What is a Keyword Research Tool for? Optimize your Website!

what is a keyword research tool forYou may be new to blogging. Or you may be an experienced blogger and not getting the results you’ve expected. Someway you’ve heard about a keyword research tool, and wondered if it can help you. Well, you have thought correctly. A keyword research tool can help you in many ways, lets go over them.

As you know, a keyword is a phrase that a user types into the search engine to find what they are looking for. It can be detrimental to your success if you’re not using the right keywords. The right keywords will be ones with a low amount of competing websites using them and a high amount of searches being performed on a monthly basis.

Keyword Competition

If you have a keyword that has 500 competing websites using it, it will be very difficult to out rank them and get on the first page of Google. As you know, any page after page 1 in Google, is worthless. Likewise, the keywords you’re using in your content may have only a few searches in the search engines on a monthly basis which will result with you not getting enough traffic. That’s where a keyword research tool will help you.

what is a keyword research tool foWith the right amount of traffic you will be giving yourself more opportunities to make money. Think about it, if you have 10 pages on your
website and you are expected to get 1000 visitors a month using a specific keyword. Then that would give you 10,000 visitors a month. Way more opportunities for all your traffic convert into sales!

One fact remains true, you will not make money the way you want without traffic. Traffic is King! How do you get traffic? With content creation, really good keywords, and a trusted website . A keyword research tool will help you choose good keywords that will help you get ranked and in turn help you get more traffic.

The Best Keyword Research Tool I have Found

What is the best keyword research tool? I have found Jaaxy to be the best keyword research tool that I have ever used. The reason I say this is because it has so many features like QSR (# of competing websites), Alphabet Soup, Trends, and Site Rank. Keyword Competition, is only
available at Jaaxy. Without knowing how many websites are ranked for a keyword, it will be like you’re just rolling the dice.

what is a keyword research tool forJaaxy allows you to search keywords and find out how many monthly searches are being performed on them. It provides you an estimate of how much traffic you can expect if you achieve first page rankings in the search engine. Also most importantly, the number of competing websites that are already being ranked for that particular keyword.

Let’s Talk About Alphabet Soup – What is it?

what is a keyword research tool for

If you haven’t heard about it by now, I will tell you, it is a phenomenal way to find great keywords. How you do this is you pick a broad keyword and input it into Google. After inputting you keyword insert a letter; starting with ‘a’, and go down the alphabet. This is free to do, and you can try it now. You can also get great results by putting the letters before the keyword to discover more great keywords.

what is a keyword research tool for

This is a valuable asset that is free right at your fingertips. Google populates the most common keywords that are being used (to make it more convenient for the user). You will still need to input the keywords you find into the keyword research tool to see it’s monthly volume of searches and also it’s competition. Nonetheless, this is a great tool to get different ideas for writing content.

The icing on the cake is that Jaaxy has this feature built into its program. You will find that it can be really time consuming to do the Alphabet Soup with every keyword. Words cannot describe the value of having it done for you within seconds at the click of a button.

what is a keyword research tool for

Trends and Site Rank

Some of the greatest features at Jaaxy include Trends and Site Rank. Trends shows you the latest news that is trending in Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. This can be a useful tool for bloggers because it can give you ideas for writing content when yours run dry. Remember, you always want to keep your readers engaged. Having the latest and most popular news will help you with that. 

Site Rank is a tool that allows you to see what page number and position your website url is on. This is a feature that I use often in Jaaxy. I got to tell you I’ve been working on my online business for a few months now and I could not believe how much of a struggle it is to find what page you’re ranking on. Jaaxy provides this easy to use tool to find your site’s ranking within seconds. You just put in your keyword along with the url and it provides what page and position you’re on in Google.

The Owners of Jaaxy

what is a keyword research tool forThe owners of Jaaxy have been specializing and finding keywords since 2002; when they first started in online business. Their names are Kyle and Carson. They have another training platform specializing in starting and/or optimizing your online business. I have also been using this training platform for a few months and have found none other like it. It’s phenomenal!

I invite you to use Jaaxy! To go along with my invite you will get a bonus 30 free searches. This will give you the opportunity to test drive the platform without paying a dime. No credit card required, all you’ll need is some basic information. Check out my full review on Jaaxy!

How long have you been writing for? How has your experience been using keywords in the past? Please take a moment to share your experiences in the comment section, and as always if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Your friend,


what is a keyword research tool for




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6 thoughts on “What is a Keyword Research Tool for? Optimize your Website!”

  1. This is a great post it gave me extra insight on keywords, I recently started a site and have had my doubts on it becoming a serious thing.

    Keyword optimization is something i don’t fully understand but your post answered many questions that have been in my head when it comes to keywords

    • Hey, I’m glad to help J! Anytime you may need a hand with something, like any questions you might have about blogging or internet marketing, I’ll be glad to lend a helping hand. I also had trouble understanding keywords when I first started blogging. I actually learned a little while writing this post. I do extensive research before I write a blog, so I always gather a lot of information and during that it opened my eyes to a couple things. Such as keyword competition versus traffic.

      These are all great pointers, and all that you really need to learn to become efficient with keywords. I would highly recommend checking out Jaaxy because it is the most precise when it comes to keyword competition. It turns out those results in Google are not real. You know when it says 8,000,793,983 results, lol, yeah that’s a lie. I don’t know why they put it like that, but Jaaxy gives you the real number of competing websites.

      Wish you much luck,


  2. Hi Jonathan! I do find the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool very helpful as well as Jaaxy. I’ve recently heard that some Affiliate Programs won’t allow you to use their brand names as a keyword for the search engines. I find this pretty bizarre …. since it would be very difficult to promote brand name products without using the brand names. Do you have any information on this? Thanks!

    • You know Brittni, I just learned about that too. Applying for different affiliate programs I learned that some of them do not want you to use their brand name in the keyword phrase. I do not why this is entirely. It’s a good question. I think that it is only pertaining to ppc (paid per click) campaigns. So you should not have any issues with just creating content to rank organically. (free traffic)

      I am in love with Jaaxy. I used to like Wealthy Affiliate’s keyword tool, and thought it was very helpful. But after using Jaaxy, there is nothing else like it. The convenience of having everything instantly, and the alphabet soup instant, is indescribable! I would totally recommend going Pro if you could, because there is truly way more value than it’s cost. ($19/mth) It has made my life so much easier when it comes to finding keywords.

      Much luck to you,


  3. Hey, Jonathan!

    I’ve never really understood the uses or benefits of keyword research tools. But now I know exactly why internet marketers use them and how they can bring in traffic to websites 🙂

    Jaaxy looks awesome, and I gained a lot of value from the video as well when it comes to the alphabet soup strategy.

    I will give Jaaxy a whirl!

    Thank You..


    • Hi Neil,

      You’re right, Jaaxy is awesome! I am really glad that you see the value in using a keyword search tool now. It just doesn’t make sense not too. You can be so much more successful with your content creation by using it. The idea of any business is too drive traffic. A keyword search tool assists you in doing so.

      Jaaxy truly is an incredible keyword search tool. I have never seen such an informational tool that helps with the locating of excellent keywords and not too mention the many other features it has. I’ve been using Jaaxy for many months now and I absolutely love it! The speed, the informative keyword searches, the awesome features like alphabet soup, site rank, and domain searches. I would encourage anyone to check it out! After all, it’s free to test drive. 🙂



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