How to Sell Clothes Online?

how to sell clothes online

The selling opportunities online are limitless. I will show you how to leverage the internet and build a profitable website to generate revenue off of selling clothes. You can use this method for millions of other things, keep this in mind. This blog is dedicated to the fashion enthusiasts, offline business owners, and those who would like to take advantage of eBay, Amazon, or Etsy.

For Fashion Designing Enthusiasts

It’s unimaginable to think of how many different designs there are out there for clothing. From different nationalities, cultures, extracurricular activities such as sports, ballet, formal, casual, etc. I know there are a lot of people out there interested in fashion design. Many of you are in college with the concentration in fashion design. Here’s how you leverage the internet to build an online business and generate revenue.

First you need to build a website. This is really easy these days. Anyone with basic knowledge of how to use a computer can accomplish this. Put simply, if you know how to write and send an email, you can build an online business.

how to sell clothes onlineSecondly, you need to learn about SEO. This stands for search engine optimization. This is critical to your success because no one looks past the first two pages of Google these days. There are currently 3.2 billion people online today, so you can have the BEST storefront in the world if you do this correctly.

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SEO consists of writing readable content and choosing profitable keywords. Sharing on social networks and getting social engagement on your pages are a couple of other things search engines like to see as well. In other words, you must gain the trust of the search engines to rank high on their search pages. Their business is to provide quality content for their users. That’s it!

While doing this, creating pages of content on your website, over and over again, you can drive numbers of traffic to your website and begin to generate revenue. There is one more thing that could be more beneficial to you when selling clothes online. Choosing a niche. A niche is a targeted audience online. For example, basketball sports apparel, golfing apparel, women formal dresses, wedding gowns, baby clothes, etc. There is a lot of competition on the internet, focusing on a specific niche online, can make you more of an authority site.

Offline Business Owners

how to sell clothes onlineDo you have a store in your local community? Leveraging the internet is not only beneficial to everyone in your community but you now have access to billions of people online. Did you know that there were over $1 trillion in sales online in 2015? Get your piece of the pie!

Once again, it starts with building a website. It’s a little easier to target keywords in your community. It’s all about the keywords! These keywords help you tremendously in SEO, and getting first page rankings for your business in your community. Before you know it, you’ll have everyone in your neighborhood and neighboring communities finding you on the first page of Google. How exciting!

It’s quite simple too. You build your website just like normal (nothing fancy or technical about it). Small businesses, only require a small amount of pages such as 8-10, maybe even less. Each page you’ll want to emphasis on those profitable keywords, you include images and any success stories you would like to show your visitors, and  include your business name and address on certain pages. You can have a contact us page, or book appointment page.

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As for Ebay, Amazon, and Etsy

how to sell clothes onlineIt is really easy to join an affiliate program. They are free to join. In essence, all you do is become an affiliate for the program, you drive traffic from your websites to them, and once these visitors purchase anything from their stores, you make a commission. The great thing about these stores* is that you get commission off of all of the products your visitor checks out with. They may not even buy the specific item they got connected with them for and you still get commission!

* Amazon and Etsy definitely, but I have not verified eBay yet.

I know a few of the people in my network that have stated that their website is about something totally different, and they got commissions for random things from Amazon such as electronics or personal products. This is because those visitor initially clicked a link on their website and it drove them to the seller’s website. This is because of a phenomenal thing called cookies. I believe Amazon has 24 hours cookies, and Etsy has 30 day cookies. Anyone who you drove to their website within these time frames that makes a purchase, you will earn that commission.

You have the basic knowledge now on how to sell clothes online. Now the only thing left to do take action! I would like to offer you my one-on-one help with getting your business started, let me know how I can help.

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I’m interested in what your plans are with selling clothes online. What type of clothes will you be selling?

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

Any questions or concern about the information above is welcome as well.


6 thoughts on “How to Sell Clothes Online?”

  1. So if I’m wanting to sell clothes would you suggest using a website to refer readers to clothing stores online? I’ve seen that “Affiliate” link at the bottom of websites and never knew what it meant. How much of a percentage of the sale do they give as commissions? Is every company different?

    • Eric the best way to build an online business is through building a website. You can surely promote affiliate links on other platforms such as social media platforms, or forums, but it will never equate to the amount of traffic and sales you can get by developing your own website. When done correctly you can drive 10s thousands of traffic daily to your website. Could you imagine the profit/sales potential? Remember I mentioned above where to find the training to help you accomplish this.

      Just to clarify, without a website, your business will be short lived.

      That ‘affiliate’ link you see at the bottom of most websites such as Walmart, Best Buy, etc. is to apply for an affiliate relationship with that company. Each company is different in what their requirements as to what qualifies for a commission and such. Also, I’ve seen some companies pay up to 75% commission on the sale of products. Affiliate marketing can be a very lucrative business!

  2. This is similar to what I do on my own website! Except I do not sell my own clothes, I just discuss certain clothes and then direct to a place where they can buy them. SEO is also extremely important in driving traffic, I am still learning the best practices myself. Thanks for the article!

    • Alex, thanks for sharing. I’m glad to hear that you’re taking advantage of affiliate marketing; leveraging the internet, and building your own website, so that you can generate revenue online. This is an awesome business! You’re absolutely right to seek out training for learning SEO; it’s very important. You’ll find that once you learn it though, it’s like riding a bike.

      To summarize all that you’ll need to learn, it’s making your content readable, using the right graphics, sharing your content on social media, creating engagement, and getting comments on your content. These are some of the things that I can think of off the top of my head. There is more to learn, and as I mentioned above, this is where you can find the right training to help you accomplish this.



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