What is doTERRA Essential Oils About?

what is doterra essential oils about a scamdoTERRA Essential Oils Review

Name: doTERRA Essential Oils
Website: www.doterra.com
Enrollment Fee: $35
CEO: David Sterling
Rating: what is doterra essential oils about a scamwhat is doterra essential oils about a scamwhat is doterra essential oils about a scamwhat is doterra essential oils about a scamwhat is doterra essential oils about a scam (2 / 5)

doTERRA Essential Oils, Product Overview

doTERRA Essential Oils is a company which offers essentials oils and a compensation plan that can enable members to build a lucrative mlm business. doTERRA offers quality products that concentrate in the health and wellness industry. I can appreciate their emphasis in that they don’t pay as you recruit members because that would be illegal, or a pyramid scheme. However, they do reward you for helping your team build sales volume, and that is great because you can focus on helping people achieve financial success. I believe doTERRA is magnificent because not only do they believe in growing, but giving back to communities around the world.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – Low enrollment fee.
PRO #2 – Incentives for exotic trips.
PRO #3 – The ability to work with people.

The Bad:

CON #1 – Overpriced products
CON #2 – No real training in place
CON #3 – Direct selling and recruiting

Who is doTERRA Essential Oils For?

what is doterra essential oils about a scamAnyone who is interested in starting their own business, and growing over time. Having the ability to build teams, to grow, and to earn on multiple levels.

doTERRA Tools, Training, & Support

doTERRA offers a long list of flyers, brochures, and forms which are free to download. I must say I can certainly appreciate this because most companies charge for these materials. This gives you the ability to print these materials at your own costs.

doTERRA University is an online source right on their website that offers you training videos to help you present the product, applications, and various pdf files for product knowledge.

Most of your on the job training and support will come from your sponsors, or upline.

doTERRA Price and Products

Enrollment fee: $35

doTERRA will waive the enrollment if you purchase an enrollment kit. Kits range from $150 – $2,500.

  • what is doterra essential oils about a scamSingle Oils – various uses such as digesting for health purposes (i.e. immunity support), aromatherapy for stress relief and relaxation, and massage.
  • Proprietary Blends – blended oils for similar purposes as single oils. (i.e. doTERRA Deep Blue Touch can be used to massage onto your arms, shoulders, or feet after exercise for soothing purposes.)
  • doTERRA On Guard – offers products which include essential oils in cleaners such as hand wash, laundry detergents, dish detergents, and toothpaste.
  • doTERRA Breathe – essential oils to maintain easy breathing in situations such as seasonal changes or to calm your senses and help you with restful sleep.
  • DigestZen – essential oils and softgels to help you with digestion.
  • Personal Care – products for hair care, body care, skin care, and spa.
  • Supplements – a unique blend of supplement and essential oils in pill form for vitamins, nutrients, digestive health, fruits and vegetables. Also supplements for women and children.
  • Weight Management – essential oils, softgels, nutrient bars, and shakes.

How to Earn Money With doTERRA?

PV – Personal Volume is applied to each and every product. For example, one of the kits cost $550, however the PV for the kit is 400. So if you would be earning 10% commission on 400 PV, that would put $40 in your pocket.

  • what is doterra essential oils about a scamRetail Profit – you can earn by purchasing the products at wholesale (25% off) and selling at retail. Also earn 15% on PV (personal volume) that you earn from products sales from preferred customers.
  • Fast Start Bonus – you must have 100 PV to participate. You will earn 20% commission on all of your enrollees PV for their first 60 days. You’ll earn 10% on second generation enrollees, and 5% on third generation enrollees.
  • Power of 4 Bonus – paid monthly on the 15th. Based on Loyalty Rewards Orders and after 60 days. When you and 3 people on your frontline earn a total of 600 PV you receive $50 Bonus. When this happens on your 2nd generation you receive $250, and on your 3rd generation you receive a $1500 bonus. Bonuses will be paid every time this happens.
  • Unilevel Organizational Bonus – receive commissions on 7 levels, and after 60 days. You earn 2% to 7% on all your levels volume sales. If every person on your team enrolls 3 people, and if each of these people get a total of 150 PV, and this were 7 levels deep, you could earn $32k that month. This inspires you to build a team and support each and everybody.
  • Leadership Bonus Pools – doTERRA takes 6% of their total profit for the month and divides it into shares for its members. You could earn between 1% – 2% of this commission depending on your rank. If you were a Diamond rank you earn 1% and that could equal $4000 bonus that month.

My Final Opinion of doTERRA Essential Oils

what is doterra essential oils about a scamdoTERRA is a really neat mlm business. Essential Oils are actually very popular nowadays. The company has reached over $1 billion in sales in 2015, so they are growing rapidly. Surprisingly as well, doTERRA statistics show that they maintain a 65% customer retention rate as opposed to 13% from other mlm businesses. As you can see from their compensation plan you can build a pretty lucrative business with the company.

Success does not happen overnight. Any company who claims as such, you should run from. A business like this one you should expect to become financially free anywhere from 5-7 years. You may not even see it to be profitable until after 1 year. I believe it’s safe to say this is the way it is with most business opportunities. So now the moment of truth, which business will you choose?

Check Out My #1 Recommendation Here!

doTERRA at a Glance…

Name: doTERRA Essential Oils
Website: www.doterra.com
CEO: David Sterling
Enrollment Fee: $35
Rating: what is doterra essential oils about a scamwhat is doterra essential oils about a scamwhat is doterra essential oils about a scamwhat is doterra essential oils about a scamwhat is doterra essential oils about a scam (2 / 5)

How do we reach our Star Ratings?

Do you have a personal experience with doTERRA? If so, I would love to hear about your experience with the company or products. As always, I appreciate your feedback. It truly does help others! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “What is doTERRA Essential Oils About?”

  1. I have had experiences with MLM’s. I have had 2 to be exact. One with Primerica and one with Avon. To be honest, I did earn money with them but you really have to have an outgoing personality and be comfortable talking to complete strangers. It’s hard to be trusted and seem genuine on the very first contact with the person, no matter how hard you dry. They will always be skeptical. I did not have that problem with Avon too much but definitely had that problem with Primerica. doTERRA seems legit but just not for me. I’m so over the delivering of products. It costs gas and time. I will look into your number 1 recommendation and see what it has to offer. I just hope to work from home full time.

    • Reyhana,

      I know what you mean. When I was working at Amway I used to have to go and deliver the products. I would also have to talk to everyone face to face; new prospects as well as repeat customers. This was really hard because as you said the trust factor along with rejection.

      While you’re checking out my #1 recommended product, you’ll see something completely different. This is about internet marketing. There is no direct selling and you’re really only marketing to people who are looking for your product anyway. Would you believe that there are over 2 billion people are searching online these days? I think you’ll enjoy internet marketing very much.

      – Jonathan

  2. I’m critical of Doterra Essential oils. Honestly, I’m critical of all MLMs because very few people actually succeed with MLM and because even if you do succeed with an MLM, you are still dependent on that company for your income.

    It doesn’t matter what the product is. The products an MLM offers is always overpriced. That’s because the MLM business model is inefficient. Every product sold must support the upline and the downline. It’s ridiculous.

    • Thanks for you commentary Gary. I certainly understand what you mean by the products being overpriced and the very confusing compensation plan of everyone getting paid upline and downline. It can certainly come off inefficient as you mean.

      I think doTERRA did a good job targeting the essential oils industry. It’s also a part of the health and wellness industry which is a billion dollar industry. So representatives definitely have a good opportunity to say the least. You are absolutely right however to say that if the mlm fails so do the reps. It would be a very sad day in history if you made it to the top and then it just crashed!

      This is another reason why I recommend internet marketing. The internet does not seem like it’s going nowhere. It’s here to stay. Not only that but it’s getting larger at a rapid pace. Building a website now and learning how to monetize it would be a good bet for anyone.

      – Jonathan


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