Solo Build It vs Wealthy Affiliate

Solo Build It! Review

Name: Solo Build It!
Price: $29/mth or $299/yr
Owners: Ken Evoy
Rating: two star reviews out of five for solo build it (2 / 5)

What is Solo Build It About?

I came across Solo Build it about a month ago,because something caught my attention. It was their own review of Wealthy Affiliate (WA). They said they were so much better than WA, and they even showed a chart of success rates! By this time I was intrigued because I’ve been with WA for around 2 years. How could they be that much better? Is this a scam?

I later learned, with my own investigation, that SBI is legit. They are very similar to Wealthy Affiliate in that they have lessons to learn how to build a website, monetize it, and drive traffic. Going deeper into my investigation though I found several reviews from prior members, and they protested that SBI is not any good. I have found them to be antiquated and lack some key features that Wealthy Affiliate has. I have chosen to stay with WA and not make the swap.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

pros and cons of solo build itPRO #1 – Cheaper than WA
PRO #2 – teaches you how to do internet marketing
PRO #3 – provides all the tools necessary to succeed

The Bad:

CON #1 – do not have live chat
CON #2 – cannot contact the owners
CON #3 – antiquated communication platform

Solo Build It Tools, Training, Support, & Price

Solo Build It advertises their training by what’s called the Action Guide. It is a 10 day training module that consists of audio and visual. Here’s what they will go over.

  • Master the All Important Basics. Explains building the foundation for your online business.
  • Develop Your Best Site Concept. They want you to picture the future of your business and depends on this.
  • Brainstorming profitable topics.
  • Investigating and Planning Monetization Options
  • Figure out your site’s concept and registering a domain name.
  • Start building out your site
  • how to drive free traffic
  • how to presell
  • How to maximize your profits by knowing your visitors.
  • Make a 4 day monetization plan.

The tools include:

  • tools at solo build itA keyword research tool
  • Site building tool. Let me say this feature is more advance than that at WA. They have this pretty cool drag and drop feature which I’ve seen on other platforms such as Click Funnels. Any way to make your online business more streamline is helpful. Maybe we’ll get this feature someday at WA (hehe :-)).
  • A tool for adding social sharing buttons. I think there training on social media may have a bit of a lead at SBI! than over at WA. I have seen a couple of their members have some really high numbers on social media such as facebook likes.
  • A tool to add a facebook like button
  • A tool to make your website mobile friendly
  • A tool that allows other users to submit posts on your blog.

Solo Build It! Support

SBI has 24/7 support for your website. They also have a forum with other members that you can learn together and ask questions to others who have already accomplished what you’re working on.

Solo Build It! Price

$29 a month or $299 yearly. No free trial. However, there is a 90 day guarantee.

My Final Opinion About Solo Build It!

This review has been a long time coming. I thought SBI! was the real deal, but I had to dig deeper to find the truth. I haven’t had the chance to try the platform for myself. However, I have read many reviews on the product. Also, watched many videos. From what I’ve found the product is antiquated. It just doesn’t look up to date! Oh lord, have your read their review about Wealthy Affiliate? It is too much! They are trying way too hard.

my profile at wealthy affiliateI am a member of WA, and I will tell you, it’s not easy building an online business. I’ve been blogging for two years and I JUST reached over 50 keywords on page 1 of Google. It takes time. Yes, as apart of the training we receive there we are too write a review of WA. However, it’s up to you to be honest about the product. Why would anyone have to lie about it? Why would I recommend you something and not be truthful about it, if I’m paying for it too?

That goes without saying, it’s a good product. Again, why would I pay for it? At this point in my business, my membership pays for itself, but it took my initial investment of the yearly subscription. However, my second year was paid out from earning referrals. Also, as a member in this niche of make money, we need to make reviews of other make money products. The goal is to reach other who are lost looking into less than best products and offer them the best option. Wouldn’t that be the right thing to do?

As for the negative reviews out there about SBI!? Please. I can’t with the owner over reviewing WA just to prove that his product is better than WA’s. Why wouldn’t he think that? I think you could agree with me that he is a little biased? I can’t stress this enough that as I speak for my other keep calm it's just my opinionmembers, who I consider family at WA, we do not make fake reviews. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, am I right? Also, our review, or anyone’s review about SBI! Or any other product is our own opinion.

I kind of feel offended, in that his intent is to say, our opinion does not count. I am willing to hear anyone’s opinion and respect it. Facts and research is most concrete to offer but that’s easier said than done. I read the review from SBI’s owner about WA, and it is too much. Where is he getting his fact? Okay, Alexa (link), or SEMrush, but come one. What does his research even mean? It is confusing, wouldn’t you agree? To me, this research means nothing, and I’ll tell you why. How can you compare SBI! to WA? That’s like comparing Apple to Tracfone. No way!

I don’t mean to stomp so hard SBI!. Don’t get me wrong, if WA did not exist, I would probably join. It does however, and in my opinion, is the best option. Go with the product with the free option (WA). If that’s not confidence in a quality product, what is? Apple lets you try their products in their store before you purchase it right? Come one, let’s be honest, that really would mean risk free. Not this other nonsense which others such as SBI! are talking about, a 90 day guarantee.

Enough of my rant, leave a message down below. Let’s discuss this product SBI! and I would love to hear your opinion about it too. Anyone with a personal experience, your feedback is much appreciated as well because it truly does help others.

Owner, HowToWorkOnline.Org

6 thoughts on “Solo Build It vs Wealthy Affiliate”

  1. I have been looking into creating my own website, as I have reached a point in life where I wish to be my own boss, and work hard for me.
    While both platforms Solo Build It and Wealthy Affiliate sound intriguing, I was wonder what you could tell me about their support? I am not the best or the fastest when it comes to computers and tech. I know enough to get around, but I think I am the type that may need regular assistance.

    • Hey Brendon, I haven’t experienced first hand the support at Solo Build It but from what I’ve seen it looks a bit antiquated. Which does not have to be a bad thing. Many websites online still offer the forum type support. On Wealthy Affiliate there are many sources of support. Live chat, community dashboard, and private messaging just to name a few. Check out my full review of WA to learn more. I’ve been with WA for a couple of years so I know. 

  2. I can’t say that I have tried SBI, so I can’t comment much on their platform, but I did read the review that they put out there and was pretty shocked.

    I have been a member of WA for close to three years now, and am concentrating on building affiliate sites. I do have a site that recommends WA, but that is not my main focus, as I make more money from Adsense and selling on Amazon at the moment.

    I don’t actively promote WA (well not enough) but find their training second to none, and the main reason I love them is that the hosting is so good especially now that they have added in SSL Certificates and the site speed is also taken care of without us having to worry too much about the technical aspects of running our sites.

    • You are right on. The new SSL Certicates and Site Speed that they added to our websites at no extra charge is second to none. I love that my website is so secure and I feel great that people can feel safe on my website. Also, the Site Speed is truly extraordinary. It was pretty crazy to see my website boost in speed at the flip of a switch; literally. 

      Thank you for your testimonial. It would be nice to see your website. Could you share it here with us? We would love to go and visit it. If not, I’ll check out your profile on WA and visit your website from there. One more thing, which I almost forgot, WA does have some great hosting. 

      I spend most of my time promoting WA on my website, but I do hope to build a website that promotes products on Amazon. Being the world’s largest marketplace, it would be a shame not to take advantage of building an affiliate site. If anyone want to see a closer look at affiliate marketing, this is what it looks like.

  3. SBI has a 90 day guarantee with a full refund.
    Also they give you a prorated refund midterm.
    WA has a no refund policy, in other words you have to stick it out for the full term.
    When comparing you might want to mention this and up the rating for SBI

    • I cannot lie, that refund policy that SBI is pretty awesome. One of the reasons why I would join. A pro-rated refund midterm sounds really nice too. What are your thoughts on the free membership at WA? I personally fell in love with WA because of it. That gave me an opportunity to get a feel for the whole system before I ever had to spend a dime, and I really appreciated that.

      I rated SBI just 2 stars because there is no free trial, the system has the old fashioned forum style so I felt it lacked creativity, and I don’t think the support is that good because they didn’t mention anything about private messaging or have live chat. That makes me worry, do they get back to you in a timely fashion when you need help? You can see how I choose my ratings here.


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