Is HostGator Really A Top Web Hosting Company?

In terms of one of the highest ranking services in the market, probably yes. Does it have the best service? There’s only one way to find out, try it. Everyone’s website is different and may have different requirements.

The main thing I would recommend in choosing a web hosting company is their support. Look up reviews on how well they handle their support. You can easily google, what are the top (number) web hosting company to get an idea of who are the best.

But the truth is, they might mess up on you! You don’t know. Hence the reason why I said that support will be extremely important in a web hosting company. My personal opinion of HostGator goes a little in depth.

I think the whole web hosting thing online is a scam. I mean come on, you can’t have a website without it. And then they charge you up like crazy. Take HostGator for example, their cheapest plan is says $2.95, but that if you pay for like 3 years up front!

The actual price for a month to month plan is $6.95. That’s the cheapest, and that comes with close to nothing. That would only be good for you if you had just one website, and was not interested in any security feature.

internet marketing businessI am an internet marketer, and I build multiple websites. So I need my hosting service to be ready to take on new domains at any given time. The least package I would be able to take would be their Cloud Business.

The regular price on that one is $19.99. Sure I could take the regular shared hosting for $5 less a month. But I would recommend getting cloud hosting when possible. It can be faster than regular shared hosting. If you didn’t know your website is copied to like 3 different servers to avoid any service delays.

Some Legal Stuff for HostGator

There is no charge to transfer your website within 30 days. You should know that there are auto-renewals in place, so if you don’t intend on continuing your service with them you need to cancel 30 days prior. Because they bill you a month in advance prior to the expiration date.

Also, there are no refunds to any who pays with wire transfers, checks, or money orders. Although, they will credit your account if they need to. Any products purchased and cancelled under the 45 day money back guarantee terms, need to provide a written request for their refund within 90 days from cancellation.

There are no refunds on dedicated servers. No refunds given for auto-renewals on domain names. Request for cancellation of auto-renewal needs to be done 30 days in advance.

HostGator guarantees 99.99% uptime. If that promise fails, they can provide you with 1 month credit of hosting. Also, know that they can change their pricing at any given time.

Add-ons That They Charge For

hostgator add onsSiteLock to protect your site from hackers is $1.67/month extra, which is billed annually at $19.99. It basically protects you if anyone tries to hack your website, or enter any malicious code. This is a pretty neat feature, but if you’re a pinch a penny like me, I would pass it up. There must be a plugin, or other software that you can get at a much more affordable rate.

Professional email setup: ex. Powered by Google, and include 30 gb of storage for email and calendar. Charged at $5.00/month extra (billed monthly). At first, if you’re tyring to be frugal you can just use a regular gmail email or of the sort, to get by with communication to and from your customers. However, professional email is much more professional, as you can tell. For instance, you can email me at

Backup your site with CodeLock for $2.00/month extra (billed annually at $23.95). Includes daily backups, and 1-click restore. This is another important feature, but again you can bypass it. You will just have to backup your website manually. Which is not that hard. I use WordPress, and inside it, there is an export feature you can use to store your website on your computer. You just have to make sure you do it at least weekly, or monthly depending on how much content you create on a regular basis. If you have the extra money, I would go for it though.

24/7 support at no charge and is USA based. Support is really helpful at times of need. Periodically, I’ve had my own hosting issues with my website and my website support team has helped me fix issues right away. It is another perk to have these guys USA based as well.

What is One-Click Installation?

There are 3 things you need to build a website; a domain name, hosting, and site files. A domain name you can purchase separately at places like godaddy, namecheap, or I buy mine at Wealthy Affiliate. Then hosting is necessary because it is like renting space on the internet. Finally, site files are to be stored at places like WordPress, or a content management system.

This is pretty cool because you can install applications to your website with one click. If you’re going to create a blog , then you can install WordPress. There are also others apps used for building your websites such as:

  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Magento – for ecommerce sites and building online stores.
  • Wiki
  • phBB – ideal for building a forum or bulletin board website.

HostGator Shared Web Hosting Plans

All of their shared web hosting plans include unmetered bandwidth which is cool. Because other brands are limited, or charge extra.

shared web hosting plansHatchling Plan – you can start this plan at a promotional rate of $2.75/month. Fyi, this rate is discounted at 60% off, and is billed for 3 years at $98.83. And this is only for a single domain.

If you do not cancel (at least 30 days before expiration date), you will be billed for another 3 years and at the regular rate. Which is around $250. All shared web hosting plans come with 45 days money back satisfaction guaranteed.

If you want to pay month by month, the monthly subscription costs $10.95. The next promo rate would be for 12 months at $5.95; billed for $71.40. Or you can get 24 months at $3.58/month; billed for $85.86.

Baby Plan – this is for unlimited domains, and comes with a 40% discount for the first 3 years. It comes out to $5.95 a month; billed for $214.20. Again, if you do not cancel before the end of the promotion, you get billed the regular rate automatically. Which is around $358 (for the 3 years).

This plan costs $11.95 if you choose to do it month by month. You can go for 12 months at $8.95; billed for $107.41. Or you can choose the 24 months promo rate that comes out to $6.95; billed for $166.80.

Business Plan – this is probably the better deal if you’re going for unlimited domains. Which if you’re into internet marketing like me; I’m building websites every few months lately :-). This plan has the 60% discount promo rate of $5.95 also; but is billed at $214.20 for the 3 years.

It also includes free Positive SSL, free Dedicated IP, and free VoIP Phone Service. Do not forget to cancel if you plan on ending your membership, because the regular rate is a whopping $538, for the 3 years.

I discovered a secret. If you act as if you’re leaving the website, and hover your mouse over the ‘X’ on the tab, HostGator offers you more of a discount. I found this one, which is: FREEUPGRADE3 for 71% off. Enter that where it says coupon code for the discount.

If you choose to pay month by month, it is $16.96 per month. Or you can get the promo rate of $8.95 for 12 months; billed at $107.40. Or $6.95 for 24 months; billed at $166.79.

HostGator’s Cloud Hosting Packages

What’s the difference between Cloud and Shared Hosting? Shared hosting is multiple websites sharing one server. The benefit in choosing a Cloud Hosting plan is your data is mirrored on 3 different servers. Just in case there is a surge in traffic or some other sort of operation delays, another server can pick up your website and perform the work you need it to do.

cloud web hosting plansHatchling Cloud – only good for 1 domain, and offers 2 GB of Memory. Promo rate comes out to $4.95/month, but it is billed at 3 years for $178.34.

Month to month costs $16.95 per month. There is a promo for 12 months that comes out to $7.95 per month (billed at $95.40). Or you can choose the promo rate for 24 months that comes out to $6.95 per month (billed for $166.80).

Baby Cloud – unlimited domains, and 4 GB of memory. Promo rate at $6.95/moonth. This promo is billed at 3 years for a total of $286.21, with the coupon code ‘SNAPPY’.

Month to month is $13.95 a month. 12 months offers a promo rate of $9.95/month and is billed at $119.41 for the 3 years. The 24 month promo is at $8.95/month. Billed at $214.79 for the 3 years, with the coupon code ‘SNAPPY’.

Business Cloud – unlimited domains, and 5 GB of memory

  • 1- 6 months $19.95/month
  • 12 months at $11.95/month. Billed at $143 for this plan.
  • 24 months at $10.95/month. Billed at $262.78 for this plan.
  • 36 months at $9.95/month. Billed at $358.19 for this plan.

WordPress Cloud Hosting Packages

What is WordPress Cloud Hosting versus their regular shared hosting? It basically is designed with WordPress in mind, so it puts you in a position for a much easier and seamless process to manage your website or blog. It will include automatic updates from WordPress which are helpful.

hostgator's wordpress hosting plansStarter Plan – for 1 website
Designed for 100k visits per month

  • 1-6 months $14.96/monthly
  • 12 months at $7.97/monthly. Billed at $95.40.
  • 24 months at $6.95/monthly. Billed at $166.80.
  • 36 months at $5.95/monthly. Billed at $214.20.

Don’t forget about the cancellation policy as I mentioned above on another package. All of the WordPress Cloud Hosting plans include SiteLock monitoring and Site Backup at no extra charge. Also, professional email is included in these plans, and free migration.

Standard Plan – for 2 websites
Designed for 200k visits per month

  • 1-6 months – $20.95 monthly
  • 12 months – $9.95/monthly, billed at $119.40.
  • 24 months – $8.95/monthly, billed at $214.79.
  • 36 months – $7.95/monthly, billed at $286.18.

Business Plan – for 3 websites
Designed for 500k visits per month

  • 1-6 months – $27.95 per month; billed monthly
  • 12 months – $11.95 promo rate billed at $143.41 (renewal rate is at $24.95/month)
  • 24 months – $10.95 promo rate billed at $262.80 (renewal rate is at $23.95/month)
  • 36 months – $9.95 promo rate billed at $358.24 (renewal rate is at $22.95/month)

HostGator’s Reseller Hosting Packages

Reseller Hosting is pretty cool. If you didn’t know already, this is a product that you can offer to your clients and charge them what you want for the services. For example, if you build websites for small business, you can offer them hosting for an additional charge. They will get HostGator hosting but with you brand name on it. Basically all of the features and benefits that HostGator offers, you can extend to your customers.

hostgator reseller hosting plansAluminum – 60 GB disk space

  • 1-6 months – billed monthly at $29.95
  • 12 months – promo rate is $24.95/monthly; billed for the entire time at $299.42.
  • 24 months – promo rate is $21.95/monthly; billed for the entire time at $526.81.
  • 36 months – promo rate is $19.95/monthly; billed for the entire time at $718.19.

All plans renew at 29.95 per month.

Copper – 90 GB disk space

  • 1-6 months – billed monthly at $41.95
  • 12 months – promo rate is $29.95/monthly; billed for the entire time at $359.38.
  • 24 months – promo rate is $26.95/monthly; billed for the entire time at $646.77.
  • 36 months – promo rate is $24.95/monthly; billed for the entire time at $898.27.

All plans renew at 41.95 per month.

Silver – 140 GB disk space

  • 1-6 months – billed monthly at $59.95
  • 12 months – promo rate is $24.95/monthly; billed for the entire time at $359.41.
  • 24 months – promo rate is $29.95/monthly; billed for the entire time at $646.74.
  • 36 months – promo rate is $26.95/monthly; billed for the entire time at $898.24.

All plans renew at $59.95 per month.

HostGator’s VPS Hosting

For those who are wondering what VPS, or Virtual Private Server, is; it is a step up from shared hosting. You’re still sharing a server, but with only a few others. As opposed to shared hosting, there are many people or website sharing the space.

If you think of it like real estate; shared hosting is like an apartment building. You may be disturbed by others on each side of your, or above or underneath you :-). VPS, is like townhomes. There are less tenants in the community, but everyone still shares the pool and clubhouse.

The next step up would be Dedicated hosting, which we’ll discuss in the next few paragraphs. For now, take a look at all the rates and promotional plans available for HostGator VPS (w/ cPanel).

hostgator vps hosting plansSnappy 2000 VPS Package

  • 1-6 months – $89.95
  • 12 months promo – $49.95, billed for $599.41
  • 24 months promo – $39.95, billed for $958.78
  • 36 months promo – $29.95, billed for $1,078.11

All plans renew automatically to regular rate $89.95 per month. Remember, that if you have the 36 month plan, it renews for the entire term again. For instance, your new bill will be $2,878.20. Another reminder, if you want to cancel it needs to be 30 days in advance, because you get billed 30 days prior to renewal. This helps to avoid any service interruptions.

Snappy 4000 VPS Package

  • 1-6 months – $129.95
  • 12 months promo – $59.95, billed for $719.37.
  • 24 months promo – $49.95, billed for $1,198.93.
  • 36 months promo – $39.95, billed for $1,438.25.

All plans renew automatically at the regular rate of $129.95.

Snappy 8000 VPS Package

  • 1-6 months – $159.95
  • 12 months promo – $69.95, billed for $839.40.
  • 24 months promo – $59.95, billed for $1,438.76.
  • 36 months promo – $49.95, billed for $1,798.08.

All plans renew automatically at the regular rate of $159.95.

HostGator’s Dedicated Hosting

If you have a larger business, or have a high traffic in and out of your website you may want to consider dedicated hosting, where the whole server is dedicated to just your website. Here are the promotions and rates at HostGator:

hostgator dedicated hosting plansValue (managed)

  • 1 month – $189.00
  • 3 months promo – $179.00/monthly, billed for $537.01.
  • 6 months promo- $169.00/monthly, billed for $1,014.02.
  • 12 months promo- $138.99, billed for $1,667.89.
  • 24 months promo – $128.99, billed for $3,095.82.
  • 36 months promo – $118.99, billed for $4,283.80.

All of these plans renew at $189.00/monthly accordingly.

Power (managed)

  • 1 month – $249.00
  • 3 months promo – $238.99/monthly, billed for $716.97.
  • 6 months promo- $229.01/monthly, billed for $1,374.03.
  • 12 months promo- $179.01, billed for $2,148.07.
  • 24 months promo – $149.00, billed for $3,576.04.
  • 36 months promo – $138.99, billed for $5,003.70.

All of these plans renew at $249.00/monthly accordingly.

Enterprise (managed)

  • 1 month – $289.00
  • 3 months promo – $279.00/monthly, billed for $837.00.
  • 6 months promo- $259.00/monthly, billed for $1,554.01.
  • 12 months promo- $199.01, billed for $2,388.06.
  • 24 months promo – $179.01, billed for $4,296.16.
  • 36 months promo – $149.01, billed for $5,364.30.

All of these plans renew at $289.00/monthly accordingly.

They Sell Domains Too

HostGator offers domain names at lower costs (around $12.95 for a .com). However, they charge $2 extra for Privacy Protection, which is kind of a big deal, so you could just say the price is $14.95.

I purchase domain names at Wealthy Affiliate . I think I spend around $13.99 per domain, but it includes free email and free privacy. Along with other great features such as no price change upon renewals. Read more about it here.

My Final Opinion of HostGator

wallet on a budgetYou see some steep prices here for sure. The internet business is a legitimate business. You should know that hosting is an important factor too. HostGator just so happens to be one of the largest of hosting companies around. I’m sure they didn’t get that way by not offering a pretty good service.

Sure they must have their flaws, but what company doesn’t. I’m sure you can find some really bad reviews online. On the flipside, there will also be many excellent reviews on them. I always encourage people to try something before they go all in. As you can see, some of the pricing on these packages are steep, so I would be really careful of my next steps.

Unless you can afford to make mistakes. Even if you’re a large company or already have a high traffic count to your website, I would try just the one month. Promotions are usually always around. Try one month, then if you like it, have your way at it.

The shared hosting has a 45 day money back guarantee on it currently, so you could always try it first and then cancel or request a refund. Familiarize yourself with their cancellation policy beforehand to make sure you request it properly, and avoid any setbacks.

I’ve only been in internet marketing for a couple of years, so I don’t have too much experience with different brand of products. I’ve done a review on Bluehost which you can read here. I currently host my websites with Wealthy Affiliate.

I’ve been with them since day one, and I have no complaints. Their hosting package is equivalent to the Cloud Business hosting package at HostGator’s. I basically host unlimited domains on their server. I build websites right from their platform, and I even purchase domain names from it too. It’s kind of a one stop shop, if you’re interested in operating an online business, or blog.

Do you have a personal experience with HostGator? If so, I would appreciate your feedback about their products or services. It really does help others. If you have any questions as well;

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

Owner, HowToWorkOnline.Org

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  1. Hi, A lot of information to take in. Why do you keep talking about Host Gator? Why because
    Wealthy Affiliate gave them to you. Are they the best or the cheapest that get the job done. I
    had joined Coastal Vacations so many years ago. Forgot about it and found it the other day.
    Looked it up again, I have a life membership. So I know I am not going to be paying any
    more money on this. So what can I do with Coastal Vacations? Thank You I do need that
    information on starting my own website.

    • Deborah, the reason I am talking about HostGator is because I did a few reviews on different hosting providers; such as Wealthy affiliate, Hostgator, and Bluehost. I have not had a personal experience with HostGator. However, I have with Bluehost and Wealthy Affiliate(WA). Hands down, the best I have found have been with WA. I say this because the degree of support that they provide has not been matched.

      Not to mention, I had a pretty hard time launching my website with Bluehost, and it is easy and 1,2,3, with Wealthy Affiliate.

      If you want to continue working with Coastal Travel, go for it. I think you can make it with most companies that provide business opportunities so long as you commit yourself to it. It is up to you on what you want to dedicate your time to.

      I have seen someone make it pretty big, and successful, with a website and promoting their travel business. Have you heard of Stacy O’Quinn? He does a pretty good job at promoting his business from his website. I also have watched his videos on youtube, and seen clips and footage at different vacation spots that he has visited with his family. Looks enticing for sure!

      Good luck! I would totally join Coastal Travel, so that I can travel and earn off of promoting the business, but I just do not have time with work, and my personal business here at HowToWorkOnline.Org. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.


      PS. I have done other reviews on travel package offers companies such as Paycation Travel, and World Ventures. Feel free to check them out!


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