Computer Connect, Computer Growth, and Computer Elevate Review

screenshot of the computer connect websiteName: Computer Connect, Computer Growth, and Computer Elevate


Price: Starting at $47

Owners: Unknown

Overall Rank: 1 Star

Is Computer Connect, Computer Growth, and Computer Elevate a Scam?

Computer Connect, Computer Growth, and Computer Elevate are all three what I like to call a copy cat scam. What is a copy cat scam you ask, well this is where all the three offers or programs are the same. That explains the copy cat part. 

The reason I call it a scam, is because I feel it under delivers. Like others, I feel they sell you all these hopes and dreams, and it is really just trying to get you through the door. I could imagine how many people fall for it. Multiply that by $47. Shoot, if 100 people fall for it on a monthly basis, this is $4,700 per month. I think that number could be much larger though. 

Another reason I call it a scam is because it provides the information you need to succeed online, but I think they are very misleading. It will be a never ending series of follow the link. They will not show you how to take action. Training is not included in that initial price. You are basically on your own. 

Sure they will offer coaching, but it will come with a cost. Probably $100-$1000s. Check out this video from a fellow peer of mine, from Wealthy Affiliate, that shows the walk through of what you would get when you spend that $47. 

Stay tuned after the video for my final thoughts and recommendation. 

Likes and Dislikes




DISLIKE #1 – No free trial

DISLIKE #2 – Initial investment just gets you through the door. To get training you will need to purchase the upsells!

DISLIKE #3 – I feel it is very deceptive marketing

Who Does Computer Connect / Growth / Elevate Attract?

I feel like this company tries to deceive you by luring you in. It will tell you everything you want to hear, in a time of need. 

Let’s face it, there may be a reason you are searching: 

  • May have lost a job
  • Tired of your old job
  • Tired of the rat race
  • Looking for a better opportunity
  • Unemployed
  • Looking to make extra money

You may have been like me, and went straight into Google, and search the terms: “How to make money online”.

The good news is there is a way, bad news is, this is not it. 

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Does Computer Connect / Growth / Elevate offer Tools, Training, & Support?

Yes, but did you take a look at the video provided earlier on this page. If not, go back up and take look at it if you would like. 

In short, tools, I do not think so. Training, there will be an abundant amount of information that you will have to sift through on your own. That is no fun. I have tried it before and felt so hopeless. 

I think Udemy  was like that. I gave up quick. You need something that will walk you through every step, hold your hand, and answer every question you have. If you want something like that, check out Wealthy Affiliate and my review here

My Final Opinion of Computer Connect / Growth / Elevate

If you did not notice, the its price will start a $47, and if you try to leave their site, it will drop down another $10. 

I wish Google would do away with these types of websites. I could imagine they are busy with other things and do not have the time to go out and look for them. 

Although they are easy to find. They usually do not come up on organic traffic, but on paid advertising. If you know anything about PPC Advertising/Marketing, you can pay per click through Google’s Adwords program. 

If you want to learn more about PPC Advertising you can read my blog post about it here

If you want more evidence of these, what I call copy cat scams, you can read my other blog posts about Work at Home Institute, and Replace Your Job. Which are all the same thing.

Computer Connect / Growth / Elevate at a Glance…

Name: Computer Connect, or Computer Growth, or Computer Elevate


Owners: Unknown 

Price: Starting at $47

Overall Rank: 1 out 5 Stars


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4 thoughts on “Computer Connect, Computer Growth, and Computer Elevate Review”

  1. Yeah, this is absolutely dumb. And I agree. It definitely deserves to be called a scam. I mean, anything that promises even remotely the world for $47 should be.

    I really like how straightforward you were. Likes=none. Haha. But true. And, indeed, they probably just are taking advantage of people in real need. Instead of helping, they are essentially throwing them deeper into that hole. I don’t agree with that at all. I mean, the way I see it, that’s absolutely pathetic. 

    I really appreciate your thoughts and insights. And I really hope fewer and fewer people become victims of such poor programs as this. Keep up the good work!!

    • Hey Matiss, I truly appreciate your comment. Advertising like this just really rubs me the wrong way.

      I used to sell cars, and I hated when they would advertise something and it was misleading. It is not untrue, but it is misleading.

      Computer Connect and the like use the same tactics. Have you noticed when you get an ad that says a new car for $99/month. Oh man, people used to come in for that, and when they learn that you have to put thousands of dollars down to get that, they feel so deceived.

  2. This is a shame. Actually I have the same question as you in my mind: How is it possible that Google allows this kind of websites? And there are a lot of them. People try to find a job for living. As for Wealthy Affiliate program, definitely is the best. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate program and they offer trainings, programs, support in every step.

    • Hi Ledi, thanks for chiming in. I was wondering the same thing. I don’t know why these websites, or search results, are allowed to populate on google. I suppose Google is aware of the issue, but programs such as Computer Connect are disguising themselves, or just meeting the bare minimum to actually be allowed on Google’s search results.

      They probably work around the rules, and still manage to be a little sneaky. I don’t know. I can’t fathom how they do it. I try to focus on my business, and what I have to offer to the people. For instance, as you mentioned, the legitimate program of Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thanks again for chiming in. I will see you around, in the WA community!


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