Heard About Those Wraps? Now Find Out if It Works is a Scam!

it works logoName: It Works!
Price: Starts at $99
Owners: Mark & Cindy Pentecost
Website: www.myitworks.com
Rating: it works star reviews (2 / 5)

What is It Works About?

I’m going to start with its history. It all started with Mark & Cindy Pentecost back in 1995. The couple were an average family with Mark working and Cindy was a stay at home mom. Mark decided to join a program in the telecommunications industry to earn an extra income part time.

 A few years later…

Mark & Cindy Pentecost exceeded their goals of an extra 500/mth. Within a few years Mark became apart of the top ten earners in the company. Around 2001 they decided to start It Works. What a great industry to start a business, health and fitness.



  • Ability to make money in the health and fitness industry.
  • Make your own business.
  • Encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Possibilities to earn a large amount income.


  • It will be difficult to become a top earner in the field.
  • Will involve a lot of face to face sales.
  • Will involve a lot of managing others in order to make sure your down-line becomes productive.
  • If you’re not a believer in the product, it will be difficult to sell.
  • Have to meet certain production requirement to get incentives.

Who is It Works For

This is for people who want to make extra income on the side and/or people who want to have their own
business. You can also just be a customer and purchase their products for a healthy or fit lifestyle.

The Products

They offer products for:it works products

  • facial, cleansing, peels, repairage, stretch marks, hair skin, nails, lips and eyes
  • Vitamins and antioxidants to enhance your diet and nutrition.
  • Energy drinks
  • Fat loss formulas
  • The famous It Works Body Wraps
  • Essential oils – designed to release an aroma for you to inhale to soothe your mind or stimulate your mind. You can also apply it to your skin.

Their products/prices vary from a wrap for $5 to an ultimate package for $279.

The It Works Compensation Plan

It Works has two ways to earn:

1) Be a distributor – will receive commission on all products sold. Build a downline and earn a percentage of commission on their sales. Also get incentives for new distributors added to your team.

2) A loyal customer – if you get set up on a monthly plan and refer more loyal customer you qualify for rebates which you can redeem for products or discounts on products.

  • Their pay plan for distributors is on the 15th of every month.
  • Additional incentives for top earners.

There are different levels you reach according to your productivity and recruitment. Also, the idea is that you recruit good people that are going to work. Certain incentives require the group to meet productivity requirements. Ultimately you would want to be a strong salesman and also create a down-line to train to become strong salesmen.

 Training & Support

It works sets up events on a monthly bases. Personal live calls like pep rally’s to share testimonials
and other advice on products and services.

They have an 800 number you can call during business hours or an email address to send information.

Most of your support you will probably be in contact with your recruiter or team.

How much does it cost?

$99 to start

My Final Opinion of It Works!

It Works is a legit company. There are people who have made it with the program (5%). Testimonials show people have supplemented their income and some reaching financial freedom with it. However, this is an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company. This is the main reason why I do not recommend it.

In an MLM company you can only push their products. Which are usually overpriced. You will become what they call a hustler. I mean to make it good within the company you are going to have to eat, sleep, and breathe the company. I don’t know if that’s what you want to get into.

Verdict: Legit – MLM company do not recommend

Learn About the World of Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing you choose the products you want to push and in turn earn a commission on them. You can choose anything you’re passionate about and there is a company willing to offer you a membership to earn some commission on their products. Amazon has one of the largest affiliate programs.

Follow Your Passion

At Wealthy Affiliate, you learn how to do this. They provide you with a free website, hosting and training to get you started. If you want help to build a foundation and an online business that you can work anywhere in world join WA. You will learn how to earn commission on anything you are passionate about, and they teach you from scratch!

If you have any questions or if you have any experience with It Works, we would really appreciate your feedback below. Also, if you think this information is helpful then share it with your friends!

4 thoughts on “Heard About Those Wraps? Now Find Out if It Works is a Scam!”

  1. It Works is like any other multi level marketing company out there. Whilst some people can make money it really depends on the individual and what the product they are trying to sell. People get sucked into how much money the can potentially make and think that it will happen for them. I wouldn’t personally want to be trying to sell these wrap and other goods. Plus it’s expensive. How’s the company’s growth? Are their sales increasing each year?

    • Good questions Dinh! Yes the companies sales keep going up. However, the amount of people earning a lot of money keeps going down. These MLM companies usually have less than 1% of earners making enough money to make a living. You know Dinh, I do believe that anyone can be a part of that 1%, but frankly I don’t see that happening for many. The reason is because you would have to literally do it full time, and prospect with every person you encounter. Every day, all year, forever. Which is doable by anybody. Where the difficulty comes into play is what if you’re not passionate about the products or the system. That’s why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate because you can do what ever it is you’re passionate about and make a living from it. Which in turn will drive you to want to speak to everyone about it and continue doing it in the long term. I mean let’s be honest, do you really want to sell wraps? Now the health products I can see. If that’s your cup of mojo, then I wish you much success. If not, come join us at Wealthy Affiliate. Sorry I went on and on Dinh, but this topic really get me going. 🙂

  2. Hey great website with a lot of helpful hints for making money online.

    I have a health website and was excited reading this. They seem to have legit products. The only problem is I don’t really like MLM’s. It always seems a little sleazy and you have to get your family and friends to buy, which I would never do.

    I appreciate the review and agree with everything you have to say here.

    • Hi Dylan, thanks for your comment, and I appreciate your complement. It is my intentions to help people make money online. I’m glad you bring up the family and friends part of joining mlms. I get very disgruntled when they ask me to do that. I remember Primerica, another mlm, told me to do that. I was so pissed. I didn’t want to. I felt that if I wanted them to know then I would tell them. Especially just starting out. How can I trust them that they’re not going to wrongdo my family? A lot has to do with your belief in the product too. That is why I love internet marketing so much because you can promote any products you want. Then you will be glad to tell your family and friends about it right! Thanks so much for stopping by Dylan.


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