How to Make Money Online FREE

how to make money online free

Thanks for stopping by. My name’s Jonathan and today we’re going to be solving the “Mystery” of how to make money online and for free!

There are many ways to make money from a website. I want to pause for a second and inform you if you really want to optimize your potential in earning income online; you have to have a website. Wealthy Affiliate will give you 2 free websites and teach you everything you need to know about how to get your website up and running. So no need to worry about where you’re going to start.

Getting to the money part. There are 5 ways you can generate income online.

1) Adsense

2) Advertising

3) Creating your own product

4) Creating an email list

5) Affiliate programs – We will focus on this because this will be your #1 revenue builder starting out.

how to make money online free

3 Easy Steps To Get You Started Earning Money Online

1) Getting enrolled at Wealthy Affiliate University

First thing you need to do is get enrolled at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s free to join, and you will the need all the training you can get. You can do this on your own but I would highly recommend against that. It will take you a lot of time and money to learn on your own. Getting expert training at no cost is a no brainer.

Here are the lessons you will get for free at WA.

how to make money online free

2) Build your own Website

Easier than it sounds. There is a ton of support going through the process. It also is one of the most fun things that I’ve done in a while! I know that you’re going to enjoy it too. This is literally a plug and play type of thing.

3) Join Affiliate Programs

This is the treasure to your success online. Affiliate programs are free to join. After all, you’re providing free advertising for their company. You will have the ability to blog about whatever you love or what you’re passionate about and make money!

more on Affiliate Programs!

how to make money online freeLet’s dive into this a little bit. Say you’re passionate about baseball caps. What’s your website is going to be about? Baseball caps! And not only that, you’re going to make money on something love!  How? Through affiliate programs!

Amazon, for example, is one of the largest affiliate programs on the net. Any baseball cap that you advertise on your website, and connect people to Amazon to purchase it you will get a commission off of that sale. How does it work?

4000 Visitors a Week

how to make money online freeWe’ll dive in a little deeper and elaborate.  Amazon gives you a percentage of everything you sell.  We’ll do some basic math!  Say you have 4000 visitors a week.  This is very possible!  If you’re  on the first page of Google and there are over 3 billion people in the world surfing the internet.  Can you see the picture?

I was in automobile sales for a few years, I love ratios and math.  So let’s say 10% of your 4000 visitors purchase something. Amazon pays you 4% commission on your sales. The average price for a baseball cap is $30.  Now let’s just say only 10% of your visitors purchase one baseball cap.  That’s $480!

the break down

4000 visitors a week.

10% make a purchase

4000 x 10% = 400 customers

400 customers x $30 a baseball cap = $12,000

Your take home is 4%

$12,000 x 4% = $480

on a Larger scale

So $480 a week times 4.2 weeks in a month. That’s a little over $2,000 a month! The icing on the cake is that Amazon doesn’t only pay you on the item you are advertising but everything that your customer leaves with in their Cart. You should be falling out of your chair right now! lol 🙂

how to make money online freeSo if your visitor goes to Amazon from your website because they saw a baseball cap that they liked. And now they’re at Amazon and they decide to purchase not just  your baseball cap (that you were advertising),  but they also want to buy a baseball glove,  and maybe spend about $50 on that. They also want their favorite baseball team’s jersey (because your customer is going to a baseball game).  How many people in this country go to baseball games?

That’s not all!

Now he wants to buy his wife a baseball cap and a jersey as well!  You get commission off of EVERYTHING (that your customer leaves with in their cart).  Now when this happens with countless customers that visit your website weekly. I don’t even want to do the math. It would take too much time doing it.

Can You do this?

I know a lot of you might be saying, “There’s no way I can do this.” I want to reassure you that using the training provided to you from Wealthy Affiliate is all that you will need to get there.

don’t worry about upsells

You don’t have to worry about upsells or buying more products. Wealthy Affiliate is really an all-in-one product.  When you join WA you’ll be thinking to yourself “why didn’t I find this sooner!”

“..stop thinking.. and start doing”

I really want to motivate you to stop thinking and start doing. The way that this program is set up is so that even a 10 year old can do it!  Start your business. I’ll see you the other side.

If you have any questions about how to make money online at home. Please, take a moment to post it in the comments section. I would like your feedback and if you just want to just say hi. That’s cool too. Thanks for reading!

Your friend,

how to make money online free




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8 thoughts on “How to Make Money Online FREE”

  1. Jonathan,
    I am stopping for a minute to offer my agreement about the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I have been working on my website for a year and it is fun. My niche follows a hobby in paper crafts and many avenues have opened up for me. I can now satisfy many interests for myself, one being writing and the second telling others about the craft.
    Hey, but I have to admit computers was not something I grew up with. WA is seen me through and I received extra help from support when I had road blocks in starting my own Shop.
    Always, SherryV

    • Hi Sherry! Thanks for stopping by. I’m happy to hear you’re growing and having a good time building your site. I too love to write. It’s a passion I never knew I had. I would’ve never thought I’d enjoy it as much as I do. I guess growing up and in school we all dread those essays we have to write. That’s probably why I always stayed away from it, but when you’re writing about something that you really want to write about. It’s a whole different story.

      You also make a valid point of how technology has become more user friendly, and how Wealthy Affiliate keeps you, the user, in mind when building their training program. They make it so easy for everyone to create an online business. Who would’ve known that you can build a website in 4 easy steps! I really enjoy doing it! Anytime I can offer my assistance please let me know. Just connect with me here or inside WA.

      Your friend,

  2. I must say that WA has helped me too in terms of learning about affiliate marketing. It was the first time I really understood about affiliate programs and advertising. This is all new to me, but I managed to build my first website! I think it’s really cool! Hopefully, the 4,000+ unique visitors a week can follow as well as making money.

    • Hi Raquel! Thanks so much for reading this article. I’m happy to hear you’re with WA too and progressing learning the business of affiliate marketing. If you keep up the hard work I don’t have a doubt in my mind that you will get to those 4000+ visitors. I currently know of people at Wealthy Affiliate that get 10,000s visitors a month. Just keep learning from WA. Their platform is not only for the newbies and intermediate users, but for the advanced as well. There is new training coming out every day. You will want to stay on top of the ever changing market. As you know, things are always changing. Keep up your hard work post a lot of content, this alone will help you tremendously. Then of course, being the personable person you are. People like sharing their business with people they like. Thanks again for stopping by.

      Cheers to Success and hard work


  3. What a great break down of how to make money in affiliate marketing. You have thoroughly shared it all in a nutshell, which is great. It’s interesting that you pointed out the importance of building a website. I can remember my “start” with affiliate marketing, that always left me wondering why I struggled so online promoting things. I then, had no idea of doing many of the things you’ve mentioned. I can now see why it’s so important to learn how to do affiliate marketing the right way. Just wondered… How do you feel about most social sites rejecting affiliate links if you don’t have, a official website or blog? I notice Pinterest and Google plus communities is not as friendly concerning certain links.

    • Hey, thanks for commenting Bev. I’m glad to hear that you’re a fellow internet marketer. Isn’t it the best occupation in the world! I really enjoy doing something that I’m passionate about. Which is helping people earn money, and that’s what affiliate marketing allows us all to do.

      About Pinterest and Google + I’ve noticed the same situation. Particularly with Pinterest. I must comment, it is a wonderful social platform. But yes they require trusted sources to be able to share. Which I can certainly appreciate from a members point of view.

      We’ll just have to work diligently on making our website a trusted source. Which we also learn how to do within Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thanks so much for your input.

  4. The concept of making money online is something I always had an interest in, but have always been worried about scams as you know. I have heard about this wealthy affiliate program quite a few times and it seems pretty legit. How helpful is the community within this program when it comes to newbies? I just worry about the support for someone just starting out. Thanks!

    • Hey Ralph, I haven’t found a more newbie friendly place that Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been online for a couple of years now, reviewed dozens and dozens of making money opportunities, and this is your safe haven. You can count on WA to be there for all of your needs. I’ve been there for going on two years now, and I’m planning on my third year. The best thing to take note of is that there is no quick solution to making money online, any product that says that there is you can consider a scam

      There will be step by step training inside the program and several ways to seek support such as classrooms, live chat, and private messaging. You will be able to get one on one help with the owner as well. Good luck to you and wish you much success!



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