Is ACN a Scam?

ACN Reviewis acn a scam what is it about

Name: ACN
Price: $499
Founder: Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Tony Cupisz, and Mike Cupisz
Rating: what is acn about a scamwhat is acn about a scamwhat is acn about a scamwhat is acn about a scamwhat is acn about a scam (1.5 / 5)

What is ACN About?

ACN is a network that offers telecommunication services. They are also contracted with major companies like Dish Network or DirectTV to offer consumers discounted services. The products and services they offer are cellular connection, landline phone service, home security, internet, discounts on energy bills, and tv. They offer these services to your home or business. I don’t personally see a benefit to joining a network like ACN and I’ll tell you why…

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – Get discounts on services.

PRO #2 – Opportunity to earn a residual income.

PRO #3 – Have major events across the country. (training conventions (however, they’re not free!))

The Bad:

CON #1 – Costs $499 to start.

CON #2 – Have to sell services to customers, or try to get them to transfer.

CON #3 – MLM business model, so you’ll have to stay on top of your downline.

Who is ACN For?

For anyone 18 or older who would like to build a residual income for themselves. You have to sell people on their services, or try and get them to transfer to purchase their services through ACN.

ACN Tools, Training & Support

Most of your training and support will come from the person who brought you in or referred you to the company.

Tools include a website that you can get from them for an additional subscription cost along with other tools for your business such as business cards; you also have to purchase.

How Much Does it Cost to Join ACN?

It costs $499 to start as a member at ACN. Personally I think this is absurd because why would a company charge you to become a member if they’re not providing that much value in exchange. Besides the fact that in exchange you are receiving the opportunity to earn residual income off of customers for a lifetime, or as long as they have their services on.

In exchange for nearly $500 I would like personal training, a free website/hosting/domain name, reliable personal support, a whole lot of personal business tools (i.e. business cards, organizers, catalogs, etc). Am I the only person that feels this way?

How Do You Earn Money With ACN? | The Compensation Plan

The idea is you want to earn as many customers as you can. You also want to recruit people and train them to do the same. When customers obtain or transfer their services with ACN you become eligible to earn commission on their monthly bills. As long as their services are on, you are getting paid.

You must be careful to not get chargebacks if customers do not pay their bills. Also, if this becomes a pattern, ACN may cancel your membership. You cannot intentionally gain customers whom you have prior knowledge that they will not pay their bills and ultimately their services get cut off for non-payment.

is acn a scam what is it aboutDepending on how many customers you have and how many services they have you can earn anywhere from 1-10% commission off of their monthly bills. ACN operates on a point system for commission earnings. Each product/service offers a certain amount of points. Along with this the amount of the bill will have a certain amount of commissionable revenue.

For example, a customer who transfers their home phone and Internet to ACN will give you 4 points. For Phone service and Internet it is 100% commissionable revenue. Now if you had a total of 50 customer points including for this one customer and his total internet/phone bill was $100; you would receive $5 in commission for this one bill. This is not including what other services your other customers may have.

is acn a scam what is it about

You may also earn commission on your downline’s customers bills. Anywhere from .25% on the first level on your downline to 8% on the 7th level of your downline. So you can see where your monthly commission can add up.

There are also bonuses that you can qualify for if you downline acquires a certain number of customers within 60 days. These bonuses range from $10-$470. Remember, you only earn commission if customers are acquired.

My Final Opinion of ACN

ACN has a difficult to understand pay structure but they have the reference tools that will allow you to stay on top of your business. Personally, I’m not a fan of this business model. I hate direct selling. If you like direct selling, and think you’ll enjoy selling these service, it may be something you will consider. Now $500 is a lot of money to start a business of this sort. I would recommend finding something else you could do.

If you want to own your own business I would like to recommend to you my highest ranked product, Wealthy Affiliate. WA allows you to start a business online, so it will give you an opportunity to work from home. Not to mention, working online does give you the freedom of traveling anywhere you would like around the world and still be able to work with an internet connection.

Would You Like to Start a Business Online That You Can Work From Anywhere in the World? Learn More Here!
ACN at a Glance…

Name: ACN
Owners: Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski,
Tony Cupisz, and Mike Cupisz
Price: $499
Rating: what is acn about a scamwhat is acn about a scamwhat is acn about a scamwhat is acn about a scamwhat is acn about a scam (1.5 / 5)

VERDICT: LEGIT Not Recommended

Do you have a personal experience with ACN? If so, I would love to hear about your experience with their products/services. As always, I appreciate your feedback. It truly does help others! 🙂



4 thoughts on “Is ACN a Scam?”

  1. Telemarketing, no matter the slice, is such a pain! I’ve never worked for it personally (thank God), but I know people who have worked something similar to ACN. As one who’s briefly had to be a saleswoman, that experience was just as depressing as I initially thought. Many different routes I’ve tried, money-wise for the sole purpose of just getting “experience” only to realize in the end that I could’ve done just as well withOUT.

    This post is very informative and I like the stark contrast you draw when comparing WA. The visual of such a huge difference makes ACN almost seem like slavery lol A real nightmare; working Sales definitely isn’t my cup of tea

    • Penny, yes telemarketing is really a pain. I worked in telemarketing for a short time frame and it was so hard. ACN is a little different being that it would be your own business, but like you said, no matter the slice. You would still make sales over the phone or in person, so needless to say, direct sales is really hard too!

      I’m glad you liked the information I’ve provided for Wealthy Affiliate. There is a huge difference between the two. At WA, you will learn to be in business for yourself. Meaning you will be able to choose which ever products you would like to promote. Also, you will be building a website that will drive traffic on “auto-pilot”, to where you can sit back and watch the sales come flying in. That’s pretty much what I’m doing now! Not saying this to brag, but to show you the potential this business can have for you. 🙂

  2. Jonathan, thanks for this.
    So ACN bundles services. But do they let you cherry pick (pick cell service and not TV, for example)?
    And the $500 fee just allows you to get your business started, correct? Do they provide any kind of ongoing support?
    Is there anything about it you would recommend – i.e., are the discounts big enough to warrant the $500 initiation fee?
    I take it you’re not involved. 🙂
    Thanks for going through the grief on our behalf.

    • Larry, don’t mention it! 🙂 To answer your questions, yes there is a bit of cherry picking that you can do. As far as support; there is support available, but I do not see it as consistent as I would wish. Also, you’re right, I’m not involved. I tend to spend a bit more time on shopping around, to save money. However, this product would be great for those who do not like to spend time on research and would rather utilize their time on other things. ACN offers great savings on many telecommunication products (i.e. phone plans, cable, and internet).

      I do not recommend it though because the $500 is too high. Even though it is only a one time fee, I don’t see the value in it, personally. It is a service though and so your paying for the savings. If someone wanted to build a business out of it, then I could turn over my recommendation (based on your passions). However, you check out my #1 recommendation. I prefer helping someone build a thriving business on their own passions!

      Be great,



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