A Review of The Godaddy Website Builder

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GoDaddy Build a Website Review

Price: As low as 5.99/mth
Founder: Bob Parsons
Website: www.GoDaddy.com
Rating: what is godaddy website builderwhat is godaddy website builderwhat is godaddy website builderwhat is godaddy website builderwhat is godaddy website builder (1.5 / 5)

What is GoDaddy Website Builder?

I thought GoDaddy was a good source for domain names and hosting, and I later learned they had a website builder. What is the webiste builder all about? Read on I’ll go over everything.

Interesting fact: Godaddy was founded a long time ago; just about when the time the Internet was first created. It has grown over the years, and has currently over 13 million customers. GoDaddy offers a multiple line of products and services such as: web hosting,  a domain name registrar, web security, and email.


Pros: A way to build your website online. Extensive Help Forum with tutorials to walk you through the process. They provide multiple different types of products and services, not just website building. You can find almost everything in one place; website building, hosting, domain names, and email accounts.

Cons: Ultimately, you’re on your own in learning the ins and out of building your website and making it a successful online tool. Yes there is a 24 hr number to call for help.

building a websiteWho is Godaddy Website Builder For?

This program is for beginners, intermediate users, and advanced. You can build a website for your own personal purposes, or you can build one for your business purposes. (Advertising, marketing, etc.)

How Much Does Godaddy Website Builder Cost?

  • For Personal Website -$5.99/mo -50 themes | 1 GB space
  • For small businesses – $9.99/mo – 300 themes | plus access to the Mobile site
  • Business Plus for growing businesses – $14.99/mo -300 themes | Mobile site | SEO | Social Media Manager
  • They have online tutorials and videos to teach you to build your website.
  • You can also call their 24/7 hotline to seek guidance.

Final Review of Godaddy Website Builder 

In my opinion GoDaddy is a relatively good product. I’ve used them in the past, but I did not have a good experience with them.  I actually purchased my domain name from them. Which I believe it was $16 for the year at the time.

I was not satisfied with my experience with them. Between the phone calls and upsells it was not good. If you want the best experience learn about the best domain name offer on the net at Wealthy Affiliate.

I never really got my website off the ground with GoDaddy. That’s why I’m making this review. Because I want you to have a successful website, and you can learn to do this through Wealthy Affiliate. With all the different tools and training that they provide you for free. You’ll be happy you found this!

4 thoughts on “A Review of The Godaddy Website Builder”

  1. I have also used Go daddy for a couple of years. It is good apart from two things. One they offer too many upsells and Two every time I renew the price has gone up.

    Now I see WA is offering a domain service that eliminates these problems, so guess where I am buying next time.

    • Right Michel, it seemed like every time I turned around there was an upsell being offered to me. I was so relieved when I found Wealthy Affiliate and learned that everything you need is in one place and at one low price. It really is hard to believe! And now that they are also offering domain names. That was the piece of the puzzle missing. WA is truly and all in one product now. I have just purchased my domain name from them, and it has never been easier. What a great platform. No upsells, and when I bought my domain name I get everything with it, email, which I’m totally happy about, and all the other things I need!

  2. I like this review of Go Daddy. I didn’t realize they were a web hosting business. I thought they were like Yahoo or Google. That tells you how much I know about technology.

    Thanks for sharing information on Wealthy Affiliate. What was your experience when you called Go Daddy’s help desk? Were they any help at all? And what types of things could they help with?

    I don’t think I would use Go Daddy based on your review and your experience but it could be useful for someone with more advanced knowledge of how to use Go Daddy.

    • Hi Rawl! Yes GoDaddy provides hosting and domain names, just like us at Wealthy Affiliate. My experience with them on the phone was ok. I was a little aggravated with them because they were trying to sell me hosting the whole time on the phone. I was a newbie in building a website and I didn’t know you needed hosting. When I joined Wealthy Affiliate I learned this, and too my benefit it was a free feature when you join. That’s what really got my business off the ground. Also, the fact that WA helped me with step by step training to get my website launched and to continue to grow it. It is a no brainer. I hope that I can reach the whole world with this post. Thanks for dropping by. I wish you success with your online business.


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