Is Digital Altitude a Scam?

what is digital altitude about a scamDigital Altitude Review

Name: Digital Altitude
Price: Starting at $37/Month ($1/7 Day Trial)
Founder: Michael Force
Rating: what is digital altitude about a scamwhat is digital altitude about a scamwhat is digital altitude about a scamwhat is digital altitude about a scamwhat is digital altitude about a scam (1 / 5)

What is Digital Altitude All About?

Digital Altitude is an online opportunity which also offers internet marketing training. Also a couple of other things such as retreats for live training which offers great advice for your business, real estate, and tax advice (extremely high end products).  Founded by Michael Force, a former US Marine who has more than 15 years in the internet marketing industry. No doubt about it, himself and his crew know what they’re doing, so no need to worry about if they are a scam or not. On the contrary, I do not recommend this product for reasons which I’ll explain in detail throughout my review.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – $1 / 7 Day Trial
PRO #2 – Live coaches available to help you.
PRO #3 – Education on affiliate marketing.
PRO #4 – High Ticket Sales Available

what is digital altitude about a scam
Takes up to 2 days to hear from your first coach!

The Bad:

CON #1 – High Ticket Products (double edged sword, I’ll tell you why in a bit)
CON #2 – Unrealistic views with internet marketing
CON #3 – Wait-time to speak to coaches.
CON #4 – You have to pay to get in. (No free membership)

Who is Digital Altitude For?

Digital Altitude offers a very lucrative product(s). You can expect with high ticket sales come high commission paydays. DA is for the online entrepreneur or business owner. Beginner to Advanced, if you want to learn how to make money online, or if you would like to expand on your business, they will show you.

Notice in CON #4 I said you have to pay to get in. I am someone who believes in a free trial membership, no strings attached. I don’t like these products who put this wall up and won’t let you see what you’re getting into until you pay or make some sort of commitment. I picture it like a wall on a military base. Michael, you’re not in the military anymore.

What Are You Talking About Jonathan?

what is digital altitude about a scamWould you agree with me that Apple offers one of the most awesome products on the market today? Well have you been to the Apple store lately? That’s right, they let you try out their products for free until you like it enough to purchase it. I’ve never seen or heard someone get kicked out because they were taking too long to make a decision. That’s not unrealistic is it? ;-D

Back to Who Digital Altitude is For?

Also for business owners who are looking to expand their business(es) online. DA offers high end products which include live training events taken place in 3-7 Day Retreats. These retreats are made to provide you with expert training and advice. The retreats I do like because as a business owner we have to stay open to new training and ideas. These events can open up opportunities to learn more and expand on your business.

Speaking with people who are millionaires already is great. It gives you a sense of ambition and motivation to move up. These are very high end training events that go up to $28k which may be well worth it if I were a millionaire already. It’s all about learning and growing.

Digital Altitude Training Products, Prices, & Support

what is digital altitude about a scamDA offers you a vast amount of training and products to set you up within your online business. The more you spend, the more in depth and expansion on training you will receive. Your support can come from the live coaches provided for you or your team that you join within the company. Let’s begin with the products overview.

Aspire Walker – $37/month

40% commission
1 Tier Payout
Members Area
Start up training videos – these offer step by step tutorials to start up, set up, and promote your business.

Aspire Hiker – $67/month

Everything from Walker plus:
Up to 50% commission
2 Tiers Payout
Weekly Training
Monthly conference calls
Additional automated sales funnels
Lifetime 1-on-1 Coaching
Tools and Resources

what is digital altitude about a scamAspire Climber – $127/month

Everything from Hiker plus:
Up to 60% commission
3 Tier Payout
Sales assistance
Done for you solutions
Traffic solutions

Base Membership – $597 One time

A set of modules designed to fast track your business through the first 3 months. Side note: You’ll find that laying down your foundation in your online business is crucial, so this is what it’s designed to do.

12 Modules which include training on:

  • Goal setting
  • Creating captivating branding and design
  • Establishing your web presence
  • How to set up a social media campaign
  • How to use analytics
  • Long term profit optimization
  • Customer sales and retention
  • How to build automated systems

Rise Membership – $1997

what is digital altitude about a scamBusiness training designed to keep you on the fast track with sustaining your business after the first 3 months. There are 19 modules which include:

  • Fundamental Mindset Shift – how to think like a business owner for long term success.
  • How to Market – how to optimize while marketing your products
  • The 80/20 Rule – how to find the 20% who generate 80% of your sales.
  • How to identify emotions trigger button in your prospects.
  • How to attract the perfect customer.
  • How to harness direct response to reduce customer acquisition costs.
  • How to become an “educational marketer”.
  • How to create a brand name.
  • How to create high converting headlines.
  • How to personalize your brand story, credibility, and trust.
  • How to write killer content.
  • How to create the perfect marketing message.
  • Creating Ads – boosting referrals and sales.
  • Partnering and collaborating with other internet marketers.

Ascend Membership – $9997

what is digital altitude about a scamAll inclusive 3 Day Retreat to build connections and learn from some of the industry’s top earners.

What’s on the Agenda:

  • Discuss the most profitable traffic sources.
  • Strategies to scale traffic.
  • Secret techniques.
  • Discover powerful funnel formulas
  • How to create a powerful brand.
  • How to tell your story.
  • Tap into your inner guru.
  • Harness the power of video.
  • How to create amazing content.
  • How to increase conversions with analytics.
  • How to outsource.
  • How to build a team.

Peak Membership – $16,997

what is digital altitude about a scamOnce your business is off the ground you can take this 5 Day all inclusive retreat for 2 to meet with some of the industry’s top leaders who specialize in business success, management, and leadership.

A list of things on the Agenda:

  • How to scale your digital business.
  • Creating joint ventures, making contacts with key players in your industry.
  • How to add massive value to your products/services.
  • Finding and hiring the best talent.
  • Strategies for accounting.
  • How to motivate your team.
  • How to protect your assets legally.
  • Growth strategies.
  • Creating customers for life.
  • The power of influence.
  • How to create more efficiency.
  • How to automate 80% of your business.

Apex Membership – $27,997

A 7 day retreat for two to learn the art of wealth building, real estate and asset management from experts in these industries.

Let’s take a look at what’s on the Agenda:

  • Secure your retirement income.
  • How the rich get richer.
  • Funding your investments with other people’s money.
  • what is digital altitude about a scamInvest like the rich
  • Creating long term wealth strategies.
  • How to stay wealthy for life.
  • The law of attraction.
  • Win the credit score game.
  • Creating a tax free retirement.
  • How the rich use IRA’s.
  • Asset protection
  • Legal tax strategies
  • Risk management tactics
  • Annuity analysis
  • How to invest in real estate.
  • Hidden markets and no money down.
  • Wholesaling and rehabbing profits
  • Time tested tax liens

Digital Altitude Compensation Plan

You can get paid up to 3 Tiers. For example, Tier 1 are your personally enrolled members, Tier 2 are members enrolled by your Tier 1 members, and Tier 3 are the members enrolled by Tier 2 members.  

Here is a breakdown of each product sale:

Aspire Memberships

Walker Membership $37/month – You earn 40% on Tier 1 = $15/month

Hiker Membership $67/month – Pays 50% on 2 Tiers
Tier 1 (40%) = $27/month, Tier 2 (10%) = $7/Month

what is digital altitude about a scamClimber Membership $127/month – Pays 60% on 3 Tiers
Tier 1 (45%) = Earn $76/month, Tier 2 (10%) = $13/month, Tier 3 (5%) = $6/month

To get paid on all 3 Tiers, you must be at Climber level. Breakdown is as follows: Tier 1 = 45%, Tier 2 = 10%, Tier 3 = 5%, for a total of 60% commission. In order to get paid on the following  products, you must own the product. There are options to purchase the products in bulk. If you do not own the product, the commission will go to your sponsor.

In several cases you may have a coach help you close the sale for each prospect. The coach takes 20% commission off the top for their assistance. In my opinion, half a sale is better than no sale.

Core Products Commission

Base: $240 commission on Tier 1

Rise: Tier 1 = $900, Tier 2 = $200, Tier 3 = $100

Ascend: T1 = $4,500, T2 = $1000, T3 = $500

Peak: T1 = $7,650, T2 = $1,700 T3 = $850

Apex: T1 = $12,600, T2 = 2,800, T3 = $1,400

My Final Opinion of Digital Altitude

what is digital altitude about a scamDigital Altitude is way too expensive!! It almost seems like a scam, however it isn’t. There is a theory in the affiliate marketing industry which is you will make more money by promoting the highest ticketed items. It make sense, but it’s just not for me. At this point, I just want to offer economical, valuable, and legitimate products to my visitors.

I’d rather get rich like Walmart, than Gucci. Don’t know if everyone will understand that. I’m a very conservative guy, who seeks value in everything I acquire. As I mentioned earlier, if I were a millionaire I wouldn’t mind spending $28k on a training retreat. As for now, I am only in search of the right product for the right price.

Check Out My #1 Recommended Product!

Digital Altitude at a Glance…

Name: Digital Altitude
Founder: Michael Force
Price: Starting at $37/month ($1 for 7-Day Trial)
Rating: what is digital altitude about a scamwhat is digital altitude about a scamwhat is digital altitude about a scamwhat is digital altitude about a scamwhat is digital altitude about a scam (1 / 5)

What’s your opinion on Digital Altitude? Do you have a personal experience with their product/service? If so, I would love to hear about it.

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

As always, I appreciate your feedback. It truly does help others.

Owner, Work Online USA

4 thoughts on “Is Digital Altitude a Scam?”

  1. You are half right about what you say about DA. I am a member and do very well (I am also a member of WA). DA is not a business for everyone but I know an awful lot of people who are making money at it. Any where from $1,000/month to $15,000.

    You are right it is expensive, but you pay for what you get. I get $1200 on most sales.

    I write an articles on my sites about reviews. I would never write a review about a business or product that I have not used or been involved with in some way. Otherwise you are just outside looking in. I pay for memberships just to test sites. Then if I want I can write about them.

    DA has a free trial which gives you several reports and about an hour of training, then for $1 you get 14 days trial and about 6 hours of training. If in those six hours you don’t see a value then you can leave. That’s pretty fair.

    Coaches are very accessible, but I personally do not use a coach. I work with other members.

    I have seen the same type of reviews about WA, and have written about the same back to them.

    I know this came across harsh which I apologize, but you need to be telling the whole story.

    WA is a great business and I also recommend it. In fact it has helped me be more successful with DA.

    • Ed, I think what I’m getting from you is just the opposite opinion about Digital Altitude and that’s okay. As you said, everything is not for everyone. I just wish that they were more transparent in communicating to people how strenuous it really is to make money online. It takes time, hard work, and commitment. Unless you have $10s thousands of dollars to spend or a lot of experience already, you are not going to make money right away.

      As far as writing reviews, I have to disagree with you. I do not believe that you need to spend money on a program to know what it really is about. In fact, with many mlms, I’ve found that once you’ve tried one, you’ve tried them all. They all have the same basis. I believe that if you dig deep, and spend hours researching the product, it makes you qualified to write a report on it.

      I’m glad to hear you’ve been successful with DA. I really do appreciate you stopping by and sharing your personal experience with the product/service. Since you are already inside DA, you might as well go all in. I’ve found that no matter what you do in business, you can be successful by working hard at it, consistently, and staying with it.

      I prefer to take a softer approach. I would rather spend less money, put in more work, and wait for my number to be called. You can make a lot of money online and you don’t need to sell high ticket items to do so. I’m more of an economic person. I believe in saving money. As you know, optimizing on SEO, and maximizing on profitable keywords, it’s a sure way to generate a substantial revenue online.

  2. I joined Digital Althitude on their $1 starter package which they say you can start referring people with but in reality you have to join the Aspire Climber to get anywhere.

    You have to purchase each stage in order to accomplish earnings for when your referrals reach that stage. If you fail to purchase this so called digital product / stage then your commissions go to your up level.

    Every stage is an upsell and is termed as a digital product. In my view all what’s happening here is skating on very thin ice around a pyramid scheme. These products are extremely expensive the higher up the mountain you get.

    No, not for me. I ran for the hills and started affiliate marketing as this is legitimate.

    Thanks for your review,


    • Simon, thanks for shedding some light on Digital Altitude. It’s very valuable to hear from someone who has did $1 test drive. I was afraid that would be the case, with the upsells, that’s why I didn’t want to waste my time. I’ve been around these make money products for a while now, and I can smell a scam.

      Digital Altitude might be good for the seasoned affiliate marketer, but know that you need to purchase the product to promote it. So unless you have 28k sitting around somewhere, stay away. Stick with a more legitimate opportunity like this one. You don’t need to spend a fortune to run an online business.



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