How to Make Money as a Teen

how to make money as a teen

I was a teenager once and it was really nice to have some money of your own. It was fun making money and saving it in your own bank account. There are so many ways to make money as a teen and I’ll go over them in detail to help you out so that you can learn how to do it. Make me a promise though that when you make money you’ll come back to my page and leave a comment and tell me how your experience was.

1. Sell Your Own Services

One of the best things you can do is make a flyer and advertise yourself! You can do so many things. For example, raking lawns, washing cars, how to make money as a teenwalking dogs, etc. Whatever you think you can do as a service to people, list it on your flyer.

If you really want to hit a homerun follow my example. I made a flyer once and passed it around my neighborhood. I listed a bunch of handyman services and listed it as volunteer work so people could pay me as a donation. I got so many hits off of this flyer. One lady asked me to rake her lawn and for a few hours of work she gave $50!

Here’s an example of the flyer I made:

Volunteer Handyman Services

-Washing cars and detail, lawn maintenance, walking dogs, painting, plumbing, trash and debris removal.

(I can’t remember the whole list but it looked something like this.)

Pay me what you think the job is worth. I will give you a receipt so that you can deduct it on your taxes.

Thank you!

(Your Name and Number)

It was a lot nicer than this and I think I even put an image on the flyer to look nice but I just want you to have an idea of how to do it. Happy hunting and I hope you get a lot of hits.

Tip: the more houses you put the flyers on the more calls you’ll get. Be sure to print it on bright colored paper and use a large font so that people can read it easily.

2. Sell Your Stuff

Sell your stuff that you’re not using, with your parents permission, on facebook swap sites. This can be something as small as a basketball to as big as an entertainment system like xbox or playstation. You can literally sell anything. Here’s a small list:

  • how to make money as a teenSports balls (basketball, soccer ball, baseballs, bats, baseball bags, baseball gloves, etc)
  • Entertainment systems (wii, playstation, playstation games, controllers, xbox, games or controllers, computer games, laptops, computers, printers, mp3 players, headphones, etc.)
  • Old computer chairs or desks
  • Any old furniture that you may have (beds, dressers, animal crates or cages)

This is just a small list but you can sell anything and ask for top dollar for it. Trust me, people will talk you down anyway and you can agree on a price.

If you have a little money saved you can look for things that are cheap on facebook swap sites, or yard sales and resale the items for a higher ticket. I’ve seen people do this all the time. I once got a free laptop and I still have but I can sell it easily on facebook swaps for $50.

3. Pass out flyers

Go to local restaurants and offer your services for passing out their flyers or menus. When I was a teenager I went to small latin cage once and asked for a job. The manager told me he did not have any positions available for me but said I could pass out their menus. He would give me a stack of menu, probably like 150, and I would go around to parking lots or residential apartment buildings and put them on cars. The manager would give me $20 every time I did this. Be careful to pass out flyers where you are allowed to because some place prohibit putting flyers on cars.

4. Help out at Barber Shops/ Beauty Salons

When I was a teenager I would go to my Mom’s beauty salon where she
worked on the weekends and sweep the floors all day. My Mom and the how to make money as a teenrest of the stylists would give me like $5-$10 sometimes even $20 each just for sweeping up the hair after each of their customers. You can go to local barber shops or beauty salons and sell yourself as someone that can sweep the floors throughout the day or if you have a family friend in the business it could be a better opportunity for you. Don’t be shy, these barbers and stylists love someone who is willing to help out.

You can even offer to wash people’s hair before and after their haircut. Of course, you want to get permission from the manager but you can earn more money this way. I did this myself and the people used to tip me $1-$4 dollars every time I washed their hair. It’s not hard at all to put shampoo and conditioner in people’s hair. Easy money!

5. Get a Job

Get a part time or full time job during the summer. You’ll be out of school so you’ll have the ability to work anytime as long as your parents approve. I worked one summer in an Animal Clinic in the kennel. They hired me at a good pay rate and all I had to do was walk, bathe, and feed the dogs. I would also do the laundry because every dog had a towel in his or her cage. I had a lot of fun that summer and I earn more than $1000 by the end of the summer. I went back to school with some really nice clothes ;-).

how to make money as a teenIt’s not easy finding or getting the job. Get some help to learn how to fill out a job application and prepare for a job interview. You can even ask around, maybe a family member or friend know someone that will hire you. You want to be professional all the time. You can enjoy yourself but take your job serious.

Some great places to look for a job are at your neighborhood supermarkets, shopping malls, and restaurants. One your application be sure to tell them you are looking to gain some work experience as you are still in school and show a lot of interest in their business. You may even be able to keep the job after the summer and work on the weekends. This will you can still be making money throughout the year.

6. Make Money Online

You can learn to make money online. Learn about affiliate marketing. You’ll need to build a website but these days it’s real easy. Mostly everything is plug and play. I know a lot of teenagers building and managing their own websites these days and making money from them. It can be real fun learning how to promote products on your website and writing reviews on them. In affiliate marketing you can promote anything that your passionate about.

how to make money as a teen
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Let’s say for example you really like video games. You can build a website that reviews several different video games to help people decide which one’s to purchase. Generating sales for companies online can make you alot of money because they pay you commission for getting products sold. A great part about it is that you do not need to own any products or purchase any inventory. You will be making money off of other people’s products.

All you need to do this is a desktop or laptop and an internet connection or wifi. Once you get online join a program called Wealthy Affiliate. They will teach you everything you need to know about making money online and affiliate marketing. You can become a real professional internet marketer with the training in this program. It is free to join and if you decide to stay after your get done with Phase 1 of training maybe you can ask your parents to help you pay for your  membership, if you’re not making money already.

how to make money as a teenInternet marketers make a lot of money. Inside Wealthy Affiliate you will see people who are making $10,000 a month. There are so many of them in there. WA is also a social network so you’ll be able to talk to many professional internet marketers on a daily basis. I myself am a member inside the community so I can help you anytime or you can ask anyone inside. Everyone is usually most welcoming when it comes to offering help.

Hope you enjoyed my list of all the ways you can make money as a teenager. I know you can do it. You can do anything you set your mind too. I made a lot of money as a teenager so ask me any questions on how, or any way I can help you out.

Good luck, and try to save some of that money that you will be making! 😉




10 thoughts on “How to Make Money as a Teen”

  1. Hi Jonathan,
    these are great tips for teenagers. I was one not long ago and I sold a few things online, I earned a bit of money with it, its definitely worth it. Your first tip on the flyer is very bold and original. It would take a lot of guts to put yourself at someone`s disposal for whatever amount they think your work is worth. I think that`s the detail that makes people trust you more. The last tip is definitely the most popular at the moment, and i think its a great idea for young people. They know what their generation wants so it`s definitely a viable solution to earn a bit at the end of the month while writing and sharing their own interests. Congrats on the article!

    • Hey Tami, thanks for the words of affirmation! I agree with you on our new generation’s perspective. It’s not the first time I’ve heard it, surprisingly. They know what they want! With that said I’m totally looking forward to what they make of their future. I believe there will be great accomplishments!

      The whole volunteer handyman idea I took from an uncle of mine that lives in Miami. Do you know that he works full time and earns a full time income doing so. His flyer looks very similar to the one I post here. He actually refers to his volunteer work as donations for his church and people can totally use it as charitable expenses on their taxes. He even has been able to hire some of our family members to help!

      I think the online business idea will be the greatest for our teens as well because, have you noticed how tech savvy this generation is. It’s amazing! I have a 3 year who has learned to use a tablet all by himself, for the most part. He plays games, watches youtube, smh lol it is spectacular to watch him do it!

      Thanks for commenting,


  2. Hey Jonathan!
    This post is great! Super useful!
    I am not a teenager anymore, but my little sister is. She is 13 now and she has no clue about money, or how to make it and I think is about time to try to give her and incentive to start to get our of the box and work for herself. She will be staying with me for a couple of weeks, and I will be telling her all about the things you explained here!
    Really grateful for this information.
    Thank you so much,

    • Hey Sofi,

      I am glad to help! I hope she learns how to make money and gets very good at it. It takes a lot of patience and efforts to to be successful, but I am sure she can do it. Especially with someone as a big sister like yourself. 😉

      I believe teenagers need a mentor. If they could focus on studies and making money through their teenage years, there’s no doubt that they can be successful. I have found that the best part of growing up and making money is to have your own business. Some teens grow up starting a business and it blossoms so beautifully that they never have to work for anyone.

      Having your own business, as you know, allows us to be more peaceful in our lives. Only worrying about our own virtues. It also enables us to help others whether it would be through employment, charity or even helping family members. I’m glad I was able to share this information with you and your little sister.


  3. These are all great tips and advice for teenagers. This is how they can learn to be independent and start earning from young. This way they don’t have to rely too much on getting an allowance from mommy or daddy and it will also help them to appreciate the value of hard and honest work.

    • Hi Reneea,

      I agree. I encourage all teens who want to make money to follow these tips because it is the best way to earn legitimate money. However, I believe the best thing for them to do at this age is to focus on their studies. I understand that as a teen, there are things that you may want that your parents do not want to buy for you and because of this, these are some excellent ways to make money. After all, I was a teen before and my parents did not want to buy me the latest clothing and sneakers. Therefore, I had to work to get the money and buy my own things.

      With all that said the best thing that I could encourage young folks to do is create a website and learn how to monetize it because this encourages business ownership. Then I could say that we are truly teaching our teens something good. They can learn work ethics and responsibilities this way. They will also learn the business of technology and internet marketing which is a growing field. This way when it is time to get into college or corporate america they will have something to show for it; which will be a legitimate online business and a background in information technology or marketing. I believe THIS would be good!

      Thanks for stopping by and for your comment,


  4. This was a great artilce – really made me think…I wish I had the internet about when I was a teenager (as washing cars and window cleaning was no fun whatsoever).

    Making money online seems like the key choice here – everyone wants to do it but nobody knows where to start. What did you choose online first?

    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for the complement! You made me think as well, I wish I knew about making money online as well as Wealthy Affiliate when I was a teen. I would have never had to work a 9 to 5 job. Nor struggle with finding happiness within the right job. Making money online takes time to really establish yourself with generating a full time income, but as a teen, you have a lot of time!

      Again if I would’ve started when I was a teen, I would be making so much money. Seriously! There are internet marketers making over 100k a month, and it is all possible. It all starts with your foundation, and that you can find at WA.

      To answer your question, I searched for close to a decade on how to make money online. I ran into so many scams, it was frustrating. When I finally learned the basics of making money online, I started to help people do the same. Learn the basics, starting with finding a niche, and building a website. I love doing what I do!

      Talk to you later,


  5. My first job was as a shoeshine boy for a barber. That was in the 1960s.

    If I had to do it over with today’s technology, I would dive headfirst into Wealthy Affiliate and learn everything I could.

    Learning to leverage the exponential power of the internet can literally make you millions and free you from the 9 to 5 grind.

    • Ah ha, you know about Wealthy Affiliate! Tell me about it Gary, I wish I would’ve known how powerful the internet really was and how to leverage it back when I was a teen. The 9 to 5 grind would have never existed for me.

      I guess everything is not for everybody so I must understand that, but as you mentioned, there is exponential power in the internet.

      Imagine this: You have a department store (metaphor for your website), and you have over 100 stores in it (web pages), imagine if you have 1000s of people visiting each store daily (each web page). The amount of success that can be determined from this is extraordinary!


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