Is the Youngevity MLM a Scam?

what is youngevity about a scamYoungevity Review

Name: Youngevity
Founder: Dr. Joel Wallach
Price: Starting at $25
Rating: what is youngevity about a scamwhat is youngevity about a scamwhat is youngevity about a scamwhat is youngevity about a scamwhat is youngevity about a scam (1.5 / 5)

What is Youngevity About?

Youngevity is an MLM business created back in 1997 by Dr. Joel Wallach. Now it’s ran by his son and daughter-in-law. Youngevity sells over 1000 products ranging from health, beauty, home, and pet care. In my review we’ll discuss the ins and outs along with the compensation plan. Youngevity is not a scam. A pyramid scheme is a business that pays you from the recruits of the company, this company however, like many other MLMs today, pay you by the sale of products.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – Promote from 1000s of products
PRO #2 – Many different niches to choose from (health, beauty, pet care, coffee, etc.)
PRO #3 – Only $25 to become a distributor

The Bad:

CON #1 – Products cost too much/ pricey packs
CON #2 – Have to manage a multi level organization
CON #3 – Depend on your recruits to work to make the big bucks

Who Would Youngevity Be a Good Fit For?

what is youngevity about a scamAnyone interested in any one of their products. You can choose to focus on a particular niche within the wide product line. Say you’re passionate about coffee. You could make a website about coffee and sell the products online. You could do this for any other of the niches Youngevity has (health, beauty, pet care, heart health, bone health, etc.)

If you’re interested in joining an MLM that has been in business for more than 10 years. You’ve got to be careful when choosing an MLM business. Ava Anderson Non Toxic was a popular MLM until it shut down. Then you would have to start all over!

Youngevity Training & Support

Not much training available for new distributor. Your main lifeline will be your upline. They should show you everything you need to know about the company. Then it’s up to you to expand your business.

If you purchase a CEO Mega Pack you can receive special training which teaches you how to advance in rank and build a successful business in a quicker time, but this pack costs $499.

Over 1000s of Products at Youngevity

Here are a few popular health and wellness products, plus all the other different product lines:

  • what is youngevity about a scamBeyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 Citrus Peach Fusion – multivitamin powder that comes in a canister.
  • Ultimate EFA PLUS – Soft gels that include Omega 3,6, and 9 fatty acids.
  • Beyond Osteo-fx – powdered antioxidant formula used to help restore bone and joint health.
  • Detox and Cleansers
  • Nutritional Energy Drinks
  • Weight Loss System
  • Liquid Nutrition – features up to 77 minerals from prehistoric plants
  • Essential Oils for Aromatherapy
  • Jewelry and Apparel
  • Hair Care – shampoos, conditioners, and hair systems
  • Mineral makeup – contains 100% pure minerals, no harsh chemicals, dyes, or preservatives.
  • Spa & Personal Care – hair, body, face creams, masks, peels, toners, lotions, serums
  • VersaStyle Jewelry
  • Coffee – k-cups and coffee grind
  • Energy and Sports Drinks
  • Healthy Chocolate – drinks and candies
  • Wholesome Foods
  • Home and Garden – soil revitalizers, laundry and cleaning detergents, antibacterial creams
  • Pet Care – dog nutritional supplements, shampoos, bones, and treats
  • Scrapbooking and Photo – tools you can use online to scrapbook and design your photos. Make greeting cards, storybooks, photo gifts, and more.

How to Make Money With Youngevity? | Compensation Plan

what is youngevity about a scamRetail Profits – Earn up to 30% profits from buying the products at wholesale and reselling at suggested retail.

30% Quick Start Bonuses – get 30% bonus on the BV (business volume) of your newly enrolled distributors up to 750 BV within their first 30 days. Must be at Independent Marketing Director level (2nd rank) to qualify for this and have an active autoship of 100 PQV (Personal Qualified Volume) or more.

Refer 3, Get Yours Free – Refer 3 Healthy Body Start Paks in any calendar month and get 1 free. ($123 Value) Must have an active autoship for this product already.

8 Level Residual Bonuses – receive from 5%-8% of your total BV up to 8 levels down.

what is youngevity about a scam

Infinity Bonuses – earn 2% after 8 levels and to infinity levels in residual bonuses once your reach Senior Executive Marketing Director (SEMD) or higher.

$100 Fast Start Bonuses – receive $100 for any personally enrolled distributor that purchases a CEO Mega Pack. These packs are $499 each, so it’s nice to get at 20% cut.

Coding Bonuses – an infinity type bonus (earn unlimited levels deep) every time someone in your downline purchases a CEO pack.

RMD – $15
EMD – $35
SEMD – $100
VPMD – $140
PMD – $170
VCMD – $180
SVCMD and higher – $190

Car Bonus – Be CEO qualified, SEMD rank or higher, and have 12 personally enrolled IMDs. Get awarded monthly:

SEMD – $300
VPMD – $600
PMD – $800
VCMD – $1000

Ambassador Status and Dream Car Giveaways – Get $50k towards your dream car and a Royal Blue Leadership Blazer. Must be CEO qualified and have 3 million GQV for three consecutive months and no more than 50% coming from one downline leg.

Elite Ambassador – a one time cash reward of $100k towards your dream car and a Royal Purple Leadership Blazer. Must be CEO qualified and have 6 million GQV…

Global Revenue Pool – receive a share in the company’s global business volume. The company takes .5 percent of their net commissionable revenue, place it in a pool, and then divide it in shares amongst SVCMD and higher ranks.

Top Achiever’s Club Dream Vacations – earn TAC points throughout the year that you can redeem on a cruise, exotic, or dream vacation.

Diamond Club Vacations – trips to exotic locations. Qualify at DCMD or BDCMD for 3 consecutive months for the 1st trip. Maintain the ranks for 8/12 months to qualify for subsequent trips.

Other Leadership Bonuses

what is youngevity about a scamLeadership Elite Blazers – Get a blazer (color coded) when you achieve ranks VPMD or higher.

Chairman Club Rings – super bowl size ring with 90 for Life Logo and a circle of diamonds. Achieve VCMD or SVCMD ranks for 3 consecutive months or four of six months.

Diamond Club Rings and Watches

Ring – achieve DCMD for 3 consecutive months
Watch – achieve BDCMD for 3 consecutive months

My Final Opinion of Youngevity

I don’t see anything unique about Youngevity. It does have several product lines which can be a good thing. The compensation plan is not that great. I’d like to see more bonuses. I do think it’s pretty cool to earn one of the jackets. As you know, you need to be a top earner in the company to earn one.

Youngevity can be a vehicle you use to reach financial freedom. I prefer not to do MLM because I really dislike direct sales and even recruiting. I prefer to choose a vehicle that is proven and that I can do at home. I put my efforts into internet marketing. Not only can you build a wealthy career out of it, but it is mobile. So I can make run my business from anywhere with an internet connection.

Build A Business Online! No Recruiting, No Direct Selling!

Youngevity at a Glance…

Name: Youngevity
Founder: Dr. Joel Wallach
Price: Starting at $25
Rating: what is youngevity about a scamwhat is youngevity about a scamwhat is youngevity about a scamwhat is youngevity about a scamwhat is youngevity about a scam (1.5 / 5)
VERDICT: LEGIT Not Recommended MLM

Do you have a personal experience with Youngevity? If so, I would love to hear about your personal experience with their products or service. Or, if you have any questions

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

As always, I appreciate your feedback. It truly does help others.


6 thoughts on “Is the Youngevity MLM a Scam?”

  1. Hi Jonathan!
    I just read your review of Youngevity. I myself some years ago tried one of the established MLM businesses, namely ACN.
    The time I had trouble figuring out money and I must admit that I did not really see through them in this business.
    I’ve looked a little on their sales page and I can not really figure out if there is evidence that these products work better than others similar that you can buy online at a slightly different price.
    My question to you is. Is this product hit as good as they claim or is it more the recruiting matters most if you must work with the business?

    • Steen,

      I could understand why it’s hard to understand the money part within an MLM. I’ll tell you what it takes time and practice to finally get it down packed. I remember when I was with Amway, my sponsor literally had to go over it a few times with me and I still didn’t fully understand it.

      With Youngevity, as well as other MLMs, the products are good; more pricey than the regular brands but you’ll find that most of them are concentrated products and so they last longer than the average products. As with all products in the market, everything does not work for every body, but if you find that the products work for you then you’re good because they’re easier to share with others.

      Recruiting is the life blood of any MLM. Without it you would probably not make it to be wealthy. Earning commissions and the residual income from multiple levels is where the real money money comes in. In internet marketing however (my #1 Recommendation), I find it’s better because you can promote whichever products you want, expensive or inexpensive and find that the residual income is there.

      The residual income in internet marketing is in the keywords. You see you can hit great keywords, which drive 1000s of visitors in traffic to your website, and you’ll get this traffic for the life of the keyword. In internet marketing, traffic equals generating revenue. You can learn all of this at Wealthy Affiliate, which is actually my highest ranked product.

  2. Hello, I read your blog post about Youngevity, I am glad I did, because I had never heard about this organization. It reminds me of my days in Herbalife, the foundation was good, but the products are too expensive and I had a hard time selling them. I am sure in this program you will have to put out a lot of money to level up or get to a place where you qualify for bonuses. Thank you for the information about this platform.

    Best Wishes,


    • Linda, it’s my pleasure. You’re absolutely right, Youngevity is similar to Herbalife. As with most MLMs, the real money comes in as you said when you get into higher ranks. As you know, in order to get there you need to have stability in sales and recruit a lot of people. I did Amway a long time ago, and this is why I quit. I sold a lot of products but could not recruit for nothing. Therefore, I made it nowhere in a hurry.

      I don’t know why people would rather work in MLMs than internet marketing. There is a lot of potential there to make a lot of money, but you have to do a lot of sales and alot of recruiting like I said, which is hard for most. As you know, the top 1%-2% of MLMs are the only ones who really make it to be wealthy.

      I recommend internet marketing, which you can depend on yourself to grow your business. There is no direct selling and no recruiting. I find this much easier. As with any business it takes time to build wealth, but you won’t have to depend on selling products or recruiting to do it. You can find a free beginners course and simple training here for it.

      Hope this helps,


    • I’m not sure of other companies, but with Youngevity, you don’t have to purchase products and stock them because they urge members to order directly from the main location. I like this system because you are not obligated like some other companies.

      • Linda,

        That is a good thing that members do not need to keep an inventory. However, I worked for another mlm (multi-level marketing) company called Amway, and it was not ideal to manage the business without inventory. I guess if you cannot afford it that’s fine, but it makes it easier to sell a product when a customer can look, feel or smell the product. I would not recommend getting into a company such as an mlm unless you can purchase at least a small inventory.

        Plus you have to be able to vouch for the product yourself, and how can you do that without trying them first.? If anyone decides to join Youngevity or any other mlm I would recommend that you purchase at least one product from each category so that you can tell people about them. Also, most mlm’s allow you to return the product before 12 months if they are unopened.

        This is one of the main reasons why I really love affiliate marketing because there is no need to purchase any inventory at all, not to mention recruit anybody. You can get paid from mostly any product on the internet right from the website and your computer.


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