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reviews what is perfectly posh about a scamPerfectly Posh Review

Name: Perfectly Posh
Price: Starting at $99
Founders: Ann Dalton & Andrew McBride
Rating: what is perfectly posh about a scam reviewswhat is perfectly posh about a scam reviewswhat is perfectly posh about a scam reviewswhat is perfectly posh about a scam reviewsreviews what is perfectly posh about a scam (2.8 / 5)

What is Perfectly Posh About?

Is Perfectly Posh a scam? No. This is a company started in 2011 that has grown into 10s thousands of Consultants nationwide. They create USA made products. Their concentration is in the Skincare industry. As you know this is a multi billion dollar industry. Their main office is in Salt Lake City, Utah. Perfectly Posh has built a brand that supports women entrepreneurship and fun products used for pampering, and they’re natural based products for your skin.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – A vast product line.
PRO #2 – All products are under $25
PRO #3 – Skincare Industry

The Bad:

CON #1 – Costs $99 to get started
CON #2 – Direct Selling and Recruiting
CON #3 – Depend on your team’s growth.

Who is Perfectly Posh For?

  • reviews what is perfectly posh about a scamMillennials who want to be in the skincare industry.
  • Those who want to build an organization in the skincare industry.
  • If you’re a loyal customer and want to earn perks for sharing.
  • Women who like to pamper themselves and you can earn while you use and share the products.
  • Women who want to start their own business.

Perfectly Posh Training & Support

Business Training – learn from top earners in the company. Unlimited access to their Prep Academy. Also watch training videos.

Every Tuesday one of their most experienced and successful Consultants and Home Office staff host a conference call for training. They allow time at the end for questions and sharing ideas.

The Prep Academy consists of training online. For the first 30 days you complete training daily. Then once every 5 days up to your 90 day mark. You earn Perks as you go, that you can use to redeem products by completing your training.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Perfectly Posh?

Starter Kit $99 – includes several of their most popular products plus tools/training for your business.

Let’s Check Out the Product Line at Posh!

reviews what is perfectly posh about a scamHands and Feet – offers a variety of soaps, balms, and cremes.

Face and Lips – offers facial cleansing masks, lip balms, shave gels, aftershave and face wash.

Body – offers bars, scrubs, shower gels, and body cremes.

Hair – offers coconut oils, hair masks, treatments, shampoo, and conditioner.

Bath – offers scrubs, bars, and shower gel.

Man – offers aftershave, shave gel, lip therapy, and skin repair stick.

I actually really enjoyed reviewing their products. Posh has chosen to bring fun to skincare. With crazy names like Sugar Mama body scrub, The Stripper face mask, Never Grow Up face creme, and BFF: Best Face Forever face wash. I also really like the fact that their most expensive individual product is only $24. This brings a more reality feel to your business which can bring some comfort to selling.

How Much Money Can You Earn at Perfectly Posh? | Compensation Plan

reviews what is perfectly posh about a scamPerfectly Posh has 9 ranks that you can work through to make it to the top. From Protege, to Pink, to Premier. You will earn 20% by retailing the products. You can host parties to sell even more products. Pink rank and up earn 25% retail commission. When you reach Pink Plus 1 you begin to earn Personal Monthly Bonuses. You will also begin to start earning commission from total sales of your downline from 1%-6%.

In order to maintain ranks and advance you need to reach Personal Volume starting with $1000 in Sales to move up your first rank. Your Company Volume also needs to reach specification such as $2000 to advance from the third rank, or Pink Plus 1. Finally you will also need to contain a number of qualified Consultants in your downline to advance as well.


You get perks as you shop and share Posh. You can use these Perk Points to redeem products or business tools. You also earn Posh Points when you advance in rank, attend events, and earn awards. You can use thes points to redeem gifts such as electronics, apparel, jewelry, and other great stuff.

What would an MLM be without hosting exotic or luxurious vacations? When you reach a certain level in your business you can qualify for a trip to NY, Paris, or the Caribbean.

My Final Opinion of Perfectly Posh

reviews what is perfectly posh about a scamMy first impression of Perfectly Posh was, “Oh no, not another Skincare Product MLM!” However, as I reviewed their products I found that they’ve created a fun and healthy product line. They use fun names to name their products and natural based ingredients for healthy products. Their culture also seems fun. Seems like a good MLM for women to join and build an organization out of. I’m not a fan of MLM, but I give credit where it is due.

I dislike MLM opportunities because it involves direct selling and recruiting. I can tell you how I failed at this terribly here. It’s no fun getting rejections, but if you have tough skin, you may be alright. If you’re a woman and looking to start a home based business I would recommend you to learn how to build a website and sell stuff. You can learn how to leverage the internet, and work from the comfort of your own home.

Learn About My #1 Recommendation Here!

Perfectly Posh at a Glance…

Name: Perfectly Posh
Price: Starting at $99
Founders: Ann Dalton & Andrew McBride
Rating: reviews what is perfectly posh about a scamreviews what is perfectly posh about a scamreviews what is perfectly posh about a scamreviews what is perfectly posh about a scamreviews what is perfectly posh about a scam (2.8 / 5)
VERDICT: LEGIT Not Recommended, MLM

Have you personally tried Perfectly Posh? Whether you’ve used their products, or you’ve been a Consultant, I would love to hear about your personal experience.

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

As always, I appreciate your feedback. It truly does help others!


4 thoughts on “My Take on Perfectly Posh | Product Reviews”

  1. This review of Posh reminded me of long forgotten times when physical product MLM systems ruled the world. 🙂
    In today’s digital world this kind of system is really obsolete and I’m not interested in this kind of business.
    But, besides my personal opinion, this review is very detailed and gives a reader personal touch.
    So, I wish all the best all of you that are still trying to make some money in this kind of systems!

    Best Regards,
    Dan Coly

    • Dan, I wouldn’t say that these physical mlm systems are obsolete because you can take any business and mix it in with the digital world of sales. That’s what I’m kind of getting from your comment. I know what you mean, in the aspect that I don’t want to do direct sales either, but with the tools to build a website these days, plus the training to drive traffic to your website, you can be in a win-win situation.

      What you said has a lot of truth to it. Statistics show that there has been a decline in physical sales in brick in mortar business, and the sales/economy has gone through the roof with digital marketing. Don’t get me wrong, I know what you mean and what you’re talking about.

      If Perfectly Posh, or any other mlm is the business for anyone, I believe you can build and scale a business off of either or. Personally, I don’t get into mlms because I don’t enjoy direct sales, or recruiting. I prefer to build an online business, drive traffic, and build a passive income this way.

      Thanks for chiming in, I hope we can truly help others with starting their next business. My goal is too provide people with enough information to make a wise decision.



  2. Hello Jonathan
    Was looking for ways to work from home for some extra money, my google search brought me to your site.I have never heard of perfectly posh before, maybe because I do stay away from MLMs.
    Succeeding in MLM is only possible if one can recruit new members who can also recruit, in my opinion, only the person up( the pink as you call it in perfectly posh)make good money because the people down have to sell.
    You mentioned it cost $99 to get started,for what are these $99 exactly.
    Anyway, skin care industry is always hot so anyone who can recruit well can make some money but it`S just not for me.Thanks for sharing your review.

    • Roamy, the $99 joining fee is for their starter kit which comes with a bunch of their best selling products and training materials. I agree with you 100% that succeeding in mlms depend on recruiting. Did you know nowadays they have lead generators to assist you with generating leads? Crazy.. I still don’t choose to join because, well not only is Perfectly Posh mainly for women, but I don’t join mlms because of direct selling. Have you ever dealt with rejection? It’s difficult.

      Skin care industires will always be hot, and so will health and wellness, weight management, and cosmetics, but there are different ways to leverage these markets. Internet marketing for example. You can build a website, sell other people’s products, with an audience of over 3.2 billion people online. This is a no brainer. Everyone should learn the trade, and get online; it’s been booming since the 80s!


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