What is Paycation Travel? A Scam or Legit?

what is paycation travel a scamPaycation Review
Name: Paycation Travel
Website: www.paycation.com
Price: Starting at $99
CEO: David Manning
Rating: what is paycation travel a scamwhat is what is paycation travel a scamwhat is what is paycation travel a scamwhat is what is paycation travel a scamwhat is what is paycation travel a scam (1 / 5)

Paycation Travel, Product Overview

Paycation Travel is another multi level marketing scheme. I have found Paycation Travel to be legit, however, just like every other network marketing scheme you probably have a less that 1% chance of making it BIG! Similar to Coastal Travel, Paycation has been around for years and offers commissions on travel package sales. What’s different about them is you also have an opportunity to recruit members and earn commissions from their successes.

Paycation Travel is a leg of Xstream Travel and they have been around for 12 years. I have taken a few hours to review the company’s website, videos, and other reviews and have come to tell you the tale!  If you have always had a passion to become a travel agent then this may be for you, but if you’re just looking for opportunities to make money then you may want to reconsider.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • $99 to start
  • Live conference calls for motivation.
  • Huge discounts on travel.

The Bad:

  • $69 monthly subscription fee
  • An additional $50 to become a Certified Travel Agent and earn commission on a down-line.
  • Lack of training. You will probably get trained by your up-line, and usually these people are like a drop in a bucket. You’ll never know if you’ll get the right trainer.

Who is Paycation Travel For?

Someone passionate about traveling. This may be a good opportunity for you to earn huge discounts on traveling around the world. Despite the crazy $69 monthly fee, you may save hundreds/thousands of dollars a year on traveling.

Someone who is experience in network marketing. It is extremely difficult to learn how to network market, learn new products, and sell to your friends and family. I used to be a member at Amway, and I hated trying to recruit people. Let alone sell to them.

Paycation Travel Tools, Training, & Support

Paycation provides you with a website to assist you with selling travel packages to people. Your up-line should take the time to train you. I mentioned earlier how difficult this may be because you never know what type of training skills your up-line will have. In order to be truly successful with any business or marketing program you need to be trained with a proven method. It may take a lot of practice, but with the right training you will be successful with any type of business.

Your up-line will be your main source of support. Paycation also holds conference call/meetings for their member to get motivated.

Paycation Travel Price

You can actually sign up on the website for free to enjoy their free travel portal where you can find savings on many different travel packages. It’s just like any other travel portal, like Expedia, Hotwire, etc.

$99 Paycation Referral Customer Travel Package is the starting package to where you will gain access to extreme discounts on travel and ability to earn off referrals. Once your referrals book travel packages you can earn 25-75% commission on sales.

$49 Associate Fee is in addition to start earning residual income, or earning off your downline/recruits.

$69.95 Monthly to maintain subscription and continue to earn commission.

$15 Xstream Certified Travel Consultant certificate and book direct with the travel vendors to earn top commissions. Group travel is booked with venders direct and higher commission can be earned when booked direct.

$40 Annual Fee to maintain your certification as a Travel Consultant.

How do you Earn Money?

There are 20 different ways that you can earn with Paycation Travel. I will discuss many of them here which will allow you to make a good decision whether you would like to join or not.

First, you can earn 65-75% commission on any travel booked (except air) through your website. Agents can also refer travel to the home office and make 25% of the travel commission paid to Paycation by submitting a Travel referral form found in your Member’s Area.

what is paycation travel a scamYou will earn $50 with the first 3 recruits that you make. Every person after that you will earn $20 each.

Multi Level Marketing

This is where the multi level marketing program comes in: You will receive $20 for every person that your recruits enroll as well.

Your first 2 recruits are a little special because you will actually earn $30 for every person that they enroll. As we can see this recruiting process can get quite lucrative.

Every time one of your recruits pay their $69 subscription fee you will earn $3.20. You will also earn $3.20 off of everyone that they enroll.

what is paycation travel a scamFor heavy hitters, once you get on the national executive (300 consultants under you) and international diamond level (500 consultants under you) you can earn between $5 to $25 for each new member. This will be good for those who are very experience in network marketing and plan to build a massive network.

3×7 Matrix – What is it?

This is a team building bonus program that offers you more earning potential. Your first level can have 3 people. Then each level after that can consist of multiples of 3. So your second level can have 9 people, third level can have 27, and so on. You will earn $2 residual income (monthly) for each person on your first level, $6 for everyone on the second, $2 for those on your 3rd and 4th level, then a whopping $8 for the remaining levels.

what is paycation travel a scamThis is where your teamwork is needed. The idea is that you continue to recruit people on your downline and then also help everyone else within those 7 levels to recruit as many people as they can. You also have the opportunity to earn 10% of everyone in your matrix and their matrix. For example,if Sarah (in your matrix) makes $1500 on her matrix, you will receive $150.

My Final Opinion of Paycation Travel

It takes a while before you understand the complete compensation plan on a multi level marketing company. No doubt about it, there are a lot of earning opportunities. In my opinion, I never liked these multi level marketing programs because it seems like they are just blowing smoke. They have so much hype, and throw out so many numbers, but they never talk about the 95% plus that will never make any money. I believe the reason why so many fail is because of the lack of training. You can probably make money with Paycation, but be prepared to work extremely hard and dedicate yourself to the business.

Paycation Travel at a Glance…

Name: Paycation Travel
Website: www.paycation.com
CEO: David Manning
Price: $99 to Join ($149 total)
Rating: what is paycation travel a scamwhat is what is paycation travel a scamwhat is what is paycation travel a scamwhat is what is paycation travel a scamwhat is what is paycation travel a scam (1 / 5)

VERDICT: LEGIT Not Recommended, Multi-Level Marketing

Do you have a personal experience with Paycation Travel? If so, I would love to hear about your personal experience. Thank you for your feedback, it truly does help others! 🙂


Owner, howtoworkonline.org

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8 thoughts on “What is Paycation Travel? A Scam or Legit?”

  1. This sounds like it could be a good deal for someone who travels a lot. I also think you would have to like being a sales person. Although it’s not a scam, I think the average person would find it hard to make money with. I was looking for a good opportunity, but this is not for me. Thanks for your review. It saved me a lot of research.

    • Hi Gloria, thanks for reading. I know what you mean when saying it would be hard to make money with. I wish programs/companies would discuss the difficulty in making money with these things. Any business is going to take a lot of effort and energy. A lot of time investment. I believe everyone can accomplish financial freedom. It just takes dedication and commitment! Thanks for commenting.


  2. I heard that scam artist David Manning had started up this MLM opportunity – by now one would think that he’d give up! His MLM companies typically have a life of about three years or less. Then he starts another company adn ropes people in and then that closes. Shame he’s back yet again!

    • Chris, thank you very much for your insight on this make money opportunity, Paycation Travel. I’m also surprised to learn that David Manning is at it again. I have found that many of these CEO’s of mlm companies are doing the same thing. They build these companies, scam a lot of people out their money, and then close them down only to reopen new ones.

      I encourage everyone to grasp more control of their destinies and future by building their own online businesses. You’ll no longer have to depend on anyone else’s company to bring you success. Not to mention you’ll be able to sell you own products that you yourself choose for you businesses. Affiliate programs allow us to do this. Along with building your own revenue building websites. No one will be able to take this away from you. The only reason your business would close down is because you choose to close it.

      This is the type of independence that I am encouraging everyone to take. With Wealthy Affiliate you will learn of everything you need to know on how to run a successful online business for yourself. Also that fact that it has been around for more than a decade, you can count on the continuous support and training to be continuously provided to you.

      Thanks a lot for your comment,


  3. There seems to be a lot of these Travel MLM’s around! I just recently came across another one with a similar structure. It’s funny how they entice you with the 65-75% commission. What they don’t tell you is that the commission rate is a percentage of an even smaller commission rate. There’s no way that you are earning 75% of a $1500 vacation package! No travel provider/resort/airline would ever make any money. What you’re actually earning is 65-75% of the 5-10% commission from each trip. So if you were to cut out the middle man eg. Paycation, and deal directly with the vendor eg. Signature Vacations, you would be earning 100% of the 7-10% commission they offer for every travel package you sell. Not to mentioned, no upline, downline, MLM pushing needed! But it’s all a learning curve. I’ve had to sign up with a few MLM’s myself to really learn how they operate, and how I don’t want to be a part of them.

    Great article, though. Very informative! I look forward to reading more of the scams you have uncovered!



    • Nicki, thanks for pointing that out. That makes a lot more sense now. I also thought what criminals to charge someone $1500 when the net price is somewhere around 25% of that. From a business perspective I guess that would be a great profit, but I cannot see myself taking advantage of a consumer like that. I like to be fair for the most part. Something like that I’d say a 25% commission would be fair (off of $1500).

      Personally, if I were a big traveler, I would consider the price because of the steep discounts. However, I’ve looked at your website and with it being all about traveling on a budget I’ll have no problem working with you on this topic and also directing all of my readers to your website for travel tips. Feel free to stop on by anytime, and I look forward to working together with you in helping others.

      Thanks for your hospitality,

  4. I remember stumbling across this one when I was searching for a work from home opportunity. In fact, it was a review similar to this and that’s how I ended up discovering Wealthy Affiliate.

    Websites such as yours do a wonderful job warning people of these scams and leading them into the right opportunity. Good work.

    • Kevin, thank you for stating that. My ultimate goal on the internet is to help people avoid scams and find a legitimate opportunity to assist them with reaching their goals of making money online. Wealthy Affiliate is by far the only opportunity I’ve found that is so legitimate from start to finish. I literally started as a newbie online, and now have a valuable website that is bringing in money. I believe people just need that legitimate opportunity to help them get started and then the sky is the limit from there!



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