Two fall victim to Work at Home Scams

work at home scam
Unbelievably, earlier this month two people reported crimes of Work at home scams. They found these jobs listings on the internet according to the Sheriff of the Union City South Carolina Sheriff Department. These victims went on some headhunters websites posting their resumes for work at home jobs.

Once the job hired them, one of the company’s name was ‘Company Shopping Bag’, the arrangement was that they would receive shipped products via ground shipping in boxes. Some of these items were reported to be cell phones and car parts.

Then they were to unpack the boxes weigh the items and then repack it and ship it back out. They were told that they were going to be receiving $2,500 a month plus $25 a box that they shipped out. Sounded like a good deal, but it was a SCAM!

work at home scamsTurns out these scammers where purchasing items with stolen credit cards and having people involved re-shipping the items to different addresses. The victims never got paid. Not only that, but the poor victims even spent some of their own money on shipping items like boxes and tape. They thought that they were going to get reimbursed for these items.

Some FACTS of the case are:

The reports were made out to Union City South Carolina Sheriff’s Department on January 7th and January 13th from two different victims. This is what their Sheriff, David Taylor, had to say:

“People are posting their applications and resumes on-line and with headhunter companies to seek employment from home and most of the time this is how our citizens are becoming victims.”

He also instructed people to be careful if they receive phone calls or emails from these scam artists not to give out their personal information and contact the Union County Sheriff’s Office at 864-429-1612.

What I have to say

My heart goes out to those victims that suffered from these scams. In addition, I do want to inform people that there is legitimate work from home programs out there. Furthermore, there is legitimate work online. With that said, please be careful when filling out applications or accepting jobs from any one of these headhunting agencies online.

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Final Thought

I think that’s what people really want. They are just trying to look for ways to work from home, but then falling to these scam artists who are taking advantage of them.

Please share your opinions in the comment section down below. I really want to hear your feedback on this article.

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8 thoughts on “Two fall victim to Work at Home Scams”

  1. Any job that request you to put money first … I would stay away completely! But this scam is designed to get past this even … Wow! Sending us expensive stuffs to start … Anyone will fall prey to this!
    Thanks for the update.

    • Apeng, you’re absolutely right, and I feel so bad for the victims. People are so honest and they really want to work. They make themselves available, only to get scammed. There is so many things wrong with this in our society. Hopefully people stop taking the easy way out and learn that the only way to make hard money is through hard work.

      Nobody deserves to be scammed. We all deserve genuine honest opportunities.

  2. Thanks for sharing that with us.

    Unfortunately with the internet, it is so easy for these scammers to commit fraud and do people out of their hard-earned cash. I wish there was a way these types of criminals could be caught and dealt with.

    I thing before one tries anything online, they must google it first to see if anybody else has complaints against the company before signing up.

    • Yes Michel you’re absolutely right. We have to google the company and look for any reviews on it. The other day, my wife was caught in a scam. Luckily, we caught it before we could lose any money. Someone contacted her on Facebook. Asked for her email, and when we got the email, it just looked suspicious because they were asking us for all of our personal information.

      I decided to Google the company. I did find the company and decided to call. They informed me that there was no such offer available and that it was a scam. Also that someone called last week complaining that they had lost money on business expenses and looking to get reimbursed.

      This company was asking people to join a payroll company. You would have to buy the paper, ink, envelopes, and stamps. We would’ve spent $100 on that easy. Everyone beware of such a scam! Thanks for your comment Michel, stay safe on the internet.

  3. Well at the end of the day, when there’s people looking to work online or work from home they need to do their research first. Scammers generally know that most of them won’t bother and that’s why they target them. Scams only exist because the gullible do I’m afraid (sad but true! )

    • I hear you Chris. I agree with you that people should definitely do their due diligence in researching these scams before parting with their money. Google is an excellent source for finding reviews on all the products that offer making money at home. Sometimes you may need to contact the company direct.

      I had a situation a couple weeks ago that someone informed my spouse of a make money from home opportunity. It was for a payroll company; printing checks. There was nothing online about the job; no reviews. I decided to contact the company direct and they informed me that no such position was available and that there are people online now scamming others about that job. Needless to say we did not fall victim to this scam. This is just one of the ways to avoid scams on the internet.

      Thanks for you input,


  4. The internet has brought us many good things, but it has also brought scammers into our homes as well. There appears to be no end to it.

    I wish more people would realize that the internet is indeed the greatest opportunity of our time, but it requires us to learn new skills before we can make money with it.

    The skills are not difficult to learn but they do require effort and proper support. The recommendation listed on this page is the best place I’ve found in nearly 8 years of working on the internet.

    • Hey Gary, thanks for stopping by. With your expertise, it supports the idea that people do not have to get scammed on the internet. They can truly build a passive income online. With the right tools and the right training, not to mention, and affordable price as well, anyone can achieve this dream. I too have found peace at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a relief to know that there is a legitimate program out there beside all of these hungry sharks out there.

      Anyways, good luck to you with your online business.



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