Is Stemtech an MLM Scam?

stemtech websiteStemtech Review

Name: Stemtech
Price: Starting at $75
CEO: Ray Carter Jr.
Rating: two star reviews for stemtech (2 / 5)

What is Stemtech About?

What is Stemtech? Basically, adult stem cells help renew our bodies. They come from the bone marrow and flow into damaged tissue in the body to help renew it. Over the years, your body gets worn out by pollution, and poor diet. Our bodies also begin to create less and less adult stem cells to renew itself (Yes they grow naturally in your body). Stemtech’s products promote the growth of these stem cells at a faster rate by providing your body with the stem cell nutrition.  Is the Stemtech business opportunity a scam? No, it launched in 2005, and operates in over 50 countries.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – Low investment to get started
PRO #2 – offers a personalized website
PRO #3 – lucrative compensation plan

The Bad:
CON #1 – high priced products
CON #2 – requires direct selling, recruiting, and team management
CON #3 – Not truly a business owner

Stemtech Tools, Training, & Support

trainingWhen you purchase your Starter Pack, you get a bunch of tools with it such as the a personalized website, and sales and marketing  training materials. See Joining Information below. Your team or upline should be available to teach you the ropes as well, so you can rely on them to help you with training and support. After all, in an mlm, the people above you benefit from you if you succeed. As you will see in the compensation plan. 

How Much Does it Cost to Join Stemtech?

Business Partner Starter Kit $75 ($250 Value) – Personalized website, back office, brochures, sales receipts, Sales training and Personal Development Materials, and access to all Stemtech Events.

Smart Start Pack $99 ($375 Value) get a few bottles of merchandise and become eligible for TeamBuilder bonuses (lower amounts).

TeamBuilder Pack $320 ($980 Value) – includes many bottles of merchandise and become eligible for higher TeamBuilder bonuses

ProRetailer Pack $2,300 ($4,500 Value) – get 60 bottles of merchandise, and become eligible for even higher TeamBuilder bonuses.

Director Pack $3000 ($4,650 Value) – Jumps you to Director Level. Includes over 80 bottles of merchandise, and become eligible to receive the highest amounts in TeamBuilder bonuses (i.e. $200 Enroller Bonus)

Annual fee $35

Stemtech Products

stemtech productsstemrelease3 – an exclusive blend of clinically tested ingredients that help release millions of your body’s own stem cells from the bone marrow into the bloodstream. The price is, Retail $69.95 / Wholesale $58.95 and/or Save $4 on Autoship and get it at $54.95.

StemFlo – a blend of antioxidants and enzymes that support optimal blood circulation. Helps purify the blood of toxins. Retail $63.95 / IBP Autoship $47.95

MigraStem – contains extracts from superfoods clinically shown to optimize your body’s natural defense, energy and anti-aging process, and migration of healthy stem cells. Retail $54.95 / IBP Autoship $39.95

DermaStem – natural serum that revitalizes the skin’s appearance, restoring and maintaining it youthful vibrancy. Retail $132.00 / IBP Autoship $94.00

DermaStem Lift – natural ingredients that smooths fine lines and wrinkles with only 15 minutes after your first use. Retail $59.95 / IBP Autoship $45.95

StemEquine – a natural stem cell enhancer for horses (yes horses). You add it to your horse’s feed. Retail $131.95 / IBP Autoship $105.95

D-Fuze – a cell phone cover that disperses the Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) that radiates from your cell phone that can potentially do harm to your long term health and safety. Retail $30 / IBP Autoship $20

How Do You Make Money Selling Stemtech? | The Compensation Plan

  1. stemtech compensation plan teambuilder bonusEnroller Bonus – every person you personally enroll with a TeamBuilder Pack you earn $50.
  2. TeamBuilder Bonus – activate once you’ve enrolled your 4th person, you earn more money. Earn $80 when you enroll someone with the TBP.
  3. 50% Matching Bonus – activates when you’ve enrolled your 5th person. Earn $80 when enrolling someone on the TBP, and earn a $40 everytime one of the persons you personally enroll earns the TeamBuilder Bonus.
  4. Turbo TeamBuilder Bonus – activates when you’ve enrolled your 6th person. Earn higher Teambuilder bonuses. Earn $100 every time you someone is enrolled on the TBP on your entire downline.

You’ve got two sides on the plan, a Freedom Team and Teambuilders (a.k.a. right and left leg).

Earn the Enroller Bonus on everyone on your Freedom Team, and then earn more on the Teambuilders with your 4th, 5th, and 6th enrollee. When everyone on your Freedom Team (left leg) begins to enroll their 4th, 5th, and 6th person (on their right leg, or TeamBuilders side), you begin to earn all of the bonuses involved on your Teambuilders side (50% Match, Teambuilders, and Turbo) with them too.

How the BV works with the Prosperity and Lifestyle Bonus?

Think of them as two buckets. As you earn BV, by the purchase of products or autoship, the first 100 BV your earn will go into the Prosperity Bonus bucket and the remaining of the BV you earn will go into the Lifestyle Leadership Bonus bucket. For example, if your first purchase of the month give you 150 BV, the first 100 BV goes into the Prosperity bucket and the remaining 50 BV goes into the Lifestyle Leadership bucket. Then let’s say you make a 2nd and 3rd order in the month with about 75 BV each, those 150 BV will go over to the Lifestyle Leadership bucket.

How does the Prosperity Bonus Work?

stemtech prosperity bonus chartYou have to be personally enrolled in Autoship and accumulate at least 50 BV a month and a total of 1000 BV within both legs (cannot take more than 50% from each leg). Then you will earn 7% of all the BV in the Prosperity bucket from three levels. Move up the ranks and earn more 7% bonuses going down to level 7. Once you reach 5 Star you earn an additional 1% on Infinity Bonus on the 8th Level, 6 Star earns another 2% on the 9th Level, and 7 Star earns another 3% on the 10th Level from the Infinity Bonus. The Infinity Bonus goes down to infinite levels down.

Lifestyle Leadership Bonus – need to maintain the requirements of Director and above, then earn from 1%-10% from the Lifestyle Leadership bucket up to 9 Generations. Also earn an Infinity Bonus beginning on the 7th Generation with 1%, once you reach Triple Diamond Director and above. The infinity Bonus grows 1% down every level to infinity (1%,2%,3%, etc.)

stemtech vehicle bonus program chartVehicle Bonus – become eligible when you reach the Director level. Earn up to $1,200 a month for a new vehicle when you meet the requirements. For example, earn $300 a month when you reach 10 business partners on Autoship on your 1st Level (personally enrolled), 100 Business Partners on up to 3 levels, and a total Volume of 10,000 PV  within 3 levels.

VIP Customer Bonus – these are your Retail customers on autoship, and they receive 25% off of retail price. You earn 34% of the BV on your personally enrolled VIP customers orders. The upline receive 2% up six levels. Also, your next monthly Autoship bottle is free. VIP customer can also refer other VIP customers and receive points that they can redeem for future product orders.

Need to purchase the pack to get full commission/bonus on it.

money on the tableFor example, when you purchase the TBP and enroll a new IBP with a TBP you get the $80 bonus. Now if you buy the TBP and enroll someone with the TB Leader Pack, (there is a $200 bonus for enrolling people with this pack) you still earn $80 but leave $120 on the table, or it rolls up to the next person who has purchased the TB Leadership Pack.

My Final Opinion of Stemtech

Stemtech is a creative type of company. I can imagine how well their products can benefit the consumer. I would like to try some of their products, but I don’t think I would ever spend that much money on them. I believe that I can find alternatives for cheaper, and that offer the same value. Also, I do not like providing sales pitches to anyone, neither try and recruit anyone. I had a terrible experience with another mlm company called Amway.

I believe in being in business by myself. I enjoy building a website, and utilizing affiliate marketing to create a passive income. If you would like to get started doing something similar, you can get some valuable training here. The beauty of working online is because once you’re established, you can work anywhere you want to in the world, you’re not tied down to one product, and there is just so much more time freedom.

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Stemtech at a Glance…

Name: Stemtech
Price: Starting at $75
CEO: Ray Carter Jr.
Rating: two star reviews for stemtech (2 / 5)

Do you have a personal experience with Stemtech? If so, I would love to hear about your personal experience with their products/service.

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

As always, I appreciate your feedback. It truly does help others.


4 thoughts on “Is Stemtech an MLM Scam?”

  1. Good Morning Jonathan,

    Until today I had not heard of Stemtech. I agree with you on the fact that their are cheaper product alternatives. I also find it more rewarding to work for yourself.

    I’m in the process right now of coming out of this so called corporate slavery. I think it’s much more beneficial to get paid for all of my hard work.

    I do however find their product interesting. I am like you in the fact that I do not like pushing products on people.

    A member of my family some years ago signed up with Amway and did not stick with it for very long. I want to say he tried it for a month and did not profit from it. Your Stemtech review was very educational and informative.


    • Russ, you mentioned one of the most important issues I’ve found today. We all want a way out of corporate slavery. I look at it like this; we’ve all been trained to work a 9 to 5. They don’t teach us about passive income in school. Why didn’t they want us to know about it? That’s where the real freedom is. Not to get off topic, but Stemtech is a legitimate way to challenge the status quo.

      I’m glad we’re one in the same as far as not wanting to push products on people. I too was with Amway and didn’t like it. I prefer to build my passive income through the internet. I’m currently using affiliate marketing and get all of my training at Wealthy Affiliate. So far my website here has been very profitable and look forward to many years of substantial growth.

      Keep pushing on,


  2. This doesn’t sound so much like a scam to me, but more like an overpriced product that might not even come close to working. Thanks to your detailed review I know not to even begin to waste my time with Stemtech because to me it sounds like the cons out weigh the pros by a lot, specially for the money that I’d have to put in.

    • Bassam I’m glad that you realize that Stemtech is legit. Believe it or not, it is similar to the traditional mlm opportunities. Although I’ve never seen a product such as at Stemtech that offers products to promote the production of stem cells. That’ s awesome if you ask me! However, yes their products may be overpriced. I don’t know how well worth it is. I guess the only way is to try.

      That’s one of the most important things. You’ve got to try the products out first. If you don’t love the products, I suggest you not even try to make money with them. I would pick something that I can be passionate for. This is the reason why I like affiliate marketing. I can choose any products I would like to promote, I don’t need to worry about inventory nor shipping the products. No thanks, I’ll stick with my online business!


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