What is the Phytoscience MLM Business About?

what is phytoscience aboutPhytoscience Review

Name: Phytoscience
Website: iphytoscience.com
Price: Starting at $85
Founder: Tan Sri Dato Sri Lai Teck Peng
Rating: what is phytoscience aboutwhat is phytoscience aboutwhat is phytoscience aboutwhat is phytoscience aboutwhat is phytoscience about (3 / 5)

What is Phytoscience About?

Phytoscience is an mlm company established in 2012 and based out of Malaysia. This company promotes supplemental and cosmetics products in the health and wellness industry. Phytoscience takes a different approach with their business model because instead of focuses on selling products, they encourage you to sell memberships. If you didn’t know already, recruiting is the most important aspect in any mlm, and it’s no different here. Let’s go ahead and discuss everything about Phytoscience including their products and compensation plan.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – Great culture
PRO #2 – global network
PRO #3 – lucrative compensation plan

what is phytoscience aboutThe Bad:

CON #1 – direct selling and recruiting
CON #2 – very expensive to join top tier
CON #3 – managing a team

Who is Phytoscience For?

  • Anyone who wants to join an mlm and build an organization.
  • Anyone who wants to promote health and wellness products, especially anti-aging products.
  • Anyone in Malaysia. (Very popular there)
  • Anyone who want to join an mlm with a simple marketing plan.

Phytoscience Training & Support

Once you join you’ll want to reach out to your sponsor and get plugged into the team weekly workshop and leadership training. Here you learn the marketing plan, how to handle objections, and providing solutions. In an mlm most of your training and support will come from your team. You can also reach out to Phytoscience by mail or phone for customer service (details provided on their website).

Phytoscience Products

what is phytoscience aboutSomething I found interesting about the company is that it has liability insurance for their products at $1 million. Here is their product line:


  • Double Stemcell $85 / RM 250 (Malaysian currency) – main ingredients are apple stem cell, grape stem cell, Acai Berry Extract, and blueberry powder. This product is to help with aging and damaged skin. One package comes with in 14 sachets. You can drink once or twice a day with a glass of water (lasts 7-14 days).
  • Double Strength Callus – dehydrated fruit powder of apple callus extraction, grape callus extraction, acai berries, and blue berries. Also for healthy skin and anti-aging. Same as above, 14 sachets in a pack.
  • 2 Sllim – weight management formula. Botanical beverage mix kiwi with green coffee.
  • what is phytoscience aboutSnowphyll – another anti-aging formula that contain snow algae. Along with skin rejuvenation, this product also helps with gastrointestinal problems, fights infections, treats bad breath, and manageing blood sugar and weight loss. Package comes with 15 sachets, and to be taken with water.


  • Triple Stemcell Skin Care – contains apple stem cell, grape stem cell, and argania spinosa Stem Cell. For anti-aging purposes, and protects from UV stress and damage.
  • Snow White Cleanser – a foam facial cleanser.
  • H2o Moisturizer – skin moisturizer for your face.
  • Miracle Essence – a spray for your face. Reduces spots and wrinkles.
  • Shine Stem – a cream that acts as a foundation, primer, concealer, sunblock, and moisturizer all at once.

Phyto Shoppe

  • what is phytoscience aboutSIMPLY Parfum Elixir – perfume and cologne. Seven different types for men and women for everyday of the week. Inspired by several designer brands such as Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Paris Hilton, and Giorgio Armani.
  • BPA free Water Tumbler – a BPA free water bottle.
  • Double Snow Chocholate – hot cocoa drink mix with vitamins, proteins, and calcium. Promotes bone growth and human brain development.
  • AnyLock – sliding bag sealer seal any opened plastic bags for more freshness.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Phytoscience?

You can join by purchasing of the their 3 memberships:

Silver – costs $85 and comes with 2 packs of Double Stem Cells.
Gold – costs $506 to join and comes with 12 packs of Double Stem Cells.
Mobile – costs $1,683 to join and 40 packs of Double Stem Cells.

what is phytoscience aboutIf you join as Silver and do not upgrade within 30 days you remain Silver for lifetime. So you can upgrade to Gold within the first 30 days and then they give you the option to upgrade to Mobile within another 30 days. They want everyone to start out at Mobile ($1,683), because you can save on the other two memberships, almost $600. On the flipside, as a distributor you can earn up to 3x on one member because they can upgrade 2x within the 60 days.

How Do You Make Money With Phytoscience?

The marketing plan at Phytoscience is quite unique. They train you to not sell products but memberships. For the sake of understanding this compensation plan better, I’ll advise you that the currency in Malaysia is the Malaysian Ringgit. Note the following conversion.

RM 105 = $30 USD
RM 1820 = $506 USD
RM 6060 = $1,683

With the Malaysian Ringgit, for every USD $1 it is about RM 3. Company makes about $17 million a month in 2015 and has created over 62 millionaires. I just thought I should mention it.

what is phytoscience aboutSponsor Bonus – If you’re a Silver Member and sponsor another Silver Membership you make $30. Sponsor a Gold Member and earn $88, Sponsor a Mobile Member and earn $176.

If you’re a Gold Member and Sponsor a Silver Membership, you earn $30, sponsor a Gold Membership and earn $176, or sponsor a Mobile Membership and earn roughly $240.

If you’re a Mobile Member and Sponsor a Silver Membership, you earn $30, sponsor a Gold Membership and earn $176, or sponsor a Mobile Membership and earn $588.

Roll Up Bonus – if you’re Mobile and sponsor a Silver, and then the Silver Member recruits a Mobile Member, the company is going to pay out $588, the sponsor who is a Silver Member will receive $176, and you, a Mobile Member, will receive the difference $412. The Roll Up Bonus.

The Marketing Plan

To get back your initial investment, as a Silver Member, you can recruit two Silver Members. You will build two teams, team A and team B, The company gives you a direct bonus and development Bonus equal to around RM 263 and that will make your pack nearly free. If you’re a Gold Member and sponsor two Gold Members, one on each team you build, the bonuses come out to RM 1,588. Finally if you’re a Mobile Member and sponsor two Mobile Members, one on each team, the company will pay these bonuses to equate to RM 5,670.

what is phytoscience aboutThey have a marketing plan called the Family Plan. Let’s say you want to sponsor your son and daughter in the business. As you know, with the direct and development bonuses you sponsor two people and get your initial investment back. This is like getting buy two, get one free.

Mobile Member Benefits

Key In Bonus (registration bonus)

Only Mobile Members can register members into the database. The company will pay you a fee for this registration. The fees/bonuses are as follows:

If you register a:

Silver = $3.65
Gold = $22
Mobile = $73.50

Remember this is just for keying in the member’s credentials which only takes five minutes. If you’re a Silver or Gold Member, you will need to take your new members to a Mobile Member so that he/she can register them and they will make the fee/bonus.

How Do You Get Paid in Phytoscience?

what is phytoscience aboutWhen you sign up you get 3 accounts, and the company pays in USD. The deposit are paid in the following: E wallet 1 – 60%, E Wallet 20%, E Wallet 20% in redemption points (I’ll explain in a moment).

You can cash out at a minimum of $50. The money deposits on the 1st of the month at 9 pm and then will transfer into your bank account by the 11th. Also, there are deposits on the 16th which you will receive by the 26th.

Account 2 also pays out every two weeks.

Account 3 is for Maintenance and gets paid in redemption points. You can only use this account for re-ordering products, travel and tour, car or house. For example if you wanted to put a down payment on a car or house.  It serves as a savings account for you.

My Final Opinion of Phytoscience

Phytoscience is pretty cool. This reminds me of the most traditional of mlms. They have gotten pretty difficult these days as far as business models and compensation plans, so it’s nice to see something simple to follow. Phytoscience also has a great culture, specifically in Malaysia. You can check out their videos on YouTube to see what I mean.

what is phytoscience aboutI’m not a fan of mlm companies because a terrible experience I had at Amway. I learned the hard way that direct selling and recruiting are not for me. I cannot stand getting rejections and I cannot recruit if my life depended on it. I did learn a different business model though, and this is one that I recommend to everybody. It’s easy, simple to follow, and just takes a lot of hard work, dedication and commitment. Are you like me?

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Phytoscience at a Glance…

Name: Phytoscience
Website: iphytoscience.com
Price: Starting at $85
Founder: Tan Sri Dato Sri Lai Teck Peng
Rating: what is phytoscience aboutwhat is phytoscience aboutwhat is phytoscience aboutwhat is phytoscience aboutwhat is phytoscience about (3 / 5)

Do you have a personal experience with Phytoscience? If so, I would love to hear about your personal experience with their products/service. Also, what’s your opinion about Phytoscience? Do you have any questions?

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

As always, I appreciate your feedback. It truly does help others!

Jonathan Matos
Owner, howtoworkonline.org

Sources: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=am-ddd8tP88

6 thoughts on “What is the Phytoscience MLM Business About?”

  1. Hey Jonathan,
    I know Photoscience very well, their office is just behind my house and I remember getting sucked into their cult when I was 17 back while I was in high school.

    Their working culture is terrible, uplines bully members who don’t perform in order to increase their sales. When trying to recruit people, they force you to borrow money from your friends and families and if they do not give you, you are supposed to say that they are the ones who abandoned you.

    Very intense pressure, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to join them. Still, their products are pretty good

    • Riaz,

      I am so terribly disappointed that there is this cult like experience, along with the bullying and high sales pressure going on at Phytoscience. This is a major reason why I choose to build a passive income from home, and build my own online business. That is so sad that people think it’s ok to treat your family and friends that way. I don’t mind selling to my friends, but I would never hound them or pressure them in any way.

      I should’ve seen the bullying coming from these people. Usually when you have a bunch of people who are arrogant and like to show off, there is this type of behavior going on. It’s not fair! Everyone deserves a legitimate shot to build an honest business and work on accomplishing their goals. All we need is a vehicle to make it, we don’t have to lie, cheat, or beat people up mentally.

      I am happy to hear that they have a good product, and I suspected so. Maybe if you can stay away from the bad people, seek out good mentors, and build your own business this way, it might work out. I would probably prefer to just stay away though. You can find another path to the fulfill your dreams. With that said, check out my #1 recommendation.

  2. Hi Jonathan,

    Very interesting review. I also worked for an MLM company, which also sold health products, perfumes and bath products. However, this was not an aggressive company, you also did not have to buy products! I generally find MLM a good thing, but you have to like it to sell products and sell yourself. I do not like it, like you.

    “Phytoscience” seems to be very aggressive and you have to spend a lot of money to be in the right spot, not very inviting.

    I wish you all the best,


    • Daniel,

      Trust me I know what you’re talking about. I used to work with an mlm called Amway. This one was semi pushy when it came to recruiting, and really pushy when it came to selling the products. I think it’s nonsense that you Phytoscience pushes people to get into the top tier of membership so that you can make real money. I think the intention behind this could be to make you more serious about the business. As you know, many people tend to not take business serious, they don’t want to commit too much. You cannot earn too much money that way either.

      The truth is you have to commit all the way to a business to really be successful at it. Not saying that Phytoscience is the right business for anyone. The whole membership joining thing to really earn is one of their flaws. You shouldn’t have to force anyone to do anything. However, I do think you need to take risks, and go all the way in when it comes to business. It doesn’t have to be with your money, it can be with your time, but especially your mindset.

      I’m not for mlms in that way. I hope I didn’t confuse you. I do believe that everyone should be in business though, and I do like that mlms consist of network marketing because I feel your road to success can be that much more pleasant with all the support and encouragement you can get. I’m at Wealthy Affiliate right now, and the motivational blogs and support I get from the community on a regular basis has helped me maintain the momentum with running my business.

      A friend,


  3. Is there any improvement in the culture in 2019?

    Is monthly autoship mandatory?

    Also, I heard that the founder passed away last month. Commiserations! There does not seem to be any word
    about this either from the company or from distributors. Has this affected business in any way?

    Feedback would be most appreciated.

    • Hi Cath, you pose some good questions here. Is there anyone out there currently with Phytoscience, that can answer her questions? Unfortunately, I do not know. My condolences goes out to the family and everyone close to Mr. Tan Sri Dato Sri Lai Teck Peng.

      What kind of business do you currently do, Cath?



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