They Want to Know, Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam

Everyone hates a scam! Are you tired of running into scams trying to make money online? Scams are all over the Internet! I have bumped into so many of them. I never suffered a loss, but I have come close to it a few times.


Let me tell you about the community at Wealthy Affiliate. I have grown to love this online community because of the fact, there are no scams over here. Just real honest people, real success stories, and a very useful education. I don’t know of anywhere else on the web that does this.

Who are Kyle and Carson?

Wealthy Affiliate OwnersOne of the things that I enjoy about Wealthy Affiliate is that you have the opportunity to work with the owners Kyle and Carson. You’ll see them interacting in the community a lot. There have been many that I see Kyle in the Live Chat answering questions. It must be really great to get some great suggestions from someone that’s an expert in the field.

Bad Reviews

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam When I first started at Wealthy Affiliate, I looked around for anything bad people that people would have to say about it. All I found were good reviews. You literally can go to Google and search “is Wealthy Affiliate a scam”, and won’t find any bad reviews. What you will find are countless reviews that simply state that Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate company. Honestly, searching for a bad review on Wealthy Affiliate is like trying to find a needle in a haystack!

That Darn Needle!

There was one report from one person that seemed to be an unhappy customer. Seriously though, what business do you know that doesn’t have the occasional unhappy customer? We all know that there’s always someone that’s unhappy about something.

Meeting the Owners

When you meet Kyle for the first time, he will introduce himself when you first start. You’ll see that he’s down-to-earth. He really cares about people and is a real team player. In fact, we’re all in it as a team, and there’s no better feeling than to know someone’s out there willing to help you at any given time!

Wealthy Affiliate

 Be Apart of the Lookout Team

A lot of us at Wealthy Affiliate are constantly reviewing companies to see if they are legit or a scam. You can read countless reviews. We are all really proud to help people save time and money from being wasted on scams.


You can become an affiliate for WA and earn up to 49% commissions. You can start earning as a free member! It all depends on your hard work and commitment. You will learn all you need to know about affiliate marketing within the training program. I would encourage you to join affiliate programs that you want to promote.

You can be an affiliate for 10,000s of companies online including.  Amazon has one of the largest affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are free to join. At WA you will learn how to build a niche website that will allow you to generate traffic and promote products that you want to sell. This is how you earn commission on sales online.


One of the things that has allowed me to review Wealthy Affiliate in its entirety is that fact that I was able to join for free and remain a free member for the full course during the getting started training. There were no upsells that I would have to suffer to learn everything I needed to know to get started and really understand the process.

There are only 2 membership plans at WA. A Free Starter Membership and a Premium Membership ($47). Take a look at the chart below to see what each one has to offer. The Premium Membership includes everything you will need to become an advanced internet marketer.

10 Years and Still Going!

WA has been around for more than 10 years! It started in 2005. I don’t have a doubt in my mind that they’ll be here for another 10 years! I want to welcome you to my full review to see what you’re missing at WA. I hope to see you in the community. I’ll send you a message when you arrive. 🙂

Have you bumped into any scams lately? Please post them in the comment section below to help anyone else from bumping into them too.

Also, if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Your friend,



8 thoughts on “They Want to Know, Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?”

  1. Hi Jonathan,

    I took a look at Wealthy Affiliate and it seems to be a very decent platform with the advantages you mention yourself. I was looking for bad experiences about WA but couldn’t really find anything.

    I filled out the registration form and decided to go for the free membership to begin with.

    I have one concern; do you really believe it is possible to earn money on this way? It feels for me like most of the people were trying to make an income this way and if it would significantly decrease my chances to reach something with it. Do you think it’s possible to make a living with online marketing if one is committed?

    Thank you for your post!


    • Hi Adam! Thanks for commenting on my post, and YES I absolutely believe that you can make money online. Of course it is like any other business that you can think of. You have to commit yourself. I am glad that you have gotten yourself registered and are starting your own online business. Now it will take time to start making money, but every minute you spend towards your business is lying your foundation down. You can and will make money if you keep up the hard work! Put it like this if I had a money bag with 100k in and the question you posed was our game in poker; I would go ALL IN! I’m confident! Again it will take your hard work and dedication, but you have to ask yourself how bad do you want it! I’m really glad we got we got to touch on this topic! I wish you much success in your business!

  2. Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for your in-depth review of the Wealthy Affiliate program. Getting free websites and free training is a great deal. I like the fact you get step by step training. A lot of programs out there tell you what to do, but don’t show you how to do it.

    I have been looking into this program and I do have a few questions. Are the commissions based on a pyramid payout plan? Do they have upsells?


    • Hi Alex, thanks for your reply. If you choose to be an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate then you can earn up to 49% commissions. Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative business as a whole. I would encourage you to join affiliate programs that you are interested in. Within WA training you will be learning how to create a niche website. This will be a website targeting a specific audience.

      You can choose any niche you would like. For example, if you enjoy “juice” as a niche you would target that audience. You can make a website about all different types of natural juices. Within you website you can include affiliate links for different things like blenders, juicers, mixers, ingredients, etc. There is an affiliate program on the internet for just about any company with a product. Amazon is a major online web store that has an affiliate program and they pay their affiliate 4-10% commission.

      There are no upsells at Wealthy Affiliate. There are only 2 membership plans; A free membership and a premium membership ($47). If you would like you can stay a free member for life. If you would like to advance in your business I would encourage you to go premium. Take advantage of the free membership to get started though. It is extremely beneficial and you’re going to love it! Thanks so much for stopping by and I wish you much success with your online business.

  3. Hey, Jonathan.

    Great review on Wealthy Affiliate. The title was attention-grabbing, and I wanted to see what you’ll say about the community.I couldn’t agree more with everything you mentioned in the article.

    Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate online opportunity for people who are serious about working and making money from the comfort of their homes. It’s been two years for me, and I don’t intend to quit anytime soon. I’ve learned a lot, and I’m still learning every day.

    Best of luck to you.

    • Imad, thank you so much for your contribution. I am glad that you are taking advantage of the good life. The life where we can stay at home and enjoy doing the work we do. I want everyone to learn how to create an online business, and with so many scams on the internet I fear a lot of people may give up. The dream is real, the opportunity is real. If more people could visit Wealthy Affiliate they will see.

      One of the notions that has many with the wrong perception are all these scammers on the internet portraying an online business to be a push button business. Where just by pushing a button you are going to make millions overnight. I wish scammers would just get a life and try to make an honest living. Instead of trying to scam people out of their money.

      An online business is no different than any other business. It take hard work and dedication. Imad you are a perfect example to show people that this works, and I’m so glad you stopped by! I wish you much continued success in your online business. I’ll see you around!

  4. Hey Jonathan,
    Wealthy Affiliate is truly the best Online Business platform on the internet, you cannot find anything that can come close to what they have to offer.

    I’ve been a member for 2 years now and I must say, apart from the great lessons, community, and tools, their new features of the domain registrar makes the ma one-stop centre for anyone interested in building a website. Highly recommended for those serious in building a second income stream!

    • Riaz, thanks for your comment. That’s amazing that you have been doing this for over 2 years. I love Wealthy Affiliate, I owe my website to them. I could not have done this without them. The training is like you said, you don’t see this anywhere. The community is like from outer space or something. I’ve never seen a community filled with such positive and helpful people. I love calling WA community my own.

      I think I’ve seen you in there! I’ll have to stop by your profile and say hi and follow you. I’m sure with your couple years of experience you have some great blogs and offer some great training. That’s another thing you get at Wealthy Affiliate. The opportunity to meet experts in the field, and a lot of them offer training to you for no additional cost. Truly priceless!

      Thanks for stopping by,



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