How to Start a Business

how to start a businessI’m glad to be here today with you on my blog talking about something as important as Starting Your Own Business! This has got to be one of the single most important things of your life. So I am happy to be here sharing this with you.

I was in your shoes about six months ago. I searched and searched for how to start a business. I spent literally hours just thinking and contemplating of what could be my next step. I thought to myself:

  • What will it cost?
  • How will I get the money?
  • What will I sell or what service will I offer?
  • Will I be passionate about it?
  • How long will I do it for?
  • How much income will i generate?

If you were thinking of any of these questions, then you’re in the right place! Today we’re going to come up with a solution for you. I will be going over all of these answers and then a couple additional recommendations to help you launch your business today! How’s that sound?

Start Up Costs

how to start a businessIf I had to pick the #1 reason why people just do not get into business, it’s got to be the cost. As you know, it can be quite expensive to start a business. I’ve thought of t-shirt businesses, automotive, technology, health. All of these require a lot of money to invest in starting up.

There are multi level marketing companies out there like Amway, ItWorks, Kyani, but still all of these require an initial investment. So I began to think, could it be that ANY business you start will require an initial investment? The short answer is no, and with the information I will provide for you today, you will be able to start your business with $0 down!

Where Do I Start?

Let’s start with what are you passionate about? This can be anything from Health, nutrition, extracurricular activities, sports, fishing (I love fishing!), making money, technology, the list goes on and on. Noticed I said making money. If you can’t think of anything that you’re passionate, it might be just making money. 🙂 This is simple. People tend to overthink these things sometimes; I know I did. I wrote a blog about this, feel free to check it out!

how to start a businessNow after you’ve thought about what you’re passionate about put it to the side for minute, we’re going to apply that to your business. The reason why we must pick something that we’re passionate about is because have you heard the saying, “If you do something you love, you won’t work a day in your life”? I think this is true because I’ve owned my own online business for a little over six months, and I love it! It literally doesn’t even feel like work.

You don’t want to do something just for the money. Lord knows, I’ve began so many projects in my life only to put it to an end after six months. Because you get tired of it! It no longer becomes fun. You keep searching for the next big thing. Let’s help you find something you love and then we can apply it to your next business.

What’s Next? Finding an Opportunity.

I want to introduce you the online marketing world. Man, is this internet world not the BEST! The internet is getting larger and larger and before we know it, everyone in the world will be online! Currently there are over 3.2 billion people online. Guess what the majority are doing? Yep, you guessed it; Shopping! What if I said, “You can have a storefront on the internet with a curb appeal to billions of people.” I’ve got to say, that would be the best business location in the world! Wouldn’t you agree?

How to Start an Online Business?

how to start a businessYou want to take what you’re passionate about and apply it to your online business. Would you believe it if I told you, you can easily build and own your very own website? Now don’t get scared and think, there’s no way, because I will tell you now, building a website is as easy as building blocks. ABC 123! Seriously. I want you to build your own website and make it into something beautiful, HUGE, unique, your story, INCREDIBLE, and all of the above.

How to Build a Website

It really is one of the easiest tasks in opening up your own online business. There is a remarkable website that I’m going to refer you too that will show you how to do this, step by step. A website is your real estate in the online world. You build a place for people to come visit and share things with them that will benefit them. Only YOU are in control of your website, and YOU run the whole business!

What Will I Sell?

There are Millions and Millions of products to sell! Remember when I asked you to pick something you’re passionate about? This is where you’ll apply it. Literally you can pick anything! Dogs, cats, music, babies, clothes, fashion, so on and so on. I will teach you how you to do this and how to  generate income with it. Most importantly is that you will be doing something that you’re passionate about.

There are many ways to make money online. You can make money by:

  1. Advertising
  2. Selling your own product – create a product
  3. Selling other people’s products (Affiliate Marketing)
  4. Building websites and selling them
  5. Flipping domain names

My favorite is affiliate marketing. In an affiliate program you earn how to start a businesscommission for helping companies generate income, or bridging the gap between products and customers. There is an affiliate program for basically ANYTHING that sells online, and they’re always free to join. Take Amazon for example, you can sell any product on amazon, on your website and earn a commission off of it. Amazon currently pays anywhere from 4% – 15% in commission.

The goal is that you bring traffic to your website, (We’ll teach you how to do that too) and your visitors will purchase the things that you sell. The place that is going to teach you how to do this is called Wealthy Affiliate. This website is currently free to join, no credit card required to sign up, and it will help you launch your business. As a matter of fact, this website you’re on here now is a result of the training I received from WA!

This is not another one of those online scams. I know we all hate those! This is a 100% Legitimate Business and Training Center for you to get your business started. You can learn more here.

In a Nutshell – What will you be doing?

  1. You will build a website about something that you’re passionate about.
  2. You will sell products that you will earn commission off of.
  3. Your website will generate income month after month.
  4. You will retire a happy person. 🙂

how to start a businessI started my online business a little over six months ago and I’ve started making money. My goals are to build my income to a comfortable level where I can travel the world with my family, and provide for them all the things that we desire. I want to Give back to the world, and live financially free life for the rest of my life.

I never thought I would have this opportunity to be sitting here with you and talking about starting a business for yourself! This feels like a dream to me to be able to help someone with their financial situation. I feel as if one of the only vehicles to living a life of freedom of time and money, is owning your own small business. And now you can!

Take the Next Step in Starting Your Business!

Why Start an Online Business?

Think about the different possibilities you can do. You can own several websites. Think about the time you’ll have. Think about the places you can go. You can go anywhere in the world with your laptop and your online business. 🙂 Think about how much money you can make. I know of someone making over 100k a month in internet marketing. I know many more making around 10k a month. You can achieve this too if you’re willing to commit to it.

Set a Long Term Goal.

There are many people online living the dream! Earning thousands of dollars a month, some even 100s thousands a month as I’ve mentioned. Now I want to be realistic with you. You probably will not earn this overnight, your first week, or even your first month. There are stepping stones. You’ll learn about all of this at Wealthy Affiliate. You must set realistic goals to earn revenue. Remember, this is a business, and with any business it takes time to build. Stay committed, Stay Positive, and Get Ready to Earn!

I got to say it has been a real pleasure. I hope to help you in any way I can. Please leave a comment or question below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Highest Regards,


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6 thoughts on “How to Start a Business”

  1. I enjoyed the great layout of how you explained the steps I would be required to take for doing an online business. I find having a proper plan of action is an important part of making things happen, and you have given a full layout path on what to do in straightforward steps that make it easy to follow.

    Some excellent tips to go by here.

    • Travis,

      Thank you. What inspired me to write this blog was, a difficult time that I was going through about a year ago. I was tired of working my 9 to 5. I was really fed up with working for anyone. I constantly get let down because there was something always missing in every job. I decided to start my own business, and it took me weeks to figure it out.

      I searched online for weeks and could not find the right answer. After a while, I did some digging, and I remembered the program Wealthy Affiliate. I remembered that they would allow me to start my own business with no initial start up costs, and that I could build my business on my own time.

      I was really ecstatic about this, and so I’ve been driving it full force for almost a year now. I couldn’t be happier with my decision. To think I started my own business, with no money, it’s crazy! Any business is going to take years to grow. When you finally realize that, is when you’re on the right track. 😉

      Good luck to you,


  2. Nice article there

    These are important points everyone that want to start a home based business should follow.

    I have joined wealthy affiliate community and I love it so far, I have started my own home based business, I finally have my own business and I’m working hard to make it a money making machine!

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post with us have a good day 😀

    • Hi Anis,

      We are in the same boat. I absolutely love having my own online business. I can work on it wherever I’m at, and whenever. I love the flexibility it offers. I always strive to work consistently. As you know, it takes a lot of hard work, to create that money making machine! 🙂

      The work will be hard in the beginning, but towards the end, I’ll be able to relax. Go somewhere exotic, lodge off somewhere, kick my feet up on the balcony and enjoy the scenery. This is the luxury which residual income will provide online. Just put in the work until it gets there.

      The way it works is you can have an awesome keyword which brings you 10s thousands of visitors, potential customers, to your site monthly. You will get these visitors for the life of the keyword! Man, you got to love online marketing.

      – Jonathan

  3. I already have 2 of my own business
    But reading this makes me think
    How powerful the internet is . And would love to do a on line Bussines that
    I would like doeing .

    • Hey Kilber, that was the intent of my post. To encourage you to start an online business. Also, you can make it about whatever you want. Head over to Wealthy affiliate and they currently allow you to start one for $0. By the way, what businesses do you currently run?


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