How to Earn Money With a Jeunesse Global MLM Business?

what is jeunesse global about a scamJeunesse Global Review

Name: Jeunesse
Price: Starting at $49
Founders: Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis
Rating: what is the jeunesse global scam aboutwhat is the jeunesse global scam aboutwhat is the jeunesse global scam aboutwhat is the jeunesse global scam aboutwhat is the jeunesse global scam about (2 / 5)

What is Jeunesse Global About?

Jeunesse is another multi level marketing company who targets the health and wellness industry. Jeunesse sells a variety of products from skin care, nutritional, and energy drinks. You can earn a profit by purchasing products at wholesale and selling them at retail. You can also choose to build a team and expand on multi level commissions and team bonuses. Like many other mlm companies, Jeunesse also rewards its top earning members with incentives such as exotic trips and big cash money bonuses.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1- Opportunity to sell health and wellness products. (Booming industry)
PRO #2 – Get a personalized website and app.
what is jeunesse global about a scamPRO #3 – Multi Level bonuses

The Bad:

CON #1 – Purchase products to sell.
CON #2 – Direct selling and recruiting.
CON #3 – High priced products.

 Jeunesse Tools, Training, & Support

  • Free marketing website, a business management app and downloadable support materials.
  • Help Desk, Phone and email support.
  • Most of your training and support will come from you sponsors and team. Jeunesse also hosts events for motivational support, and product knowledge.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Jeunesse Global?

  • Starter Kit – $49
  • Or you can choose from multiple business packs from $199 to $1,149.

Jeunesse Global Products

  • what is jeunesse global about a scamLuminesce – Skin Care products from starting at $44.95 – $137.95
  • Instantly Ageless – Age defying cream from $74.95
  • AM and PM Essentials – Nutritional products such as vitamins at $69.98, 60 caplets
  • Reserve – antioxidant juices  at $137.95 1 box, 30 packets
  • Finiti – Supplements at $144.98 60 capsules
  • Zen Bodi – weight management products from $19.95 to $69.95
  • Mind – memory and mind supplements at $137.95, 30 caplets
  • Nevo – Energy drinks at $69.95, 24 Pack

How to Earn With Jeunesse Global

1) Retail Sales – purchase at wholesale and sell at retail. 30% as an Associate.

Sign up two customers that purchase product and get $50 and 2 free bottles lumina rejuvenation serum ($137 retail value each). Sign up two more and get 10 free 7 day lumination serum samples. Get 2 it’s paid for you program.

2) Retail Sales Bonuses – Earn points with every product sale.

Must meet 100 pv to become a Distributor, and at least one month in the calendar year to earn commissions.

what is jeunesse global about a scamEarn bonuses when one of your new team member places product orders. Bonuses range from $25 – $200 depending on the volume of sales.

3) Team Commissions

You will build two teams, one on the right and the left.

Earn points for all the product sales from your teams.

Get paid in cycles. For every 600/300 points (right and left team) = $35 cycle bonus. Get this commission every time you cycle.

This could be 10x a month = $350 or, 20x a month = $700.

4) Leadership Matching Bonus – you will earn 20% of your team’s commissions on your first level. Second level = 15%, Third level = 10%, 4th – 7th level = 5%.

* Must accumulate at least 60 PV a month to participate in bonus.

5) Customer Acquisition Incentive

An extra 5% if you reach 5 active customers on your first level, and an extra 10% if you get 10 customers. So if you reach 5 active customers in a month. Your team matching bonus increases to 25%, and when you have 10 it increases to 30%.

* After month 2, customers must enroll in autoship to continue earning incentive.

what is jeunesse global about a scam6) Diamond Pool

Earn 3% of the company’s global product volume. Divided up based on the shares each diamond leader has accumulated.

* Must reach Diamond Rank

Other Bonuses

Lifestyle Bonus – Trip to Hawaii if you reach Emerald rank and maintain for 3 months. Earn an annual trip of 5 nights to somewhere exotic with Diamond Rank. To qualify you must be a Diamond rank member for at least six months and maintain the rank.

If you reach Triple Diamond rank and maintain for 3 months you get $100,000. If you reach Presidential Diamond and maintain for 3 months you get $250,000. The same with Imperial Diamond you’ll get a $500,000 bonus and with Crowne Diamond Director you’ll get $1,000,000.

My Final Opinion of Jeunesse Global

Jeunesse is one of the simpler mlm companies that I’ve found. Some companies compensation plans get really complex. You can become really successful if you consume the products and enjoy using them. It makes direct selling easier. Sort of like recommending a movie you just went to go watch and loved. You’ll want to tell all your friends about it.

what is jeunesse global about a scam
The escalator is out of order. You will have to take the stairs.

This is what multi level marketing is all about. I wouldn’t get too caught up in the numbers. Just learn the products, learn to love them, and talk to everyone you know about the product and opportunity. You can watch your business grow this way, but don’t expect to make millions overnight. Just like any other business, you’re building a business from the ground up and it will take a lot of time and hard work.

Would You Like to See How I Make Money?

Jeunesse at a Glance…

Name: Jeunesse Global
Founders: Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis
Price: Starting at $49
Rating: what is the jeunesse global scam aboutwhat is the jeunesse global scam aboutwhat is the jeunesse global scam aboutwhat is the jeunesse global scam aboutwhat is the jeunesse global scam about (2 / 5)

Why Did I Rate Jeunesse Only 2 Stars?

I believe in simplicity. The simpler the business plan the easier to succeed. If a product lacks creativity I will also ding them for that. I’m not a professional critic, I’m only giving you my own opinions. I find that it’s easier to learn and become great at something that provides a hold your hand training style. This is why Wealthy Affiliate is my highest ranked product!

See more on how I rate reviews here.

Do have a personal experience with Jeunesse? If so, I’d love to hear about your personal experience with their products or service. As always, I appreciate your feedback. It truly does help others! 🙂

Owner, Work Online USA

4 thoughts on “How to Earn Money With a Jeunesse Global MLM Business?”

  1. I’m scared of selling especially when I’m facing person to person. Do you think it’s possible to sell online by creating a website especially for shy people like me? At least that’s how I’m going to approach sales.

    I agree with you about complexity because I don’t want to be astray when I’m doing business. Like what you said, if the business model is simpler, the better chances you will succeed.

    • Dominic,

      You really understand the words I try to soak into everyone I come in contact with; it’s about simplicity. I’m 99% sure that you will love internet marketing, or affiliate marketing. You can see what affiliate marketing looks like here. You’ll still sell, but behind the scenes. It is perfect for shy people such as yourself and I.

      Face to face sales is really hard. Rejection is the hardest that I’ve had to deal with within it. Building a website and building affiliate relationships is much easier. I’ve learned everything I know at Wealthy Affiliate. You can see your dreams come true there. Just remember, within any business you choose to commit too, you’ll need to commit to the work as well. 🙂

      Any other help you may need just reach out,


  2. As you mentioned, I can see how this may be easier as far as the compensation plan goes but knowing what I know from experience with other MLM’s, it is always hard to get around direct sales and continues recruiting. Most people are not comfortable with direct sales or recruiting so just that in itself can kill a business.

    For me looking into your recommendation for a business opportunity makes more sense and is something that anyone can do.

    • Travis,

      Millions of people are beginning to start at home businesses more than ever. The kicker in mlm’s which I don’t think a lot of people know about is internet marketing. Now you can build a website to help you generate leads. If you are set on starting an mlm business, then I could recommend this.

      It is a hard job, not easy at all. The system is easy, but you must put in a lot of work and have a lot of patience. I prefer to work solely online, with no direct selling, and no recruiting. However, everything is not for everybody. So if you’re into mlm, know that you can make you just have to be dedicated and follow those who are already at the top.


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