Can You Really Make Money Selling $5 Jewelry With Paparazzi Accessories?

what is paparazzi accessories jewelry compensation plan about a scam reviewsPaparazzi Accessories Review

Name: Paparazzi Accessories
Price: Starting at $99
Owners: Sisters Misty and Chani
Rating: what is paparazzi accessories jewelry compensation plan about a scam reviewswhat is paparazzi accessories jewelry compensation plan about a scam reviewswhat is paparazzi accessories jewelry compensation plan about a scam reviewswhat is paparazzi accessories jewelry compensation plan about a scam reviewswhat is paparazzi accessories jewelry compensation plan about a scam reviews (4 / 5)

What is Paparazzi Accessories About?

After reading this review you’ll have a thorough understanding of the business opportunity at Paparazzi Accessories (including the products, and compensation plan). Paparazzi Accessories started in 2008 when a couple of sisters, Misty and Chani, got together with their husbands and decided to create the business that we know today. They used to sell their jewelry from home and at fairs and such until one day their husbands found a source in China that would finally launch the company into the direct selling business. Today you can make money with Paparazzi Accessories (on multiple levels/ multi level marketing) as a Consultant, or you can earn free jewelry as a Hostess.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – Simple to sell jewelry ($5!); Large variety of jewelry.
PRO #2 – Personalized website
PRO #3 – Lucrative compensation plan

The Bad:

what is paparazzi accessories jewelry compensation plan about a scam reviewsCON #1 – Initial investment required
CON #2 – Requires direct selling, recruiting, and team management

Who is Paparazzi Accessories For?

Anyone who:

  • Wants to sell jewelry
  • Wants to start a business.
  • Wants to start a networking business. You’ll have the opportunity to network with other Consultants/Hostesses.
  • If you already own an offline business and would like to add Paparazzi Accessories to your product lineup.
  • Stay at home moms, retirees, college student, or anyone who would like to supplement their income.

Paparazzi Accessories Tools, Training, & Support

When you first join Paparazzi Accessories, there’ll be a business plan along with other start up tips inside your Starter Pack. As well as a bunch of tools for your business such as forms, brochures, bags, window decals, and thank you cards. Most of your training and support will come from your sponsor or members of your team. However, you can also reach out to Paparazzi on their facebook page, or their contact information on their website. As with most mlm businesses, there is an annual event that they host for recognition and motivational purposes.

Paparazzi Accessories Jewelry

Paparazzi offers a large variety of jewelry. Their product line includes bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, and hair accessories. All of their inventory is $5.

what is paparazzi accessories jewelry compensation plan about a scam reviewswhat is paparazzi accessories jewelry compensation plan about a scam reviewswhat is paparazzi accessories jewelry compensation plan about a scam reviewswhat is paparazzi accessories jewelry compensation plan about a scam reviews

How Much Does it Cost to Join Paparazzi Accessories?

You have to purchase a Starter Pack. Check out the following:

Preview Pack $99 ($175 Value)

35 pieces of inventory
Stylist Tip Card
Necklace Bust
50 Pink Sales Bag
Paparazzi Business Success Plan
25 Display Hooks
Complete Jewelry Tool Kit
25 Party Invitations
Vinyl Window Decal
25 Receipts
5 Consultant Enrollment Forms
10 Thank You Cards
10 Frequent Buyer LOyalty Cards
5 Compensation Plan Brochures

If you want to start bigger, they have a Small Home Party Kit for $299 ($600 Value) which comes with 120 pieces of inventory, and also a Large Home Party $499 Kit ($1000 Value) that comes with 200 pieces of inventory.

How Do You Make Money Selling Paparazzi Accessories? | The Compensation Plan

what is paparazzi accessories jewelry compensation plan about a scam reviewsAll Consultants will earn 45% off of retail jewelry, and show rebates. Also, all Star Consultants and higher will earn a 15% bonus off the purchase of any Starter Pack every time you sponsor someone.

Compensation is calculated by points at Paparazzi. Each product sold assesses a value of 2 points or PV (Point Value). For example, 20 products sells at retail for $100, and that equals 40 PV.

If you host a show/party for which you earn 1000 PV or more, Paparazzi pays you a 10% rebate, known as a Show Rebate, in that month’s commission check.

Ranks and Bonuses

Star Consultant – requires 50 PV.
Director – requires 50 PV, and 3 personally sponsored Consultant (all the ranks above this will require this).
Premier Director – requires 50 PV, and $3,000 OV (Organizational Volume).
Executive Director – requires 100 PV (all ranks up to Jetsetter require this), and $6,000 OV.
Producer – requires $12,000 OV
Premier Producer – requires $25,000 OV
Executive Producer – requires $40,000 OV
Fashionista – requires $75,000 OV
A-Lister – requires $150,000 OV
Maven A-Lister – requires $250,000 OV
Jetsetter – requires $500,000 OV
Luxe Jetsetter – requires 250 PV, and $1,000,000 OV
Impressionista – requires 250 PV, and $1,500,000 OV

Unilevel Bonuses

what is paparazzi accessories jewelry compensation plan about a scam reviewsStart earn 5% commission on all the sales on your first level as a Star Consultant, and then 10% as you progress through the higher ranks. As a Director and above, you earn 5% on all the sales on your second level. Finally as a Premier Director and above, you’ll earn 5% on your third level.

Generational Bonus

Once you reach Executive Director, you’ll earn a 1% bonus on all the sales of your entire network. When you excel to Producer, that percentage grows to 3%.

Legacy Bonus

When you become an A-Lister or higher you can earn an additional 1%-2% bonus on all the sales of your entire network.

Infinity Bonus

When you become a Luxe Jetsetter, you can earn an additional .5% on all of your team’s volume. When you reach the rank of Impressionista, this percentage grows to 1%.

Cash Bonus

When you reach the following top ranks you’ll receive these bonuses.

Luxe Jetsetter: $25,000
Impressionista: $50,000

How to Earn Free Jewelry With Hostess Rewards

what is paparazzi accessories jewelry compensation plan about a scam reviewsAs a Consultant you can find friends, or friends can ask you to throw a jewelry party. For every 10 pieces of jewelry sold, your Hostess earns 1 piece of jewelry free. For example, if 20 pieces of jewelry are sold at the party, your Hostess will get 2 pieces free. You can also throw parties online in which your Hostess will earn his/her compensation through store credit. Then can choose to order their jewelry right through your website.

Is it Worth Joining Paparazzi Accessories? | My Final Opinion

I have not seen a better opportunity than Paparazzi Accessories, besides my highest ranked product. The reason why I say this is because I look for an attractive compensation plan, and an affordable product within a business opportunity. Paparazzi offers both. Plus they offer a personalized marketing website which can extend your reach into the marketplace. There are currently over 3 billion people online, do not leave money on the table! You can learn about seo, or marketing your website here.

The jewelry sells itself. All you would have to do is stay innovative and think of ways to get in front of people such as offline/online parties, festivals/fairs, etc. Now remember, the direct selling part is less than half of the battle. The majority of your success within an mlm business opportunity will depend on recruiting, as well as team management. This is where the residual income will come from, when you can really sit back and enjoy the fruit of your labor.

Don’t Think That Direct Selling or Recruiting is For You? Start An Online Business, I’ll Show You How!

Paparazzi Accessories at a Glance…

Name: Paparazzi Accessories
Price: Starting at $99
Owners: Sisters Misty and Chani
Rating: what is paparazzi accessories jewelry compensation plan about a scam reviewswhat is paparazzi accessories jewelry compensation plan about a scam reviewswhat is paparazzi accessories jewelry compensation plan about a scam reviewswhat is paparazzi accessories jewelry compensation plan about a scam reviewswhat is paparazzi accessories jewelry compensation plan about a scam reviews (4 / 5)

Do you have a personal experience with Paparazzi Accessories? If so, I would love to hear about your personal experience with their products/service.

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

As always, I appreciate your feedback. It truly does help others!


16 thoughts on “Can You Really Make Money Selling $5 Jewelry With Paparazzi Accessories?”

  1. Hi Jonathan
    I have not heard of Paparazzi Jewelry before, but i understand the business model. This business opportunity is ideal for those that love getting together for a party, much like a Tupperware party.
    I have met many people who love this way of selling, as they love interacting with others, and have a wide network of friends.
    Sounds like a good opportunity.

    • Hey Greg, I have never heard of the tupperware parties but I think I know what you mean. I also think that selling this way could be really fun. I like Paparazzi because it offers an affordable product, and I always thought that was missing with an mlm. I’m actually trying to get my wife to start a business with them. I personal am interested in affiliate marketing. I like the idea of making money from my laptop from anywhere.

      • Hi Lex, I’ll go ahead and show your link up there for others if they would like to check you out. I personally don’t prefer the multi level marketing thing. I hope things are going good for you. I know that that business model could be quite lucrative, but I just really dislike direct selling and recruiting. Though they have made recruiting easier these days with lead generators, it’s just not for me.

        Thanks for sharing and you know you could totally take advantage of Wealthy Affiliate too! What it will do for you is teach you how to market your website. There’s a HUGE audience out there on the internet (over 3.2 billion people), and you can learn how to reach them! WA will sharpen you up with how to build a website, search engine optimization, and ppc (pay per click advertising). Feel free to take a look.

        Thanks for stopping by,

  2. This is a field about which I know nothing – or more correctly, now I know something! Some MLM experiences are better than others, and this one looks like it could be better than the average, and probably even some fun! The plan is covered very thoroughly, with all questions being answered as the description goes along. ‘Party-plan’ selling has a long and stellar history (Tupperware and Pampered Chef come to mind), so this will not be new territory for most. Based on what I’ve read here, I’ll be recommending it to my interested friends!

    • Hey Bobby, I’m glad you liked my review. Most people think mlms like Paparazzi are a scam, but they’re really just business opportunities. You can see the value in the compensation plan. I like Paparazzi because it offers the affordable product. I would not be interested in throwing home parties, direct selling, or recruiting but I’m sure many others will be. I chose to seek out business success online with affiliate marketing.

    • Hi Tara, thanks for chiming in. This definitely gives Paparazzi more value. I actually though about getting my daughters to join this business when they get in college. I think anyone could sell $5 jewelry, and when you offer the opportunity as well, you can grow your income potential much more. I personally love the affiliate marketing business so much, but I know some people may prefer to be in face to face sells.

      Thanks for the information,

    • That’s great news A’Kena! I am really happy for you. Not to mention you’ve found a vehicle to take you on the path to financial freedom. Mlms are great in this aspect because of the network marketing and multiple level income possiblities. I actually told my daughter about this business in hopes that she will start her own business and not follow the status quo. You know, start working a 9 to 5.

      I’m trying to teach my kids that a job is not the way to go. Real financial freedom is found within a business such as internet marketing or mlms. Though you have to be careful for flukes. I encourage people to start a home based business and do my due dilligance in reviewing all, for everyone.

      Thanks so much for your comment, and I wish you pasture greens in the road ahead. 🙂


  3. I’ve been with Paparazzi for 1 year. I’m not new to direct sales, this is actually my third company. The other two I previously joined didn’t work for me because I didn’t have a passion for the products. With Paparazzi, I’ve found a forever family. I think the key to success is a great product that everyone can afford. If anyone would like to explore more about Paparazzi feel free to browse my Facebook shopping group at or visit my website at

    • Hey I’m glad that you found a business that you can call your own. Just curious, how are their products? They look nice online, but I wonder how they look in person. I guess I know you can’t ask for much with cheap prices but I don’t like jewelry that looks cheap.

      What other companies were you in? I like the compensation plan at Paparazzi, and the affordable products, but I hate to sell anything. This is the reason I enjoy doing internet marketing because I can put the products on the table along with all the information on the table and just allow people to make their own decision in buying.

      It’s pretty easy, all you do is build a website, drive traffic, and promote products with affiliate marketing. I even got free training to initiate this business which you can find here. Wish the best to you!


  4. I am a new consultant with Paparazzi and I have to say I have never worked with a better company. When they say family they mean it. These are wonderful people and a wonderful product. I do most my sales first thing in the morning on line with my morning coffee in my pajamas. I love this job!!!!

    • Hey JoAnn, thank you so much for your feedback. Would you be so kind and to inform us on how you make sales online? I’m really happy for you that you love your relationship with Paparazzi. I hope that it stays that way. I think they have a great thing going on. Keep pushing it and you will succeed!

  5. Jonathan – I think there’s a couple items to now add to the “Bad” portion above –

    Currently, “fast fashion” it becoming rather out of style, so a company promoting fast nearly-disposable fashion
    has a bit if a negative feeling surrounding their products. A lack of eco-conscious behavior is becoming less

    The trend now is toward “investment” pieces and items that don’t end up in the landfill quickly. I have looked
    closely at the products, and they are worth exactly the price – they are what you would expect for $5.

    Ten years ago, buying a necklace that coordinated perfectly with an outfit was thought of as clever. Now it is
    looked upon as wasteful. That is – in some circles.

    There always will be people who don’t even blink at consuming tons of single-use plastic items; those are the
    customers for this. Unfortunately, that might be quite a large portion of our population who simply does not care
    about the long-term, but wants cute cheap now.

    Second “Bad” is the quality guarantees the jewelry will not last, so it will end up in the landfill much faster than a
    quality piece.

    So, looking at a company like Pampered Chef; they have a high level of loyalty among their fans, and even do
    enjoy repeat customers. But they probably do not have as many repeat customers as inexpensive jewelry or
    makeup companies experience due to the quality and durability of the products. Once you have a pizza stone,
    you don’t really need the next year’s model…

    A “Good” for the $5 jewelry would be the potential for repeat customers. New outfits and new trends will drive
    purchases of new jewelry pieces.

    I’m thinking I’m actually a bit off your topic – the actual viability of this MLM. Kim at

    • Hi Kim, I can certainly appreciate your point of view about Paparazzi, and your concerns about it’s $5 jewelry. I have seen a lot of people who like the disposable jewelry thing, or as you put it, the per outfit idea.

      I think as a Paparazzi consultant, you would definitely be looking for that certain audience, or market. I can picture college kids being into it. Seasoned people on the other hand, I think appreciate durability, and will lean more on higher priced, quality jewelry.

      I wonder what the jewelry looks like in person. I wonder if my wife would like the $5 jewelry. I might have her look through the catalog, and see if she likes something enough to pick out and we can actually get our hands on the product to really tell if there is a bit of quality to it.

      Of course, there is the saying, you get what you pay for, but who knows, it might surprise you. This reminds me, there are other jewelry mlms such as Sabika Jewelry and Tracy Lynn Jewelry. I would imagine you can make more money with higher priced jewelry.

      As you mentioned with Paparazzi, repeat customers may come by faster than others because of the price. Personally, I prefer something in the middle. Something more durable, but that is not going to break the bank.

      Another thought, younger girls that are still in school, like middle school and high school may be a good market for this jewelry too. Now that I mentioned it, I even thought about my daughter joining this mlm, because I think she could make a lot of sells in her school, and in her extracurricular activities.

      I like the idea that they offer you a personalized website. As you know, that is my forte. I believe everyone’s best bet is to build their own website and make money from it.

      – Jonathan


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