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I Need a Mouse That Works For my Chromebook!

Let me tell you, I spent a lot of time searching for a mouse that is compatible with my new Acer Chromebook. As you know, Chromebook operates off of Chrome OS. My old mouse did not want to work for it. I had a regular cheap mouse called Onn, that I bought from Walmart for like $9. It was an excellent mouse with my old laptop which ran Windows Vista.

The mouse itself worked on my chromebook but the features such as the scroll, or the forward and back buttons just did not want to work. I went on Amazon, and I must have looked through gosh 40-50 mice. None of them were compatible with Chrome OS.

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There were a lot of cheap and affordable mouses, with high rating reviews. But none of them were compatible for the chromebook. There were even some that the headlines said for a Chromebook, but when I went to the question and answers section of the reviews, people were saying that it does not work for Chrome OS.

After a long while searching, I found the TeckNet 2400 Bluetooth wireless mouse. I’m sorry, as a matter of fact, I did find another mouse that would be compatible, and for a lot lesser price, but I just did not want a mouse with the little Nano USB receiver. My old mouse had it and I just didn’t like it, or find it convenient.

A mouse with a USB receiver works fine for a computer or laptop. I could even recommend it if you had your laptop at a stable location, or a permanent location. But if you’re like me and you like to move around the house it isn’t. For example, I’ll work on my desk at times, or move to the kitchen table, or lounge on my living room sofa. Sometimes even in my bedroom on my bed. If this is the case, then you should definitely consider a bluetooth wireless mouse.

tecknet 2400 bluetooth wireless mouse

Which takes me back to the Tecknet 2400 Bluetooth wireless mouse. I have got to tell you, this mouse, I just ordered it the evening before yesterday and it got here today! I am going to give you a link to the seller who had this mouse so that you may want to take advantage of the deal also.

Purchase on eBay. Currently 16.09 with free shipping. (I bought from this guy)

Purchase on Amazon. Currently $13.99, but you need to meet minimum purchase requirement of $25 for free shipping.

I got this mouse and I am just blown away at the quality of the mouse. It’s just a regular old mouse but the things I like about it are: it’s fast, I can fluctuate from slow motion to fast motion, it has the forward and back buttons for your browser pages, and of course the scroll that you can go up and down on the page.

It was really easy to hook up to my Acer Chromebook. All I did was turn on the Bluetooth feature on my chromebook, which if you don’t know how to do you can Google it. Put simply all you need to do is click on the right corner of your toolbar where the time, Wireless status, and battery life are and a menu will pop up where you can turn your Bluetooth on.

how to connect bluetooth on chromebook

As soon as I turned the Bluetooth on, within seconds the TeckNet 2400 was found on my computer. I clicked on it and paired it. Which I’m currently using it and I love it!! I’m going to discuss with you the different features of this mouse. This way you can make a decision in if you want to purchase it.

First thing I had to do was move it around on the screen to evaluate its slower and faster options. This mouse has the options for 800/1200/1600/2000/2400 DPI. There is a significant difference between the 800 DPI and the 2400 DPI. I played around with it, just evaluating its quality, and I like it. Because you can adjust it based on your mood, or however your feeling like at a given moment.

I can imagine there will be times where I just want to speed through a document or my web browser and I need to have it on the highest DPI selection. Other times I’ll just be in a sluggish mood and I don’t want my mouse to move that fast. Then I can put it on either the 800 or the 1200. At the moment I am feeling more relaxed so I just currently have it on 1600.

teknet 2400 wireless mouse dpi switch

To adjust this feature all you have to do is click on the little button right below the scroll. It will start off on 800 when you first hook it up. Then you can press the button once to move up one notch to 1200. Finally you just keep pushing it once more until you’ve reached a comfortable selection.

The next thing I evaluated on the mouse was its scroll. The scroll is okay. It does its job. I wish it were a little faster. The scroll that was on my Onn mouse was a bit faster. What I mean is it scrolled up and down on my page a little quicker. However, it’s not a big deal for me, it does scroll up and down so it performs its job.

My next feature in review was the forward and back buttons. This was a big deal for me with my next wireless mouse. I was upset that my Onn mouse lost these features when I switched from my Acer laptop to my Acer Chromebook. I really enjoyed being able to go forward and backwards on my browser. It just made it much more convenient to work on my computer.

tecknet 2400 side button

I would recommend to others that if your mouse does not have it then it is not necessary. However it is a great feature to have, and I would totally say that it is worthwhile. The fact that you can just go back a page or two or three, and forward as you need to without having to move your cursor to the top left corner of your screen is a really nice benefit.

The last thing I wanted to check out was the surface in which I needed to use the mouse. I read that it can operate on multiple services without worrying about damaging the lens. I tried to operate it on my sofa, and though it does work, it was not pleasant at all. It’s just a rough surface.

Just to mention it, I’m not crazy about using it on my desk or table without a mouse pad because I’ve tried this with my previous mouse, and I sort of scratched the paint off the desk. I would have to recommend just always using a mouse pad. I just use my little mouse pad which I bought from Walmart for a $1 and it works perfectly fine.

Wireless Mouse on Ottomon

Update: I just tried it on my ottoman, while working on my chromebook, and it works great. My ottoman has a leather surface. I am really surprised in the quality of this mouse! Knowing that is was such an inexpensive option as well.

I am really satisfied with my purchase of the TeckNet 2400 Bluetooth wireless mouse. I was worried that I would be stuck using the mouse pad on my chromebook, and this was just so inconvenient. As you know, which is probably why your searching for a Bluetooth wireless mouse for your Chromebook. If your Chromebook for some reason does not have a Bluetooth feature, you can check out this blog post here for more options.

I am really surprised that my mouse got here in less than two days. I did not choose or pay for expedited shipping. I’m really impressed with the seller who was able to get it to my house that fast, and now I can enjoy my mouse right away.

Here goes those links again if you are interested in purchasing it:

Purchase on eBay. Currently 16.09 with free shipping. (I bought from this guy)

Purchase on Amazon. Currently $13.99, but you need to meet minimum purchase requirement of $25 for free shipping.

If you have any questions about the mouse please ask in the comments section. I’ll be more than happy to assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have.

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6 thoughts on “A Compatible Mouse For Chromebook”

  1. Wow. Thanks for this.

    I had absolutely no idea that Chrome OS had issues like this with USB. I was under the assumption that any mouse would work just like with a PC.

    Considering the price it actually looks like a pretty decent mouse. Its certainly better than the mouse I am currently using.

    I am very picky about wich comuter peripheral I use and I have to say this is a good one whichI may actually buy. My current mouse has been thrown, slammed and jammed; I am an angry gamer, lol.

    Thank you for the article. Great product and some very important information concerning Chrome OS.


    • Hey Mike, thanks for the complement. I am very picky about which computer peripheral I use also. That’s why I chose the mouse that I did. It is a cheap mouse, it does the job, but I am interested in knowing what more expensive mice can do in terms of performance. 

      Glad you enjoyed the information about Chrome OS. I was surprised to learn the differences between the Chromebook and a PC. Anyone looking for a mouse that works well, and will do the job properly can purchase the one recommended in this article. 

      I have found a flaw in my experience with this mouse though. When I need to reconnect my mouse after leaving for awhile, I have to turn the bluetooth on and off. I am not sure if this is a flaw with my mouse or my chromebook, but it can get pretty annoying. 

  2. Honestly am better off getting an expensive mouse or one that last. i bough a mouse for $20 and it worked for the first couple months i guess and the left button was missing clicks. when i opened it i saw the little metal thing broke maybe i click too much who knows. good think i had a spare to replace the metal thing for it to work again.so even if its compatible with the chrome book just make sure its not too cheap to give u problems

    • Hey Nav, I can totally appreciate where you are coming from. I also think that spending more money on a mouse could offer a more quality mouse. However, money is tight these days, and affordability tends to have more of the appeal. I will not disagree with you though. If you can afford a more expensive mouse, I would explore your options. 

      Remember, Chromebook has a different operating system, Chrome OS, so make sure which ever mouse you choose is compatible with it. If you happen to find a different mouse, please come back and post it here. It would be nice to recommend more choices to my readers. 



  3. Hello everyone,
    I bought this to browse the web and
    use net based programs. If I had to
    use it for work the GOOGLE apps work
    well and I would probably use the
    free web-based Microsoft ones too.
    This is not a computer though. It is
    a web browser, understand that before
    you buy it.

    • Hi Diana, maybe you were on my acer chromebook review and thought you were commenting on it. This post is about a mouse for chromebook. Do you own a mouse for your chromebook? If so, which one do you have? Please share with everyone.

      I use the Tecknet 2400 Bluetooth wireless mouse. It is an okay mouse. When I have to work on my computer I use it. But sometimes when I am just browsing and stuff, I just use the mouse pad on the chromebook.

      Thanks for your comment,


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