Is Explosive Payday a Scam?

what is explosive payday about a scam reviewExplosive Payday Review

Name: Explosive Payday
Price: $9.95/5-day trial, then $29.95/monthly
Owners: Explosive Hosting
Rating: what is explosive payday about a scam reviewwhat is explosive payday about a scam reviewwhat is explosive payday about a scam reviewwhat is explosive payday about a scam reviewwhat is explosive payday about a scam review (.5 / 5)

What is Explosive Payday? Is it a Scam? | Product Review

I don’t even know where to start. Explosive Payday is just another copycat scam, but it can be legit. I’m not crazy enough to submit my credit card information. What is a copycat scam? Basically a company who disguises its true identity to reel people in using several different type of websites; different names. They tend to use the same stories, some guy or girl who was struggling financially and then learned the secret formula and is now earning $10,000s a month online. News Flash: THERE IS NO SECRET FORMULA!

What Explosive Payday is advertising is their training course to make money online, in addition to providing you with hosting for your website(s). Their ebook title is “Buying and Selling Websites”; this is surely an online business that you may want to get into. However, let me tell you, as an internet marketer for over a year now, this will take you more than a year to accomplish this. Websites are being built online with money making capabilities and then being sold for a profit. How do you monetize a website?

what is explosive payday about a scam reviewThere are many ways to monetize a website, but one of them is affiliate marketing. I can build a website in one niche and have it ready to make money, and then sell it using it’s projected yearly income as a price point. Understand? Now back to the task at hand, let’s review this skeptical opportunity Explosive Payday, and discuss whether it’s a scam or not.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 –
PRO #2 –
PRO #3 –

Honestly, I can’t write anything good about Explosive Payday. Not because there is none, but they’re just using foul play. They are too secretive in what they are actually doing. To even find out about the ebook, you’ve got to read the terms and conditions. In my opinion, companies like this, do this because there is no real value to their system.

Check out this program for instance, it’s free to join, with nothing to hide. 

This is the first product that I’ve reviewed and unable to give it a few pros. Explosive Payday needs to expose what they are truly offering. Who knows, maybe they make more money squeezing $10 bills out of everyone instead of sustaining a steady clientele.

what is explosive payday about a scam reviewThe Bad:

CON #1 – A wall up to see what’s inside.
CON #2 – $10 joining fee
CON #3 – First two should be enough.

Who is Explosive Payday For?

The problem with Explosive Payday; they are targeting vulnerable individuals. If you’re anything like me I was seeking how to make money online because I was fed up with my job, and wanted to start a business online. Explosive Payday strategically feeds you information such as sob stories of working the 9 to 5 job, and then paints the perfect picture of time freedom and working from home. Not to mention the fancy pictures of yachts, mansions, and exotic cars, and telling you that you can fulfill your dreams.

These are all red flags. Keep note of this and you’ll never fall for another online scam again. Also, do you see those news icons they use on the page, believe it or not, those are a sales tactic as well. It’s fake, even on their terms and conditions it states these companies do not actually endorse Explosive Payday. Don’t be a fool, and be dissatisfied with purchasing this training course from Explosive Payday.

Try this free beginners course instead.

Explosive Payday Tools, Training, and Support

what is explosive payday about a scam reviewExplosive Payday provides you with 10 hours of training videos, and hosting to start building your websites. How good is their training? I won’t pay the initial fee to find out. Sad to say, I’ve researched companies like these before. There is never a soul to return and tell the tale.

Actually, there was one. One of my buddies, Vitaley. He paid the fee and received everything he was promised. The only problem was that it was all outdated material. He was not happy with the program at all. He’s actually an active member here. Not to mention, he makes over $50k/year online.

I’ve called the toll free number on other websites like Explosive Payday (copycat scams), and it’s actually real. Someone will pick up and help you with your purchase or help you with details inside the program.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Explosive Payday?

Activation fee: $10

what is explosive payday about a scam reviewThen they give you a 5 day trial before they charge you $29.95 a month. As I mentioned earlier, you’ll receive the video training, a 22 page ebook, and hosting for your websites.

I’ve actually got a sales page for free hosting here.

The fee I believe is actually covering your hosting. But that’s outrageous because hosting is actually really cheap. The idea behind this is that you build websites, and you do need hosting to keep your websites online. So with the online business training and the hosting you should be making money online. That’s their business proposition.

Want more breaking news? I found out this other website called VW Hosting Services actually promotes the same thing. They are affiliated. If you research that website you’ll find there’s the same activation fee along with the monthly subscription.

What’s Wrong With Explosive Payday? | My Final Opinion

what is explosive payday about a scam reviewThere are no positive reviews on this product. So what does that tell me?

  • There is no hand in hand training.
  • There’s no support from members or leaders.
  • The hosting is not good.
  • There is no website builder or content management system.

You need all of these to succeed within an online business. Since Explosive Payday cannot be more transparent, I give them 2 thumbs down, and you should too! Don’t be another statistic. I met a lot of people who have been scammed online here. It’s a social network of internet entrepreneurs, along with many other things such as online business training and tools.  

This is the main purpose of my website here at Work Online USA, to review home based business opportunities. I’m glad that you did your due diligence and researched this bogus product. I’m not just here to rant. I’ve actually found real legitimate online business training, so I’ve built this website to share it with you. I’ve reviewed countless of products, all home based businesses. This is my highest ranked product, and my #1 recommendation!

Explosive Payday at a Glance…

Name: Explosive Payday
Price: $9.95/5-day trial, then $29.95/monthly
Owners: Explosive Hosting
Rating: what is explosive payday about a scam reviewwhat is explosive payday about a scam reviewwhat is explosive payday about a scam reviewwhat is explosive payday about a scam reviewwhat is explosive payday about a scam review (.5 / 5)

Do you have a personal experience with Explosive Payday? If so, I would love to hear about your personal experience with their products/service. Or, if you have any questions,

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

As always, I appreciate your feedback. It truly does help others!


4 thoughts on “Is Explosive Payday a Scam?”

  1. Thanks for the thorough review of Explosive Payday. What a name, right? One other explosive thing comes to mind, not very pretty! It’s kind of pathetic that they can’t offer their services for free and have to charge $10. I agree with you that a good program should always offer a free trial and have nothing to hide from potential customers. It’s sad how predatory these scams are, on people who are honestly frustrated with the grind and researching change. Thanks for putting the word out on this scam.

    • Penelope,

      I agree with you, they should just offer a free trial. I am simply appalled by the amount of predatory programs out there searching for people who are suffering and reaching out for a turnaround. It’s so sad! People’s emotions are a serious things, and we do not deserve for scams to waste our time and money. I wrote a blog on how to avoid scams. Read this and you will never fall for one again!

      I found this program that was preaching the opposite. They said that it would take time to make money, so I decided to overlook it. Sooner than later I figured out that this was the truth. There is no push button system online. An online business is just like any other. The difference is there is less overhead and no start up costs! You could be living the life of your dreams, but the truth is, it is going to take time and hard work to accomplish this.


  2. I’ve never heard of Explosive Payday before, and when I saw that you gave it a half star out of 5 stars I thought to myself, this program must be really bad. I think it’s a bad sign that they’re so secretive in what they are doing. It’s a shame that there are so many companies out there like this. These companies were made specifically to scam people. WealthyAffiliate seems like a great alternative to Explosive Payday, how long have you been a member of Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Hey,

      I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for over a year now. I feel the same way I did about it the day I knew it was the real deal. What’s funny is that when I first joined WA, I left it and didn’t come back to until 8 months later. Truth is I was looking for a push button system. I wanted to learn how to make $8,000 in one month! Just like all these scams out here claim. Explosive Payday is clearly one of them.

      I got to the point where I had given up. I searched and searched and searched, and finally said to myself wait a minute, there’s no such thing. When I went back to Wealthy Affiliate, I made a decision. That was to make it, no matter what! I don’t care how long it takes, I am determined. When you finally realize this, it means you’re ready! Don’t be fooled like many others into thinking making money online is different than any other business. It takes time to make money.

      What you’re choosing when you choose an online business is; a quicker start up. Most businesses take 3-5 years to really start making money. You can make an online business profitable within a year. Offline businesses are limited to traffic. An online business has access to over 3 billion people online. These are just a couple of the benefits.


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