Would Selling India Hicks Products be a Good Opportunity For me?

india hicks websiteIndia Hicks Review

Name: India Hicks
Website: indiahicks.com
Price: Starting at $99
Owner: India Hicks
Rating: two star reviews for india hicks (2 / 5)

What is the India Hicks MLM About?

Some neat facts about India Hicks are that her godfather is the Prince of Wales, and she was a bridesmaid in the wedding of Lady Diana. India is no newbie to fashion, she was a model for Ralph Lauren for her first job. Placing her products in retail stores did not work for her, so she created a network marketing business along with two partners. Her business is similar to other traditional mlm (multi level marketing) companies which offer their products on a one on one basis or home parties. I’ll fill you in on all the details about the compensation plan below.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – really nice products
PRO #2 – build a network of women
PRO #3 – build an organization

The Bad:

CON #1 – fairly new mlm (est. 2015)
CON #2 – very expensive products
CON #3 – an mlm company

Who is India Hicks For?

Become an India Hicks AmbassadorI’m not a big fan of mlm business opportunities, but I believe the following people would like this mlm opportunity:

  • Stay at home moms.
  • Women looking for part time work.
  • Women seeking to supplement their income.
  • Fashionista type of people.
  • People passionate about good quality purses and other fashion products.
  • Women who want to be apart of a network.
  • Women who want to build an organization.
  • Someone with an offline fashion business who would like to incorporate India Hicks products in their product line.

India Hicks Training, Tools, and Support

The problem with joining an mlm is that there is always a lack of training and support. The majority of the time your lifeline will be your sponsor or other upline member. They are in charge of training you and teaching you everything about products and presentations. Of course, there will be a phone you can dial to get help with billing and shipping questions. Also, for help with your back office.

India Hicks does provide you with a replicated website but these usually come with a monthly subscription. This is used for your customers to purchase products from you. As far as product knowledge, India has a video for every product in her inventory with a brief description of each one. This will certainly help you with identifying which products will suit each customer.

statistics chartI think training is so important, and if more mlms would just train their people I think more would become more successful. As you know, there is a >95% failure rate for mlm distributors across the board. I believe people learn with hands on training and need someone to take them step by step. Take for instance the training at Wealthy Affiliate. This company took me from knowing nothing about making money online, to being a professional internet marketer.

India Hicks Products

Not surprised, but just like the majority of mlm companies India Hicks products’ are very expensive. You can certainly justify it with the quality of the products but I’m too frugal to appreciate higher prices. I always seek the more affordable alternative. Below are a list of the inventory for India Hicks, but before I get into it, let me finish my rant.

I think that mlm companies charge a lot in order to provide for the opportunity. The idea behind it is the products get sold, and then they have enough to pay you commission and everyone else above you. This is multiple level marketing, and the business has to make money. Fortunately though, this practice has made millions for people seeking to run their own business for decades. Here goes the product line:

india hicks productsBeauty – perfume, body lotion, body wash, hand wash, hand lotion/cream, and lip balm. From $24- $128

Bags – all different types, sizes, and colors. From $138-$480

Pouches & Wallets – many different types, sizes, and colors. From $35-$178

Accessories – sunglasses, key chains, tassels and pendants. From $16-$190

Scarves & Apparel – dresses and scarves. From $58-$150

Home – towels, candles, room spray, and jewelry/treasure boxes. From $38-$150

Jewelry – earring, rings, bracelets, and necklaces. From $24-$190

Tokens – necklace charms from $39-$45

How to Make Money Selling India Hicks Products | Rank Requirements & Compensation Plan

Style Ambassador in Training – just purchase the kit
Eligible for 20% commission on PRV (Personal Retail Volume)

Style Ambassador – accumulate $500 PRV.
All ranks from this Rank up are eligible for 20-25% commission on PRV, 7% Enroller Bonus (this may be the commision you get from a Starter Kit purchase, or like a fast track bonus), and 4% bonus from your 1st Level Sales.

Senior Style Ambassador – $5,000 Total GRV (Group Retail Volume), and have 2 Style Ambassadors in separate Legs.
Earn an additional 3% bonus on your 2nd Level sales.

mlmDirector – reach $500 PRV, $10k Total GRV, have 1 Style Ambassador, and 1 Senior Style Ambassador in separate Legs
Earn an additional 2% bonus on your 3rd Level sales.

Senior Director – $500 PRV, $30k GRV, have 3 Style Ambassadors, 1 Senior Style Ambassador, and 1 Director in separate Legs.
Earn .5% Leader Generation bonus. This is an additional commission that you can earn on your entire downline, or up to the next Senior Director. Once someone reaches Senior Director, this is considered like a top tier and that person branches off into a new Generation. You will no longer earn commission or GRV off of his team or sales, but you will be eligible for a Generation Bonus on her 1st Level of 2% from this rank up.

Executive Director

National Director

As you could imagine the highest two ranks will have much more requirements and more compensation. To see the full details of the ranks and compensation plan go to: www.indiahicks.com/Comp-Plan.

How Much Does it Cost to Join India Hicks?

To be a member of India Hicks all you have to do is purchase one of the following Starter Kits:

Big Kahuna $749 – includes over 25 products including beauty products, scarves, jewelry, accessories, tokens, purses, and pouches. Also get 10 additional sample items at 50% off. All Starter Kits includes business supplies.

Booty Kit $449 – over 20 products including beauty products, jewelry, accessories, tokens, a scarf, a purse, and pouches. Also get 5 additional products at 50% off.

india hicks starter kitBaby Kit $99 – Only business supplies

See images and full details of Starter Kits here: Starter-Kits.

My Final Opinion of India Hicks

India Hicks is not the first and the last mlm that we’ll see that has good quality products and a lucrative compensation plan (if you leverage it!). People get stuck whether an opportunity like this is a scam or a pyramid scheme. The truth is a regular 9 to 5 job is a pyramid scheme. Think about it, all the little people at the bottom, and the CEO at the top. Guess who’s making all the money? We have got to get out of this way of thinking!

Whether or not you like India Hicks, it’s a business opportunity, and you have to get into a business opportunity. If not for yourself, for your family. I’m not saying join India Hicks, you can check out multiple mlm business from my reviews (at the top of this website), or you can check out my #1 recommendation! I recommend internet marketing because it is so simple to apply, and the benefits of financial freedom are there. Do your research, and start a business, any business, A.S.A.P.!

want to see how i make money link

India Hicks at a Glance…

Name: India Hicks
Website: indiahicks.com
Price: Starting at $99
Owner: India Hicks
Rating: two star reviews for india hicks (2 / 5)

Do you have a personal experience with India Hicks? If so, I would love to hear about your personal experience with their products or service.

Let me know in the comments below!

Your feedback is very much appreciated, and it truly does help others! 🙂

Owner, howtoworkonline.org

18 thoughts on “Would Selling India Hicks Products be a Good Opportunity For me?”

  1. Thanks for writing this article, Jonathan. I’m glad to find someone writing a review of a specific MLM opportunity that is not just anti- all MLM opportunities.

    I think India Hicks does look to be pretty decent, but like all MLM opportunities, you have to be good at making sales. I think the reason most people fail is that they lack this skill.

    I like the fact that the products are high quality – there are a lot of MLM companies out there that sell low quality products at high prices. I also like the fact that it’s fairly new. It means the market is not yet saturated with distributors.

    As for me, I prefer Internet marketing because it is a lot easier than selling face-to-face, but if that’s your thing, I’d say give it a try.

    • Andy, you brought up that fact that it is fairly new, and I wanted to spend some time on that point. It can be very lucrative to join an mlm in its beginning stages. There are a few stages in the life of an mlm (multi level marketing) company. First, is the launch, then the pre-momentum, then the momentum stage, then post momentum, and finally stabilization. A few mlm companies who have hit stabilization are Avon, Mary Kay, Amway, and Primerica. These are companies who are making billions a year. 

      Then you have others such as Essante Organics and Zennoa who are in the pre-momentum stage. It is probably best to join an mlm once in this stage because it has been stated that 80% of people who will join that mlm, will have joined during the momentum stage. You could imagine the growth that could be attained if you can take advantage of this. If you find a good product and company such as India Hicks, and you like it, you could surely accomplish big things with it.  

  2. hi Jonathan,
    I just read your article about India Hicks and found it useful.This MLM program seems more useful for women, this is what I feel after seeing the product list.I like the point that you said about the job that even a job is like an MLM program.Do you suggest a good online program for earning money which is reliable too?

    • Amit, I think the worst pyramid scheme in history is the corporate job. Let’s analyze this. You have the CEO at the top. You know he probably does little to no work. Then you have upper management. There are a very few of them and they work less too! Then you have management, some may call it middle management or lower management. These personnel may have more work than upper management, but not as much as the regular working class. The people at the bottom of the pyramid, are the most in number, and put in most of the work for to operate the business. You tell me, which one is the real pyramid scheme?

      MLMs are one of the better opportunities out there, when it comes to seeking financial freedom. My personal #1 recommendation is internet marketing because you can build an online business. You can work from home, and make your own schedule. This can definitely open your schedule to do more travelling. Hands down, would you rather start your own business, or keep up with the working class? Which would be the wise choice? Now we’re getting somewhere. 

      Be great, 


    • Lisa, so I guess what you’re saying is you can work from home. Yes, no doubt you can turn this opportunity into a work from home business. But it would take a lot more than staying in bed all day. First of all you’re going to need a website. You will need to generate leads some how. You only have so many friends and family.

      Plus a website online has the potential in reaching 10s thousands of people. The traditional way would be going into your local market and finding customers. Then referrals. If you put on a good presentation, you can be successful. I used to do the business with Amway, and you can read about my success. However, I learned that it was just a hustle.

      Not something I was passionate about, and that is why I steered away from it. Building a website has been the single most fun and productive thing I’ve ever done. When I find people like you commenting on my blog posts, it really tells me I’m doing something right. It fills me up to know I’m helping people.

      If you’re interested in starting your own online business, start a free membership with these guys. Good luck in any business you choose. 🙂


  3. Thanks, it’s really the whole
    lifestyle that people imagine
    themselves buying into. The
    Bahamas-England-Beach Bum-Royalist
    hybrid that’s more real than a public
    television aristocratic remake. I was
    looking for an overview, and though
    your assessment is 2 years old, your
    points are all well made. Her line is
    tempting, it’s a luxury goods MLM.
    But I think the biggest hurdle is
    that her line is very expensive —up
    to $480 for a handbag is beyond the
    reach of most people. I don’t know
    that many people in my own social
    circle who could or would (due to
    their innate frugality) part with
    that much money on one item. And they
    already have a dozen well made
    handbags, so yah, everything here is
    an impulse buy. Similarly, $54 for a
    leather tassel is… well…. a high
    priced (albeit) well made trinket.
    But the irresistible and perhaps
    biggest PRO to this is India Hicks
    herself, who has an openness, style
    and is a savvy social media presence
    that people just can’t resist. But I
    wonder if her videos send people to
    the company site to buy things,
    rather than to any Ambassador sites.
    All together, it’s not an easy sale.
    I like her outward declaration of
    empowering women, but I think Avon,
    MaryK, and Tupperware can share those
    claims too.

    • Hi Susie, I have been wanting to get back to your comment for 2-3 days, but I have been so swamped with other stuff. My wife and I just had a baby last week, so you know how that can go. 🙂

      India Hicks is definitely one of the high roller mlm products out in the market. There are many of them. I am sort of like you, in the sense that, I would not like to part with my money on something that expensive. My gosh, $500 on a purse, but hey, other women are doing it. How about those gucci, and louie vuiton purses (forgive me if I spelled that wrong).

      I am more of a frugal person. I think that if you were to join this type of mlm you would want to go hang out on the main line (rich part of town), and market to all of those folks. After all, I think they are the target audience.

      I actually gained the opportunity to make a few dollars for India Hicks myself, but through affiliate marketing. I have a couple of links on my page that when people visit her website and purchase things, I earn a commission on it.

      This is the way I prefer to make money promoting things. I like to help people make decisions, and then turn them towards that direction. It’s pretty simple to build a website, and promote products, right from the comfort of your own home too.

      Sometimes I don’t necessarily need to recommend a product, but may still include an affiliate link, because people are going to do what they want to do anyway. You might as well not leave any money on the table, if you know what I mean. 🙂

      God bless, wish the best for you!

      – Jonathan

      PS. You might want to check out other mlms such as Total Life Changes, or Paparrazzi, if you interested in lower cost products’ mlms.

      • Congrats on the new baby! Many happy years ahead!
        Scuttlebutt has it that she’s designed her final line, and that her company is closing. She did an incredible
        job at marketing her own unique style and also creating a company that appeared to be fun, supportive, and
        well run. Perhaps her investors weren’t getting the ROI they’d anticipated after 4 years. No doubt, with her
        following, she can only go up and I look forward to seeing what she’ll do next.

        • Susie, thank you for that, I appreciate it! Baby is doing good. Just turned 1 month. Mom and I are so excited with the new baby!

          This is news to me, what you shared about Ms. India Hicks closing her business. I feel devastated for the sales consultants who have worked so hard to grow their businesses with the company. I wonder if she will compensate them for it.

          I would be so upset to hear that if I had worked with her for so many years. You know in business, there are no promises. I get that, but that just is not right.

          That is the thing too, when you get into a business like an mlm, you are taking a risk that all your hard work is going to be taken in vein because the owner can shut it down, anytime they want.

          I like to think that some mlm companies offer some great opportunities, but definitely not if this happens. I would counter and say that is why I will lean on an affiliate marketing business. The worst case scenario is the affiliate program that you make a lot of money with closes.

          I think if this happened, it would be hard for me too. One of my affiliate programs make me the bulk of my online earnings. If it were to close I would have to rewrite a lot of content and redirect my affiliate links to another affiliate program. That would be a real hassle!

          I would have to go page by page, or post by post, and make edits. I don’t know if that is feasible but I think it could work. That leads me to my next thought; it would be wise to diversify your affiliate programs/earnings. Basically, not putting all of your eggs into one basket.

          The ugly truth is that if these companies that you rely on to earn money fail, you can fail too. If you have multiple affiliate programs and other streams of income such as another product (i.e. internet marketing training course, or ebook), then you would take a big hit, but you would not be wiped out by it.

          Wow, you certainly struck a cord, and made me sit here and think about this. The above mentioned, is hard to do with an mlm though, because people have to work really hard to advance in the ranks, how can you develop multiple streams of income if you an mlm marketer? I wonder. If anyone has any ideas, add them to this comment thread.

          Thanks Susie,

          • Hi Jonathan, Glad to hear the baby (and parents) are doing well! I found out on Facebook, by doing
            a search for India Hicks one afternoon, just to see what would come up. A few of the reps were
            paying tribute to her, and made the announcement that the company would be closing. The next day,
            at least 3 of the reps were having clearance sales. I have a feeling they’re trying to get rid of their
            stock before an official public announcement is made on her website, and everything goes on sale.
            I’ve managed to pick up a few things -one directly from a rep via FB after she made her
            announcement about her clearance sale. And two things on resale sites.

            I think affiliate marketing makes a lot more sense. One thing I noted was that some of these reps had
            a lot of inventory -samples for their shows. Sad, but hopefully they have other streams of income
            coming in!

          • Hey Susie, thank you so much! I am glad you got to take advantage of the clearance sales too. No doubt about it, India Hicks has some nice products. I especially like her handbags, book bags, and wallets. I will have to take a look to see if I can find something on clearance for my wife. Plus, it is Mothers Day right around the corner. 🙂

            – Jonathan

  4. I was disappointed to find out India Hicks was a.
    MLM. I own some of her jewelry and really like it,
    but will no longer purchase from her now that I kn
    ow. I do not wish to support any MLM companies
    I encourage anyone considering joining a MLM to
    listen to the podcast “the dream”. It is excellent an
    d gives the true info on direct sales/MLM/pyramid
    schemes. VERY few people actually make money
    , the majority go into debt.

    • Colby, please allow me to disagree with the idea that an mlm is bad for people. I respect your opinion. However, my belief is that mlm’s provide an opportunity for people to make it BIG.

      If you ask any of the leaders or people higher up in the mlm, you will find out that none made it to the top by scamming people. The truth is, they made it to the top by shear hard work.

      I think an mlm is just like any other business opportunity, with less than 5% people really thriving in it. The truth is you are going to have to work hard, and I mean HARD in anything you do. Not to mention, it takes time.

      Many believe if they just work on something for a week, a month, or even a year they should see big results. The truth is many experience their breakthroughs well after that mark. I’m talking 3-5 years or even 7,and 8.

      You have to really want it. As some YouTube video mentions, you have to want it more than breathing. Nothing is going to come easy.

      It is a shame that most of us in our country have programmed ourselves that we can have success by just getting by. That the blood, sweat, and tears does not apply to us.

      Sorry for the rant, but I want to encourage anyone who wants to start a business whether in mlm or affiliate marketing, to go for it. These are actually the best opportunities you are going to find in order to make a successful business.

      I am currently at Wealthy Affiliate, managing my business. I pay less than $30 a month to operate my website. There is no brick and mortar business that will even come close to this very low expense.

      You mentioned debt, I’ve seen people lose everything including their house, due to failed brick and mortar businesses. You won’t lose that much with an mlm though. So what, if you go into debt. Maybe 10k or less debt on trying for your business to succeed. If you fail, it is worth it. Try again.

      I say, never stop trying, never quit, keep going until you are no longer here. Those that persevere will succeed.

  5. I liked Susie’s comment about the The Bahamas-England-Beach Bum-Royalist and could add Loyalist to the
    list. She was right on target with that summary!

    As a frequent visitor to the Bahamas, Eleuthera specifically, I’ve been following India for years – her island
    lifestyle and endeavors were similar to my own. I was surprised when she introduced the MLM, but understood
    she was selling herself and a lifestyle. India went out on a limb and tried really hard to parlay her skills and fame
    into something good. Despite predictions of the successes/failures of MLM’s, she gave it a thorough try.

    Also, I have to agree, the price points were far beyond my school teacher salary. The quality and designs were
    lovely, and yet she might have single-handedly resuscitated the word “curated” several years back.

    Who didn’t want to join her at beach parties on Harbor Island, or connect with her in swanky London venues? I
    sure did! It was almost as if you could buy a bit of time with royalty; far different from other MLM companies.
    With whom do you gain association if you sell tote bags by Thirty One, or lipstick from Avon? Her approach was
    so genuine, so personal, and her taste so tailored and solidly good.

    Maybe some of her great looks and impressive social circle would rub off onto you by association. Brilliant
    marketing scheme to be the face of the products. The videos for the products, her face and figure and very
    fashionable British accent, and the access! Oh, the access… However, so many MLM’s have come and gone –
    can you believe PartyLite and Tupperware and MaryKay are still operating – with the history of multi-level
    marketing, the method seemed doomed from the beginning.

    But oh, I so wanted her to succeed! Her shop on Harbor Island was a delight, her history of solid design through
    her father’s influences and concepts left miles of inspiration she could reintroduce in this digital age and now
    make available to the masses. The sheer marketing opportunities available now – surely this would work, I

    Then, as a couple years went by, and her emails still came regularly, and the website was always introducing
    new items that were so attractive, I secretly hoped she was making it work. She offered some really fun items –
    the beetle line felt like our little secret, although she had no way to know the significance of them to me. That
    was just good, solid, innovative choice of a company symbol, a trademark, a signature icon, and something
    completely different from spoiling good design with your own name or initials superimposed on products.

    It looked like she was here to stay, so I started seriously thinking about “investing” in a couple pieces for myself
    and for gifts. However, as you mention, my frugality got in the way, even with her 30% off sales. At a community
    arts and crafts event, I found a lucite bracelet chock full of shells, and that assuaged my desire for one of hers,
    while also supporting a local artist, and at a tenth the price of India’s.

    A couple months ago, I decided I really did want a few of her pieces, so I purchased them from eBay. Looking at
    the other items the sellers were listing, it did seem they were “consultants” moving the previous year’s samples.
    The three pieces I ordered were indeed lovely, however, I never would have paid full price. When I ordered, I
    had the funniest feeling they were liquidating stock. I simply passed it off as a turnover for the incoming
    season’s offerings.

    From Amazon, used, I also picked up one of her books – two copies – and they are simply beautiful. One with a
    cluster of enormous barnacles was my Mom’s Mother’s Day Gift. Her island lifestyle is so much like my own; it’s
    fun to see how someone else lives when it is so similar to your own inspirations and influences. You really
    connect with them on an artistic level.

    Among the pages, I found this from India, a comment on some rather nice Gauguin-inspired oil paintings
    produced by her husband. “Some of David’s oil paintings (possibly proof that the man who is self-taught has
    been to the worst school in the world).

    Over the last couple weeks, I’ve really pondered that one brief sentiment, and tried to apply it to all types of
    learning. The moment I read it, it was immediately applicable to the conversation going on around me at that
    exact instant, which happened to be about hiking and first aid and reading a NOLS wilderness education book –
    not fashion or tassels or putting shells on your shelves.

    During the last fortnight, I’ve found myself turning it over in my head repeatedly. I wonder, is self-taught learning
    less valuable than teacher-led instruction? In which instances? Must all our instruction be instructor-based?
    That is why this blog caught my eye – wondering how much we can teach ourselves, and how effective that
    learning is.

    A week ago, I heard something about India Hicks reworking her management, business plan, something like
    that – some type of a change. Also interesting this article was written about two years ago, then had another
    couple comments a year ago, and now more insight. Thanks for the interesting assessment! Kim at

    • Hi Kim, let me first say, I had the pleasure of visiting your website, and it looks really good! I can tell you put a lot of work into it, and that you take your passion for traveling serious. It is good to have someone that is actually hands on in the experience, for recommending products to help people with their travels.

      Thanks for chiming in on this interesting topic as well. Unfortunately, it seems as though India Hicks will be closing down her MLM business opportunity. Do you know if she will stop producing her products as well? You mentioned she had a store on Harbor Island; I wonder if it will be staying open.

      Looks like you got some great deals as apart of the closing of the company. You also did the smart shopper thing, and shopped around for the products. Amazon, or eBay always have some great deals on these types of products. I am surprised to find good deals on there from different mlm companies. I guess I would worry just a little of the authenticity of the product, but of course their are guarantees on them. Such as eBay has the product guarantee, that you get the item advertised or your money back.

      About India Hicks

      I must say, I agree with you about India. She looks like quite the person. She is passionate, ambitious, courageous, and creative. You can tell by her work. She strives to produce a quality product. Though it is pricey, there is much quality in their craftsmanship.

      It is a shame her mlm business opportunity will not make it. I wonder if it has anything to do with the pricing. Also just guessing, maybe it had to do something with the products themselves. I mean, as far as them being designer bags and stuff like that. I don’t know if the audience, or market, is big enough for the business to succeed in the mlm field.

      For instance, look at products such as Gucci, Coach, Michael Kors, or Dooney and Bourkes. Those products are very much alive and doing well right? But we don’t see them starting an mlm. Kudos to India Hicks for trying.

      Then again, it is a tough pill to swallow because of all of those sales consultants who will need to move on to other endeavors, or business opportunities.

      I believe people are looking for a way out of the rat race, somewhere to spill out their passions, and live out their dreams. India Hicks appeared to be one of these opportunities, but it won’t anymore.

      What People Should Do

      I mentioned it before, joining an mlm appears to be awesome opportunity, but you will be out of business, if they go out of business. I remember writing this post a couple of years ago, India Hicks was under 3 years old. They say, you can tell if a business is likely to succeed if they make it passed the 3-4 years mark.

      Again, mlm opportunities look awesome because of the several different levels that you can earn from. There are companies out there, as you mentioned, such as Tupperware, Avon, or Mary Kay who have been around for decades. But you just never know.

      I prefer to have a little bit more control than that by leveraging an affiliate website. If an affiliate program were to go out of business. You can have a quicker turnaround if you did your job with creating an email list.

      Sort of like you have been doing at deepwaterhappy.com. You have found a way to document your life’s passion, and monetize it through your website. I noticed you appeared to be very consistent with creating content as well, and I really like how you use your own images too.

      Anyone can do this. Take their passion, create a website, and monetize it through affiliate marketing. It is an awesome thing, and it truly is your business. I mean, you have more control over it.

      You can still take a hit, if one of your affiliate programs were to shut down, but I think the trick is to create multiple streams of income, or have multiple affiliate programs.

      Do you know about Wealthy Affiliate? If not, you should join us. We are a community of internet marketers just learning how to make it big in the online world, via unlimited training, and live video training. You would certainly be a contributing asset to the community, with your passion, and level of expertise.

      Safe travels,

    • Hi Lisa, I looked around online, but did not see any camo scarves available from India Hicks. It seems like the company is going out of business, or should I say India is phasing out her business, and merchandise is starting to phase out as well. It seems like more and more products are selling out and will not be produced again.

      I heard she will have a brick and mortar store that you may be able to purchase from. Do some research to see where it is located and how you might be able to order any products. I wonder if she will have a similar setup to where you can order the products online and have them shipped to your front door. I hope so, because she does have some really nice quality products.


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