Star Ratings – How Do I Rate My Reviews?

As a valuable reader at Work Online USA, I feel you deserve an explanation on how I rate these business opportunities for you. I don’t want people to feel as if I’m am being biased in my opinions about a product or service. Most of these products I have not personally used, I’ve only performed a thorough investigation on the product/service. I will usually spend 3-5 hours reviewing a product in it’s entirety, sometimes more, and even up to a day or two on a more complex product.

How Do I Perform a Review?

reviewsI will spend most of my time doing the research on the actual product’s website. I research every single aspect of the website; the about us page, the opportunity, the products, and the compensation plan. Then I will conduct a search on Google and/or YouTube about it and get other perspectives and opinions on it; preferably from reputable sources.  

What is Considered in the Star Rating?

Simplicity – Simplicity is a major component in my decisions. I cannot recommend something that is so difficult for someone to do. After all, the biggest brand alive right now and most successful in my own opinion is Apple, and this is a major concentration for them.

A few questions I consider in my decision are:

  1. Is it simple to earn money within the product?
  2. Is it simple to navigate the system/website?
  3. Is it simple to get support when you need it?

Creativity – When a product lacks creativity it is a big turn off for me. A lot of home based businesses offer very similar products and will also have a very similar compensation plan. I can really enjoy when a product/service comes out with something different. Either unique products or a unique twist in their compensation plan.

A few questions I consider when making my decision are:

  1. Is the website user friendly?
  2. Is the opportunity unique?
  3. Is the compensation plan unique?

authenticityAuthenticity – This can also go into uniqueness and creativity. Too many times we see opportunities out there that are far too similar. A lot of times, especially with mlm opportunities, the only thing different is the product name.

Uniqueness – Please refer to Creativity.

Opportunity – a real opportunity needs to exist. Many online survey companies lack opportunity. You basically earn $1 an hour, and that is no good for me or my readers. Surprisingly, most other products offer a real opportunity so I rarely see a product which is lacking in this area. Keep in mind, you can be successful in almost any business opportunity. You need only work hard (find a passion in it), dedicate yourself, and commit to it.

What About Your #1 Recommended Product?

You may have learned that I’m a currently a member at Wealthy Affiliate, and that they’re actually my #1 Recommended product, or highest ranked product. The reason for this, is that they’re everything I’m looking for in a home based business. They offer something in every single aspect in which I review products.

Every time I review a product for my readers I go in with an optimistic attitude to review the product. I do not go in with a biased attitude. I actually go in and hope to find something else worthwhile. After all, we’ve all heard the saying, “Don’t put all your eggs into one basket.” So rest assure that I am providing you with a trustworthy and genuine review. 🙂

If there is a specific product that you would like for me to review, visit my Report a Scam page. As always, thank you for reading and I appreciate your time. Please leave any comments or concerns below. 


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