How To Get Hired: Secrets To Getting The Job!

how to get the job

I’ve had over 30 different jobs in my lifetime (15 years of work history). I know how to get the job! I’m not proud of bouncing from job to job, but what can I say none of them really appealed to me. I never had a problem getting a job because I always stayed ahead of the pack. I did my own thing, it was different and it stood out. These methods have allowed me to always have a job and not go more than 2 weeks without one!

I must add too, I always get the good jobs. I look for the highest paying jobs and I always get something better than the last one I had. With my following methods I will teach you how to fill out your job applications, make your resume, do your interviews, and follow up. Depending on how far along you are in your job search feel free to skip sections to get to the one that is most helpful for you in your current situation.

It All Starts With The Job Application!

how to get the jobGetting a job is a sales game. The more applications you fill out the more job offers you will get. Filling out an application is a lost art. You must fill out every section, leaving none blank (putting ‘n/a’ in the places you have nothing to enter). You have to fill it out with good handwriting, legible, and fill it out as professionally as you can; meaning speaking professionally.

Spell check is a big deal! So if you have to fill it out at home, instead of messing up any chance you have for getting the job just do that. You may want to ask for 2 applications in case you mess one up (I used to do this). When filling out an application never scribble anything out if you have made an error and do not have white out. Simply cross out the error with one line, and write next to it as best as you can.

As soon as you see a job opening you have to jump on it like white on rice! This is a first come first serve business. Yes, looking for a job is your new job. You have to do it full time as well. That means getting up first thing in the morning and spending all day (eight hours) looking for a job. You can even take breaks and a one hour lunch break. I’m not kidding, you will get a job in no time if you do this.

how to get the jobWhen turning in an application you need to dress professionally as well. Do not go in anywhere casually and with flip flops unless it is a beach shop. Dress accordingly, use your best judgement in how you should go into that particular place of business. You don’t have to dress top notch but be presentable. It’s all about first impressions, they are sizing you up from the moment you turn in your application! If you can greet and be nice to the person taking your application do so, and if you can even ask for the manager and give it to him/her personally that’s a big plus!

Build An Excellent Resume

Making a resume is a very important part to your job searching process. Many jobs require a resume these days. Your objective is to stand out and capture the reader’s attention. Employers have a haystack of resumes/applications and you need to be the “needle”! Whomever is reading your resume, you need to capture their attention before the first quarter of the page. You do this by putting your most interesting facts in the beginning!

If your resume is like everyone else’s the reader will most likely skim through it and move on to the next qualified application/resume. You want to make sure you intrigue your reader enough so you have them want to keep reading your resume to it’s entirety. If you need help with how to make a resume, save the image below to your device and copy the format. 

So how should you structure your resume?

how to get the jobIt is optional but you can include your picture at the top of your resume. This will add personalization. Of course you’ll have your Contact Information at the top, then lead with your Awards, Skills, Objective, and Education. You will want to add your Work History last; following with your References. Remember your resume has to be different than the other 10,000 that they have gotten thus this month!

“The main idea of a resume is buying your opportunity to the interview. You will want to sell your skills, awards, and work history to interest the employer enough to want to meet you in person or over the phone.”

At the very bottom of your resume include ‘References available upon request.’ This will save you time on building your resume. Leave out any gaps in Employment or explain them. It’s best to say that you were focusing on some type of life project, or spending time with a family member. You also will want to limit the amount of jobs you list on the resume and/or application. Employers want to see longevity and commitment within your employment background.

So  if you have had so many employers within the last 7 years limit them down to 3. Too many Employers on your application/resume will be a red flag. List your most successful jobs and fix the dates to leave out any gaps. In some cases, you can organize your jobs in different headings. For example, if you you’ve had 4 Restaurant jobs within the 7 years, put them all in one list. Also, on you applications/resume never say you were terminated. Just say you resigned for personal reasons. Once you score the interview you can decide to disclose any information about your reasons for leaving.

how to get the jobThe only thing I would not not work around is my skills or experience. I would recommend you be honest about these things. I once said I was a waiter, when I had never been, and when I got the job they were able to tell within a couple weeks that I had no experience in waiting on tables. They ended up letting me go. To prevent that from happening, be truthful about your skills and experience. If you’re new to a position, tell them how long you’ve wanted to be in that position and sell them the idea of how quickly you will learn it.

The Phone interview

When you score the phone interview, this is your chance to sell yourself over the phone and achieve getting the in-person interview. Employers do this to save time sifting through unqualified candidates and using their in person interview time on qualified individuals. There are a couple things you’ll need to remember to pass the phone interview.

how to get the jobFirst, remember to smile! Make sure you smile on the phone every chance you get. They can hear you smiling. Be professional on the phone yet personable. You don’t have to be uptight on the phone, but you don’t want to joke like you’re talking to your friends either. Keep in mind you will have a business relationship with these people. If you care to share a joke on the phone make sure it’s appropriate. Maintain an upbeat attitude and an outgoing personality on the phone call. If you do this you’ll be one step closer to getting the job.

Those Tricky Interview Questions

  • Tell me about a difficult situation you had to face while on the job?how to get the job

The Employer is not so interested in the particular situation, but they want to know how you handle problems. They want to know what kind of problem solving skills you have. Remember that and you can’t fail those questions.

  • What are you weaknesses?

So everyone can answer what are their strengths, but we all fall short on this question. You want to do your best with answering this question and how to get the jobmaking your weakness(es) sound positive. Choosing to say you don’t have a weakness is tricky because we’re all just ordinary people. You can say something like: “I don’t have many weaknesses, but one I think is sometimes I may take my job too serious. I say this because my previous boss or fellow co-workers would tell me to lighten up sometimes. Because I get real focused when it comes to deadlines and getting things done!”

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years with the company? (This one is your home run hitter!)

how to get the jobYou want to position yourself to answer this question with an advancement opportunity type response. For example, “Within 5 years I hope to have advanced into a managerial position. Something like management and/or different advancement opportunities I will be really interested in.”

  • One of the most difficult question will be, “What is your desired salary?”

In order to answer this question you will have to do a little research. Websites like will show you the different salaries that people make who are in the same position. Once you find the average salary, ask for 10% more, this will leave them room to negotiate. For example, if the average salary for the position is 30k annually, then you’ll want to ask for 33k. This will allow you to get the most of what you can get in your salary. It’s very important you do this; you should know that .50 cents is $1000 extra a year if you work 40 hours a week.

This will allow you to sound very realistic when it comes to asking for you salary. You will also show them that you know what you’re talking about, and they’ll know you mean business. Now you don’t want to ask for too much, because sometimes this will turn-off the Employer and they may skip your application because of it.

In-person Interview

how to get the jobThe first rule to your in-person interview is you have to dress to impress. I can’t say how many times I have seen people come to a place of business for a job interview dressed like if they’re going to the corner store. It’s very important that you look the part when going to get the job. This is so important because you’re meeting face to face and first impressions will make a huge impact.

If the job is a formal business you will want to dress business formal. So slacks, blazer (optional) and a tie. You don’t want to buy the bright stuff either, stick with a conservative yet very elegant style outfit. If it’s a casual business then dress business casual. This can be khakis and a polo shirt with some nice shoes. If it’s a rugged type workplace, like a construction site, then you can wear nice blue jeans and a polo.

You just want to remember, always look presentable. This also means that you must be well groomed. Fix your hair, and if you have facial hair make it look nice. There’s no way you will get the job if you look messy. Make sure you are smelling fresh before the interview, and if you wear cologne or perfume, spray it lightly.

Face to Face at Last

how to get the jobWhen you walk into the place of business be sure to greet people as you walk in. No need to get overly nice, just a nod of your head and say hi. Remember, first impressions! Believe it or not, the other employees in a business can have an impact on the hiring decision. When you meet your interviewer be sure to stand, look into their eyes and greet with a smile. (A MUST)

Sitting in the interview room, you want to maintain your professionalism at all times. Sitting with your back straight, not too tense, you can relax a little. Keep your hands in front of and try to maintain as much eye contact as you can. Be personable with your interview, not too personal, but remember, they are people too.

Try your best to answer all your interview questions completely, in complete sentences. Your interviewer will respect you for that. Their job is to get to know you in as little time as possible to and make a strong business decision to hire you. This is optional but if you can make your interviewer laugh, you will own them. That’s thin ice though, because everyone does not share the same humor.

how to get the jobWalking out of your Interviewer’s office, be sure to thank your Interviewer for his/her time. Also encourage follow up by saying something like, “I look forward to hearing from you!” On your way out be sure to nod and say have a nice day to all the employees who make eye contact with you on the way out. You want to leave a strong impression. After you walk out, you can take a breath of relief!

Now On To The Follow Up

Follow up is really important because it does two things for you. One, it puts your name back in front of the hiring person, and two it shows that you’re really interested in that position. A lot of times this persistence will pay off! So if this is a job that you are really interested in call at the end of the business day or email saying thank you for the opportunity to have the interview and that you really appreciate it. If it’s late in the day already, just call or email in the morning with that follow up.

You’ll want to follow up again 3-4 days after the interview. Make another follow up phone call and ask on the status of the job position. They may ask you to call back at a certain time. If not, thank them for taking your call and ask them if there’s anything else that they need from you. For
example, “Is there anything else you need from me at this time?”

how to get the job
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This shows more persistence and more persistence means less resistance. If not, call back in exactly 2 weeks from the interview date and do the same type of follow up. By then your lead on this job position should be really hot or gone cold because someone else has been hired. 

That’s it! You should get the job! 

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how to get the job

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Thanks! Your friend,


how to get the job




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  1. Hi Jonathan, it’s easy to overlook some things when you are preparing to get a new job. Even after spell checkers have done their stuff, the text to be checked too to make sure context and grammar are OK. I’m sure if people go through your info, they should be on the right track, although having them join Wealthy Affiliate would also be a good move for them!

    • Oh absolutely Ian! I don’t know too many people that like to work. That’s why I’m providing my readers with an opportunity to start their own business.

      I also know what it’s like to need a job and I have always been successful in doing so. That’s why I listed down all of my techniques that I use. Ultimately preparation and persistence are the key. For some reason that seems to amaze me every time is success favors preparation. I know that with applying all these techniques everyone should surely get the job!

      Thanks for your comment Ian.

      Be blessed,


  2. Some really good information and tips! Good work I will keep a lot of this in my mind when I’m on my next job hunt. I always overlooked the application process and focused more on just the interview. And I agree spell check is a huge deal when trying to sell yourself to someone.

    • Blake, thanks for commenting. Yes, one of the most important parts, the application process. Of course, it is the application that gets us the interview. I have found that with careful thought into the application you can get the job quickly. Along with the other tips that I included. It’s funny that you mention spell check because I can’t imagine what a turn off it is for an employer to not give you the proper attention because of misspelled words. I recently had to get a part time, and I kid you not, I filled out 2-3 applications, scored an interview, and got the job, within 1 week! Not bragging, just showing you how these tips can really help your situation.

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