What is Market America All About?

what is market america about a scamMarket America Review

Name: Market America
Website: marketamerica.com
Price: $399 + tax
Owner: JR Ridinger
Rating: what is market america about a scamwhat is market america about a scamwhat is market america about a scamwhat is market america about a scamwhat is market america about a scam (1 / 5)

Is Market America a Scam?

With 25 years in business it’s hard to say that Market America is not legit. This business was established in 1992 and currently makes $100s millions in annual revenue. Market America focuses on internet marketing and direct sales. It offers their own exclusive products and the ability to shop online with partner brands such as Walmart, Target, Staples, The Home Depot, Nordstrom and Best Buy. I’m going to provide you with a thorough review, including their compensation plan, so that you can make a wise decision whether you would like to join or not.

What’s in it For Me?

I’m an Internet Marketer. I learned how to do internet marketing for far less than $399. As a matter of fact I received my beginner’s training for free. Not to mention I got my first website for free too! By the end of this review, if you do not wish to join Market America, you can check out this alternative which is my highest ranked product. Let’s proceed.

The Good & the Bad

what is market america about a scamThe Good:

PRO #1 – Teaches Internet Marketing
PRO #2 – Shopping online with Cashback
PRO #3 – 25 year old business
PRO #4 – Get your own website.

The Bad:

CON #1 – Cost a lot of money!
CON #2 – Will need to do direct sales and recruiting.
CON #3 – MLM structure / Need to focus on your team.
CON #4 – Complicated compensation plan

Who Can Benefit From Market America?

You can join for free if you would like to purchase their exclusive products at wholesale. You could turn around and sell them at suggested retail for a profit. In order to qualify for bonuses and earn on their multiple level compensation plan you need to be an Unfranchise Owner which has the one time cost of $399.

Others that may benefit:

  • Anyone who would like to start their own business and work for themselves.
  • If you enjoy building a team, or working on a team.
  • If you enjoy using their products and would like to earn by sharing them with others.

Market America’s Tools, Training, Support, & Price

what is market america about a scamFast Start Program – $399 + tax

Here’s what you get inside your Starter Kit:

  • Shop.com website with your own Rep Id
  • Isotonix & Motives Websites
  • UnFranchise Business Account (Back Office)
  • Career Manual
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Access to Audio Download Training Library
  • Preloaded MP3 Device – 60 hrs of training
  • Training and Seminar System
  • Coaching and Mentoring by experienced UnFranchise Owners

You also get an arrangement of products in the health and nutrition field from their personal/exclusive products. If you choose to go into a different niche such as the cosmetics or weight management fields you can choose products from Motives (cosmetics) or TLS (weight management). ($600 value)

You do need to meet monthly requirements, which are:

  • Transfer Buying (Min. 50/100/150 BV) $85
  • IBV Transfer Buying (Min. 10/20/30 IBV) $20
  • UnFranchise Mgt. System $20/month
  • Min. of 2 UnFranchise Business Presentations $10 (local training)

Total Monthly in products $135

Their idea behind your purchasing the product is so that you have inventory. You purchase the products at wholesale and are able to retail them to the consumer.

what is market america about a scamMore Expenses…

  • Local Seminars $5 each
  • Conventions and required training
  • Convention $200 each, New account special $150

Local Training

  • New Distributor Training $15 – 3-4 hours in a hotel or home setting to discuss “Who they are, their terminology, and requirements”.
  • Basic 5  is $15 – also 3-4 hours in a hotel or home setting to discuss the fundamentals of building an UnFranchise Business.
  • Executive Coordinator Certification Training – 6-8 hours to discuss your demonstrated knowledge of the above content. A certified trainer within Market America conducts this training.

Market America’s Exclusive Products & Partner Stores

  • (Targeted Solutions – Their Exclusive Brand Names)
  • Health & Nutrition – Nutri Clean, Ultimate Aloe, Heart Health, Isotonix,
  • Anti-Aging – Timeless Prescription, Cellular Laboratories, Pentaxyl, Prime.
  • Cosmetics – Motives (Created by RJ’s wife and VP of Market America Loren Ridinger)
  • Personal care – Royal Spa, Fixx, Matriskin, Lumiere de Vie, DNA Miracles
  • Weight Management – TLS
  • Home & Garden – Snap
  • Pet Care – Pet Health
  • Internet – MA Web Centers
  • Auto Care
  • Financial Services – Shop Financial

what is market america about a scamTheir partner stores are some of the most famous brands and stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, Apple, Macy’s, Rooms to Go, Toy’s R’ US (the list goes on but you get the idea).

This program is sort of like the cash back rewards program you may have with your bank. Where you can shop through a rewards website and they offer cash back, usually 1% to 5%, when you shop online. I think it’s pretty neat that Market America leverages their part on the internet with this internet marketing tool.

Did You Know? You Too Can Leverage the Internet and Earn Commissions. Find Out How Here!

What You’ve Been Waiting For! How to Make Money With Market America? | The Compensation Plan

  • You can earn money by cashback on your own online transactions and your customers online transactions.
  • Going into the internet marketing side of things, you will learn how to track customer purchases and do what they call One-to-One Marketing. This is where you can cross sell and provide products to 10-15 preferred customers.
  • You can earn 30-50% gross retail profit from buying/selling products.
  • You will develop and manage 2 sales and distribution organizations.
How does this work?
  • You have BV and IBV
  • BV is the point system used for the sales of their exclusive products.
  • IBV you earn when anyone shops online with any of their partner stores.
  • You need 200 BV to qualify for Residual Income.
  • what is market america about a scamThis opens up a Right and a Left Leg.

You can earn 100% of the BV earned by your downline, so when someone earns 100 BV it goes all the way upline.

BV is calculated weekly. When you accrue 1200 on both the Left and Right Legs, you earn a $300 Bonus. If you don’t earn enough on either Leg it will roll over for the next week. The BV and IBV accrue separately. The same goes for IBV, when you accrue 1200 IBV you earn a $300 Bonus.

When you accrue 2400, and 3600 in either BV or IBV, you qualify for the $300 again.Then when when you accrue 5000 in BV or IBV you earn another $600 bonus. You can earn up to $1500 on either BV and IBV each week, or earn up to $3000 from both weekly. When you reach 5000 your banks reset.

Placement of BV

If you get an order for 400 BV on your website, you can put that on one of your personal enrollees, any member down your leg, and that BV flows all the way upline. This can help your organization grow.

Every time you and anyone in your organization, both on the right and the left, complete the BV or IBV cycle in a week (5000 BV) you can earn a $600 Management Bonus. You can earn up to $3600 per week.

what is market america about a scamWhen you first apply you get 3 BDC’s (Business Development Center). You can build each one out with left and right legs to get 3x the income potential. You can open additional BDCs once both your right and left legs reach 5000 BV each. Each BDC has the potential to earn up to $3600 a week. Also, even with the additional BDCs, the BV or IBV earned moves all the way up to the very top helping the rest of your organization.

This compensation plan may be a little confusing. Leave your questions below if you have any. I understand it pretty well and I don’t mind sharing the knowledge.

My Final Opinion of Market America

I’m not a fan of Market America whatsoever. I do think that the internet marketing side of things was a bit creative, but like I said it’s common today with all the different banks and credit/ financial institutions. Shoot I even think Ebates has a program where you can earn off of referring customers and shopping online. You’ve got to do a lot better than that Market America! Then, with their direct sales and compensation plan; seen it all before! Mlm companies such as Total Life Changes and Isagenix are a couple I can think of off the back.

I’m not going to keep ranting. If you’re interested in the opportunity, it is legit, and you can probably become successful at it. It’s all about putting in the effort. I study home businesses for a living so it’s why I’m really hard on opportunities like this that can use a few adjustments. I’m just trying to make it easier for the average person to get ahead with their business ideas. If you haven’t already, check out my long list of good home based businesses (on “the Good” menu), or my highest ranked product here. Hope this helps!

Market America at a Glance…

Name: Market America
Website: www.marketamerica.com
CEO: JR Ridinger
Price: $399 + tax
Rating: what is market america about a scamwhat is market america about a scamwhat is market america about a scamwhat is market america about a scamwhat is market america about a scam (1 / 5)
VERDICT: LEGIT Not Recommended – Very Basic Opportunity – Search my website for something that fits you!

Do you have a personal experience with Market America? If so, I would love to hear about your personal experience with their products/service. Or if you have a comment, question, or concern…

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

I do appreciate your feedback. It truly does help others.

Owner, howtoworkonline.org

Sources: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDhgmonuiD8

4 thoughts on “What is Market America All About?”

  1. Hello there,

    Great review, at the first time it seems that Market America is a legit & good platform to learn about internet marketing, but actually, after getting in the details you mentioned in your review it jumps in my mind that it’s not worth my money especially it’s very expensive program!, also MLM structure is a very big disadvantage, thanks for giving unique, unbiased review about those program on the internet!, I would be happy if you recommend to me a platform which is not costly & can help me to start my own business online, keep up the good reviews,

    Cheers, Ehab

    • Ehab, thank you for you complement and reading my review. Market America is an interesting opportunity in that it has been around for over 25 years. It’s a real basic mlm, and I find interesting that it has a follow up program for customers relevant to internet marketing. I’m a big fan of cash back rewards, and I am constantly seeking opportunities like this.

      I agree with you that it is very costly to join Market America. I would encourage you to take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. It is free to join, and very inexpensive to manage a business online through it. I was a free member for a while before I went Premium, and even then it comes out to the price of a cup of coffee a day to run a business online. If you really want to leverage the internet and build a business online, this is surely the way to go!

  2. You are right when you say that the compensation plan is complicated.

    Nevertheless, I prefer affiliate marketing, because then you don’t need the headache of having to deal with inventory, but each to his own.

    What I can’t understand is why you have to buy so much from them each month to qualify? This could prove difficult for newbies.

    • Michel, I know the compensation plan could be rather complicated but once you get it, you get it. It’s a little easier for me to understand because I research business opportunities like these for a living. Market America’s is a bit more complicated. What I call the BV flush, is quite common in mlms, where once you get a certain number of BV in your lesser leg, you flush it out and earn a bonus (in this case $300). The idea is that you accumulate as many BV flushes as you can. Well in this case, Market America has caps on these bonuses.

      I prefer affiliate marketing as well. Like you said, no inventory and select from millions of products to advertise. I love the opportunity behind affiliate marketing, and it’s only getting better. I recommend this for anyone who would like to stay home and make a decent living.

      About the monthly expenses at Market America. I think it’s nonsense as well. I guess the idea behind it is that you keep shopping through them, and utilizing their products. That’s why it’s most important to try out the products before you decide to join because you should be doing it for a long time. It’s like they say, you can’t drive a Ford, and sell Chevrolet. I understand it from that perspective.

      I’ve seen other mlms have a little less requirement such as $50/month; that’s Melaleuca. I also dislike that they charge you to go to their meetings, and events! Are they serious? We’re supposed to be a family, and a team, why would you charge me? As if the company is not already making boatloads of money. Oh well, I guess that’s why they say, the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.

      Anyways, that’s just my rant. Good luck to you and your business,



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