Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday Offer 2021

Banner, you are invited to Wealthy Affiliate's Black Friday

You are in for a real treat. This has got to be the best Black Friday offer in Wealthy Affiliate’s history. It has been around for 16 years. Traditionally, they offer a Black Friday deal annually. Wealthy Affiliate has come such a long way since 2005.

It has grown into what it is today, a robust online marketing training platform with a concentration in affiliate marketing. Keep reading to learn all of the details.

What is Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday Offer?

black friday coupon for wealthy affiliate, 40 percent offThe Black Friday deal will offer their Yearly Premium Membership at the all time low of $299, and their Yearly Premium Plus Membership at a whopping low $499.

How are these numbers so low? For the past couple of years the Black Friday deal was $399 for the Yearly Premium Membership, and $798 for the Yearly Premium Plus Membership. Normally these rates are $499 for Premium, and $999 for the Premium Plus.

Keep in mind these are the yearly rates. Monthly rates, are normally $49/month for Premium, and $99 for Premium Plus. If you are new to Wealthy Affiliate, let me explain what these memberships include.

What is Included in The Premium and Premium Plus Memberships?

Premium Membership:

  • A full course to learn affiliate marketing and building a website from scratch.
  • Monthly membership to Jaaxy Pro included – an excellent keyword tool ($19/mth value)
  • Live weekly video training from Affiliate Marketing Expert Jay Neil. (52 Classes)
  • Tons of Training on just about every topic in the industry, including:
    • pay per click advertising
    • social media advertising
    • blogging
    • Google Adsense, and other ad programs
  • Access to a whole community of internet entreprenuers, including several experts.
  • One on one help from the owners Kyle and Carson
  • Live Chat, Support, Private Messaging, and Website Support 24/7

Premium Plus: 

  • premium plus logo at wealthy affiliateEverything from Premium, plus:
  • 3-4 Weekly Video Training from Industry Leading Experts (200+ classes, including Q&A)
  • Monthly Membership for Jaaxy Enterprise included (top of the line, enhanced version for keyword research) ($99/month value)

Who Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday Deal For?

If you are interested in Online Marketing, Blogging, and/or Affiliate Marketing, this is the absolute best training platform available on the internet. I have been a member for over 5 years, and I am still loving it.

If you fall into one of the following categories, Wealthy Affiliate is for you. If you want to learn:

  • Affiliate Marketing beginner, intermediate, advanced
  • Blogger
  • Video Marketing
  • PPC Marketing
  • Online Business
  • Keyword Research
  • Stay on top of your game, sharpen your skills in online marketing

You have got to realize what you have available at your fingertips. Not only are there tons of people at your side, rooting you on, helping you with your every need; You have access to the owners who created Wealthy Affiliate, and industry leading experts in the field. These guys are where we want to be. Earning a full time living online, and then some.

How to Take Advantage of the Offer

wealthy affiliate's black friday banner with date Nov. 26-29, 2021This offer will be available for from November 26th-29th. If you are on the fence about it, jump in. I know you will love it, and you will not regret it. I have been a member for so many years, and I do not plan on leaving any time soon.

If you are interested in online business, and pursuing a career out of the business, Wealthy Affiliate is the safest bet. They have always been so transparent and there are no hidden agendas.

Simply follow the link to learn more, and to take advantage of this offer. I will be on the inside, once you make it inside.

There is a free membership of which you can take advantage of, but that is only good for the first course. There are 5-7 courses you will need to become an expert in your field.

Again, there is so much support, you can either ask questions to members of the community, myself, or the owners. Everyone of these has helped me so many times. I can condidently say, I am a professional Internet Marketer.

I can teach others how to make it online. You will too, if not already. If you are already proficient in the field, welcome, and join us at the best place to be as internet marketer on the internet.

A Final Word

will you join me image for black fridayIf you did the math, with these Black Friday deals at Wealthy Affiliate, they come out to $24/month for the Premium Membership, and $41/month for Premium Plus Membership. I have been on the Premium Membership all these years, and I will be taking advantage of the Premium Plus Membership offer this Black Friday.

Premium Plus has only been around for a couple of years, but it is so valuable. In my opinion, a game changer. Which ever Membership you choose, it will be a great choice. The best part about it, is you will be grandfathered in these prices. They will never change.

When inflation comes around, and it will, you will be safe, and able to keep on saving. I hope you are able to take advantage of one of these offers. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, let me know in the comments below. 🙂


Owner, HowToWorkOnline.Org

PS. If you want to read my full review about WA, click here

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