Forget About a Job, I’d Rather Be Making Money at Home!

A couple of years ago I sat at home thinking. I was sitting on the couch thinking, I wish I could make money at home and I didn’t have to leave the house to go to work. So I searched and searched online trying to figure it out.

I got nonsense after nonsense, oh my gosh, how many articles are read that led me in the wrong direction! I decided to write this article for you if you’re thinking about making money at home, to lead you in the right direction.

It is no easy feat! You’re going to have to work hard at this. And let me tell you, this is not done overnight. I have been at this for a couple of years now and it may take a couple of years more. Who knows? But I will get it, and it will happen. You just have to work at it.

making money onlineMaking money at home is like running a business. There is no easy way to do it. You’re going to have to put some money into it, and you’re going to put in a lot of time. Really the only way I know of doing it, is building a website, and monetizing it.

There may be other ways, but building a website is the easiest, and can bring you long term success. I don’t mean easiest as less work, but more mobile. You can work from the comfort of your own home and you don’t need any (physical) tools besides and a laptop and an internet connection.

How Do You Do This?

You can do it in the form of a blog or you can do it as an e-commerce store. How you monetize it is through affiliate marketing, if you don’t have a product already. If you have a product already then you’re good to go just by building your website.

The trick is in search engine optimization or SEO. By optimizing your website to be on the first page of Google or any other search engine, you are driving traffic to your website on a monthly basis. The end goal would be 10s thousands of visitors on a monthly basis if not more!

It’s almost like having an offline business but online. And the reason why it’s better, offline in your local community, you only have the potential of so many clients walking into your store everyday. But online, you have billions of people surfing the net and shopping.

I Don’t Know If This Will Work For Me?

working on wordpressThis may not be the answer you’re looking for. You may not be tech savy. While I might add, you don’t have to be. Building a website today is as easy as 1 2 3 following steps and instructions. You do not need to know any code. A website platform such as WordPress is very user-friendly.

Then there’s step by step instructions which you can take advantage of at no charge. There’s a free starter membership that you can get over at a place called Wealthy Affiliate. Get your feet wet, build your own website, then see if you like it, and you can upgrade your membership to a premium membership.

You’ll have to spend a little money to run your business. Running a business is not free! But the costs are minimal. I probably pay around $25 a month to run my business. Not much at all!

I may only make enough to supplement my income at the time, but the snowball will keep rolling. And that’s the idea. If I can get you to understand this, you would be two years ahead of the game. There is no end. You will keep working, you will keep building, and your business only gets bigger and bigger.

If you’re like me, I sat at home, gosh I don’t know 2-3 weeks trying to figure this out. I couldn’t. I tried and tried and tried everything possible. But there was nothing, just a bunch of scams. If you really want to make money at home and make it a full-time thing, you will have to start from scratch.

What Will It Take?

Like I mentioned before unless you know what you’re doing, you’ll have to follow the training. Once you complete the training, you will be far advanced as any internet marketer on the internet. You will be a pro internet marketer.

making money websitesYou will be able to build website upon website just making multiple streams of income. There’s a simple method that you follow every single time and you get it done. You must know that this is not an overnight thing. It may take you about a year to get your website fully profitable. Shoot, it took me 6 months just to make my first dollars.

I’ll never forget my first sale. I made $23 and I was over the moon! I was ready for more. The income has been steady ever since. Some months more than others but nonetheless it’s been a steady income.

I’ve been in this game for 2 years and what I know is, the more I work the further along I am. And the path never ends but you just keep getting better and better and the potential to earn more income just gets higher and higher.

What’s The Earning Potential?

There’s people online making 10s thousands of dollars even 100s thousands of dollars. You can have your piece of the pie too. You just have to make a decision, be dedicated, and be consistent. Those people making all of that money are no more special than you and I. They just followed the system.

And they followed the system for years. Look at anyone who is well off, or wealthy. They have been doing whatever it is that they’re doing for several years. They did not get there overnight, and I’m sure they would not tell you any different. We can’t go into this thing, and think things are going to change with us. Everyone has to get in line. Get out of the line, and lose your place in line.

You may not make money your first day, your first week, or even your first month. When you decide to build a business online, you’re deciding to make a lot of money later. You’re deciding to have the utmost time freedom and mobile freedom that you can have possibly with anything else.

world wide webThink about this for a minute, you basically can work anywhere with an internet connection. The way of making money online works is that you put in the work now and it pays off later. But when it pays off it just becomes more and more and it may never stop. This is called passive income.

What’s it Look Like For the Pros?

A professional internet marketer with years experience may make somewhere around $10,000 a month. After several years they might start making even more than that. I’m talking about 30s, 40s, 50s and even 100s of thousands of dollars a month. I can’t say that that is what you will make but I can certainly tell you that that is what the potential is.

If you’re ready to get started and ready to make a commitment, it’s easy to make a decision. You can do this! There is nothing stopping you, but you have to be committed. Without commitment you have nothing. You can learn everything you need to know but if you do not apply it, you will not get anywhere.

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8 thoughts on “Forget About a Job, I’d Rather Be Making Money at Home!”

  1. Hello Jonathan Matos, 

    I also decided to work from home as you decided. According to me it will need full efforts and time. If you do it consistently, then definitely we will achieve our goals and make an awesome income. We have learned from our mistakes, if we don’t become successful at first, we have to keep trying. What do you think Jon?

    • Hey Parveen, I agree failure is a big reason why a lot of us do not like to try. The truth about making money from home with your own online business, is that it will take consistency and a lot of work. 

      You cannot just put a little bit into it, and expect a lot back. Nothing works like that. Can you think of anything that does? 

      I think that with as much work as you can possibly put in, and consistently over time, you can build a sustaining and thriving business. It may take longer if you do not have that much time to put into it everyday, but that’s ok. Nonetheless, it will grow. Consistency is the key. 

      Make a decision to really apply yourself, and be determined to stick with it through time. You can and will achieve it. With the training and support at Wealthy Affiliate, they will stand by you through the years and help you achieve these goals. 

  2. I have been looking for ways to make money from home and your post has helped me a lot. I didn’t know about this earning potential. Yeah, it’s definitely worth giving it a try. And I’m surprised it can all be done from the comfort of our homes.Affiliate marketing, here I come. Thank you very much for this post!

    • Hi Ann, you are most welcome! You know, my driving factor is like you said, “from the comfort of our own homes”. I currently run my online business part time, but as time passes, and my business grows, I will be able to turn to it full time. 

      I would so much rather work from home. Not with a company either, for myself; with my own online business. I can imagine the potential of comfort, and flexibility this will bring me. Could you imagine, working at home in your pjs. Be your own boss, come and go as you please? Sure, you will need to be disciplined, but that is just a small factor. 

      The other thing is, you can travel. I can just imagine, traveling over seas to somewhere such as Paris, and working right from my hotel room. Maybe not, I don’t know. I might just rather go around and sight seeing. But it is the principle, which is the point. If you wanted to, you could work. 

      You can work anywhere there is an internet connection. It is a pretty nice goal to shoot for. I really just want to be able to move anywhere I would like, without the restraint of a job, and travel on my on own terms. I think most of us would love that, wouldn’t you think?

    • Abel, everything you believe about affiliate marketing is true. It is a real way to make income, it is hard, it will take a lot of time, and the earning potential is limitless. Don’t just give a try, do it. Do yourself a favor, do not be put off by failure, and just do it. Stay with it, and through the years, it will pay you back. 

      Remember, this is about running a business, and you will get out what you put in. With all the work I have put into my business this, I have totally been paid back for it already. The beauty of affiliate marketing, is that you will keep earning off of your keywords for years. There is no telling if the money will ever stop rolling in. The trick is you got to get the ball rolling first. 

      It is sort of like the stock market too, don’t get hung up if the money slows down at certain times. Just keep at it, eventually, it will grow over time. 

  3. Thanks for this post on how to work online and make money from home, some months ago I got sacked in the working place I had to put in for an online business to provide for the family , I got introduced to the wealthy affiliate platform, I went through a training section then I got registered on the premium member, which it was a great deal for me, I can recommend this site for everyone  interested in making money from home, though you have to work for it, thanks 

    • Gracie, thanks for your reply. I appreciate it. I am sorry to hear about getting sacked on the job. I know it is hard out there. I am glad you turned to the online space, and got plugged in with Wealthy Affiliate. I know it is not easy to start making money, and it is a process. Stick with it, and you will surely get it. 

      There is a misconception out there about making money online. A lot think it is like a job, where you can put in a certain amount of hours and get paid for it. It is not, it is a business. Think about how you would start your own business at an offline place, a brick and mortar building. You have to start your business from the ground up. 

      What you get out, is what you put in. For people who are not intending on starting a business, online is not the place to look. It would be better to go to a workforce/career center. 

      I would recommend doing both, for anyone who recently lost their job. It is only a matter of time before the next job fails them. Start building a business for you and your family. Something that will withstand the hands of time. 

      What better than an online business. There are over 4 billion people online these days. So much money is being made online. Anyone can do it, with the right tools and training. 




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