What is MyPoints? Can You Really Earn Money?

what is mypoints a scamMyPoints Review

Name: MyPoints
Website: mypoints.com
Price: Free
Rating: what is mypoints a scamwhat is mypoints a scamwhat is mypoints a scamwhat is mypoints a scamwhat is mypoints a scam (3 / 5)

MyPoints, Product Overview

MyPoints is a revolutionary product. It is so easy to use and it has taken the world of earning points via watching videos, playing games, and taking surveys to the top level. Let me inform you that you will not make a lot of money with MyPoints, but it is fun and if you can earn money by using their search engine, or shopping through their rewards website, why not? What was my experience? I tried MyPoints, played a couple games, watch a couple videos, and it was not too bad.

what is mypoints a scamIs MyPoints a scam? There is no way it is a scam. They have been around for so many years. There are the occasional upset customers who have suffered from a glitch in the system and lost their points or have suffered delays in receiving their gift cards, but for the most part MyPoints is totally legit.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – You can redeem your points for giftcards, travel, or paypal cash.

PRO #2 – Watch videos and play games for points.

PRO #3 – Shop their Rewards website and earn points

The Bad:

CON #1 – Regular use of the site you can expect around $25/year

CON #2 – Usually takes up to 30 days to receive your gift cards

CON #3 – Cannot get rich off of it!

Who is MyPoints For?

Anyone who enjoys shopping online can benefit a whole lot from MyPoints because of their Rewards Mall. You may be familiar with a rewards website that is hosted by your bank (I know Wells Fargo has one) or your credit card, this is the same. Any shop that is available in their mall you can earn points for shopping. Of course, you can convert your points to cash, gift cards, or travel.

what is mypoints a scamAlso anyone who enjoys playing games, get on this program ASAP! 🙂 I have seen people spend hours on their mobile device playing games. With MyPoints you can earn points for all that time you spend on them.

People who also enjoy watch videos, the videos on the site are pretty interesting and their usually only about 30 seconds each. Granted you only get paid 1 point per video, but if you like watching videos anyway, eh what do you think? The point system works as so, generally speaking, for every 175 points = $1.

Do you like collecting coupons? MyPoints has a variety of different stores including popular stores like Walgreens, DELL, JCPenney, and Office Depot that offer coupon codes that you can save extra money. They have an awesome program that you can print grocery coupons to use in store. You earn 10 points per coupon just for printing them out! Think about how these points can accumulate. Currently their grocery coupons page has over $700 in savings!

MyPoints Tools & Training

MyPoints has a large website filled with tools to try and earn some extra cash. These tools include but limited all the links on the homepage labeled earn points. These can be watching videos, playing games, taking surveys, etc. The website is very user friendly so their is no training necessary.

MyPoints Support

MyPoints has a FAQ page and members contact form on their Contact Us page. Don’t be discouraged if they do not get back to you. I’ve read a lot of comments of people not hearing back from them.

MyPoints Price

Free to join. The website does host a variety of brands and different types of merchandise that you can purchase, including additional purchases for games and such. However, you can get by for free without buying anything.

what is mypoints a scam

If you are going to be doing any shopping online, I would encourage you to see if they host the shop of your choice in their mall because it’s free money folks, you might as well!

My Final Opinion of MyPoints

I don’t recommend MyPoints as a form of making money online because it just takes way too long to build up enough points to cash out. If you don’t already have a rewards website that you use via your bank or credit card co then this would be an excellent place to utilize for earning rewards on your online shopping. It is the wave of the future; it just makes sense to earn rewards on your spending. Don’t leave money on the table.

I’ve seen a couple of websites like this, for example Swagbucks. The online surveys, I always advise people to stay away from because it is a complete waste of time. There are so many online survey sites online including iPoll, MySurvey, MintVine, and Opinion Outpost which are all a waste of time. Most of the surveys are so boring and you cannot just blow the survey off, they will not pay you for it, and you can expect to earn about $1 hour with surveys.

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MyPoints at a Glance…

Price: Free to join
Rating: what is mypoints a scamwhat is mypoints a scamwhat is mypoints a scamwhat is mypoints a scamwhat is mypoints a scam (3 / 5)

VERDICT: LEGIT Limited Earning Potential

Do you have a personal experience to share about MyPoints. As always your feedback is very much appreciated and it truly does help others. 🙂



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4 thoughts on “What is MyPoints? Can You Really Earn Money?”

  1. Good and honest review of the site. Just because something cannot provide a full time income doesn’t necessarily means it’s a scam, unless it claims to be able to do so. And it presents itself more of a side gig, just for fun type of deal that we can use once in a while. Thanks!

    • Hey Wing,

      That’s exactly what I had in mind when I wrote this review. I’m glad you see it from my point of view. Every opportunity online is not going to be the one to make you make you wealthy. I especially enjoy products like MyPoints when they make it apparent that it is so. I do not like places that tell you that you can make large sums of money in a short period of time. I steer away from these products, and I consider them scams.

      If you noticed my #1 recommendation however, this opportunity is legit. This is the money maker! There are so many people making a good living online because of it. I really like that from the beginning when joining them they explain to you about the making money process and give you a realistic timeline of when you should see results and how much work you need to put in. If every make money opportunity were like this, the world would be better place.

      Good luck to you and much success,


  2. Thanks for the review. I had never heard of My Points before so it was an interesting read. You may not be able to get rich from it but it sounds like it’s more a supplement if you enjoy playing games and have time to complete surveys then you can exchange points for gift cards which are always handy for something and there appears to be a range of shops you can get them for which is always handy.

    • Hi Mel, I too was surprised how fun it could be to earn points and be able to redeem rewards for things we already do online. Another one that I reviewed recently as well which was RewardTV was also interesting. I hate online surveys and I got to tell you I enjoyed those surveys. The problem with these programs online is that yes they are fun, but that is it. Do not expect to gain financially independence through them. Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand, these people are for real. If you ever wanted to make a living online; it would be worth your time to learn through their awesome training. Just like the other programs, it’s free to join.

      Thanks for your comment and for stopping by,



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