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auto insurance policyI am always thinking of ways that I can make some extra money from home. Some of the easiest ways you can make more money are through promo credit cards and saving money on your car insurance. You may be thinking like, “Hey that is not making extra money”, but it is. Trust me, in the past year I saved $440 to be exact on car insurance. I’ll tell you how I did it.

Saving money on car insurance is immediate earnings. You don’t have to work for it. You just have to fill out the application and WAMO! You are hundreds of dollars richer in your bank account because this is money that you will not have to dish out.

Don’t Spend Days Trying to Learn Ways to Make Extra Money From Home- This is Simple

If I can save everybody money by showing them this one simple trick that allows me to be more financially well off, this is it. You can spend hours online trying to figure out how to make extra money. This will literally take but an hour and money in your piggy bankboom you’re done. Up to hundreds of dollars richer!

I figured this out because over the years I also have been trying to find out how to make extra money from home. It seems like everywhere you turn there’s a dead end. Not to mention all the different scams on the net. I’m sure you’ve found a couple already.

Learn to Make Money Online Too

The other thing that I can tell you about is learning how to make money online. I gotta say this is not just another scam, where I’m going to tell you that you’ll be $1200 richer in one week. This is a legitimate opportunity to getting educated on how you to make money online. Hey one day if you work hard enough at it, you can quit your job and do it full time.

I know that is the main goal. Unless you love your job and you’re absolutely passionate about the work you’re doing, it is highly worth taking these courses to learn how to make money online. This is something you can read about after this post.

Back to the immediate savings and earnings.

Check out the most popular auto insurance agency in your town. You know the one that everyone talks auto insurance quotesabout how they have saved them the most money. A lot of times, if your parents are money savers, you can check with them to find out what auto insurance agency they have went with. That’s what I did!

I found out where my Dad got his auto insurance from and decided to check them out. After all, my Dad is about the cheapest person I know. Lol He would be really upset if he read this article, but seriously I checked out his auto insurance agency and wala! They saved me $240 over my first six month premium. I was paying $140/mth and they found insurance for me for $100/mth.

My Second Time Around!

The second time I shopped auto insurance quotes was after my first six month premium was coming close to an end. As a matter of fact, when they sent me the renewal letter they informed me that my insurance premium was actually going up $150 (for the six month premium). I called
car and calculatormy insurance agency and informed them of the matter. They later called me and told me they found me another auto insurance carrier for $200 cheaper than my last six month premium. That was awesome!

Don’t tolerate your auto insurance coverage going up. There is too much competition out there for your current auto insurance to not maintain their competitive pricing. This should be a cue for you to find another auto insurance carrier.

A couple major things that I learned from my current auto insurance agency is how to pick my coverages.

  • I Choose the minimum coverage on every single part of my policy. I think it’s $10,000/$20,000.
  • I Choose a higher deductible. They usually try and give me a $250 deductible. I choose the $1000 one. I believe you can choose up to $2500 deductible.
  • I Don’t take the Uninsured Motorist Coverage. I found out in Florida it only covered my medical expenses. That’s what I have health coverage for! Find out what it covers in your state.

If you feel you have to have the Uninsured Motorist coverage, know the difference between Stack and Unstacked and choose what’s best for you. What Stacked and Unstacked mean:

stacked coinsStacked is they just stack up how many vehicles are on your policy and offer you that amount coverage in the event of an accident. For example if you have the minimum $10,000/$20,000 and have 3 vehicles, the coverage would be $30,000/$60,000 for that incident.

Unstacked is you just get the minimum coverage 10,000/20,000 per vehicle. This feature alone has saved me a little more than $100 on my premium in the past.

  • I Don’t take the rental reimbursement. I feel I’m a safe driver, and in an accident that isn’t my fault the other insurance company would have to get me a rental. Also, the other fact is I have a second vehicle in my household, so I got plan b in the worse case scenario. Not a big deal if you choose it though, because I think it’s only like $7 extra a month.
  • I always take the roadside assistance. One time my sister needed a tow and paid $65 for a local tow. You literally pay like $20 for roadside assistance on a 6 month policy. That alone can save you $100 or more throughout the year.
not responsible disclaimer
funny disclaimer image: photo credit to PIxabay

Couple Disclaimers: Please be mindful of the type of vehicle you have. Do not choose the minimum coverages if you drive a high end luxury vehicle. Your coverages have to make financial sense. For Uninsured Motorist Coverage, find out how they apply to you in your state. Also, if you do not have medical coverage this is a really good coverage to have. Be mindful of the stacked and unstacked. Refer back to coverage selections for any clarifications.

Following these simple coverage selections help me save close to $500 in a year. I don’t know about you, but that’s money in the bank!

Update 2/28/18 and My Third Time Around!

You guys, you’re not going to believe this. I was paying $198 a month for two vehicles. One with full coverage and roadside assistance, and the other with just liability and no roadside assistance.

I just started this awesome work with Uber. Well I was with Esurance as my carrier, and they did not want to keep me due to my participating with a rideshare company. Needless to say, I was off to shop for other coverage.

light bulb idea momentI didn’t have to look far, as I learned a couple of months ago, through one of the online referral companies, that Progressive would offer me a much lower rate. I couldn’t take it at the time because my wife’s license had been going through issues due to us moving out of state.

Anyway, I went back to Progressive, and you wouldn’t believe the low quote they offered me. My first month at $70, and 5 months at $137. But get this, now I have roadside assistance on both cars, rental reimbursement, and a $500 lower deductible!

I am blown away with these savings. Over a six month period, that’s $433! This is money that I won’t have to spend and can use for anything I please. Or I can be a saavy saver, and keep the money in my bank account.

Not only this but, But Esurance gave me a refund for $164. This is after a $50 fee that I incurred for cancelling my policy early. However, it works out better this way, because had I let it just end, which was in only 3 more days; I would have gotten no refund.

$100 bills laid outAlright guys, can you wrap your mind around this? This is a total of $597 that will stay in my bank account over the next six months. If this is not a legitimate way to put extra money in your pocket, then I don’t know what to say.

Common Questions

What if I currently have coverage do I have to change Auto Insurance Carriers?

No you do not have to change anything. However, this is a simple way to make extra money in your household. I recommend you shop different car insurance quotes every six months to maximize earnings/savings opportunities.

(Guys, I just don’t preach this stuff. I practice what I preach!)

How do I know which coverages I have to have?

Speak to your auto insurance agent in your state and they will tell you what are the mandatory and optional coverages in your state.

How do I choose a deductible?

Choosing a deductible is important because in the event of an accident you must choose a deductible that you will be capable of paying. Do not choose a $2500 deductible if you do not think you can afford that if you had to pay it.

Final Thought

annual review setting, 3 people sitting at table with chartI hope the way I save and earn money throughout the year can help you too. Look out for more tips to come. Also, I highly recommend anyone interested in learning to build revenue online to take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. They will give you the best education and provide you with the foundation for a long term online business. It’s also free to join.

If you have any questions or would just like to share any experiences you have with saving and making money please share it in the comment section below.

Your friend in making money,


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  1. Hi There,

    Brilliant way to save some bucks on car insurance. Defo going to bookmark this article for future reference.

    And just for reference, I could give your dad a run for his money. haha.

    Really looking forward to many more money saving tips.

    Great site, well designed and brilliant information, love it.

    • Hey Derek, thanks so much! I’m sure you can give my dad a run for his money. He cracks me up! What’s funny is that I look for any way to save or make money probably because of him. I guessed he’s taught me well. Now does Danielson ever beat Mr. Miagi? haha

      Yes totally bookmark the page and look out for more tips. I always make sure I am successful in doing something before I recommend it. As a matter of fact, I didn’t start recommending Wealthy Affiliate’s Internet Marketing system until after about a month of using it myself. I had to make sure that they delivered on their promises and had great value before I recommended them to someone else. Thanks for stopping by and looking forward to meeting you again on my next article and tip.

  2. I think it is about time for me to look around for insurance. I have had the same insurance for years and could probably find something much better. Saving money on insurance is one of the things I think people look over when they want to earn extra money. Do you have any recommendations on a good insurance company?

    • Hey Ben, thanks for reading. It’s one of our expenses that we have the most control over, but overlooked often. With there’s so much competition out there that you are sure to find a better rate. I have found that has offered some really low rates. You can give them a try. I’m currently doing some research to make it easier for my readers to link from my site to an awesome auto insurance agency. It’s not easy though; I have to find something that really takes it home for people. I cannot recommend a product that I don’t believe in myself. There was this one called esurance that was offering me a partnership, but I couldn’t even get a low rate from them, why would I recommend my readers to them. :- But anyhow, you can surely save money if you go to I know because I’ve shopped with them myself.


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