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scentsy websiteScentsy Review

Name: Scentsy
Price: $99
Owners: Orville and Heidi Thompson
Rating: star reviews for scentsy (2 / 5)

What is Scentsy About?

I was very intrigued when I read the bio of Orville and Heidi. I spent about a half hour reading their bio (I’m a slow reader). In brief, they were up to their heads in debt with other business ventures when one day Orville was at a fair selling his prior products when he discovered the decorated warmers and wax melts (the scented bars). They bought the small business from a couple of stay at home moms and created what you see today as Scentsy.

Is Scentsy a scam? Many would call it a pyramid scheme, but it is none of those. Scentsy is a traditional multi level marketing (mlm) company which sell quality products and has a lucrative compensation plan. I don’t like that the products are very overpriced, but I can appreciate the opportunity it provides for many women across the globe. Before you join Scentsy I’m going to provide with all the information that I found in my review of them.

The Good & the Bad

women mlmThe Good:

PRO #1 – Quality products or scented bars
PRO #2 – Build a network of entrepreneurial women
PRO #3 – The opportunity to earn on multiple levels

The Bad:

CON #1 – costs money to get started.
CON #2 – become a salesman/recruiter
CON #3 – Overpriced products

Scentsy Tools, Training, & Support

When you purchase the starter kit at Scentsy you get a Consultant guide along with other business materials to help you get started. Most of your business training and support will come from your upline. As you will see inside the compensation plan, it benefits your upline to help you be successful. This is your own business so don’t expect anyone to take you by the hand. You’re going to need to be a go getter and have drive to move to the next level. Of course some things you may need to reach out to corporate or human resources, and you can usually contact them during business hours via phone or email.

Scentsy Products & Prices


scentsy barsScentsy Bars $5
Essential Oils from $10
Scent Circles $3
Travel Tins $5
Scentsy Car Bars $6
Room Sprays $8
Scent Paks $7

Warmers and Diffusers

Diffusers $130
Botanical Haven from $15
Wide Open Spaces from $5
Mix and Match Warmers from $10
Mini Warmer Tabletop Bases $15
Warmers from $20
Indie Spirit from $45
Make a Scene Warmer from $15
Bulbs & Accessories from $2


Laundry Liquid $16
Washer Wiffs from $12
Dryer Disks $7
Scent Soft $16


Counter Clean $10
Kitchen Soap $14
Hand Soap $10
Scentsy Fresh $12

For Her

scentsy body washBody Wash $9
Fine Fragrance Roller $20
Velvet Hand Cream $18
Whipped Body Souffle $28

For Him

Cream Shave Soap $20
Refreshing Face Balm $18
Nourishing Skin Conditioner $20
Shampoo, Shave and Shower Bar $12


Scentsy Buddy from $17.50
Kids Oils & Diffusers from $10-$130
Scrubby Buddy $30
Bath Smoothie $15
Kids Bars & Warmers from $5
Kids Scent Paks $7
Scentsy Sidekicks $20
Buddy Clips $15

How Much Does it Cost to Join Scentsy?

You must purchase a Starter Kit. It costs $99, and includes the following:

Consultant Guide
Scentsy Clean Clothing Conditioner and Laundry Liquid samples
A small Washer Wiffs
A couple packs of Scentsy bars
A Scentsy Buddy
A Scentsy room spray
Several Catalogs
Counter Clean 16 oz a
A Warmer and a Dish
A Scentsy Bag
And a pack of order forms.

How do You Make Money Selling Scentsy? – Compensation Plan

compensation planYou join up as an Escential Consultant. When you acheive 1,000 in PRV (Personal Retail Volume), you move up to Certified Consultant, and go up to 25% Commission from PRV.

For all ranks: Must maintain 500 PRV to be eligible to earn bonuses and commissions off of team. All ranks Certified Consultants and above earn 25% Commission on PRV.

When you reach 1,000 GWV (Group Wholesale Volume), and 1 frontline Consultant you move up to Lead Consultant and begin to earn an additional 2% bonus on your PWV (Personal Wholesale Volume), and 2% bonus on your frontline Escential or Certified Conultants TWV (Team Wholesale Volume).

Wholesale Volume is 75% of the Retail Volume. Your bonuses go off of this because as you can see you already make 25% commission off of the sale of products, so now the company pays you an additional bonus.

Scentsy Compensation Plan

Take a look at the diagram above to learn more about the compensation plan.

You may be wondering what are Generations. Every time one of your team members reaches Director they branch off into their own team. You no longer receive commissions off of their sales. This has been going on since the beginning of mlm (multi level marketing) companies. However, mlm companies have made it to where you can still earn a small percentage off of your first 3-4 Generations, which you can see in the image above.

Important things to remember:

  • You have to sell $150 to be an Active Consultant.
  • You have to sell $150 every 3 consecutive months to keep your downline/team/recruits.
  • You have to sell $500 to be paid on your downline bonuses.
  • You cannot earn a bonus of your frontline if they have the same rank/title.

finish line flagsMy Final Opinion of Scentsy

I love the idea and the quality of the products. It shows! You have really need to have a niche, or a passion, for selling these type of products though. I mean come on, selling candles, warmers, and scented bars? I don’t think so! Not for me. You may be different though, and you could make a lot of money with this company if you really hustle. That’s the name of the game. Orville and Heidi didn’t get to where they are by sitting on the couch.

Something else, you cannot expect to get rich over a month or two, or six! Owning a business is hard work, but anyone can do it with the right commitment and dedication. I slack at my own business sometimes, but I have got to keep reminding myself of the end goal. Financial freedom! If you really want this you have got to get in business for yourself immediately. Choose one of these businesses such as mlms, if you don’t want to get into internet marketing. I don’t find Scentsy to be interesting but, you can research any of the reviews that I have on this website to find the right business for you!

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Scentsy at a Glance…

Name: Scentsy
Price: $99
Owners: Orville and Heidi Thompson
Rating: star reviews for scentsy (2 / 5)

Have you tried or sold Scentsy personally? If so, I would love to hear some feedback from you about their products or services.

Let me know in the comments below!

I really appreciate your feedback, as well as it truly does help others! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Read This Before You Join Scentsy!”

  1. hi Jonathan Matos,
    I just visited your site and read your review about Scentsy MLM. A friend of mine was insisting me to join this program since long but after reading the drawbacks like costs money involved to get started.
    need to become a salesman/recruiter and overpriced products, I have decided to stay away from this MLM program.Do you recommend any other good online program for making money,

  2. This is great! I got really interested in reading this. Most sites cost so much money to get started, and like you said this one is only 99 dollars which is not bad. Especially when you get started how much you will actually be earning. This is something that I am going to consider. Awesome information.

    • Taya, I’m glad I could help. You definitely need to choose a good business to work for if not your own. As you’ve probably already realized, we will get no where in a hurry with a regular 9 to 5 job. My goal at How to Work Online is to help people find a legitimate business that they can begin and build towards a substantial or profitable future. Any other way I can help let me know. 



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