What is Visi About? Is it Worth it?

what is visi about a scamVisi Review

Name: Visi
Website: www.visi-global.com
Price: $129 to Start, $89/month
Owners: Kent Lewis, Ryan Lewis
Rating: what is visi about a scamwhat is visi about a scamwhat is visi about a scamwhat is visi about a scamwhat is visi about a scam (1.5 / 5)

What is Visi About?

Is Visi a Scam? No, not really. Visi (pronounced viz-i) is a multi level marketing company that concentrates on health and nutritional products. This company allows you to build a business for yourself with the opportunity to earn commission off of selling products at retail. Visi also rewards its members with several bonuses when reaching higher tiers and performance levels. It currently runs in over a dozen countries worldwide including USA, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, Taiwan, New Zealand, European Union, Australia, Hungary, South Africa, Philippines, and Singapore. Keep reading to learn about its income opportunities and health products.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – Encourages a healthy lifestyle.

PRO #2 – Many different types of bonuses available including the Luxury Car Bonus

PRO #3 – Gives you a personalized website to market your business online! I like that feature because I’m on online marketer 😉

The Bad:

CON #1 – Costs too much to start!

CON #2 – Products are overly priced!

CON#3 – Costs too much to remain an active member. (As you know when starting out a business, it takes time to elevate to a comfortable income stream. With a  minimum of $89.99 a month (recurring payment), it’s quite expensive to start up and run your business. Must be prepared financially.)

Who Would Benefit the Most From Visi?

Visi is for anyone who is interested in building a multi level marketing business, or selling products and building an organization. With the opportunity to earn a percentage on your downline, your income can accumulate with more people you recruit.

I believe the person that will benefit the most from Visi is someone that appreciates a quality health and nutritional product and who will be committed to consuming their products. If you love the product, you’ll love your business! It then becomes easy to sell.

The problem with people and start up businesses is the lack of passion for the product. If you don’t believe in the product, you better off not wasting your time. I believe a successful salesperson needs to believe in their product. Not just sell it for the sake of making money.

Visi Tools & Training

Visi will provide you with a personalized website to market your business. This may help you reach a vast audience online, not only in your local community. It also promotes and encourages members to attend regular phone meetings to talk about the business, products, and help you grow yours.

Visi Support

They have a phone number and email to reach them for anything. Your main level of support will be your upline. (whoever brought you on, or whoever is above them) This person(s) should help you with all of your initial questions regarding starting up, training, and rolling.

Visi Price + Products

what is visi about a scamYour initial start up costs will be at least $129.98. This includes a $39.99 membership fee along with at least $89 worth of products. You will need to maintain an auto shipment of at least $89.99 a month to remain as an active member. This of course includes any products/packages you order.

Packages of health or nutrition products range from $34.99 (individual product) to $1,099 (a Mojo 100 Pack). There is a $35 application fee along with a $35 annual renewal fee. Too much if you ask me. However, you can cancel at anytime.

From all my research Visi has a total of 9 products which promote healthy bodies, nutrition, and skin care. These products include:

1) Probita – protein chews to take on the go

2) Nufinna – protein smoothies mix that promotes weight loss and workout recovery

3) Rensa – capsules that promote eliminating toxins from your body and your digestive system

4) Vara – multi-vitamin drink mix

5) Energi – drink mix that promotes increased blood flow and natural energy boosting

6) Trimma – capsules which promote mood health by raising serotonin levels which is said to reduce stress levels

7) Phora – facial cleanser and cream which include natural ingredients.

what is visi about a scam

All of their products have a 30 day 100% money back guarantee and for distributors they offer a 12 month 90% refund policy for unopened, resalable Visi products for distributor orders.

Visi’s featured ingredient is many of its products is the Artic Cloudberry, famous for its antioxidant properties and only grows wild around the artic circle. In my personal opinion, this ingredient may be good, but I see this too many times with multi level marketing products where they claim to find a rare ingredient that grows in the wild somewhere exotic. Reminds me about Kyani products and their multi level marketing business.

How to Earn Bonuses and Commissions

Once you reach the Second Rank, Qualified Distributor, you qualify for a Dual Team Bonus of $250. As you move up the ladder reaching the highest rank, Royal Arctic Diamond, this bonus reaches $25,000. You must reach a certain performance level to get your bonus.

Commission on your downline: Your downline must also reach certain performance levels for you to earn commission on their earnings. You may qualify for commission based on your rank and these can ranges from 10 % – 20% on their earnings. (Not all of your downline, but two of your legs on your downline.)

The Visi Luxury Car Bonus – You obtain this bonus by reaching one of the higher tiers (beginning at the Arctic 4 rank (8th rank up)). They will buy you a car and give you $600 monthly bonus. You must maintain your performance level. If you reach this rank and do not want the car you can substitute the reward for $300 monthly bonus.

You can be eligible for the Rank Advancement Cash bonus which again you must meet certain performance levels. This bonus ranges from the lowest (9th rank up) Arctic Premier for $2,500 up to the highest rank (16 ranks in total to achieve) for $1,000,000.

My Final Opinion of Visi

If you have the money and are willing to try out Visi’s products then it may be a good start to this business opportunity. The most important thing is that you like their products because you want to be proud in what you’re selling, and proud of what you do. This will help you work harder towards your goals for financial independence and freedom. No doubt about it, owning your own business is the way to go in this world, but there’s more than one way to skin a cat. 🙂

You may not like direct selling; especially if it’s not a product that you absolutely are passionate about. You don’t want to feel like you’re getting over on people (High prices and products that don’t add up to their value is a formula for failure). After all, it’s people that keep businesses alive, we should treat them right.

I do feel like their products are overpriced and that it costs to much to get started and maintain your business. I started an mlm company many years ago, with Amway, and I hated it! And recruiting people, forget about it! 

If you’re looking to start a business I would recommend you try internet marketing. You can choose from virtually millions of products you would like to sell; without spending a penny on inventory! I also know this awesome website that will help you get started at no charge.

Do you have a personal experience with Visi? If so, I would love to hear about your experience with the product or service. As always, I appreciate your feedback. It truly does help others! 🙂


Owner, howtoworkonline.org

4 thoughts on “What is Visi About? Is it Worth it?”

  1. Hey Jonathan,

    I’m seeing MLM companies sprouting everywhere like mushrooms and now Vis-i? You’ve gotta be kidding me.

    MLM is a legitimate system but overtime, each and everyone of them will get corrupt not because of the company itself, but because of the people who are blinded with promises of riches.

    Its easy to lose yourself in them which is why I believe that its not for everyone and in this case, Online Business as you say is definitely the best option for everyone. Awesome review man, keep it up!

    • Hey Riaz,

      I agree with you, I hate it when companies put false hopes into people. I feel as if though I want to be told the honest truth. Tell me it will take me a long time, tell me that I will need to make more investments into it, tell me that I will need to put in a lot of hard work and time into it. Then I can make the proper adjustments in my mind and set up goals to achieve the success I’m looking for.

      I think the problem also lies in a consumer though. I feel as if though there are so many people who believe that they can achieve success overnight and so when these companies target them they are hit. Scammed! When I consider a company a scam, not only am I looking for if the company is robbing people, but if the company is selling false hopes. It takes a lot of hard work to reach certain heights in success, you must be prepared for it.

      Thanks for commenting Riaz,


  2. Hi Jonathan,

    I love your site.

    To be honest, I’ve never liked multilevel marketing sites. I’m not saying they are illegal, just that I do not like them.

    I have been with too many of them, and I’ve always lost money. My experience has not been satisfactory. However, with the Wealthy Affiliate program it is very different, from that you have no pressure of any kind, and it’s an affordable program for anyone’s pocket as you can be in the free membership all the time you want and with no pressure to upgrade.

    I like writing, and I see that you are a person of integrity.

    Congratulations on your blog

    • Alberto,

      Thank you much for the kinds words. I’m sorry that you have gone through so much with multi level marketing sites. I too have suffered from joining one before, Amway to be exact. I am fed up with companies pressuring people and selling false hopes to them too. That is the meaning of my blog. I am trying to be in a level of consultant with people and suggesting Wealthy Affiliate to them. If you want a safe environment to grow and own your own business, this is it!

      I have searched hi and low for over 10 years to find a company that will help me grow and not pressure me into buying products that I don’t want. Finally, I found this opportunity. In the short time I’ve been with WA, I’ve created this wonderful blog, I’ve helped 100s of people, I’m making sales online, I’ve achieved passive income, my company is taking the course that I’ve been expecting. In the near future I plan on growing it more.

      You’re in good hands at Wealthy Affiliate. I’ll see you at the top!



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