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what is the forever living scam about Forever Living Review

Name: Forever Living
Price: No Joining Fee (Min. $50 order)
Owners: Rex Maughan
Rating: what is forever living about is it a scamwhat is forever living about is it a scamwhat is forever living about is it a scamwhat is forever living about is it a scamwhat is forever living about is it a scam (2.8 / 5)

What is Forever Living About?

Forever Living is probably one of the most impressive multi level marketing businesses I’ve come around. I can certainly appreciate that they do not charge a joining fee too. Forever offers a wide variety of products within the health and beauty lines. Their incentives are pretty cool too! Continue reading to learn what Forever Living is all about, including how their pay structure works, and how to join.

what is forever living about a scamRex Maughan found the Forever Living business in 1978. A business major from Arizona found the quality of building a business off of aloe vera and providing a business model to give others an opportunity to manage their own business. He has been really successful with opening his own plantations in Texas and the Dominican Republic. I can certainly appreciate all the jobs Mr. Maughan provides along with the many contributions his company makes towards charities around the world.  

Fun Fact: Rex has even gone to the extent of having his own goats on the plantation to eat all the weeds and provide natural fertilizer. Pretty awesome!

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – No joining fee

PRO #2 – wide variety of products

PRO #3 – in the health and beauty fields (evergreen businesses)

The Bad:

CON #1 – still costs a minimum of $50 of the purchase of products to join.

CON #2 – needs better training

CON #3 – Starting a business from scratch is not easy!

Who is Forever Living For?

what is forever living about a scamAnyone with a niche in health and beauty can definitely benefit from this business opportunity. You must be ready to start a business. It is not easy! You would be best if you have a few hundred dollars to start because this type of business that involves direct selling is best when you have an inventory. Plus you want to be able to try the products so that you can easily recommend them to potential clients.

Forever Living Tools & Training

There are a multitude of training videos on Forever’s website that you may find helpful. You can also find several training videos on YouTube that Forever business owners have posted.

Most of your training should come from your sponsor. You may also attend events in your local area that you can learn about products and managing your forever business.


Forever has brochures that you can purchase.

what is forever living about a scamThey also have a product called FLP 360, which I think is incredible! This is a web tool that serves as a CRM and also allows you to create websites to help you with your business. The wave of the future is the internet, so it would be in your best interest to create a website to promote your business. You can reach far more people online than in your local community!

The CRM is to manage your clientele. You can input them into your database; storing contact information, purchase information, and creating follow up tasks to help you increase sales.

FLP 360 allows you to create up to 4 websites. They have a user friendly platform that will help you create and design your website. You can use FLP 360 for a monthly subscription. It’s probably around $20/month, or $220/yearly.

Forever Living Support

Of course you can get support by using Forever’s customer service email or toll free number. However, most of your support should come from your sponsor, and your local team.

Forever Living Products

  • what is forever living about a scamBee Products including honey, pollen, propolis, and jelly which come in the form of capsules (except the honey). Bee products are pretty interesting such as the Royal Jelly. It is said that this is the substance fed by the bees, found in their glands, to the queen bee. Queen bees have a six year life span and lay up to 3,000 eggs. Whereas a regular worker bee only lives about six to eight weeks.
  • Drinks – they offer health and energy drinks which all contain aloe.
  • Essential Oils
  • Aloe inspired make-up products called Flawless by Sonya.
  • Forever Giving – a charity that Forever has put together that you can purchase a few different items such as t-shirts, or plush dolls and the proceeds go to help women and children around the world.
  • Literature – a list of different tools from water bottles, to brochures, to make-up tools.
  • Nutrition – a variety of health supplements for men, women, and kids.
  • Personal Care – a variety of different products for hair, face, hands, spa products, and even perfume.
  • Skin Care – a vast variety of aloe inspired skin products.
  • Weight Management – a variety of products from diet supplements, protein shakes, and protein bars.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Forever Living?

what is forever living about a scamNo joining fee. However, you must purchase a minimum wholesale order of $50. You can do this by ordering a few different items to start with. They recommend you start with one of their business starter kits which include several of their most popular products for $282.

Not bad, considering you’re starting a business, but keep in mind you may also want to subscribe to their FLP 360 (See tools) to manage your business, along with buying brochures to show your potential clients.

How Do You Earn With Forever Living? | The Compensation Plan

  • Forever Living’s compensation plan is based on case credits. 1 cc = $145 of product sales volume.
  • As a novice business owner you get 15% discount on products. Once you reach 2 cc within 2 months or less you step up to 30% discount on products. Plus you qualify for 5-18% additional bonuses and discounts.
  • Retail Sales – earnings begin with your first retail customers at 30% profit plus 5-18% personal discounts, depending on your sales level.
  • With your novus customers, or customers you sponsor, you’ll be paid 15% customer profit plus 5-18% customer bonus. Until they become qualified fbo’s (forever business owners). Profits are paid every 10 days, and bonuses are paid on the 15th of the following month.
  • Once you begin to recruit and your recruits begin recruiting you’ll soon build a network. Their case credits are added to yours within the first two months and determine whether you progress to a higher rank and earnings. When you reach 2cc, you reach Assistant Supervisor and get a total personal discounts of 35% discounts on products. When you reach 25 cc, you become a Supervisor, and purchase at a 38% discount. Plan runs on a cycle of 2 months. So if you do 12.5 on both months you qualify for the Supervisor position.
  • At 75 cc you become Assistant Manager, and get 43% discount on products. At 120 cc you become a Manager receiving the top discount of 48%. Once you reach any qualified level you don’t ever have to re-qualify for it. So the main idea is you’ll receive profits off of your discounted price.
  • You also qualify for the novus customer bonus. You can earn 5-18% bonus on all of the retail value that they purchase in products. This is until they become a qualified wholesale fbo.
  • You then qualify for a Group Bonus. Once you reach the Supervisor level. You can earn a 3-13% bonus. For example you qualify for a bonus of 13% on retail sales off of your Asst Supervisor line, 10% on Supervisor lines, and 5% on Asst Mgr lines.
  • In order to qualify for personal discount and novus customer bonus you must be wholesale qualified. Once qualified you’re qualified for life.
  • In order to qualify for Group Bonus you must be wholesale qualified and active. You’re considered active if you and your Novus Customers order 4 cc, one of them being in your name.
  • Once you reach Mgr level you qualify for Leadership Bonuses. You receive leadership bonuses for developing other managers. You receive 6% of your first generation mgr volume. 3% of 2nd generation, 2% on the 3rd.
  • After that you can qualify for incentives such as the Eagle Manager retreat, Forever2drive, Global Rally, Chairman’s Bonus, and the Gem bonus which adds an additional 3% to your leadership bonuses. (explained in detail later)
  • Your initial goal is to first use and share 4cc per month and then teach others to do the same. Between personal use and retail to clients. For example you do 4 cc per month. Sponsor 5 people that do the same; that gives you 20 cc. They sponsor 3 people each which gives you
  • 60cc. Then each of those sponsor 2 people which gives you a total of 204 cc.

Summary: Bonuses are paid on the retail value, cc are accumulated within 2 consecutive months to qualify for advancement. No level requalification, no one in your downline can pass you up, no pass ups. This business model has shown a proven track record for Forever, for 3.5 decades. No large investments, no investment, consumable products, which generates repeat business. The company has shown financially stability, and has an international presence.

Forever Living Incentives

Forever has some excellent incentives that keep their members motivated for advancement. They are:

Forever2Drive – an incentive to purchase your dream car. 3 levels to qualify for. Level 1 consists of you making up to 300 cc through a consecutive 3 months. Once you qualify you get your car payment for up to 36 months. Level 1 qualifies for about $340/month.

Eagle Manager – this incentive provides a trip to an exotic location around the world. Takes place every September, and includes advanced training and recognition. Throughout the year you must be active, qualify for leadership bonus, accumulate 720 cc (100 cc being from new sponsored downlines), personally sponsor and develop at least 2 new supervisor lines. This incentive is dedicated to inspire and motivate you to become great at building a team.

Global Rally – this is a paid vacation (air, meals, and hotel) for 5-8 days. You can qualify for this yearly if you reach at least 1500 cc. Depending on how many cc you make through the year (1500- 12,500) you can receive up to $12,500 spending cash. Similar to the Eagle Manager there is training, recognition, and major experiences shared on this trip.

Chairman’s Bonus – Forever gives you 3% back off their annual revenue. This is done once a year at their Global Rally which you will also be invited too. Pretty cool because that’s like two incentives in one! There are 3 levels to this bonus, and in order to qualify for Level 1 you must be active, qualify at least 1 month for the Forever2Drive bonus, and at least 750 cc, 150 new cc, with at least 1 downline manager reaching 600 cc.

Global Leadership Team – after the 1st of the year, they recognize the Forever’s top producers. You are sent to a GLT retreat, get to work with Forever closely on making the opportunity better for others, you qualify for Global Rally, and Eagle Manager, and up to $20,000 spending money at Global Rally. You must be active every month, and reach at least 7,500 cc yearly.

My Final Opinion of Forever Living + About Me

Forever Living seems like a good mlm company. They have been around for over 3 decades, so they must be doing something right. As a matter of fact, if I had to choose an mlm opportunity, I would choose Forever Living. However, I’m not a fan of mlm opportunities or direct selling. Face to face sells are not my cup of tea. If you like direct selling then Forever Living may be a good business to you.

I’m an internet marketer and the reason I really enjoy what I do is because you can take any passion and turn it into a thriving business. Plus online businesses provide the freedom of mobility. I can basically work anywhere in the world with an internet connection. It is more of a behind the scenes type of business. If you’re an introvert or believe you would enjoy starting a business in internet marketing…

Check Out My #1 Recommendation!

Forever Living at a Glance…

Name: Forever Living
Owners: Rex
Price: No joining fee ($50 min. purchase)
Rating: what is forever living about is it a scamwhat is forever living about is it a scamwhat is forever living about is it a scamwhat is forever living about is it a scamwhat is forever living about is it a scam (2.8 / 5)


Do you have a personal experience with Forever Living? If so, I would love to hear about your experience with their products or service. As always, I appreciate your feedback. It truly does help others! 🙂



4 thoughts on “Get the Scoop on the Forever Living MLM Before You Join”

  1. I have a website about migraines treatments and tips for pain relief. I would like to know if forever living has relevant products. Also, in your opinion are these products better and most effective comparing to amazon’s products? It is very important for my website to recommend good products. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi there! Yes you can find relevant products for your website. It might be a good business to plug into the website that you already have. Forever Living has some great testimonials so I believe their products should be worthwhile. Probably the same more or less as the ones that you may be promoting from Amazon.

      Have you tried the ones for amazon already? If so, it may be a good idea to try some Forever Living as well. Sounds like you’re on a great track already so it could be something that you try or not. You could even probably try it further down the road.

      It would have to make financial sense, and remember you’ll have to invest the time as well. So make a careful decision.

      – Jonathan

      PS. You said something at the end that stood out to me, and that was that, it is important for your website to only recommend good products. I’m in the same boat as you. There is no money in the world that will allow me to recommend a bad product to people. My integrity is worth so much more. 😉

  2. Hi Jonathan. I was searching the internet and came across your review for Forever Living. I really enjoyed reading your review and with all the detail you provide I now have a very good idea how Forever Living works.

    It looks like a fairly good idea and I am I going to research it a little more, but your No 1 Recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate is more my cup of tea.

    Wealthy Affiliate looks like a great opportunity. I am new to creating websites and only have basic knowledge.

    Will Wealthy Affiliate be able to show me the HOW TO’s from beginning to end?

    Do you recommend it to beginners like me or should I first gain more knowledge on how to create websites before I join?



    • Rika,

      I’m glad you found my review informational.

      I’ll tell you a little story about my experience with Wealthy Affiliate. I knew nothing on how to make money online. I went almost a decade wishing to learn it. After encountering numerous of scams I found WA. I attempted to build a website at one point a few years ago and failed. WA walked me through the process, step by step. I was able to launch my first website within the first day.

      I learned how to build it, add content, and monetize it without spending a dime! I think you will enjoy your experience with WA. Forever Living could be good business if you’re into joining an mlm business. If not, check out internet marketing with WA, it will be your best bet.



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