What Do You Do When You Hate Your Job?

Been there done that!

I wish I could say, I don’t know what you mean, but I think we have all been there. Oh my gosh, I have hated just about every job I have been too.

It’s crazy how they always start off good, you begin to like it, and then it starts going downhill. You get settled in, and begin to hate it!

I am going to go over my best recommendation of what you can do when you hate your job. First know, that it will not get better if you do nothing.

I am going to help you start something new, if you are open to it, and also cope with your current situation.

Take a turn, for the best. This way ==>

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As I mentioned, you have to do something, because if you do nothing, you are going to be miserable. Unfortunately there are not many options. I mean you can get a part time job to try and keep your mind off of things.

Or you can sharpen up on your spiritual life, which I always recommend having anyway. Get one with God, and you will always make the best of all your situations.

Something else though, and the meaning of this blog post is to help you consider starting an online business.

An online business will definitely help you get your mind off of things. It will broaden your horizons to help you picture the possibilities in life. The best part, you can make it about whatever you want.

Everything you need to know about online business.

You can make it about whatever you like. Seriously. If you haven’t heard about affiliate marketing, I am going to tell you about it now.

When you become an affiliate for a company, you earn a commission when you help them generate sales. The best part about it, is it all takes place online.

Becoming an affiliate for a company is free. All you have to do is a build a website, which is easy and I will include where you can get free training, blog about the items you recommend, and when people buy those products, you earn a commission.

You will choose the products you want to recommend. You just have to join an affiliate program with the merchant. Most merchants online offer affiliate programs, such as Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, etc.

Building a website is not what it used to be!

If this was 20 years ago, we would probably not be here talking about this. However, now a days, it’s easy to build a website. Everything is basically plug and play.

There is this place where I learned how to build a website, and for free, called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you all about affiliate marketing, how to get started, and help you build your foundation on your business.

That is basically what this is. You will be starting a business online. Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative method of earning money online.

Did you know that around 90% of all companies are selling their products online. Most of them offer an affiliate program. Online purchase make up a significant percentage of their company’s revenue.

Over 4 billion people are online these days. That’s over half of the world population. This is a wave of the future and you should get in on it.

It’s going to be a long trip!

So in a nutshell, this is what you will be doing. Choose a passion, build a website, drive traffic, and generate revenue. Again, all this takes place online, and you can do it in your spare time, before, after, or during work.

I would not quit my job just yet. This will take some time to generate a full time income. Shoot it took me about six months to make my first sale. All internet marketers, at least the real genuine ones will tell you, there are no shortcuts. If you want to make your online business work, it is going to take time and hard work.

Once you gain traction in the search engines, I have seen people make $10,000s online. Check out one of our veteran internet marketers, Vitaly, from Wealthy Affiliate. Click on the photo to read his blog post about it.

Income report blog post for making money online

Inside WA you will find success story after success story. Again, there are no shortcuts, but this business can be very lucrative. I don’t doubt that within a few years you can generate a full time income.

I met a business owner once who told me, you don’t make any money in your business the first couple of years. Don’t think that the internet business is going to be any different.

Don’t let that stop you. Let’s agree on this. In a few years you are going to be doing something, what is that thing going to be. Do you want the freedom to choose what you want, and the flexibility of being your own boss with an online business?

I am not selling you a get rich quick scheme here. This is a legitimate business opportunity, which you can start with no money, and build with very little, and I mean very little overhead.

What do I do in the meantime?

Great Jon, so you offered an awesome business opportunity but I hate my job now, what can I do now? Well coming from someone who has hated so many jobs. Let me tell you what helped me.

Stay your course. Remember what brings you there. Why you go to work, and just do that. Kind of like, a race horse. They wear these blinders so that they can only focus on their lane. Stay in your lane.

Start a routine, before and after work. Maybe leave your house a little earlier and stop by Dunkin Donuts, to get a coffee, or something that you love. I love coffee!

Or maybe after work. Join a gym membership, or stop by the convenient store on your way home, to buy an energy drink, or a protein drink. These are some healthy choices.

The point, if you start a routine, create new habits, cut out the old ones, you can look forward to something going to and from that place you hate to work at.

people sitting around gossiping at work

Last, but not least, STAY OUT OF THE WORKPLACE GOSSIP. I mean, that crap just sucks you in, and makes things worse. Nothing worse than being apart of it as well.

The best you can do is once someone starts talking about someone else, make your way out of the conversation. Or change the topic of the conversation. You have got to get good at this. Your sanity depends on it.

I used to just change the subject, or say hey I have got to go do something. These are some things that helped me, and I know will help you cope with your job.

The reality is there is no easy answer. No easy way out. Sure, you can leave that job and on to another one, but take it from me, the grass is never greener on the other side.

You have got to change your whole outlook. You ever wonder like man, I should have done something else with my life. Gone to school, study something different, or started a different trade. You have a gateway now. Get into online marketing. I think you will be glad that you did.

Worse case scenario, it won’t be for you. There is little to no risk. I really think you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

One-on-one coaching available for you.

My job is to help you with building an internet business. That is what I do. I am glad I found you here, while you were searching for alternatives on ways to cope with the job you hate.

Don’t continue to search. Trust me you will waste your time. Take this valuable information and run with it. I did it, kept searching for an alternative, and I spent months searching only to find nothing else.

Starting this online business was my only way out, and I think it may be yours too.

I am a member of Wealthy Affiiliate. I am inside their online community every day. I can help you with your business. As you get started, you will have a bunch of questions. I can be there to hold your hand through the process.

There are thousands of other members inside the WA community which I think you will find to be helpful as well. Just know that I will be here for you too.

Check out my full review of Wealthy Affiliate here, and join. It’s free! 

Do you have any questions for me to help you get started? Where do you work now, and why do you hate it? Any other ways you can help others with the idea of coping with the job they hate? Write in it the comments below, and I will see you around!


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4 thoughts on “What Do You Do When You Hate Your Job?”

  1. Hey, Jonathan,

    This hit home. I’ve been through a series of jobs that I hated with a passion. I’ve had my good share of jobs where I’ve had to deal with angry customers and poor management. Done with that.

    I started my site online in late 2019, and it has been a difficult journey. I’ve been learning a lot, but I still need to make money. The ultimate goal is to do this full-time. Fingers crossed!

    Thanks for sharing. It was an inspiring read.

    • Enrique, thank you so much for the compliment! I agree, it’s hard to deal with a regular job. Customers and Management suck! I guess not all customers; some are really cool. An excellent manager is hard to come by. 

      Poor management can really make a break your job’s experience. I feel like you, many jobs I hated because of the manager. 

      I feel a good manager will be one that listens, takes advice, firm on their word, but knows when to bend the rules a little. I tried being a manager once, but then you have poor employees. It’s a hard situation. 

      Yeah, building your own business online is the way to go. Just focus on it, I know you can make. If you believe you can, you will. Stay clear of distractions as well. 

      – Jonathan 

  2. I hated my job. I was working as a dishwasher and had no drive or motivation in life. I quite nad started my own side hustle. Now, this side hustle pays for my affiliate marketing expenses and is a dream come true. When my affiliate marketing takes, off, I will invest in another bussiess. This just goes to show, your drive and ambition is a lot higher when you are doing something you love!

    • I hear ya Karan. What other businesses are you interested in? I agree as well, it’s hard to climb up, when you hate your job. Doing something you really want to, and can be passionate about is way better. 

      I know when we first start a job, we are passionate about. Our passion ignites, and begins to burn. But then poor management, and poor co-workers begin to put that fire out, until it’s gone. 

      What’s great about being in business for yourself is you are in control. You can be passionate about it. In an online business you are your own boss, and you can control who will be your co-workers. It’s much easier than an offline business, because in a brick and mortar business it can be hard to find good help. 

      Good employees are hard to find, locally at least. 

      Piece of advice though, do not be afraid to fail, and do not stop, ever! Keep going, ask for help. There is this big and strong online community at Wealthy Affiliate that can help you endure the hardships. 

      Take care brother, and I wish you the best!

      – Jonathan 


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