What is iPoll About? Can You Make Money With Online Surveys?

what is ipoll aboutName: iPoll
Price: Free to Join
Website: www.ipoll.com
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So you’re thinking about making a little money online through online surveys. You’ll certainly make some money but I do not recommend doing it this way. First off, let’s talk about what is iPoll? Companies rely on market research to ensure that consumers will like their products. Online survey companies are the middle man to you and those companies.

These companies can be anything from credit card companies, goods or services manufacturers, movie companies, etc. The only problem with providing your valuable opinion to these online survey companies is that they don’t pay enough. I reviewed iPoll to see if it was a scam, check out what I’ve found.



  • $5 Sign On Bonus
  • Friendly looking website
  • Easy to use
  • Dozens of gift cards to choose from


  • $10 minimum threshold
  • to get a gift card you need at least $25
  • the minimum request for cash is $50
  • You get paid $1 for a 20 minute survey
  • Few weeks to get paid


This is for anyone willing to spend their time filling out surveys online. You will be prescreened before filling out surveys to see if you qualify for the survey. Not everyone qualifies.

what is ipoll aboutHow Much Do they Pay

These are the surveys that were available to me. Now $1 for 10 minutes of my time doesn’t sound too bad, but that would mean to make $6, I’d have to spend 60 minutes. And 60 minutes would be the best case scenario because I’m not counting all the time that I have to spend doing prescreen surveys. Not to mention being disqualified after a few questions entering the survey because you don’t qualify for it.

Support And Customer Reviews

They have a contact form and FAQs.

I found that iPoll currently has over 60 complaints in BBB from consumers including not getting paid for taking their surveys. Many people complain that it takes weeks to receive their gift cards and/or cash. However, I did find in their disclosures:

“Allow iPoll a few weeks to process your redemption voucher, as we first screen your responses for honest answers.”

Check out a few reviews on iPoll.  

what is ipoll about

Free to Join


Online surveys are an easy way to break the ice on making money online. However the money and the time spent doing the surveys is not worth it. When did it become ok to make less than minimum wage? If I’m going to do work for another company I would at least expect the minimum wage which I think is currently at $8.79.

Are you struggling to make money online? Let me show you how. Join hundreds of thousands of members already doing it. This is the only legitimate company that I have found that over delivers on all of its promises. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate.

iPoll at a Glance…

Name: iPoll

Website: www.ipoll.com

Price: Free

Overall Rank: Very Low

VERDICT: LEGIT Very Limited Earning Potential

Do you have any questions about making money online? Do you have an experience with iPoll that you would like to share? Please take advantage and ask me anything in the comment section below.

Your friend,


what is ipoll about




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4 thoughts on “What is iPoll About? Can You Make Money With Online Surveys?”

  1. I really do hate the thought of online surveys with a passion! I have tried many survey sites over the years with little success and “peanuts” in the bank for scarificing my valuable time.

    People are better off without survey sites because they are a complete waste of time, in my opinion. Rant Over! LOL.

    However, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the ipoll survey platform, but I won’t be joining this program any time soon! Wealthy Affiliate sounds like an AWESOME! option!


    • Neil, I couldn’t agree with you more. Survey sites are a complete waste of time. I too wish they would just completely remove them from the internet. It’s not fair that you can ask someone to work for you and pay them below minimum wage. Either this or pay more for the surveys. Each survey should be at least $4-$5 each. I’m sure they get a greater return on them. Or maybe they don’t, maybe they’re just turning over volume, because they have millions of people doing them.

      I am almost positive if everyone knew what Wealthy Affiliate could do for them they would do one of two of the following.

      1) Join and follow through the training to get a total comprehension of how to make money online and actually do it. Or,

      2) Decide that making money online is not for them and move on to other things.

      That’s what the heart of it is. Learn how to do it. Don’t expect others to do it for you. I don’t know of any company that will complete all the work for you and just have you sign off on it, for you to get paid. In reality, we have to put in the work. Doing the work on making money online is an investment. You’ll no longer be trading your time for money. This is passive income.

      Rant over, lol


  2. Nice article! I started to look for work from home options last year and found a lot of this survey sites but didn’t try any of them since I think the pay is not worth it. It is good to find this kind of sites where you can see the pros and cons instead of wasting your time and money.

    • Hey thanks Jenny! I do my best to review a product or service and provide an honest and quality review. Sometimes this involves me having to participate in the product or service for a week or so before I can actually tell if it is good or not. I wouldn’t want to steer someone away from something if I thought it would be beneficial to them. Thanks for you input.



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