 support
    • Upgrade capabilities – (as your website grows you can upgrade)

Other Hosting Packages

wordpress appWordPress Hosting
$8.88 first year, then $48.88 after that

WP Hosting gives the ability to build your website out right on WordPress. It is integrated into it. This is an excellent feature, and one that I would probably choose if I needed to. I use WordPress as my content management system, and it does not get any easier than this!

Have you ever thought about reselling hosting yourself?

Namecheap offers a Resellers Hosting packages:

Reseller 1 $16.95 -a package that helps your get started. Allows you to resell hosting up to 16 accounts, and 1000 GB bandwidth.

Reseller 2 $26.95 – allows you to resell hosting to unlimited accounts. Offers 2000 GB bandwidth.

Reseller 3 $36.95 – allows you to resell hosting to unlimited accounts. Offers unmetered GB bandwidth.

Reseller 4 $46.95 – allows you to resell hosting to unlimited accounts. Offers twice the disk space as Reseller 3 at 300 GB disk space.

Other Features of Reseller Hosting:

  • WebHostManager -you can create and modify each account.
  • Dell PowerEdge
  • RAID 10 hard drives
  • Create your own hosting packages for your clients
  • Suite of tools such as a billing platform, and SSL reseller program

Virtual Private Server

VPS is like owning a townhouse. You get many of the benefits as a single family home. But you don’t consume the entire server like Dedicated Server Hosting.

VPS Pulsar $19.88/month – 2 GB RAM, 1000 GB Bandwidth

VPS Quasar $38.88/month – 6 GB RAM, 3,000 GB Bandwidth

VPS features include:

  • Solid State Drive (SSD) storage
  • Choose your Operating System and optional cPanel
  • High performance network
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Easy upgrade/downgrade
  • In-house security package

Dedicated Server Hosting

From $58.88 (8GB RAM, 10 TB Bandwith) – $379.88 (64GB RAM, 100 TB Bandwidth)

Dedicated features:

  • Hosted in Tier 4 Pheonix Datacenter- features redundant power, network, climate, and security systems.
  • Supermicro Server Hardware – features energy-efficient Intel processors, enterprise-edition hard drives
  • Optimized Network
  • Server Management -choose from self-managed, managed, or fully managed.

Private Email Hosting

You can try any of these packages for free for a 2-month trial:

Private $9.88/year – one mailbox included
Business $28.88/year – 10 GB email storage, 10 aliases per mailbox, full mobile support
Business Office $49.88 – 15 GB file storage, Collaboration tools, OX Text, OX Spreadsheet

advertisement free email
Private Email Hosting offers advertisement-free email accounts.


  • Web-based email
  • Mobile Support
  • Manage multiple email accounts under one roof
  • Sharing capabilities for emails, documents, appointments, contacts, task lists

* You can get Namecheap’s assistance at no charge to help you transfer from one hosting provider to another.

My Final Opinion of NameCheap

I actually get an awesome deal from Wealthy Affiliate (WA) on domain name purchases. For $13.99 I get a .com, WHOIS, SSL certificate, and unlimited email accounts. But I am a Premium Member. If you are serious about online business, then you should definitely check it out.

If I didn’t use WA for my hosting and affiliate program. I would surely give Namecheap a try. You can’t get a negative vibe from their reviews because as for 1-2 stars, there are none since 2014. I am the type of guy which lets price drive me, so I would probably purchase from them. It would be either them or Bluehost.

Let’s face it, you have to have hosting anyway, so you may find a good deal with your hosting provider. Hosting is important though. Sometimes you may need to change hosting providers because of downtime, or slow response times.

Don't be fooled by special promotions.Namecheap has the cheapest domain names I’ve found online. But don’t be fooled. I believe sooner or later, you will have to have an SSL certificate to even host a website online. Then namecheap charges $9 for that. It might not be worth it then. Or you may take advantage of the promotional rates. Those may not mean much, if you plan on keeping your domain for several years.

Do you have a personal experience with Namecheap? If so, I would love to hear about your experience with their products or service. As always, you feedback is appreciated. It really does help others.

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

Owner, HowToWorkOnline.Org