What is Amazing Selling Machine All About? – My Honest Take

what is amazing selling machine about a scam review Amazing Selling Machine Review

Name: Amazing Selling Machine
Website: now.amazingsellingmachine.com
Price: Starting at $3,497
Owners: Matt Clark & Jason Katzenback
Rating: amazing selling machine reviewsamazing selling machine reviewsamazing selling machine reviewsamazing selling machine reviewsamazing selling machine reviews (1 / 5)

What is Amazing Selling Machine About?

Amazing Selling Machine is a program online that will teach you how to build a business online selling physical products. It is really a step by step program to walk you through this. They’ve got mentors, and an online community for support. ASM is not a scam, though many have tried it and never got a return on their investment. I’ve spent several hours reviewing the program, and I’m going to share with you all I’ve got about the program.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – teaches you to start your own store online with Amazon.
PRO #2 – growing opportunity as more shopping is being done online.
PRO #3 – 30 day money back guarantee

The Bad:

CON #3 – Too much risk, plus I’ve heard a lot of complaints of poor customer service.

Who is Amazing Selling Machine For?

Definitely not for people who do not have capital to start a business online. Matt and Jason say it’s cheap because you can start a business online for under $10k; easy for them to say, they’re making MILLIONS! Though the saying is true; I mean let’s face it, where do you know of starting a business like that for around $5k. However, you could even start a business for $0, and that’s why I’ve ranked this product so low; the affordability.

I do not encourage anyone to put this on their credit card. It’s too much of a risk. You may never see the return on investment, and you’ll be paying this off for years! I get it you can probably learn the business with them at a much faster pace, but c’mon now, we all have time. I would recommend starting with a company such as Wealthy Affiliate for $0, and give it a couple of years; you should be making a full time income online.

Let’s be honest we’re really looking for the time freedom that comes with being successful online. I don’t doubt that there’s people out there making $10,000s online because of Amazing Selling Machine, but take my word for it, you’re gambling. Warren Buffett said he takes minimal risks while doing business, and that’s why he has been so successful. Who shall we believe here?

Yes I am recommending a different product here, but I do because I feel it’s in your best interest. Even if I had to money to invest in a program like Amazing Selling Machine, I wouldn’t, because it is too damn expensive. You can go online and search for cheaper alternatives.

Or you can start your very own online business, right now, right here, for FREE!

So What Actually Will You Be Doing With Amazing Selling Machine?

The idea is you’ll be starting an Amazon business. One of the largest marketplaces online. Amazon takes up almost half of the shopping revenue online. It’s HUGE! But you probably already knew that.

So ASM will teach you how to be a top seller on Amazon. Their training will teach you how to choose a product, how to outsource the product, like from China, how to create your listing such as the headline, find the keywords, product description, and images. Finally, it will teach you to advertise the product on Amazon and other mediums such as Facebook.

Last but not least, ASM will be teaching you how to scale back your business. This is a major thing, especially in PPC (pay per click). You will spend a lot of money at first on advertising, but over time you will see what is working, so then you can subtract from what is not working, and keep investing into what is working, so then you will BOOST sales.

Amazing Selling Machine Training

As you could imagine ASM has some intensive training. They say it’s simple, and I believe them. It is simple to make money online. Not fast, but simple! It really is like they say, it’s one method and you keep just washing and repeating.

ASM has several modules that you will follow. Set with a certain number of tasks (kind of similar to Wealthy Affiliate, but WA is $3,497 CHEAPER), for you to complete and then move on to the next set. Step by step you shall see your business growing to the point where you will launch it and start making money. Now remember, you will spend A LOT of money by this point. You’re paying for the membership, you’re paying for the products, and you’re paying for the advertising.

ASM Tools

I don’t know much about the tools, but have read from other sources that this will cost more money! They will be included in one of the many upsells you need to expect coming from ASM.

Amazing Selling Machine Support

ASM has a mentors group with some of their most successful members over the years that have volunteered to help you with your business. There are only so many, expect some long wait times, but rest assure you will attain expert help. Each of the mentors have been picked because they are making around $1,000,000 in sales yearly with their Amazon businesses.

amazing selling machine review
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Along with the Mentor Program at ASM, they have a community support group on Facebook. I’ve heard complaints about this from other sources that most of the people on that network are the newbies anyway, and will be hard to find good help there.

Price | How Much Does it Cost to Join ASM?

A whopping $3,497! Or, four easy payments of $997. Way too much for me! As that should not be enough, you’ll also be paying for additional tools for your online business.

You’ll also need to buy a membership at Amazon for $39.99 a month. Finally, expect to spend around $500 – $1,000 to purchase inventory to start up the business.

Amazing Selling Machine Affiliate Program

One of the best I’ve seen thus far. ASM pays 50% on sales. If you don’t know about affiliate marketing, learn about it here. Every time you make a sale, you earn that commission, and 50% of $3,497 is around $1,750 (face with wide open mouth and eyes). Most of the heavy hitters I’ve found online, are recommending these guys. Guys such as Jeff Lenney, Ryan Moran, and many others. You get to learn who these people are online when you’re an affiliate marketer like myself.

Yes, I’m into affiliate marketing as well. Sure I make commission when you choose my #1 recommendation, but that’s not the only reason I recommend it. I gotta make living, plus I’m after financial or time freedom just like you! As a matter of fact, if I get enough traffic to this page, I may even join the affiliate program at ASM.

Disclaimer: Yes even if I don’t recommend a product, believe it or not people will still buy into it, and why not earn the money from it. Don’t take it the wrong way, (it’s just business), and plus you can learn how to do this too at Wealthy Affiliate. Remember, it’s FREE!

PS. Also, there is a contest going on at ASM currently for the top promoter for their current launch. The grand prize is $75k, second place is $50k, and third place is $25k. Caution: there will be some very convincing posts or squeeze pages out there. Remember this, because a lot of these guys just want you to join because it will make their pockets fatter!

My Final Opinion of the Amazing Selling Machine

You guys, I’m exhausted, I’ve spilled all the beans! I hope you’ve enjoyed this review as I’ve tried to be as transparent as possible for you. I believe in the opportunity to make a living online and fulfill our dreams, but you don’t have to go broke in the process. Yes there are the sayings out there, “you need to take risks”, and “scared money don’t make money”. I think it’s all bogus!

Making money online is for REAL. You can make money, just learn the system. Also, know that it takes time and hard work. People think it’s easy; it’s not. It’s not fast either. Although you CAN make money. There is a proven system to follow, and all you have to do is keep doing it. Wait for your time to shine, but don’t get left behind; do the work. I recommend you go into this program right here because it’s free.

Amazing Selling Machine at a Glance…

Name: Amazing Selling Machine

Website: now.amazingsellingmachine.com
Price: Starting at $3,497
Owners: Matt Clark & Jason Katzenback
Rating: amazing selling machine reviewsamazing selling machine reviewsamazing selling machine reviewsamazing selling machine reviewsamazing selling machine reviews (1 / 5)


Do you have a personal experience with Amazing Selling Machine? I would love to hear from you, and people would like to know about their products and services. Also, for those who have any questions about this review

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

I’ll appreciate your feedback. It truly will help others!

Owner, howtoworkonline.org

4 thoughts on “What is Amazing Selling Machine All About? – My Honest Take”

  1. Thank you for this awesome review.

    I think the cost is too much as well. For a starter to pay around 7-8 K just to start is too much.

    I have heard about this program a couple weeks ago and really curious what it is all about but reading your review I would go to WA 100 %.

    You can see the success stories on wealthy affiliate. And it is 49$/ month. Totally worth it.

    So thank you again.

    Keep up the good work

    • Hey Albert, the price tag on Amazing Selling Machine turned me off as well. I think it’s a shame because I’m a real commited person, especially to my business. I think the reason why they make the price so high is to cypher between the real people and those who are just kicking tires. I get it, but like I said it’s not fair to people like me who will do the work. Who is going to dish out several thousand dollars like that? Not me.

      Furthermore, the information they’re teaching is no different than what you can learn at Wealthy Affiliate, or any where on the net. Yes, it’s all put together in a package for you and you get the mentorship. You can justify the price that way. As for me and most of the people on this page, we’ll get our training and help at an affordable rate with Wealthy Affiliate. Plus, you get to start for free, where do they do that at?

      – Jonathan

  2. great information on AMS. I’ve tried several products through the years and had very little success. To me the cost of this program is absolutely ridiculous. I can’t believe people are actually signing up for this program and prices. You did mention another program called Wealthy Affiliate. Can I do a free trial with WA? What is your favorite part of their training program?

    • I can’t believe how many people sign up to their program either! Yes, Wealthy Affiliate has a free trial. The best part is there is no rush, you can be a free member as long as you want! My favorite part of their program is the live training. There is so much value in there, and I’ve learned so much through the live training.

      Every Friday, Jay, an expert 10 year veteran in internet marketing, records a live stream training with tips and steps to become successful in several different areas online. Those videos alone (you can get them on replay) are worth at least $10 a pop, sometimes more such as the one about SEO, I would’ve paid $50 for that one. Anyways, these are all included in your Premium membership. Definitely, Wealthy Affiliate is worth it!

      – Jonathan


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