An Honest Poofy Organics Review

what is poofy organics aboutPoofy Organics Review

Name: Poofy Organics
Price: annual fee $39 + monthly req.
CEO: Kristina Gagliardi-Wilson
Rating: poofy organics reviewspoofy organics reviewspoofy organics reviewspoofy organics reviewspoofy organics reviews (2 / 5)

What is Poofy Organics About?

Poofy Organics was created back in 2006 by a family who made a commitment to use non toxic and/or organic products after one of their family member’s got diagnosed with cancer. Since then the company has came out with several different product lines to accommodate the market such as makeup, men’s grooming products, baby products, and more. To be a member of the Poofy Organics business team, or a business owner, not only can you take pride in teaching the world how and why to use organic products, but you can leverage their compensation plan which includes industry average commissions and bonuses.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – small joining fee
PRO #2 – organic products!
PRO #3 – offers replica website

The Bad:

CON #1 – Starter kit costs $99 (optional)
CON #2 – requires direct selling and recruiting
CON #3 – company is small compared to major mlms

Who is Poofy Organics For?

a business manPoofy Organics is for people who:

  • are passionate about organic products.
  • Want to start a business selling organic products.
  • Want to work for a smaller company.
  • Want to build an organization and earn on multiple levels.

Poofy Organics Tools, Training, & Support

Poofy Organics will provide you with start up training which will include product knowledge and tips on how to market. Most of your training and support will come from the person who sponsored you or other members on your upline.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Poofy Organics?

There is a $39.99 joining/annual fee. After you have completed the training you are eligible to purchase the Starter Kit which costs $99.

Poofy Organics Products

Most of the products at Poofy Organics are certified USDA Organic with the exception of a few such as the sunscreen which includes zinc oxide which cannot be certified due to standards. Poofy Organics offers several product lines which include:

poofy organics productsBaby – includes baby wash and shampoo $15, baby lotion $15,  diaper rash $13, and baby oil $16.

Body – includes body spray $16, massage oil $22, lotion $16, scrub $16, and deodorant $11.

Cosmetics – includes powder $18, mascara $20, eyeshadow $18, blush $20, lipstick $20, and nail polish $10.

Essential Oils & Blends – several different types from $9-$58.

Facial Care – includes dead sea mineral mud mask $25, makeup remover $18, face cleanser $20, shaving gel $18, face moisturizer $30, and toner $20.

Hair – includes shampoo and conditioner around $15, hair serum $30, hair spray $16, lice prevention $12, and hair sculpting wax $20.

Home – candle melts $6, and cleaning products such as dish washing liquid $14, and all purpose cleaner $10.

Natural Healing – includes different types of lotions and oils for dry skin, exzema, and stretch marks, and vapor rub from $9-$25.

Bath Salts, Bombs & Steamers – bath bombs and steamers from $4-$4.50, and bath salts at $10.

Mouth Care – includes breath spray $10.00 (3 pack), Organic toothpaste for Toddlers and adults $8.50, and mouth rinse organic $14.00.

How to Make Money Selling Poofy Organics? | The Compensation Plan

There are a total of 13 ranks within Poofy Organics. Here they are:

Bronze Elite
Silver Elite
Gold Elite
Platinum Elite
Diamond Elite

There are a few requirements to get promoted to progressing ranks. Of course, as you get promoted you can earn more money.

Depending on your Monthly Retail Commissionable Volume (RCV) you can up to 30% or more commission and bonuses on your personal sales.

poofy organics compensation plan

Also, from Elite to Diamond Elite you can earn an additional Sales Bonus up to 6%.

Overrides – are basically a percentage off of the sales of your team. You can earn Overrides in this company 3 levels deep.

Rank Advancement Bonus – as you progress through the rank of Superhero, Poofy Organics will reward you with a bonus ($50-$250).

Matching Bonus – is usually when someone on your team gets promoted to the next rank and earn the Rank Advancement Bonus, you earn the Matching Bonus.

The first rank to be eligible for these Overrides and Bonuses is the Challenger Rank. The requirements for this rank are:

  • you need to have 500 PSV (Personal Sales Volume)
  • 3 Active Legs, and $3,000 TSV (Team Sales Volume) on your Level 1

The Overrides you can earn will be 2% on your 1st and 2nd Levels, and 1% on your 3rd Level. The Advancement and Matching Bonuses are both $50 each.

Personal Sales Volume (PSV) – the amount of points per product (personally) sold. Each product is allotted a certain amount of points.

Active Leg – to be Active a member must attain 200 PSV monthly.

Team Sales Volume – the amount of sales volume for your entire team.

TSV Overrides – from the rank of Champion up to Elite Diamond you are rewarded 2% Overrides on your 1st and 2nd Level, and 1% on your 3rd.

You can start getting paid on the whole scale when you reach Silver Elite. This rank requires that you have:

  • 1000 PSV
  • 6 Active Legs including 1 Super and 1 Elite member
  • 8,000 TSV, and 50,000 GV (Group Sales Volume).

As a Silver you get paid Level Overrides on 3 Levels and Generation Overrides on 4 Generations.

Generation Overrides – this is a bonus you can receive for that entire Generation. This is where it can get confusing. Once someone on in your downline reaches Superhero or higher they branch off into another Generation, so then you begin to earn Generation Overrides. For example, when you reach Gold Elite, you can get paid 3% Generation Override in your own Generation, 2% on Generation 1, and 1% on both Generations 2 and 3.

Host Rewards Program

Offers the opportunity for others to throw a home party and earn free products. The host has to have a minimum amount of sales of $200+. They could earn from $20-$200 in free products, plus up to 50% off of additional products.

Is it Worth Joining Poofy Organics? | My Final Opinion

Poofy Organics operates in a storefront in Rutherford, NJ. They still make all of their products in house. This could be good or bad. Small companies can have an advantage at providing better customer service. Sometimes it seems like they have more time to care for their customers, but what happens when the workload exceeds the workforce such as what happened with Vantel Pearls. Also, Poofy Organics has not made it big like these major outfits such as Mary Kay, Kyani, or Young Living so it concerns me if they ever will.

There are people in big mlms making millions of dollars. I don’t think Poofy Organics has yet to have anyone reach that point yet. WIth that said, if you’re looking for a BIG business opportunity I would continue to search. Leverage the website here to find one that is suitable for you. Now if you’re passionate about organic products, Poofy Organics may be a good fit for you. You can’t put a cap on YOU. You can be as big as you want!

Poofy Organics at a Glance…

Name: Poofy Organics
Price: annual fee $39 + monthly req.
CEO: Kristina Gagliardi-Wilson
Rating: poofy organics reviewspoofy organics reviewspoofy organics reviewspoofy organics reviewspoofy organics reviews (2 / 5)

Do you have a personal experience with Poofy Organics? If so, I would love to hear about your personal experience with their products/service.

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

As always, I appreciate your feedback. It truly does help others.


4 thoughts on “An Honest Poofy Organics Review”

  1. What a name – poofy organics … it certainly does create intrigue. I’m not sure I am a big MLM fan myself, especially when it requires direct selling, but I am passionate about organic products and I for one prefer a smaller company starting out from the ground level – that is when the most is made in MLM if you get in on the ground level – good review, worth considering – thanks

    • Laurie, you shed some light on some of the most important specifics. I really like that Poofy Organics is all about organic products, and I also like that they are somewhat of a smaller company starting out. I mean they’re very family oriented as well. I wouldn’t mind working for a multi level marketing company such as Poofy Organics. Personally, I prefer to maximize my efforts in internet marketing because the online world is huge, and it’s only getting bigger. Not to mention, it’s easy to manage an online business; I just feel like it’s less stress.

      Best regards,


  2. Hi Jonathan!

    I’ve never really been into MLM type of business. I really thing that it can be really stressfull to be always depending on others’ sales to get comissions and also the need to constantly rank higher.

    This one though, even being shaped up into the classical MLM scheme, looks like less aggressive to me, since they keep that little company atmosphere and of course the product is also attractive, which is a lot to say.

    Thanks for the honest review on this one. It’s good to see some variety for a change within the MLM world.

    • Israel, I thought the same thing about Poofy Organics. MLM companies across the board are changing I think to suit the clients needs. The truth is an mlm company is nothing without the distributors, so that’s why I think many of them are sharpening their skills to please the distributor. Whether this is through their compensation, training, or products.

      I like the fact that Poofy Organics is a smaller company. They can surely focus on the quality of their products or the their customer service, but we shouldn’t underestimate the capacity of a company. There is a company called Vantel Pearls who got so busy (as a smaller company) that they had to shut down the recruiting process, and products were taking a few months to reach the consumer. No doubt about it, Poofy has some great products, but I hope they could keep up with their growth.


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