Ways to Avoid Scams


ways to avoid scams

The information provided here is going to help you avoid scams. There are many ways to do this. I will show you all the common traits to look out for. You will never suffer from another scam again!

Scams are all over the internet. There are actually more scams than legitimate programs. The truth is you cannot make money, or a significant amount for that matter, in one day. This is not possible.

Scams are going to tell you that you can. Making money on the internet is very similar to doing it in the real world. It takes a lot of work. Of course, if we had the choice we would make it online though right!?

Ways to Avoid Scams

Look over the website.

ways to avoid scamsScan over their website and look to see if it looks scammy. Some scammy traits will be like they are offering large sums of money in a very short period of time.

Are they flossing exotic cars and miniature mansions? As soon as you see this, you need to be wary. The majority of the time, it’s a scam. This is a tactic that they use to reel you in. Don’t worry, it used to get me before I discovered the truth.

Read the comments

Look to see if there are any negative comments on the product. Although, you may not see any because comments need to be approved by the website owner in order to show up on the page. If there are lots of people asking if it’s real, and no responses from the website owner, be wary.

These scammers actually have people making fake comments as well. So you can’t believe all of the positive comments. If you wanted to dig deeper, you can research the people commenting on it. Almost everyone is involved in a social network these days. (i.e. Facebook, Google +, etc)

Look for Reviews

There are reviews for just about 99% of the programs on the net. Reviews can help you make a decision whether the company is legit or not. There is no need to make a negative review, or call the program a scam if it weren’t.

The majority of the people making reviews on products are trying to help people save time and money on products they’ve already done the research on. Reviews are my #1 Scam Preventer tool in saving myself from getting scammed.

Look for the .com

There are technical ways to avoid scams too. Be wary of a website if their domain name ends in a .tech, .home, .rocks, .us, or anything that isn’t the norm like .com, .net, .org. Check their About Us page and see how long they have been opened for. If it’s only a month or two, RUN!

What You Can Do to help Fight Scams

Create a secondary email account if you want more information on a company and don’t want to get spammed all the time. If you follow these procedures they will save you from scams 99.9% of the time.

What if there was an entire community out their dedicated to helping people from getting scammed, and helping people find legitimate ways to make money online? Go visit my full review on Wealthy Affiliate.

If there are any other ways that you can add to help others avoid scams, please share them in the comment section below.

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8 thoughts on “Ways to Avoid Scams”

  1. Hi, in this text you suggest reading comments to see if something is a scam. It appears you are aware of the fact that this means nothing. As an administrator you can rewrite any bad comment and make the most positive one. So if you are a scammer you would do this, so what is the point, this is a rather useless advice. You yourself can now modify this comment into my total agreement with your post. I never read comments on any site which is selling me something.

    • Hi Jovo, I appreciate you commenting. I glad you bring up this topic so we can clarify for all readers. We must all know these things. Also, I am very aware of that situation. Reading comments on those particular websites won’t give away that it is a scam. However, you do want to see if the website owner is responding to all those visitors who are asking questions about the product or program. On different platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and other social networks this can save you a lot of time and money. People post ads to get rich quick schemes on FB and good facebookers who know it is a scam inform others in the comments. Therefore it would save you from that scam. Thank you for allowing us to elaborate on this topic.

  2. Hi, this was a very useful info 🙂 I’ve heard a lot of things about scams online and while I was always trying to avoid them, searching for reviews was one of the things I did. Especially searching for bad reviews.
    But I admit I usually don’t look at the comments, I never thought about that and now I realise it would be a great way to make sure you’re not about to fall in a trap… anyway, I’ll know in the future, so thanks for the information 🙂

    • Ashley you’re very most welcome. I’m glad I was able to share that with you. Yes reading comments is important. As we stated before be cautious when reading certain comments on certain websites because the website administrator can modify those comments. Comments can give you clarity to see how well the administrator responds to his readers too. One of the many ways that will allow you to see who you want to do business with. Thanks again Ashley!

  3. Very well put ! If everyone follows what you gave put on your page then those scammers will for sure be out of business … But again never know they may come up with newer innovations to their scams. What is it about these kinda people always looking for a crooked buck …

    This is a great page … Apeng

    • Apeng, you’re absolutely right, what’s wrong with these scammy people right?! I guess it’s for the greed of the quick bucks. I hate when people get taken advantage of. I am so glad that I can now take part in this community (online the big world) to help others from getting scammed. You’re also right about what’s to come. I hope we can reach enough people to become aware of scams because I would hate to see this situation get worse. Through the years these scams may evolve like you said, and I’ll just have to come up with updated Ways to Avoid Scams when we confront those times. 🙂 Thanks Apeng!

  4. Work online usa. Hey great site. Im glad you have all the information on online scams. Im into making money online and now Im not so scared picking a route to take. Your site was very helpful to me and I hope others feel the same. Without sites like there we are in trouble. People steal your identity and you have a problem!

    • Hey Johnathan, you’re absolutely right. We have to be extremely careful when giving out our personal information. I’ve seen this alot with online survey sites. They ask for enough information to actually steal our identity. Plus you can barely make money with them. You can check out my post on Opinion Outpost.

      I take this risk on a daily basis trying different products so that I can inform my readers if these programs are scams. Never give out your credit card information ever. If they don’t take paypal forget about it. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the complement.


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