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Name: Usana
Price: $29.95
Founder: Dr. Myron Wentz
Rating: two and a half star reviews out of five for Usana (2.5 / 5)

What is Usana About?

I do reviews on MLM businesses quite often as an online business owner, and Usana is another Pea in the Pod. what I mean is it’s really similar to all of the other MLM businesses. It’s a business that you can join that allows you to sell their products as your own and leverage a Compensation Plan for which you can get paid on multiple levels. If you’re looking for an opportunity to make passive income then it may be worth it to consider Usana as a business to join..

Usana was founded in 1992, and is one of the larger mlm companies. It’s main focus is on health and wellness. Dr Wentz believed in making products that lead to long term health and in turn would lead to a happier life. It’s no secret the health and wellness industry is a 50 billion dollar industry, the last time I checked. Totally worth an evaluation of a business worth getting into. Let’s evaluate the business as a whole. Keep reading.

The Good & the Bad

mlmThe Good:

PRO #1 – Cheap to get started ($29.95)
PRO #2 – Lucrative compensation plan
PRO #3 – Opportunity to network and positive environment

The Bad:

CON #1 – Minimum requirements to qualify for commissions
CON #2 – Direct selling and recruiting
CON #3 – Expensive products

Usana Tools & Training

Information about the tools and training here. Usana may give you a business plan and a few marketing materials when you join, but most of the training you need to seek out on your own. You can always get training from your sponsor or someone in your upline. Most mlm companies have events you can join and phone conferences you can join to get daily/weekly/monthly updates.

You’ll want to get all the training you can get. Usana probably will have a replicated website that you can get for monthly fee to assist you with online sales. Don’t stop there! You want to get very knowledgeable in internet marketing so that you’ll be successful with your internet campaign. You can learn about search engine optimization (seo) and ppc with online training at a place called Wealthy Affiliate. There are a few other good services out there you may be able to search my menu for in “the Good” section.

trainingBe mindful that in order to make money you need to be a master in your field. In order to make real money at least. You should totally be profitable within your first year of network marketing, but it is no easy feat. You will have to work hard with constantly training yourself, learning the products, and your audience. It takes several years to master a business. Don’t look for overnight success, but choose Usana if you find you can build long term wealth with it.

Usana Products


Essential Nutrition

Core Minerals – $18.45
Vita-Antioxidant – $39.95
CellSentials – $52.95
Bone & Joint Health Oz Pack – $107.85
HealthPak – $130.95
Active Energy Oz Pack – $146.80


Features 22 products that target specific areas of your health based on your personal needs. Products range from $16.95 – $125.85.

Wellness Pro Plus – $125.85
Fitness Support Pack – $44.90
Digestive Support Pack – $65.90
BiOmega – $23.95
Cooster C 600 – $34.95
Vitamin D – $20.95
Belly Balance Pack – $58.90
Sleep Support Pack – $38.90

usana productDigestion/Detox

Usana Probiotic – supplement for digestive and immune health. $27.95
Digestive Enzyme – $30.95
Hepasil DTX – liver-support formula $35.95
Detox Core Pack – $88.90
Deluxe Digestion & Detox Support Pack – $419.50
Digestion & Detox Support Pack – $163.75
Detox Plus Pack – $94.85


Protein Shakes Powder from $35.95 – $169.75.

Personal Care

Daily Cleanser – $17.45
Hydrating Toner – $14.95
Daytime Protective SPF 15 – $37.45
Night Renewal Creme $35.45
Deluxe Pack with Serum Intensive – $170
Shampoo – $16.45
Conditioner – $17.95
Shower Gel – $16.45
Whitening Toothpaste – $8.95

I show the prices for reference purposes but know that there is not much mark up in the products. You can expect around 10% markup on products for profit. You won’t make a lot of money selling the products, but you can turn it into passive income. They are all consumable products, so if the consumer likes the products they can arrange to get a monthly supply sent on auto pay. Then you can begin to count your profits that way. The real money is in the opportunity, or the multi level marketing; we’ll talk about that next.

The Compensation Plan

This is going to be the simplest way to understand the compensation plan. Each product you sell comes with a number of points to it. As you accumulate points, they will convert into dollars. Usana offers a binary compensation plan, so you will have a right leg and a left leg. Usana calls them business centers. Be mindful that you need to meet requirements to maintain active business centers and qualify for commissions.

I believe it is 100 Point Volume (PV) for one business center, and 400 PV for three. There is an initial deadline/time frame to qualify for the 3 business centers up front. As you accumulate points there is what they call a match. You have to have the same number of points on each side to make a match. For example, if you have 1200 points on one side and 800 points on the other, 800 points will flush to create one cycle. Then you’ll get $100 (this is an example). The other 400 on the one side will rollover to the next month.

compensation planYou keep flushing these cycles to generate income for yourself. As you grow your business, or recruit other members to do the same, it creates what is called compound volume, technical term will be Group Volume (GV). Imagine the potential of 100s of members flushing 1000s of points monthly. It is there. In addition, most mlms such as this one offer rank advancement and leadership bonus, along with other incentives such as paid luxury trips and car bonuses.

You can accomplish anything you want to or set your mind too. Keep in mind, it’s not easy. It will take a lot of dedication, commitment, and determination. You can do this with almost any business. I personally choose internet marketing, because I dislike the direct sales and recruiting.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Usana?

It costs $29.95 to join which comes with your initial business plan and marketing materials. Then you have the option to purchase a business pack which can range from $135-$420. See more pricing here. These packs will come with several products. Remember that the products come with points, and yes they do count for you. You will want to purhcase and try all of the products if possible. It will make you that much more of a salesperson. It’s harder for me to believe a salesperson who doesn’t own the product himself.

I have no financial gain in sharing this information for you, nor any affiliate with Usana. I only want you to make a good decision in your next business choice. The fact of the matter is, we’re all seeking a way out of the rat race, and owning your own business is the only legitimate way out. I prefer to manage an online business, and make money online via affiliate marketing, but everything is not for everybody. I’ve been a victim to other mlm businesses out there and it was only because I didn’t have the knowledge to go forward, which you now have.

Final Opinion

scam signsI have found network marketing to be a legitimate business model. It is not a scam, nor a pyramid scheme. I believe a pyramid scheme is corporate america. Think about it, all the entry level employees at the bottom, and the CEO at the top. Who makes all of the money? You can sit around and wait for your next .25 cents raise, or you can open the door to an opportunity such as this one or any other network marketing business. If I had to choose, it would be this one, Usana, or any other mlm company that has been open for more than a decade.

There is a reason for their success. I’d be lying to you if I told you I prefer an mlm business over anything. The truth is I’m seeking financial freedom through the internet. I’m chasing the opportunity online, and the opportunity to work from home. Working from home and having your own online business can open you time to whole other world. A world where you only have to work a few hours a day and be financially free. It’s real folks, and I got my start here. If you’d like to get training for an online business, I would recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliate.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review. Ask me any questions that I may have left the answers out below. Also, anyone with a personal experience with Usana and their products or services, I would really appreciate your feedback. It truly does help others!

Usana at a Glance…

Name: Usana

Founder: Dr. Myron Wentz
Price: $29.95
Rating: two and a half star reviews out of five for Usana (2.5 / 5)

Do you have a personal experience with Usana? I would love to hear about your personal experience with their products or service. As always, I appreciate your feedback. It truly helps others!

4 thoughts on “One of The More in Depth Reviews on Usana”

  1. So glad I ran across this page.
    My wife is looking for a MLM or some kind of marketing position, this may be it.
    There are so many people out there selling energy food and drinks and vitamins and minerals…it goes on.
    Do you think this product is good? What sets this product apart from ALL the rest?
    Looks like there would be some money in this program. I will pass this one to her. Thanks

    • Bobby, I’m not in a position to say it is any good but I believe that if anyone chose too you can make it good. You have to work hard to build a business from scratch, and that would be just about any business. I wouldn’t pay attention to all of those marketing gurus who flash those flashy things in front of you. I would pay attention to the opportunity available. Usana can very well be it if someone would choose too. 

      If you would like to advise your wife, if I were looking for an mlm, I would take a look into Total Life Changes, or Poofy Organics. I prefer internet marketing business and affiliate marketing. If anyone would like to make money from the comfort of their own home, this would be a route to take. There is big opportunity there. I always recommend Wealthy Affiliate University to learn everything you need to know about it. Also, it is my #1 rated program for training, tools, and support. 

  2. Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you for putting this information together. I am always looking for legitimate supplements as a Neuro-muscular therapist, but I have found that the compensation plans on a lot of the direct selling companies make it quite difficult to make consistent commissions. I notice that you promote Wealthy Affiliate. I love the WA community! I agree with you, it is by far the best route to take to work from home. No messy compensation plans and down lines. Thanks for putting together a very detailed and informative article! Keep writing!

    In health,

    • Ian, I appreciate your comment. It is hard to come by a making money product that has overall value with the compensation plan, products, and so forth. Not to mention training, is so important. I have failed mlm products in the past because of the lack of training. This is so crucial in your success in any business. 

      This is the reason I promote Wealthy Affiliate. I have found that the training is second to none. Really! As you can see from my reviews, I have reviewed dozens and dozens of products. From multi level marketing (mlm) to internet marketing products. We all want to live the dream of financial freedom, and my goal is to help people find the right vehicle to take them there. 

      It is no easy feat. It will take time but this is with any business. Stay striving for greatness, it is inevitable to get there if you don’t give up. 

      See you at the top, 



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