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what is saladmaster about a scam reviewsSaladmaster Review

Name: Saladmaster
Website: saladmaster. com
Price: Std. Kit $295
Original Owner: Harry Lemmons
Rating: what is saladmaster about a scam reviewswhat is saladmaster about a scam reviewswhat is saladmaster about a scam reviewswhat is saladmaster about a scam reviewswhat is saladmaster about a scam reviews (1 / 5)

What is Saladmaster About?

Saladmaster started back in the late 40s, so you know it can’t be a scam. You may hear of many complaints about it, or read a lot of negative reviews, but this is natural when you dealing with a high ticket item such as Saladmaster cookware. The truth remains, you get what you pay for, but as for the business opportunity, we’re going to dig deep here. I’m not cheering for Saladmaster, but I would like to add, my stepmom bought a cookware set over 20 years ago, and she paid a few thousands dollars for it. Guess what? They don’t have a stain/scratch on them! Not to mention the food we ate tasted really healthy and tasteful.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – really good cookware, lifetime guarantee, detachable handles
PRO #2 – good compensation plan plus ability to grow an organization
PRO #3 – cook dinner for people!

The Bad:

CON #1 – become a saladmaster hustler
CON #2 – REALLY pricey products
CON #3 – requires direct selling, recruiting, and team management

Who is Saladmaster For?

what is saladmaster about a scam reviewsIdeally, Saladmaster is for people who love to cook or are passionate about their health. Also, for people who want to:

  • Eat healthier.
  • Save money (lifetime guarantee).
  • Start a business.
  • Build an organization, and earn money on multiple levels.
  • Get a free set (30 dinners in 90 days). Learn more in Compensation Plan.

Saladmaster Training & Support

Saladmaster offers 24/7 virtual training with videos online. They also send you a training dvd with your starter kit. When you first join, you will have a trainer or a qualified presenter do the first 5-6 dinners with you. You bring the food and cookware, and they hold your hand through the show/presentation. Most of training and support will come from your sponsor, or other team members. This is an mlm (network marketing).

Saladmaster Cookware

Saladmaster cookware is made in the USA and uses 316 titanium. The cookware encourages you to cook without water, little to no oil, or even no need for stirring the food. The design is constructed in a way that it is semi vacuum for an oxygen free environment. This enables 93 percent of the nutrients to stay in the food. It offers temperature control, they say steamers destroy the taste in food. The cookware also has a detachable handle for space efficiency or dishwasher safety.

what is saladmaster about a scam reviews
Personal Set (Smallest Set)
what is saladmaster about a scam reviews
Professional Set
what is saladmaster about a scam reviews
Executive Chef Set (estimated $12,000)

How Much Does it Cost to Join Saladmaster?

As you may already know, it is difficult to find this information online as well information about their compensation plan. However, I did spend a few hours on research to bring this review so this what I’ve got. There are two kits (I was only able to find the price on one).

Mini Kit – includes paperwork, pricing, flip chart, training dvd, brochures, finance apps, and a dinner reservation book.

Standard Kit $295 – includes a luggage with wheels to carry around your cookware, professional Saladmaster bags to store your cookware. a couple of aprons, a salad bowl, and a salad machine for a $750 value.

Saladmaster offers a Kit Rebate Program. If you sponsor one person in the first 30 days who completes the training and sells a set, you get your money back at the next open house.

How Do You Make Money Selling Saladmaster? | The Compensation Plan

You start off by earning 10 percent profit on sales. There is a Fast Track Program. If you do 6 dinners in 15 days you get a Saladmaster machine, and if you get more sales you can qualify for more bonuses or gifts. Once you complete the Fast Track Program and do a solo dinner you get promoted to 15% on sales.

There is also a Stock Program where you can get a matching set for free. Your dinners from your Fast Track Program can rollover into the Stock Program. To qualify you need to have 30 qualified dinners during your first 90 days plus sponsor 1 person that completes the training and sells a set. You could also qualify for this Stock Program if you were to hit 10 qualified set sales first.

Get promoted to 20% on sales once you deliver 30 sets between you and anyone that you sponsor, or Fast Track and sponsor 3 people. This is a good milestone to hit because if you sell a set for $4k, instead of making $400, you make $800.

Get promoted to the Distributor Level and you can make 25% commission on sales, and qualify for team management bonuses. This is another great milestone because if you were to sell the Executive Chef Set (the largest set) you make $3,000.

what is saladmaster about a scam reviewsAs you grow within the ranks, you will become eligible to earn between 2%-3% commission/bonuses on all the sales of your downline.

When you book dinner show, you register before you start (by calling) and call when you finish. You want to cook for people who are financially qualified because they send a trainer. The target shopper for Saladmaster cookware are people ages 35+.

Saladmaster also offers a Referral Program to encourage people to refer people that you can host a dinner show too. They can qualify to earn great gifts such as a salad machine, knives and more.

My Final Opinion of Saladmaster

I have no intention in selling cookware sets. Not to mention, the products are too rich for my blood. I may consider it when I get a significant income increase. You’ve got to look for the market for these products. There is one out there. I’m sure there are a bunch of people interested in eating healthier and investing in a quality cookware set. Plus, you can’t beat the lifetime warranty.

As for the business opportunity, it could be quite lucrative. This business is all about selling and recruiting. You can make a lot of money if you do this and do it well. It takes years to get really good at something. If you can make this business profitable within 1 year, you’d be in good shape. By 3-5 years, you may have a wealthy steady income stream.

what is saladmaster about a scam reviews

I’ve chosen a different type of business. I do my work online.  I like it because no one bothers me; I don’t have customer complaints to deal with. I don’t have to do pressure sales, or pressure anyone to get recruited. I’m happy with my business; the online business. You can check it out here.

Saladmaster at a Glance…

Name: Saladmaster
Website: saladmaster. com
Price: Std. Kit $295
Original Owner: Harry Lemmons
Rating: what is saladmaster about a scam reviewswhat is saladmaster about a scam reviewswhat is saladmaster about a scam reviewswhat is saladmaster about a scam reviewswhat is saladmaster about a scam reviews (1 / 5)

Do you have a personal experience with Saladmaster? If so, I’d love to hear about your personal experience with their products/service.

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. As always, I appreciate your feedback. It truly does help others.


4 thoughts on “Saladmaster | Do You Want to Sell Cookware?”

  1. Is salad master similar to Pampered Chef? I had a friend start selling those products and I went to one of the dinners one time.

    It was a neat concept but seems like it would take a lot of work to make any kind of real money.

    This basically sounds like a multi-level marketing program right? I was always under the impression you have to get in with the company at the early stages to make any kind of real money.

    • You better believe it Jeremy. I bet you have to put in A LOT of work to make any real money. I mean you’ve got to pump out dinners. Could you imagine? You see sales is like a numbers game, so the more dinners you make the more conversions you can consider. First, you’re going to be advertising to make the dinners such as by phone, or email to family, neighbors, and friends. Second, you need to book as many appointments as you can because I’d imagine that not all of them stick. Finally, you’re going to have to leverage the pay plan which consists of some heavy team management.

      Anyone can make money within an mlm program, and yes this is a multi-level marketing program. However, you’re right, if you join in the early stages of an mlm, you can consider making some big money. Once an mlm is already stabilized it’s a little harder, but you can still make it. All you have to do is get really great at selling the products offline/online, and really good at recruiting and team management. Personally, I’d prefer internet marketing because you can still make some really big bucks and most of the work is by yourself.

      Hope this helps Jeremy,

      Have a good day!

  2. Hello and thank you for the information regarding the Saladmaster program.
    Before this I had never heard of the products, and I have been to a lot of home parties.
    It does seem expensive and not something that bought everyday even though pots and pans are the most used item in our house as we mostly cook at home instead of eating out.
    I like that the product holds in the freshness and without or little oil and water is used. This can take away the flavors sometimes.
    Again thank you for sharing this insight.

    • Kelly, I’m glad you found my review informative. I agree the cookware at Saladmaster seem second to none. The benefits make them almost worth all the money they’re asking for. I wonder how easy it is to leverage the compensation plan. You will have to book appointments left and right. Hope that they stick and then play the conversion rate game to see how many sales you’re going to close. All while building and managing a team. I guess it could be done, but I think I’ll pass.


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