What is Fuxion About?

what is fuxion a scamFuxion Review

Name: Fuxion
Website: usa.fuxion.net
Price: Starting at $40*
Owners: Alvaro Zuniga Benavides
Rating: what is fuxion is it a scamwhat is fuxion is it a scamwhat is fuxion is it a scamwhat is fuxion is it a scamwhat is fuxion is it a scam (1 / 5)

Fuxion, Product Overview

Fuxion is a multi level marketing company that specializes in health drinks. Drinks that focus on health and nutrition, weight loss, anti-aging, and fitness. What’s different about Fuxion is that all there products are basically drink mixes so it may be easier to learn all the products. Which may be easier for you to sell them. Fuxion also has fifteen ways to earn which I’ll discuss throughout this review.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – Opportunity to live a healthier life.

PRO #2 – Opportunity to build an organization.

PRO #3 – Ease of sell because all the products are drink mixes.

The Bad:

CON #1 – Confusing to learn all the different ways to earn.

CON #2 – Focus on selling and recruiting.

CON #3 – Products can be expensive to consume.

Who is Fuxion For?

Fuxion is for people who are interested in building a business or an organization. Who are interested in earning on multiple levels. You must be interested in working with Fuxion in the long term.

what is fuxion a scamIn my opinion, the only way to succeed in any business in through the long term. You cannot just try something and expect to earn overnight. You must adopt your business, or build it into a lifestyle. If you’re ready to commit to that then you’re on the right track; in considering to join Fuxion.

Fuxion Tools & Training

Fuxion provides you with a personalized website that you can build clientele. Your preferred customers will use your website to consume/purchase the products. You can build a residual income this way; when people continue to consume them.

You can also purchase tools such as catalogs to help you with advertising.

You will obtain some training material when you join fuxion. Most of your training will rely on your sponsor. Members within the company may hold seminars for people to attend. During these seminars you can learn of different products and the business opportunity.

Fuxion Support

Again most of your training and support will rely on your sponsor. You can always contact the toll free number for support, and also if you would like to join.

(855) 747 9922 or you can email customerservice@fuxion.net

Fuxion Price

*  It is really difficult to find the pricing information on the products and enrollment kits, but through my research this is what I’ve found.

  • Business Kit: $40
  • Sales System: $80
  • Catalogues: $4.50 or 10 for $35

Fuxion Products


what is fuxion a scam

All the products or packages contain small packets designed for one glass of water. Each product designed for each different lines health, weight loss, fitness, or anti -aging are natural and scientifically created to enhance in each different line.

15 Ways to Earn with Fuxion

1) Direct Sales – Essentially you will earn between 20-30 percent discounts on products that you consume. You can expect to earn between 25-38% profits on your products sold.

2) Preferred Customers – You will receive your own link and/or website which your customers can use to purchase the products. Your customers will also get on an email list, and Fuxion will send out marketing emails to help increase your sales.

3) Additional Discounts – the more you buy the more discounts you get. You can earn 5 to 10% discount on a higher volume of purchases.

4) Sponsorship Bonus – earn a 20% bonus on pv on the first 7 days of what your friends (recruits) buy.

5) Increased Consumption Bonus– when members of your downline consume a minimum of  60 points; you will receive 10% bonus on their pv, and this is weekly.

6) Building Bonus – by teaching your friends what you know, when friends reach higher ranks you both get bonuses. For example, when they reach Executive – you both get $25; Senior – $50, or Bronze – $100.

Essentially, after this, the idea is you take your profit and invest in products, and recruit more people.

7) Binary Bonus – you will earn 10% of your payment arm. For example, you have two arms (people you recruit), then each of those have two arms, then so on and so on.

8) Rank Bonus – you can earn bonuses for achieving higher ranks. For example, if you reach Diamond; earn $600 bonus. Also, if you remain a Diamond Rank for 3 of 6 months you can receive a $18,000 bonus. These bonuses get higher as you go achieve higher ranks.

9) Leadership Bonuses – when someone in your team reaches executive you receive a 20% weekly bonus on his binary team bonus.

10) Multi-level bonus – earn up to 8% on your first line of recruits. Fuxion provides a tool that you can keep an eye on each of your team’s efforts. Then you can help those that need it and/or help those that are putting in the effort to earn more, so in turn both of you earn more.

11) Lifestyle Bonus – starting at the Double Platinum Rank you can earn $350/48 months towards an automobile. When you reach the Diamond Rank you can earn a monthly bonus of $1000 to buy a luxury vehicle. At the Triple Diamond Rank you can earn $1500 monthly to help you pay for a new apartment or office to support your lifestyle. The idea behind this is reward those who have made selling Fuxion a lifestyle.  

12) Fuxion Experiences – Fuxion will send you on exotic vacations, all paid for starting at Platinum. You can experience all of them at Diamond.

13) Extra Business Centers – the binary limit for earning is $25,000 a week. Once you exceed this you can build a business center to help more people achieve what you have and generate more with no limit.

14) Millionaire Fund Club – once you’ve reached the highest potential you can earn shares from the company.These are global monthly shares which you can earn on a yearly distribution.

15) Profit Sharing – you can earn 10 percent of Fuxion’s annual global profit.

My Final Opinion of Fuxion

what is fuxion a scamI’m not a fan of multi level marketing because I do not want to sell. Being a member of this company or any mlm company will involve a lot of selling and recruiting. That’s another thing, I hate recruiting! However, if you enjoy the products and can become passionate about them then you can sell to anyone.

I do like that Fuxion is one of the simpler companies when it comes to selling and products. How hard could it be to learn all the different drink mixes. I used to be a member of Amway, my oh my, that was difficult. You can read about my experience here. There were tons of different products!

Fuxion is simpler because they have designed a simple way to be healthy or (weight loss, fitness, anti-aging) with just drinking mixes in your water. I believe this would be easier to sell to people and also get people to join your organization.

Would You Like to See How I Earn Money?

I’m into online marketing. I have built a business focused on making money online. With the right training you can build your own website and monetize it. If you want to start a business that you can work from home, check out my #1 recommendation!

Fuxion at a Glance…

Name: Fuxion
Website: usa.fuxion.net
Owners: Alvaro Benevides
Price: Starting at $40*
Rating: what is fuxion is it a scamwhat is fuxion is it a scamwhat is fuxion is it a scamwhat is fuxion is it a scamwhat is fuxion is it a scam (1 / 5)

VERDICT: LEGIT Not Recommended Mlm Company

Do you have a personal experience with Fuxion? If so, I would love to hear about your experience with their products or services? As always, your feedback is very much appreciated. It really does help others! 🙂


Owner, howtoworkonline.org

9 thoughts on “What is Fuxion About?”

  1. For myself, I am not familiar with fusion, but I have had a lot of experience with MLM’s. Just as you mentioned about products being expensive, that usually is the trend as they need to cover the cost of the compensation plans they design for the elaborate percentage payout.

    There can be problems with how you earn with MLM’s do to loopholes etc. but even regardless of the compensation plan the one thing you can never get away from is building the business. Most people are not into direct sales and constant recruiting to try and make the business work.

    • Travis,

      I know what you mean. I used to work in an mlm business, Amway. I did pretty will with the direct selling, but did not like the recruiting. I believe it is the reason why I failed. Recruiting is the major part of the business if you want to build financial freedom.

      If you focus on the recruiting more than the direct selling you should become successful with it. Not only the recruiting part, but also team building. Helping your team be the best that you guys could be. Helping them grow. I believe you should advance quickly if you concentrate on this.

      I actually enjoy working by myself. I can build my own website. Constantly work on it to make it grow. I can work on it on my own time, I don’t have to worry about anyone. This is what internet marketing offers you. If you’re interested you can check it out here.

  2. One thing I don’t like about these types of multi level marketing companies is their products are always overpriced! But they have to be to pay out.

    Another problem is the need to buy the product to sell it. Fuxion is just another MLM that is taking advantage of people looking to make money from home it looks like.

    • I know what you mean Chris. I believe they overprice their products to compensate for their compensation plan too. I used to sell products for Amway, and their products were really overpriced. They had some good products but not as good as the price would entail.

      If mlm companies offered regular priced products maybe it would work more for some folks. Then again they may not be able to pay out as much, as they want too. Along with supporting those huge incentives that they offer. I guess it will probably always just be apart of the cycle.

      – Jonathan

  3. It seems like this company is already crossing lines into pyramid scheme territory by having the sponsor make money through the sale of products to the recruits. I think Herbalife got into trouble for pulling that exact same thing and they have been trying to restructure their business model.

    Do you judge each MLM company differently or do all MLM’s have this fundamental flaw?

    I always hear there are some legit good MLM companies.


    • Hey Jessie, thanks for your feedback! I know what you’re talking about how sketchy the mlm business model can be. As you know, a pyramid scheme is classified for a company that pays it’s distributors for the recruit of a member. Just for recruiting people! That is illegal, but on the other side of the coin, if you pay a distributor for the sale of a starter kit, that is perfectly fine. Now it gets fishy, when the purchase of a starter kit is obligatory.

      I have found that most mlm businesses are legitimate. As you know, the compensation plan can get quite lucrative. I prefer to stay away from mlms, and I focus on internet marketing. It’s fun to do, and I don’t have to worry about direct selling and recruiting.

      Thanks for chiming in,


  4. Hi there Jonathan,
    As one of your readers said, the products have to be quite pricey to cover the compensation plan and really, you don’t make great money in mlms unless you got to it first, or you are a great recruiter. Something I was not great at with MLMs!!!

    But now I am with a platform that I truly believe anyone can use and I am thrilled to share it with others. That is probably something else you need with these types of businesses as well. A passion for it and a belief in the product and company.

  5. Hi there Jonathan,
    As one of your readers said, the products have to be quite pricey to cover the compensation plan and really, you don’t make great money in mlms unless you got to it first, or you are a great recruiter. Something I was not great at with MLMs!!!

    But now I am with a platform that I truly believe anyone can use and I am thrilled to share it with others. That is probably something else you need with these types of businesses as well. A passion for it and a belief in the product and company.

    • Hi Sharon, thanks for you comment. I have a pretty straight forward attitude about these businesses. I believe you can succeed in any business with the right training and right attitude. As long as you understand that success does not happen overnight, you’re in good shape. You have to strive for greatness. Your ambition must surpass everything to continue to grow within a business such as an mlm or Fuxion.

      They have a pretty good setup here, you only need to seek training and become the best mlm business person there is. Where there is a will there is a way. I personally prefer internet marketing, but the same goes for it. You have to work hard and it takes time. The difference is that you can run your business from home. You could run an mlm business like that but it’s more traditional in the sense that you go and sell or recruit face to face.


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