What is Home Jobs Now? Another Copy Cat Scam?

what is home jobs now, is home jobs now a scam Name: Home Jobs Now
Price: $97
Owner: Kelly Simmons
Rating: what is home jobs now is it a scamwhat is home jobs now is it a scamwhat is home jobs now is it a scamwhat is home jobs now is it a scamwhat is home jobs now is it a scam (1 / 5)


Home Jobs Now is just another copycat scam. They have been coming out with these types of scams for years. You may receive some information from them but you will not make the money they are promising you. This is why I call it a Scam. It takes years to make that type of money online. Keep reading and I’ll fill you in.

Here is one of their copycat scams: 

what is home jobs now, is home jobs now a scam

Notice they are a replica of one another. All they do is change the name of the owner and the program. There are a few out there that I know of. They are:

  1. Work At Home Institute
  2. Home Internet Cash
  3. Online Profit Stream

The problem with these products are that yes you may receive some information on how to do Affiliate Marketing, but it is all very outdated and there is no support or effective training. I know people who have been scammed already and I too tried something like this many years ago. I received a lot of information, but it was poorly written and I had no support to make it to the next steps. To make money online you literally need someone to take you by the hand. Take my advice on this one.



  • Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
  • Explanation of how it works


  • Lose your money
  • Waste your time


This product is for anyone that wants to be introduced to Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. The only thing is they lied, you will not make money your first day. The chances of that happening is like playing the lottery. As a matter of fact, it may take 1-6 months before you start to make a significant amount of money.

You can make hundreds even thousands of dollars a day, but people who are doing this have been making money online for years. As a newbie you have to learn the ropes. You can with legitimate training and ongoing support. Home Jobs Now will not provide that for you.

It all starts with building a website and getting traffic. Then joining affiliate programs to earn commissions on sales. Affiliate programs are free to join and some offer up to 70% commission. The hard part about making money online is getting traffic.  The amount of traffic you get will determine if you make no money or millions online.



If you try to leave their website they will offer you multiple discounts. First $20, then $50, then $70 discounts.

what is home jobs now, is home jobs now a scam



I don’t know about you but I hate to be lied to. I actually know someone who has paid for one of these copy cat scams and this is what he had to say.

what is home jobs now, is home jobs now a scam

All is not lost!

There is still hope! I want to encourage you to follow your dreams of becoming financially independent with an online business. I’m glad you made it to this review today, because I like you went through the same thing. When it happened to me I found a review similar to this one, and they introduced me to a program called Wealthy Affiliate. I have been happy ever since.

All the benefits of working online are real.

  • No Boss
  • Work for yourself
  • Make your own schedule
  • Becoming financially independent

All this will take a lot of work. Don’t be fooled by people like Home Jobs Now. They will sit there and tell you a sob story about how they got laid off. Then met someone in the coffee shop and after that became a millionaire online. Also, if anyone shows you images of mansions, yachts, and nice cars don’t believe them. Check out my blog for more information on how to avoid scams online.

I have a lot of empathy for people when it comes to learning how to make money online. I’m tired of people lying and selling us dreams of making tons of money online only to be under sold. It is very frustrating! I hope that everyone will find a legitimate program like Wealthy Affiliate because it is the only program that is honest and genuine that I’ve found of all my years searching on how to make money online.


Home Jobs Now at a Glance…

Name: Home Jobs Now
Website: www.home-jobs-now.com
Owners: Kelly Simmons
Price: $97
Overall Scam Rank: Very Low


what is home jobs now, is home jobs now a scam




Have you lost money to Home Jobs Now yet? Do you have anymore information to add to this review? Please share along with any questions you may have in the comment section down below.

I strive to crack down on all of these no good scams. My promise to you!


what is home jobs now, is it a scam




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10 thoughts on “What is Home Jobs Now? Another Copy Cat Scam?”

  1. Oh, I’ve never heard of this one before, Jonathan. Is this a new one? But as you say, there are several that are all actually the same but just with different names. What a load of nonsense! If they were legit, you would think they would want to stick to one name so they could build a good reputation, right?

    The lack of support is a big turn-off for me. If I am doing some new training, I want to be able to ask questions that I have along the way. Surely that’s just common sense for any training system, right?

    • Marcus, you hit the nail on the head! Internet marketing is all about making a brand for yourself. That is when real success comes. Programs like these rub me the wrong way because they’re constantly changing their names as if to disguise themselves from word of mouth getting around that their product or service is no good.

      The good news is once you purchase one product they will not keep charging you for the others. So if I purchase Home Jobs Now and then a month later I see Replace Your Job comes around and I want it, the program will not allow me to purchase it (with the same email address). So at least they’re not taking advantage of people that way. What a relief right? Not!

      It’s like you said, good training will have good support. I’ll refer to my #1 Recommendation because it has the best training and support I’ve seen. At WA they hold your hand through the training and when you have a question along the way you have immediate access through the huge community or even the owners. It doesn’t get any better than that!

      Hey thanks for your comment.


  2. Hey there, it’s Alexey. I don’t like scams, and especially upsells. You did a wonderful job in this review about home jobs now. It looks awful as the name of this program. Your comparison with Wealthy Affiliate looks far more promising and better than this one. I will look at Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks.

    • Hi Alexey, thanks for the complement. Home Jobs Now is a total disappointment! 99% of people fail in online business because they come in with the wrong mind-frame and the lack of support. This is why I recommend people to join Wealthy Affiliate because they are the only ones who are honest about making money. They tell you over and over, the money part will come, but you will have to wait. It takes time to get the traffic you need to get sales.

      Whereas you have places like Home Jobs Now lying to you telling you that you can make thousands of dollars within you first week just to get sales. I bet if I put that statement on any product I would get sales. It takes a real company to come through and follow up with what they say. Be meaningful with what they say, and be there with all the support you could possibly need. This is why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

      I look forward to your success, and reach out to me if you need any help.


  3. Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you for reviewing this one. I think I came across this when I was looking for a legitimate opportunity on Google not too long ago.

    I was just about to sign up but something was fishy about. After carefully reading your article I have no doubt that this is definitely NOT the right opportunity for me as,like yourself, I hate being lied to.

    Good Job! You are bound to save loads of people from scams like this.

    • Hey George! Thanks for you comment. I’m glad you can appreciate my article. I just want to help people save their time and money. Life brings on so many obstacles, it’s not fair to suffer from false hope opportunities. With Wealthy Affiliate, I’m giving everyone a recommendation to an honest company that is legitimate and does not lie to make an income.

      As a matter of fact it took me longer to join Wealthy Affiliate then to try some other program out there which was probably trying to scam me. This is because we have been lied to for so long. We have been so used being told that you can make money with no efforts. When in fact it is what we have known all along it takes hard work to make money. Just like any other legitimate work that pays. That’s just my small rant though.

      Thanks George!


  4. Hi Jonathan,
    I agree that there are so many scam the website, and I was looking to work online, but there are so many websites, and some of them just need to spend 10 minutes per day. And some of them I need to buy the program which cost thousands dollars, but I don’t have that much money.
    I also agree that WA is a good place to start with to work online.

    • Hello DiemN, I completely understand the money situation with trying online products. I have found a problem with free products though. A lot of times we think that free products are just not worth the time. That’s where I was wrong about Wealthy Affiliate. They have a free Starter Membership, which I didn’t take seriously at first because it was free. Later I found the tremendous value that the free membership holds and then upgraded to Premium.

      All of these online programs I’ve found online are way overpriced, and include too many upsells. I really like how Wealthy Affiliate has broken it down. For less than a cup of coffee a day you can learn, build, and socialize with other internet entrepreneurs. It’s doesn’t get any better!

      Cheers to your success,


  5. Anything that has ‘news-like’ endorsement especially when it comes to money-making opportunities, I will take it with a pinch of a salt. The CNN and ABC logos are all nonsense.

    This deceiving technique used by Home Jobs Now is a bit old-school and I admit falling into this trap in the past. Luckily, I didn’t lose a lot of money but it took me a while to figure out the legitimate ways of making money online.

    • Cathy, thanks for sharing your personal experience with us. I got reeled into this scam as well. Though you get some type of information in exchange for your money, it is definitely not worth it. You can expect outdated material and a lack of training. Anytime someone claims that you can make $8,000 a month off the back, expect it to be a scam. I learned all about how to avoid these scams, and joined a legitimate program called Wealthy Affiliate


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